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The Scarlet Pumpernickel

Aug 8, 2023 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Pangaeo

with Pato, not Pangeao

The Scarlet Pumpernickel
9:04 AM
Duplex - Vera
Duplex Vera
Maelstrom ARC 2022
9:07 AM
Guillem Ballaz - Picamoixons
Guillem Ballaz Picamoixons N
Substrat Microscopi 2023
9:23 AM
Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci - Mieosis
Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci Mieosis
Winds Bells Falls Telegraph Harp 2022
9:24 AM
Daniel Blumberg - The Wagon
Daniel Blumberg The Wagon
The World to Come (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Node Records 2021
9:27 AM
Julien Tekeyan & David Aubaile - Caterpillar
Julien Tekeyan & David Aubaile Caterpillar N
HiMA Quart de Lune 2022
9:29 AM
Fimber Bravo - Call My Name
Fimber Bravo Call My Name
Lunar Tredd Moshi Moshi Records 2021
9:31 AM
Set Break: And now it's time for the SCARLET PUMPERNICKEL GAME SHOW. Is this cover version A. Better than the original B. Waaaay Better than the original; or D. All of the above. G'luck
9:36 AM
Spike Jones & His City Slickers - William Tell Overture
Spike Jones & His City Slickers William Tell Overture
Cocktails for Two - The Musical Comedy of Spike Jones AVID Entertainment 1998
9:38 AM
Wesli - Fè Yo Wè Kongo Banda
Wesli Fè Yo Wè Kongo Banda
Tradisyon Cumbancha 2022
9:44 AM
Humberto Álvarez - Tonalli
Humberto Álvarez Tonalli
Copil Humberto Alvarez 1995
9:56 AM
Franck Biyong - Tingsoba
Franck Biyong Tingsoba
Kunde Akhetaton Records 2022
9:59 AM
The Ah - Watermelon Tears
The Ah Watermelon Tears
Mere Husk NNA Tapes 2019
Chat is archived.
Christine 9:06:25 AM
I heard that this show rhymes in four places.
Pangaeo (host) 9:16:05 AM
that's what makes it a po-em
Christine 9:22:21 AM
I follow you...
Christine 9:36:07 AM
Brian D 9:37:26 AM
Christine 9:40:26 AM
🪲💣 🏆
Richard from Rocky Hill 9:50:20 AM
@ Pangaeo (host) Thanks muchly for the track by Spike Jones (not to be confused, of course, with film, TV and music video director Spike Jonze). His brand of anarchial but tightly disciplined music parodies were a prime influence on the "P.D.Q. Bach" classical music spoofs of composer Peter Schickele.
Parrscream 9:53:43 AM
Good morning all!
Christine 9:54:06 AM
Morning, Parrscream 🤖
Brian D 9:55:54 AM
Schickele, you must be joking. Yes, and don't stop calling me Schickele.
Christine 9:57:30 AM
Thank you, Pato 💎 Take care, everyone