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Tomorrow is an Octopus

Aug 14, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Dan Ruccia

Cephalopod dance parties for the apocalypse.

My Toes Can Talk

Tomorrow is an Octopus
10:01 AM
Blackbraid - Barefoot Ghost Dance on Blood Soaked Soil
Blackbraid Barefoot Ghost Dance on Blood Soaked Soil
Blackbraid I Blackbraid 2022
10:08 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Background: Circle - Forest

10:11 AM
Les Rallizes Denudes Cover Band - Field of Artificial Flowers
Les Rallizes Denudes Cover Band Field of Artificial Flowers N
Les Rallizes Denudes Cover Band Live 2023
=Jon Dwyer, Drew St. Ivany, Tom Dolas, and Bill Roe
10:20 AM
Monocot - It Turns Around Again
Monocot It Turns Around Again N
Leave to Cool Astral Editions 2023
10:26 AM
Pete Drake - Dream
Pete Drake Dream
Talking Steel & Singing Strings Smash 1964
10:29 AM
Palomar - Lesion
Palomar Lesion
Palomar II The Self-Starter Foundation 2002
10:32 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:36 AM
Crass - Darling
Crass Darling
Stations of the Crass (Remastered) Crass Records 1979
10:39 AM
Jennifer Veillerobe - B1
Jennifer Veillerobe B1
Luftlöcher Senufo Editions 2013
10:41 AM
Mouse On Mars - The Latent Space
Mouse On Mars The Latent Space
Aai Thrill Jockey Records 2021
10:47 AM
Infinite river - Track 3
Infinite river Track 3 N
Prequel Birdman Records 2023
10:53 AM
Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Trees of Hell
Bonnie "Prince" Billy Trees of Hell N
Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You Drag City 2023
10:57 AM
Galaxie 500 - Decomposing Trees
Galaxie 500 Decomposing Trees
On Fire Rough Trade 1989
11:01 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:10 AM
Annea Lockwood - For Ruth
Annea Lockwood For Ruth N
Tête-À-Tête Ergot Records 2023
11:19 AM
Annea Lockwood - Micro Glass Along Plane
Annea Lockwood Micro Glass Along Plane
Glass World of Annea Lockwood Tangent Records 1970
11:20 AM
Annea Lockwood - Buoyant
Annea Lockwood Buoyant
Ground of Being Recital 2014
11:29 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:30 AM
Annea Lockwood - Thirst
Annea Lockwood Thirst
In Our Name New World Records 2012
11:51 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:55 AM
Annea Lockwood - Thousand Year Dreaming: In Full Bloom (Part 1)
Annea Lockwood Thousand Year Dreaming: In Full Bloom (Part 1)
Thousand Year Dreaming Pogus Productions 2007
Chat is archived.
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:02:22 AM
Welcome to the radio! Are you feeling a bit stranger?
TAndy 10:02:41 AM
I wake up feeling stranger
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:03:35 AM
Waking up definitely is stranger
TAndy 10:06:41 AM
I'll drink to that sir
TAndy 10:06:59 AM
Actually I forgot I got some sour beer in the fridge. Happy Monday!
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:07:51 AM
Oooo. That's a nice surprise!
TAndy 10:10:32 AM
Might be a bit dark of a joke... Last time a black metal band tried having more than one person, Mayhem then Varg happened.
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:12:44 AM
TAndy 10:14:40 AM
TAndy 10:26:42 AM
The rest of this Monocot album like this?
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:27:01 AM
I assume so? It doesn't come out until October so all I know is this first single
TAndy 10:27:35 AM
Oh wow so new it's not even out yet! Definitely wish listing this one
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:27:45 AM
Mike Lupica 10:29:03 AM
How have I never heard Pete Drake's version of "Dream" until now and holy hell, this is great.
TAndy 10:35:08 AM
Mike Lupica 10:37:53 AM
Crass Crass Crass Crass Crass. Say it five times in a dark bathroom and Commie Francis will appear.
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:38:56 AM
Well, that invocation is absolutely going to work, just on a one week delay. Commie will be filling in for me next week
Parrscream 10:43:08 AM
Good morning all! First work day back from vacation... UGH
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:44:02 AM
Oof. The worst! That'll be me 2 weeks from today... Hopefully it was a good vacation?
MOK Speedwagon 10:52:12 AM
slowest cover of Black Hole Sun ever
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:52:29 AM
Brian D 10:53:12 AM
Music to take music to take music by. Good stuff
Parrscream 10:55:24 AM
@Dan - Yes, it was a good vacation... we just infiltrated my parents house in North Wildwood for the week. Beach days, Water Park days, lots of walking, lots of music, mini golf, rides, games... the usualy NJ shore life....
Rob from Maryland 11:11:13 AM
Hey! Who let the birds into the studio? :-D
Rob from Maryland 11:12:11 AM
(I was in the kitchen during most of the set break and couldn't hear it, so I was happily surprised to hear the Common Yellowthroat)
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:12:43 AM
Happily turning WPRB over to the birds
TAndy 11:12:59 AM
Lovely stuff 🥰
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:14:15 AM
Apparently all the field recordings in this are all from places Lockwood and Anderson spent time together
Rob from Maryland 11:14:21 AM
Thank you, Dan
Rob M 11:15:25 AM
This reminds me of a lot of the stuff they used to play on this experimental audio radio show/podcast in Australia, Soundproof
Chris 11:23:13 AM
Very interesting stuff this morning! Great job, Dan
Brian D 11:33:24 AM
The "White Zone" is for.....
Brian D 11:34:11 AM
Put the piano inside an airport and leave it there forever....
TAndy 11:54:20 AM
Thank you, Dan!
Brian D 11:55:30 AM
Really interesting series you've done over past weeks Dan! Thanks
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:56:19 AM
Here's info on the Kate Molleson book. It's really fantastic:
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:56:50 AM
Also, a shout out to Marc Masters' Music Book Podcast for introducing me to the book:
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:57:05 AM
Thanks for listening everyone! I hope you've gotten as much from this series as I have