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Hidden Lands

Aug 22, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With DJ Hog

howdy pardner... come on an adventure with me why dontcha


Flash Cartographer — Emerald Coast, Act 2 (Sonic Adventure DX,...

Hidden Lands
3:01 PM
Lightning Bug - FlowerAfterFlower
Lightning Bug FlowerAfterFlower
FlowerAfterFlower - Single 1070382 Records DK2 2019
3:06 PM
Plone - Plock
Plone Plock
Plock - EP Warp Records 1998

ANDYPANTS on Twitter: "Good Morning Mr. Sun (3DCG - 2015)" / Twitter

3:10 PM
Gui.tar - melt
Gui.tar melt
Sunkissed 2002
3:17 PM
Software - Island Sunrise
Software Island Sunrise Software
Digital-Dance 100% Electronica LLC 2019

Castle Island PS1 Style Graphics in 2023 | Castle, Island, Graphic

3:22 PM
Hooverphonic - One Way Ride
Hooverphonic One Way Ride
Blue Wonder Power Milk Columbia 1998
3:25 PM
Phantogram - When I'm Small
Phantogram When I'm Small
Eyelid Movies Indica Records/Fontana North 2010
3:29 PM
Halou - I'll Carry You
Halou I'll Carry You
Wiser Nettwerk Music Group 2001


3:35 PM
Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go
Imogen Heap Goodnight and Go
Speak for Yourself RCA Victor 2005
3:38 PM
Nabihah Iqbal - This World Couldn’t See Us
Nabihah Iqbal This World Couldn’t See Us N
DREAMER Ninja Tune 2023
3:46 PM
DJ Shadow - Six Days
DJ Shadow Six Days
The Private Press [PIAS] Recordings Catalogue 2002

Lsd Dream Emulator

3:50 PM
Darkside - Liberty Bell
Darkside Liberty Bell
Spiral Matador 2021
3:54 PM
Fishmans - Weather Report
Fishmans Weather Report
Uchu Nippon Setagaya Universal Music LLC 1997

LSD: Dream Emulator

4:02 PM
Yann Tomita - Beyond The Blue Star Zone Part 2
Yann Tomita Beyond The Blue Star Zone Part 2
Music For Astro Age Sony 1992
4:11 PM
Dntel - Anywhere Anyone (Remastered)
Dntel Anywhere Anyone (Remastered)
Life Is Full of Possibilities (Deluxe Edition) Sub Pop Records 2011
4:15 PM
Lali Puna - Micronomic
Lali Puna Micronomic
Faking the Books Morr Music 2004
4:21 PM
Mark Isham - Sympathy and Acknowledgement
Mark Isham Sympathy and Acknowledgement
Vapor Drawings Windham Hill/Legacy 1983

Fuck Yeah LSD: Dream Emulator

4:29 PM
George Clanton - Warmspot
George Clanton Warmspot
100% Electronica 100% Electronica 2015
4:33 PM
Eternity PLUS100 Records 2016

LSD Dream Emulator - Welcome to the palace | Facebook

4:39 PM
Nav Katze - Ziggy (Aphex Twin Mix #1)
Nav Katze Ziggy (Aphex Twin Mix #1)
Never Mind The Distortion INVITATION 1994
4:45 PM
Lemon Jelly - A Tune for Jack
Lemon Jelly A Tune for Jack XL Recordings 2000

Steam Workshop::PS1 Dog (umbra)

4:52 PM
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Honolulu, Calcutta
Fantastic Plastic Machine Honolulu, Calcutta
Luxury Columbia Music Entertainment,inc. 1998
4:57 PM
Pram - Earthing and Protection
Pram Earthing and Protection
Sargasso Sea Too Pure 1995
Chat is archived.
Harry (host) 3:00:41 PM
heyyyyyy hey hey
TAndy 3:01:34 PM
We at the emerald coast
Harry (host) 3:01:54 PM
we're just being calm today
TAndy 3:02:24 PM
I can dig it
DSM 3:03:01 PM
I bet that water is the perfect temp
Christine 3:05:24 PM
It's inviting and vaporwave-y.
zerocool 3:07:25 PM
theme cool made me think of wave temples
Harry (host) 3:07:56 PM
i'm not sure what wave temples are
TAndy 3:08:41 PM
Taking a short break from the bike ride but this is gonna be good juxtaposition for when I get back on
zerocool 3:09:57 PM
ah some band, ocean theme :) coral club and coconut dealers, ocean theme band too haha
TAndy 3:10:07 PM
Bookmarking that name
Harry (host) 3:10:34 PM
i will check them out for sure
Ambrose Hughes 3:13:43 PM
Hello Harry! Heard a whole lot of Plone Sunday past all from their debut album, liked.
Rofflestomp 3:13:51 PM
This is good. Draws the attention hence.
Harry (host) 3:14:38 PM
glad you guys are enjoying it!
Harry (host) 3:14:58 PM
and hello ambrose! i just discovered plone this week -- great stuff!
Rofflestomp 3:15:12 PM
Ha! Your fault!
Buzz Lombardi 3:15:19 PM
holy cow!! gui.tar is siccckkkk
Harry (host) 3:16:47 PM
yeah!!! that album is amazing
TAndy 3:19:11 PM
Ughhhhh dude this is so sick
Harry (host) 3:19:25 PM
just now realizing that george clanton's label was the one to reissue this... he's so cool
TAndy 3:20:38 PM
George Clanton is the GOAT
Sebastian Haid 3:24:01 PM
Literally about to go to Electronicon haha
Harry (host) 3:24:18 PM
i'll be there :D
Sebastian Haid 3:24:24 PM
Buzz Lombardi 3:25:58 PM
crazy transition!!!! :)
Harry (host) 3:26:24 PM
Rofflestomp 3:28:34 PM
See? This is why I love to be here!
Sebastian Haid 3:29:25 PM
Who you seeing Harry?
Harry (host) 3:30:35 PM
not sure yet, but i'll def be seeing 18 carat affair and james ferraro
Harry (host) 3:30:53 PM
Sebastian Haid 3:30:55 PM
Ugh yes
TAndy 3:31:50 PM
Sebastian Haid 3:32:30 PM
Imma only be there for the first day so Luxury Elite and Saint Pepsi but on Thursday Summer Slushy Fest is also a huge show
Harry (host) 3:32:55 PM
ooh have fun! i'm only gonna be there for the second day
Sebastian Haid 3:35:25 PM
Ms Heap <3
Max S. 3:37:33 PM
these are some bops
Sebastian Haid 3:37:49 PM
She got that very distinct 2000's sound
Harry (host) 3:38:47 PM
hi max! welcome
TAndy 3:38:53 PM
dat synth
Harry (host) 3:38:59 PM
and yeah imogen heap is like pureeeeee 2000s
TAndy 3:39:07 PM
dat guitar ugh JAM ALERT 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Sebastian Haid 3:39:10 PM
Already adding this to my library
Sebastian Haid 3:39:26 PM
New Wave guitar tone
Max S. 3:40:17 PM
I dont understand what the 2000s sound like except nu metal and other things I dislike. What describes good 2000's genres and qualities?
TAndy 3:40:45 PM
Nice profile pic Max
Christine 3:41:01 PM
Really liking the segue of Imogen Heap into this track by Nabihah Iqbal. ✨️
TAndy 3:41:17 PM
Hey Christine!
Max S. 3:41:22 PM
Thank you that is a recent photo of me
TAndy 3:41:29 PM
Christine 3:41:43 PM
Hi TAndy! How's the biking? 🚩🐈‍⬛️ 🚲
TAndy 3:42:08 PM
Resting now at a family members house but I might ride around some other convoluted route before the traffic gets more hectic
Sebastian Haid 3:44:08 PM
100% represent
Christine 3:44:23 PM
Enjoy @TAndy
Max S. 3:44:23 PM
Ahh. Electropop
Sebastian Haid 3:44:31 PM
Shoutouts to the vaporwave community
TAndy 3:45:37 PM
I'll vape in their honor tonight
Harry (host) 3:46:20 PM
DJ hog does not endorse drug abuse
Buzz Lombardi 3:46:25 PM
stepped away and missed the heaters!! gotta run now, but I'll be back. This playlist owns! Can't wait to hear more! See y'all around :)
Harry (host) 3:46:28 PM
stay safe kids
Harry (host) 3:46:39 PM
thanks so much for stopping by buzz!
Travis (Sur Tizzle) 3:46:42 PM
Classic Shadow!
TAndy 3:46:50 PM
DJ SHADOW 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Sebastian Haid 3:47:40 PM
Woah the pitch shifting
Travis (Sur Tizzle) 3:50:26 PM
New album coming Oct 27. I think it's been awhile
Harry (host) 3:50:53 PM
yeah he just dropped a new single. im not crazy abt it to be honest
Travis (Sur Tizzle) 3:52:26 PM
Agreed. I'm a big fan of the old stuff like Entroducing era. Good mix with King Gizzard last year though.
TAndy 4:06:06 PM
So good rn
Christine 4:06:19 PM
This is fun. This is the Doopee Time guy?
Harry (host) 4:07:14 PM
Christine 4:08:21 PM
Loving it 💯
Harry (host) 4:08:41 PM
Andy Wing 4:13:22 PM
Just tuning in. Loving that Halou cover.
Harry (host) 4:13:40 PM
hey andy! welcome :D
Sebastian Haid 4:23:32 PM
This slaps
Christine 4:26:12 PM
Speaking of Vapor Drawings, I'm enjoying all the additional graphics in the playlist.
Harry (host) 4:27:29 PM
most of them are from a game called LSD: dream emulator. very cool stuff
TAndy 4:27:59 PM
I can't keep saying every show of yours this season is your best because they all are
TAndy 4:29:34 PM
Sebastian Haid 4:29:35 PM
Mirror Kissessss
Sebastian Haid 4:29:47 PM
Wait no Clanton lol
Sebastian Haid 4:29:52 PM
Wrong alias
Harry (host) 4:31:01 PM
i couldn't help myself... needed some clanton in here
Sebastian Haid 4:34:39 PM
Check out our collab song Electrolyte Elixir sometime
Sebastian Haid 4:35:06 PM
Under their Sports Girl alias
Harry (host) 4:36:32 PM
will do
TAndy 4:36:53 PM
You mention that one as I'm just chugging an electrolyte drink rn hahah
Harry (host) 4:37:02 PM
what kind of drink
Sebastian Haid 4:37:11 PM
TAndy 4:37:19 PM
TAndy 4:37:28 PM
Peach mango body armor
Sebastian Haid 4:37:35 PM
So good
Harry (host) 4:37:39 PM
oh those are good
Sebastian Haid 4:37:44 PM
I always get that one
Susan Gorman 4:38:02 PM
Better late than never!
Harry (host) 4:39:03 PM
Christine 4:39:17 PM
🥭 delish
Sebastian Haid 4:41:28 PM
I miss this Aphex Twin sound
Sebastian Haid 4:41:50 PM
Imagine if he did another Selected Ambient Works like this
TAndy 4:42:55 PM
Apex Twin is on his way to create an uptempo hardcore track with electric saw kicks and fire alarm screeches
TAndy 4:43:28 PM
Keeping that typo.
Colin 4:43:44 PM
sebastian, i feel like the new ep re-visits some of the classic vibe while still being new and its own thing.
Sebastian Haid 4:43:57 PM
Apex Legends Twin
Harry (host) 4:43:58 PM
i agree. i liked the new EP a lot
Colin 4:44:13 PM
tandy, we all wait for that drop!
Sebastian Haid 4:44:16 PM
I'll have to check that new EP
Sebastian Haid 4:45:58 PM
Sebastian Haid 4:46:03 PM
Sebastian Haid 4:46:21 PM
Wait hold up this song introduced me to sampling at a very young age
TAndy 4:46:42 PM
What the dog doin
Christine 4:47:10 PM
Practicing cubism.
Sebastian Haid 4:47:36 PM
Proto lofi hiphop
TAndy 4:47:46 PM
Bike ride done, gonna hit the road. People to see, places to go. Steaks to browse....... Thanks for the show, DJ Hog!
Harry (host) 4:47:47 PM
lemon jelly <3
Harry (host) 4:47:56 PM
thanks for tuning in TAndy!
Colin 4:48:00 PM
this is what happens when the puppies don't get enough well rounded meals.
Sebastian Haid 4:48:02 PM
Maan I was obsessed with these guys
Harry (host) 4:48:13 PM
Sebastian Haid 4:49:19 PM
Ugh the bassline
Colin 4:49:28 PM
it has been a minute since i visited some lemon jelly, thanks dj hog! fantastic show
Harry (host) 4:49:41 PM
thanks for listening!
Sebastian Haid 4:53:29 PM
So smooth
Sebastian Haid 4:55:05 PM
Kinda reminds me of VIDEOTAPEMUSIC
Harry (host) 4:55:29 PM
never listened to them
Sebastian Haid 4:55:49 PM
Sample-based artist, their early stuff especially is very beachy and vibey like this
Christine 4:55:52 PM
Super colorful show; thanks DJ Hog
Harry (host) 4:56:05 PM
thanks for listening christine!
Harry (host) 4:57:23 PM
have a nice evening everyone
Sebastian Haid 4:57:39 PM
Great show!
TAndy 4:59:56 PM