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Collaborative DJ Hour

Aug 10, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With DJ Hog

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost CDs

Hey have you seen our Cds we put them In this bag...

Hae you seen them.



Collaborative DJ Hour
3:02 PM
Luciana Souza - Suas Mãos
Luciana Souza Suas Mãos
Brazilian Duos Sunnyside 2001
3:08 PM
Larry Marshall - Is Whey Deh Money Deh
Larry Marshall Is Whey Deh Money Deh
I Admire You Heartbeat 1992
3:11 PM
Manu Dibango - Qui Est Fou De Qui? (Chouchou)
Manu Dibango Qui Est Fou De Qui? (Chouchou)
Seventie's Soul Makossa 1987
3:15 PM
Moondog - Minisym #1 (Instrumental)
Moondog Minisym #1 (Instrumental)
Moondog Caribou 1969
3:21 PM
Esperanza Spalding - I Can't Help It (feat. Joe Lovano)
Esperanza Spalding I Can't Help It (feat. Joe Lovano)
Radio Music Society Heads Up 2012
3:26 PM
Luciana Souza - Docemente
Luciana Souza Docemente
Brazilian Duos Sunnyside 2001
3:30 PM
Fangool - Mariama
Fangool Mariama
Senegal 70: Sonic Gems & Previously Unreleased Recordings From the '70s V/A Analog Africa 2015
3:34 PM
Loscil - Deceiver
Loscil Deceiver
Monument Builders kranky 2016
3:39 PM
Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away
Yves Tumor The Feeling When You Walk Away
Serpent Music
3:41 PM
Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit
Flying Lotus Zodiac Shit
Cosmogramma Warp Records 2010
3:44 PM
Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra - Over Here
Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra Over Here
Fake Fun Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra 2013
3:48 PM
Yoo Doo Right - Presto Presto, Bella's Dream
Yoo Doo Right Presto Presto, Bella's Dream
Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose Mothland 2020
3:52 PM
Mt. Royal - More
Mt. Royal More
Mt. Royal - EP Bella Union 2013
3:56 PM
Part Time - Spell #6
Part Time Spell #6
Spell #6 Independent 2021
4:07 PM
The Rosslyns - Sixteen
The Rosslyns Sixteen
All We Ever Did Was Try (1989-1992) Harriet Records 2022
4:08 PM
Shonen Knife - Sunshine
Shonen Knife Sunshine
Pop Tune P-VINE RECORDS 2012
4:12 PM
Oneida - Caesar's Column
Oneida Caesar's Column
Secret Wars Jagjaguwar 2004
4:16 PM
Polvo - Total Immersion
Polvo Total Immersion
Siberia (Bonus Track Version) Merge Records 2013
4:22 PM
The Future Sound of London - We Have Explosive
The Future Sound of London We Have Explosive
Dead Cities Virgin Records 1996
4:30 PM
Thievery Corporation - Dance on Vaseline
Thievery Corporation Dance on Vaseline
Abductions and Reconstructions
4:37 PM
Kero Kero Bonito - Flyway
Kero Kero Bonito Flyway
Time 'n' Place Polyvinyl Records 2018
4:39 PM
Bobby Conn - Maria B
Bobby Conn Maria B
4:43 PM
Flying Lotus - Galaxy In Janaki
Flying Lotus Galaxy In Janaki
Cosmogramma Warp Records 2010
4:45 PM
Justice - D.A.N.C.E
Justice D.A.N.C.E
† (Anniversary Edition) Ed Banger Records 2022
4:49 PM
Wots My Code - Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
Wots My Code Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
Dubplate (Total Science Remix) / Breakfast Club - Single Computer Integrated Audio 2000
4:56 PM
Doss - Strawberry
Doss Strawberry
4 New Hit Songs - EP LuckyMe 2021
Chat is archived.
Harry (host) 3:00:13 PM
Welcome to collaborative PJ hour
Harry (host) 3:13:51 PM
good catch so sorry
Brian D 3:14:17 PM
We're back!
Rofflestomp 3:14:34 PM
Deafening silence there for a bit..
Harry (host) 3:14:49 PM
It was a moment of silence for lil tay
Rofflestomp 3:15:09 PM
Rofflestomp 3:15:19 PM
Brian D 3:16:29 PM
Back from the dread
Rofflestomp 3:20:33 PM
Gidget's guy friend? :) Moondoggie?
Harry (host) 3:21:46 PM
who is gidget guy
Brian D 3:23:48 PM
Moondog is an enigma. Wild artist
Rofflestomp 3:24:37 PM
OMG, sorry about that ref Harry the freshman communications major guy. lol Old school stuff.
Harry (host) 3:25:31 PM
Brian D 3:27:09 PM
Ya remember Moondoggie name from seeing 1 or 2 Gidget reruns way back. Sally Field tv version
Rofflestomp 3:28:35 PM
Sally Field was interesting for sure. Flying Nun and all.
Brian D 3:29:59 PM
Moondoggie also sounds like a DJ name of that era
Rofflestomp 3:31:15 PM
Always loved the name Moondoggie. My son narrowly missed the fate of having that name.
Harry (host) 3:31:52 PM
My son is named Moondoggie
Rofflestomp 3:32:11 PM
You are my hero!
Brian D 3:36:21 PM
There's a moon in the sky. Called the moon.
Harry (host) 3:36:48 PM
sadly no one stole our b-52s record
Harry (host) 3:36:59 PM
maybe another time
Brian D 3:38:25 PM
All the other planets get these classic names for their satellites... Earth be all like.. nah I'm a just call it moon
Harry (host) 3:38:45 PM
Brian D 3:39:02 PM
I put my beard on a bag. Called the bag.
Brian D 3:41:53 PM
Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda, and Titania... Neptune, Titan, stars can frighten...
Rofflestomp 3:42:44 PM
Like when they named Europa. Okay, what will the Europians think about that?
Rofflestomp 3:42:58 PM
Don't know...
Rofflestomp 3:43:41 PM
Maybe they call it Fred.
Brian D 3:46:54 PM
Fred V2 Schneider. And by "Fred V2 Schneider ", Mrs Romano I mean I'm going to fix the sink, and by "Fix the sink" Mrs Romano I mean I'm gonna ask for more points on the back end for reruns... and a new tool belt... and a new t shirt with pre stretched sleeve for my pack a Marbies... and....
Brian D 3:48:07 PM
So it's over here... i hear
Rofflestomp 3:49:02 PM
Back end points is the way to go for sure.
Harry (host) 3:49:02 PM
Brian D 3:49:09 PM
David , where are my cigarettes? I told you! They're in the television!
Rofflestomp 3:51:03 PM
And those brown M&M's! Gotta go per contract!
Harry (host) 3:52:20 PM
I've smoked one cigarette per song of this program
Rofflestomp 3:53:04 PM
911 territory.
Harry (host) 3:53:18 PM
Don't worry I do this like every day
Rofflestomp 3:54:41 PM
Tolerance is like, hey cancer, wanna come out and play?
Harry (host) 3:55:52 PM
My dad works at Marlboro he says I don't have to get cancer if I don't want to
Brian D 3:57:53 PM
Cool have him grab me one of those Marlboro kayaks before he leaves today. Please
Brian D 3:58:52 PM
Take that over the Pepsi fighter jet any day
Harry (host) 3:58:53 PM
Sorry we just burned them all at our annual kayak burning party
Rofflestomp 3:58:54 PM
My dad should have owned stock in Marlboro as a self sustaining reciprocal.
Brian D 4:00:10 PM
Hey kids, remember, don't smoke and stay in school. Pick one will ya?
Harry (host) 4:00:47 PM
Yeah smoke at home instead
Brian D 4:01:34 PM
Cheaper ya. Save the bus fuel
Rofflestomp 4:02:24 PM
kayak burning parties are smokin' events!
Rofflestomp 4:05:56 PM
The dark stacks are not for the meek.
Harry (host) 4:06:40 PM
The dark stacks are not for the meep...
DSM 4:08:24 PM
Rofflestomp 4:09:21 PM
Library of congress, but where the records are upside down in the candle light.
Harry (host) 4:09:37 PM
DSM = deeply silly man
DSM 4:10:03 PM
petition for Rando CDs to be a full time fall show
Harry (host) 4:10:20 PM
Is that a threat
DSM 4:10:22 PM
Indeed it could be that, indeed
DSM 4:10:52 PM
this has 'babe i got you bad' and 'kiss me' chords all wrapped up into one
DSM 4:11:22 PM
would never threaten the station, unless I have to...
Brian D 4:11:29 PM
Good ol Shonen Knife. Always love hearing them on wprb
Rofflestomp 4:12:47 PM
OMG DSM, play my request or else! LOL
Brian D 4:13:22 PM
DSM 4:14:00 PM
lol, Roffle I mean I don't live that far from the station...
DSM 4:15:12 PM
yeah this and all the other Oneida releases were so great at the time
Rofflestomp 4:16:47 PM
Shooting spit balls at Mike climbing the tower is still questionable behaviour DSM. :)
Brian D 4:16:59 PM
Kid Millions
Brian D 4:17:12 PM
Rockin drummah
Harry (host) 4:17:23 PM
Mike has climbed the tower but he's too scared to climb back down
Rofflestomp 4:18:45 PM
I to cling to my acomplishments.
DSM 4:18:46 PM
An annual "climb the tower" wprb fundraiser & keg party event?!
Rofflestomp 4:20:26 PM
Oh shit DMS, Brilliant
jimboo 4:20:47 PM
DSM 4:20:48 PM
must sign waiver
DSM 4:20:58 PM
lol jimboo
Rofflestomp 4:21:41 PM
Yo Jimboo, please be kind!
Harry (host) 4:23:04 PM
I'm having a party on the tower and you're not inviteeddddddd~
DSM 4:28:11 PM
I'll just assume the invitation was lost in the mail. See you there!
Spang 4:31:59 PM
Vocals sound very talking heads esque
Dá Bəng Gôu 4:33:09 PM
Thievery thanks. I'm stealing the bisquits.
Dá Bəng Gôu 4:33:43 PM
I'm taking back the knowledge I'm taking back the gentleness I'm taking back the ritual I'm giving in to sweetness
Brian D 4:33:50 PM
I think that was David Byrne sampled by Thievery oh the djs just said
Dá Bəng Gôu 4:34:29 PM
Brian D 4:34:55 PM
Change your venmo to divert all funds to LilTay crypto
Rofflestomp 4:35:41 PM
Look, when you see a mall, run the other way.
Brian D 4:36:30 PM
DSM 4:36:42 PM
I met Ariel a few times when I lived in LA and I was NOT surprised to see him on Tucker Carlson tbh LOL
Dá Bəng Gôu 4:37:10 PM
FritoLay Gripso Biscuits.
Harry (host) 4:37:43 PM
Really DSM that's funny as hell
Brian D 4:37:55 PM
LilTay Crypto Briquets
Richard from Rocky Hill 4:38:09 PM
@Today's DJ Combo The awesome tracks are distracting enuf, but how'm I gonna get any work done when your witty repartee keeps cracking me up ...? :-))
Rofflestomp 4:39:21 PM
This red line into the boards is so MBV.
Harry (host) 4:40:33 PM
Sorry richard, I have locked sara in the closet to stop any further banter
Brian D 4:41:30 PM
Bobby Conn !
Harry (host) 4:43:47 PM
Note written on this CD case says that flying lotus "out HudMo-s HudMo" . I giggled
Richard from Rocky Hill 4:45:57 PM
@ Harry (host) Eh ... I was kinda hopin' you and Sara would lock yourselves in the closet TOGETHER ... but ... as former WPRB classical DJ Terri Noel Towe used to say, "50% of something is better than 100% of nothing."
Richard from Rocky Hill 4:47:07 PM
@ Harry (host) Just kiddin'! Truly fab show today, you guys are a droll duo!
Harry (host) 4:47:25 PM
Thanks Richard
DSM 4:53:51 PM
ENJOYED!! thanks harry and sara, have a good dinner n nite
Harry (host) 4:54:29 PM
You too DSM
Dá Bəng Gôu 4:58:40 PM
Good Show. Thanks for the musics.
Harry (host) 5:00:27 PM
Rofflestomp 5:00:53 PM
Have a great night!