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Hidden Lands

Aug 8, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With DJ Hog

howdy pardner... come on an adventure with me why dontcha

Noise & Love

"Everything that happened was shockingly beautiful, enough to make you crazy." - Banana Yoshimoto



Hidden Lands
3:00 PM
Agate Flow - Love of your life
Agate Flow Love of your life
On days like today I would like to be more present
3:09 PM
Spectrum - How You Satisfy Me
Spectrum How You Satisfy Me
Soul Kiss (Glide Devine) Sony Music UK 1992
3:13 PM
Belong - I Never Lose. Never Really
Belong I Never Lose. Never Really
October Language Carpark 2006
3:17 PM
Women - Eyesore
Women Eyesore
Public Strain Jagjaguwar 2010
3:23 PM
Higuma - Burning Colors
Higuma Burning Colors
Pacific Fog Dreams Root Strata 2011
3:25 PM
Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube
Yo La Tengo Sugarcube
I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One Matador 1997
3:28 PM
Jefre-Cantu Ledesma - Stained Glass Body
Jefre-Cantu Ledesma Stained Glass Body
Love Is a Stream Type 2010
3:33 PM
The Radio Dept. - Keen on Boys
The Radio Dept. Keen on Boys
Lesser Matters Just So! 2003
3:37 PM
Infinite Body - Dive
Infinite Body Dive
Carve Out the Face of My God Post Present Medium 2010
3:41 PM
Medicine - One More
Medicine One More
Shot Forth Self Living American Recordings Catalog P&D 1991
3:52 PM
Little Fictions - River Spirit
Little Fictions River Spirit
River Spirit [EP]
4:01 PM
Astrobrite - Lollipop
Astrobrite Lollipop
Pinkshinyultrablast wavertone 2023
4:06 PM
Marble Sky - Dull Hue
Marble Sky Dull Hue
Marble Sky Students of Decay 2014
4:12 PM
Mercury Rev - Something for Joey
Mercury Rev Something for Joey
Boces Beggars Banquet 1993
4:16 PM
I Am A Lake Of Burning Orchids - Garden of Light II: Morning Song
I Am A Lake Of Burning Orchids Garden of Light II: Morning Song
Summer In My Veins
4:19 PM
My Guitar Is Trying to Kill Me - As I Stand Eternally Guarding the Grave of a God Shaped Hole
My Guitar Is Trying to Kill Me As I Stand Eternally Guarding the Grave of a God Shaped Hole
One Day I Will Hope Again Broken Grounding Wrecked Amp 2020
4:24 PM
Rafael Anton Irisarri - Atrial 1.2
Rafael Anton Irisarri Atrial 1.2
Agitas Al Sol Room 40 2022
4:30 PM
Curve - Cherry
Curve Cherry
Cherry [EP]
4:35 PM
Shirayuki Hime - B
Shirayuki Hime B
4:39 PM
They Are Gutting a Body of Water - violence I
They Are Gutting a Body of Water violence I
Destiny XL They Are Gutting a Body of Water 2019
4:42 PM
Tim Hecker - Paragon Point
Tim Hecker Paragon Point
An Imaginary Country kranky 2009
4:46 PM
Full Body 2 - Mirror Spirit
Full Body 2 Mirror Spirit
Demo 02 - Single Full Body 2 2022
4:49 PM
Aube - Hydrophobia
Aube Hydrophobia
Hydrophobia 1991
4:55 PM
Swirlies - The Vehicle Is Invisible
Swirlies The Vehicle Is Invisible
They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days In The Glittering World Of The Salons Taang! Records 2006
Chat is archived.
Harry (host) 3:00:53 PM
good afternoon explorers
TAndy 3:01:21 PM
Harry (host) 3:03:02 PM
lots of noise & drones today
DubNP 3:05:09 PM
Sounds perfect.
Harry (host) 3:05:37 PM
hows everyone doing today
TAndy 3:08:27 PM
Looking forward to the noise drone
TAndy 3:08:56 PM
I love dirgey emotional sounding music the day after a big storm
Harry (host) 3:15:29 PM
me too
Susan Gorman 3:17:57 PM
nice energy for a downpour day during monsoon summer
Harry (host) 3:24:53 PM
sorry about that, computer glitch
TAndy 3:31:11 PM
Loving this so much rn
DubNP 3:33:50 PM
I have to listen to Love is a Stream again. I remember it being so good.
Harry (host) 3:34:16 PM
fantastic record... not many like it
TAndy 3:39:51 PM
Ugh this is making me feel all eeby deeby love this so much
TAndy 3:40:10 PM
The station desperately needs more emotional drone and post rock music
Harry (host) 3:40:26 PM
i'm doing my best o7
Harry (host) 3:53:07 PM
kinda sounds like pouring water on a microphone in a good way
Chris 3:57:26 PM
The best show on WPRB by any DJ in a long time!!! Great job - love this stuff!!!
Rob from Maryland 3:57:31 PM
Hey, is it raining up there?
TAndy 3:57:34 PM
Sounds like a deconstructed "gabber* kick drum from 2017 💙
Harry (host) 3:58:16 PM
aw chris thank you so much!!!
Harry (host) 3:58:37 PM
hey rob! not sure if it's raining, there are no windows in the studio
Harry (host) 3:59:00 PM
google says no but you can't be too sure
Harry (host) 3:59:10 PM
also TAndy i hear that now that you mention it haha
TAndy 3:59:53 PM
It's got that perfect very low range drone combined with mid to low mid-range crunch that I love hearing so much
TAndy 4:00:43 PM
Bye who's eating chips out of the bag now
Harry (host) 4:00:49 PM
mmm yummy
Harry (host) 4:00:58 PM
you guys want any?
TAndy 4:02:23 PM
No thank you I just popped in a dozen pieces of trident
Sara WPRB 4:04:09 PM
had to come in and say the astrobrite is yummm
Rob from Maryland 4:04:57 PM
Hi Harry, I tuned in right when I asked if it was raining, and the track you were playing (River Spirit) sounded like rain falling.
Harry (host) 4:05:17 PM
ah gotcha. hope you're enjoying the show!
Susan Gorman 4:08:09 PM
This + rain is making me want to take a nap. In a good way!
Harry (host) 4:08:38 PM
let the drones carry you to sleep
TAndy 4:09:12 PM
This Marble Sky 💙💙💙💙
Chris 4:11:12 PM
Great fading in between tracks - like on one long continuous head trip!! Nice.
Harry (host) 4:11:32 PM
that's the plan
DubNP 4:12:28 PM
This Marble Sky is beautiful.
Sara WPRB 4:14:39 PM
Have a good nap Ms. Gorman
TAndy 4:20:31 PM
This light be the best Hidden Lands episode this season. Would love to experience this in front of a big screen with tripped up visuals and a crazy soundsystem
TAndy 4:21:28 PM
UGH this song title omg 😳
Harry (host) 4:23:05 PM
thank you so much TAndy!
Sara WPRB 4:33:57 PM
loveee this one. is this the curve song
Rob from Maryland 4:33:59 PM
Harry, I am enjoying the show, while I do some laundry and look at my life list of birds
Harry (host) 4:34:13 PM
yes, this is the curve song
Harry (host) 4:34:25 PM
what's your favorite bird rob
TAndy 4:44:17 PM
Tim Hecker 😍
Rob from Maryland 4:44:29 PM
Harry I have several favorites. Carolina Wren is one of them; it's pretty common in the mid-Atlantic area
Harry (host) 4:44:53 PM
oh my gosh it's adorable
Harry (host) 4:45:23 PM
i recently saw a bird called the screaming piha, i was very charmed
TAndy 4:46:44 PM
I love this bird call
Harry (host) 4:46:59 PM
our last shoegaze song of the afternoon :,)
TAndy 4:48:02 PM
For now ',;)
Harry (host) 4:48:40 PM
i'm trying my best to figure out what that emoticon is supposed to be
TAndy 4:49:20 PM
Winking face with eyebrows
Harry (host) 4:49:51 PM
Ohhhhhhh, one of the eyebrows is raised
Harry (host) 4:49:53 PM
very nice
TAndy 4:50:12 PM
Sebastian Haid 4:51:30 PM
Daaaamn this is 1991?
Harry (host) 4:51:37 PM
Sebastian Haid 4:51:39 PM
Ahead of the curve fr
Rob from Maryland 4:51:47 PM
Harry and TAndy, I've got both the Screaming Piha and the lyrebird videos going while streaming WPRB on my laptop. It all fits together!
Sebastian Haid 4:51:49 PM
Great set tonight
Harry (host) 4:51:55 PM
Harry (host) 4:52:04 PM
thanks so much sebastian
TAndy 4:52:06 PM
This show perfectly expresses the solemnity of the seasonal change from summer to autumn that's becoming especially apparent today with the cool breezy weather. Best episode of Hidden Lands ever, tysm DJ Hog
Harry (host) 4:52:29 PM
thank *you* for listening!
Rob from Maryland 4:52:31 PM
I saw and heard a Screaming Piha at a place in Baltimore and was excited to hear and see it 'in the flesh'
Harry (host) 4:52:54 PM
i love the way its head moves when it does its call
Rob from Maryland 4:53:08 PM
I do too!
Harry (host) 4:53:16 PM
very silly bird
Rob from Maryland 4:53:42 PM
I've thoroughly enjoyed your show today, Harry
Harry (host) 4:55:41 PM
thanks so much! i had a lot of fun
Sebastian Haid 4:58:02 PM
Man I need to listen to this album, been in my backlog for so long
TAndy 5:00:18 PM