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Aug 4, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Readie Righteous

Shake off the week, oh Righteous Ones! It's everything from Acid-Folk to Ziglibithy. Light the candles, drape your scarves; this is your time! I bring thee ambient, Afrobeat, international, Tuareg, Tuvan throat singing, queercore, gnawa, pop, disco, post-punk, jazz, soul, R 'n' B, obit-core and more. Opportunistic singing-along with your DJ is de rigeur. Your lagniappe: historical perspective, social consciousness, irreverence.

78 Years On... Hiroshima - 06 August 1945 Nagasaki - 09 August 1945

Oppenheimer's famous "I am become Death" speech - YouTube

"...a few people laughed, a few people cried..."

5:00 PM
Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
Small Faces Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones
Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Immediate Records 1968

Afterglow: A Life In Music With Kenney Jones | Features | Clash Magazine

5:03 PM
George Clanton & Hatchie - For You, I Will
George Clanton & Hatchie For You, I Will N
Ooh Rap I Ya 2023

George Clanton: best songs · discography · lyrics

5:08 PM
Soul Glow Tru Thoughts 2023
5:12 PM
Decisive Pink - Cosmic Dancer
Decisive Pink Cosmic Dancer N
Ticket to Fame Fire Records 2023
5:19 PM
TOWA TEI - Dubnova, Pt. 1 & 2
TOWA TEI Dubnova, Pt. 1 & 2 TOWA TEI
Future Listening! MACHBEAT.COM 2015

Towa Tei Lyrics, Songs, and Albums | Genius

1st release after he left Deee-Lite

5:31 PM
Bobby Previte - Memory Hole
Bobby Previte Memory Hole Bobby Previte
The Coalition of the Living 2005

Bobby Previte - DRUMMERWORLD

5:39 PM
Witch - Malango (feat. Theresa Ng'ambi & Hanna Tembo)
Witch Malango (feat. Theresa Ng'ambi & Hanna Tembo) N
Zango Desert Daze Sound 2023
5:44 PM
Set Break: Readie and her mouth and lungs and larynx produce sounds with breath and mic

J. Robert Oppenheimer Explains How He Recited a Line from Bhagavad Gita ...

06 August will be the perfect day to see the film...

5:55 PM
1. Lionel Tasquier 2. Geneviève  Marty 3. Gérard Marc, et Roger 4. Isabelle et Chrisrian - 1. Hiroshima 2 L'enfant de la liberté 3. Avec quelques instruments simples 4. Ariel et Guitare
1. Lionel Tasquier 2. Geneviève Marty 3. Gérard Marc, et Roger 4. Isabelle et Chrisrian 1. Hiroshima 2 L'enfant de la liberté 3. Avec quelques instruments simples 4. Ariel et Guitare N
Prends le temps d'écouter (Take Time to Listen) 2023

Various: Prends Le Temps D'ecouter - Tape Music, Sound Experiments And ...

Freeform, DIY music from students in rural French schools recorded from 1962 - 1982

in classrooms during the "Mouvement de l'école moderne"- the Modern School Movment

6:05 PM
J. Robert Oppenheimer - I Am Become Death
J. Robert Oppenheimer I Am Become Death
TV interview after Trinity, 1945 1945

The Sound of Dusk: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"

6:07 PM
Oppenheimer / Fisher - Oppenheimer's Anguish
Oppenheimer / Fisher Oppenheimer's Anguish Fisher
Press Interview after Trinity, the first Atomic Bomb Test 1945

Four senators ask Biden to clear Oppenheimer's name - Bulletin of the ...

6:09 PM
Eckhart Tolle - Look Beyond the Words
Eckhart Tolle Look Beyond the Words Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now 2001

Inspirational Eckhart Tolle Quotes On Success - Well Quo

"Of course there is something wrong with you..."

6:10 PM
Giovanni Fusco - Hiroshima, Mon Amour: Hiroshima, Mon Amour (Suite)
Giovanni Fusco Hiroshima, Mon Amour: Hiroshima, Mon Amour (Suite)
Alain Resnais: Portrait Musical (Bandes Originales de Films) Sunnyside / Confluences 2006

Hiroshima mon amor (+tráiler)

6:13 PM
Georges Delerue - Hiroshima, Mon Amour: Valse Du Café Du Fleuve
Georges Delerue Hiroshima, Mon Amour: Valse Du Café Du Fleuve Georges Delerue
Alain Resnais: Portrait Musical (Bandes Originales de Films) Sunnyside / Confluences 2006
6:15 PM
Sinéad O'Connor - Prayer of St. Francis (live)
Sinéad O'Connor Prayer of St. Francis (live) Sebastian Temple
live during the Late Late Show (UK) 1993

Sinead oconnor - Sinead O'Connor Ends 18-Day Marriage | Music News ...

a cappella performance of the Catholic hymn for peace.

Prayer of St. Francis, attributed to him, but not found in any of his texts.

6:18 PM
Set Break: Readie speaking with her voice
6:28 PM
Rita Lee - Ovelha Negra (Ao Vivo)
Rita Lee Ovelha Negra (Ao Vivo) Rita Lee
Multishow Ao Vivo Biscoito Fino 2008
6:36 PM
Lida Husik - Angels On the Floor
Lida Husik Angels On the Floor Lida Husik
Faith In Space Alias Records, Corp. 1998
6:43 PM
Monty Python - Lupine Express / Dennis Moore
Monty Python Lupine Express / Dennis Moore
6:44 PM
Sinéad O'Connor - The Wolf Is Getting Married
Sinéad O'Connor The Wolf Is Getting Married Sinéad O'Connor
How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? One Little Independent Records 2011
6:48 PM
Patrick Bruel - On se plaît
Patrick Bruel On se plaît Patrick Bruel
Ce soir on sort... Columbia 2019
6:53 PM
Jack Walrath & the Masters of Suspense - Freedom
Jack Walrath & the Masters of Suspense Freedom
Invasion of the Booty Shakers Savant 2002
7:00 PM
Mueran Humanos - El Círculo
Mueran Humanos El Círculo
Miseress ATP/Recordings 2015
7:08 PM
Set Break: Readie speaks in a righteous way
7:14 PM
Fatoumata Diawara - Timbuktu Fasso
Fatoumata Diawara Timbuktu Fasso
Live at the Sanctuary for Independent Media 2016

18 febbraio al Sociale | Fatoumata Diawara in concerto a Como Eventi a Como

Appearing live 30 September in Princeton at McCarter! I have my tickets!

7:22 PM
The Good Samaritans - Bi Enu Ba Sahun
The Good Samaritans Bi Enu Ba Sahun N
No Food Without Taste if by Hunger (Analog Africa Dance Edition No. 20) Analog Africa 2023
7:27 PM
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - Lametew
Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret Lametew N
Beauties Mississippi Records 2023

Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret - Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret ...

re-issue of a classic Ethiopian Golden Age gem from 1976

7:31 PM
Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters - Evil Tongues
Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters Evil Tongues
"Lee Perry ""the Upsetter" Presents Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread VP Records 1978

Lee Perry - Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread Vinyl LP Record Album ...

7:35 PM
African Head Charge - A Bad Attitude
African Head Charge A Bad Attitude N
A Trip to Bolgatanga On-U Sound 2023
7:38 PM
Mutabaruka - Any Wich Way...Freedom
Mutabaruka Any Wich Way...Freedom Mutabaruka
Any Which Way...Freedom 1989

MUTABARUKA - Cutting Edge 09/03/2016 - World Magazine Jamaica

7:41 PM
Set Break: Readie breaking mics
7:46 PM
Ras Ivi and the Rastafari Family - Nyabinghi Chant Tonight
Ras Ivi and the Rastafari Family Nyabinghi Chant Tonight
Our History (Niyabinghi Version) Folklorica Records Llc. 2022
7:56 PM
Jimmy Cliff - Bongo Man
Jimmy Cliff Bongo Man Jimmy Cliff
live in the Netherlands, Paradiso, Amsterdam 2011

BONGO MAN JIMMY CLIFF Acordes - Chordify

Chat is archived.
Readie Righteous (host) 4:49:21 PM
Greetings, righteousnesses! Let's goooooo!!!
Alan Pasnyk 5:01:59 PM
Hey Readie! Looks like you're ALL FIRED UP !!!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:04:33 PM
Hey Alan! Welcome to the programmeeee!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:04:40 PM
1st in!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:04:53 PM
Bonsoir, mes amis!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:05:58 PM
Bonsoir, Addie, Comment ça va?
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:06:47 PM
Je suis très fatigué. Covid has kicked my backside all week!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:07:33 PM
Still on ya, huh? Sorry to hear!!! That fatigue must be awful....
Alan Pasnyk 5:08:08 PM
Oh no Addie!!! :( Sorry to hear...
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:08:15 PM
I’ve got two more days till I have to muster up the gumption to go back to work!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:08:51 PM
Heya Alan, thank you it’s been a weird couple of weeks. I was in the hospital and that’s where I caught the covid!
Alan Pasnyk 5:08:57 PM
Addie: hang in there!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:09:25 PM
Oh wow the ultimate Monday...of course- where germs go to thrive! The hospital!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:11:18 PM
And I’m going back to a new position, to boot!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:11:52 PM
@Addie- a promotion?
Alan Pasnyk 5:12:29 PM
Poor Addie! Just Get Through It, Then...REWARD YOURSELF BIGG TIME!
Rofflestomp 5:14:09 PM
Salut Readie, Bonsoir les gens!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:14:36 PM
Yes, Readie! I’ll be what’s called an OSS…an assistant to the practice supervisor.
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:15:45 PM
@Alan I pré-rewarded myself with an awesome tattoo the day before I ended up in the hospital.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:15:59 PM
@Addie- well, CONGRATS to you!, and depend on the group to prop you up! Hopefully!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:16:14 PM
@Roffle! Allo Allo!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:17:00 PM
Thanks Readie! And ahoy Roffle!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:17:09 PM
@Addie- I take it this was not a temp WPRB stick - 0n Tatt!
Alan Pasnyk 5:17:59 PM
Addie:... methinks pre rewards Don't Count ... :)
Alan Pasnyk 5:19:12 PM
BTW Hi Roffle! My French is nearly non-existent!
Rofflestomp 5:19:17 PM
Addie, on the up side in my brain, if I had to go to work with any kind of cold or medical issue I think a hospital would be my choice of work places.
Rofflestomp 5:21:13 PM
Hey Alan, I hear ya. My girlfriend is Chinese and I rely on Google Translate as a rule for tricky stuff. :)
Alan Pasnyk 5:23:10 PM
Roffle: French language is tricky for me, but the music? Ooooo Lah Lah!!!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:23:26 PM
Pic of tattoo (it’s lupines!)
Alan Pasnyk 5:24:20 PM
Oh Wow Addie! You went All Outttt!!!
Rofflestomp 5:25:38 PM
Holy cow Addie, I am not a tattoo person, but that is really nice with a cool balance. Way cool.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:25:49 PM
@Addie- superb! gorge colours!
Rofflestomp 5:26:48 PM
Yeah, the color blending is superb!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:26:55 PM
Anyone remember the Monty Python sketch on lupines?
Rofflestomp 5:29:18 PM
My super smart nerd neighbor lent me her Python box set, so I know I've seen it in way less than 40 years ago. :)
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:30:18 PM
Thanks y’all! And yes, I remember the lupine sketch!!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:30:25 PM
@Roffle- cool- I can't remember the deets...but I can hear John CLeese's voice sayin' "Lupines!"
Alan Pasnyk 5:41:44 PM
Readie: You have posted: "...a few people laughed, a few people cried..." ...But a Helluva lot Died!
Alan Pasnyk 5:41:56 PM
…And that was “Only” a Fission Bomb, (15,000 Tons of Dynamite for Hiroshima)
Alan Pasnyk 5:42:38 PM
Hydrogen Bombs are much more, (100,000 to 1,500,000 Tons of Dynamite!!!)
Alan Pasnyk 5:43:26 PM
...That's TONS he said!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:43:27 PM
Yes, @Alan- at that point...Oppenheimer wasn't saying much directly on that...but....he was tortured
Alan Pasnyk 5:46:09 PM
Readie: Very few people know that it was not Einstein but Leo Szilard who invented the Nuclear Chain Reaction..
Rofflestomp 5:47:07 PM
My question is, was that Oppenheimer's stance before or after the fluoridation of water in the US?
Alan Pasnyk 5:52:09 PM
Roffel: Much to worry about someone pushing the button who is overly concerned about "Bodily Fluids" !!!!
Rofflestomp 5:54:41 PM
@Alan, LOL Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper was a man ahead of his time.
Alan Pasnyk 5:56:01 PM
... But as always, Sellers stole the show, same thing happened in Pink Panther.
Matthew Maginley 5:56:02 PM
Hi Readie. Hope you have been well? Musique concrete est tres belle, merci.
Alan Pasnyk 5:57:01 PM
Hi Matthew!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:57:45 PM
Hi Matthew! Nice to see you! I'm well, thanks!
DSM 5:58:07 PM
Good evening Readie et al.
Matthew Maginley 5:58:14 PM
btw "Dennis Moore lupine donor"
Alan Pasnyk 5:58:48 PM
DSM ! Hi
Readie Righteous (host) 5:58:50 PM
Rofflestomp 5:59:34 PM
I agree Alan. Sterling Hayden was a wild guy though! He lived in a train car, and he once was asked about life and his reply was, "let'r rip" Gotta love that.
DSM 6:00:08 PM
haven't seen Oppenheimer, but did catch Barbie this afternoon 🙃
Rofflestomp 6:00:31 PM
Hi guys!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:00:42 PM
Oh yes, thx, Matthew! Dennis Moore...🤣🤣
Alan Pasnyk 6:00:58 PM
RE: Oppenheimer, Is it supposed to be a Documentary, or a "Hollywood Documentary" ?????
Rofflestomp 6:01:30 PM
OMG DSM, I am not ready for that movie.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:01:32 PM
How was Barbie, DSM?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:01:56 PM
@Alan- absolutely not a documentary..
Ossy 6:02:10 PM
Hi Readie Rainbow 🌈 📚 🌟
Matthew Maginley 6:02:36 PM
splendid music
DSM 6:02:39 PM
I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually really good! Pleasantly surprised! Existential and also just loads of fun.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:02:44 PM
@Ossy- hello hello! How are you?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:03:18 PM
@DSM- Maybe I will get a chance to see both this weekend!
Rofflestomp 6:03:27 PM
Barbie on the other hand is a real time documentary. :)
DSM 6:03:53 PM
readie, that's the full "Barbenhiemer" if you do!
DSM 6:04:55 PM
lol Roff. actually kinda was tho...
Alan Pasnyk 6:05:12 PM
Because it seems every time I see a Hollywood Documentary, I can almost always find some completely wrong Science. Just like Readie can easily spot incorrect Grammar.
Rofflestomp 6:06:06 PM
Has Barbie's last name been determined. I am gonna go with not Jewish sounding.
Ossy 6:06:31 PM
Great as always, Readie! Raring to vacation go!
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:06:41 PM
"Send in the tanks."
DSM 6:07:21 PM
Ossy, Atlanta right?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:07:44 PM
@DSM- yep, I hope to get 'er done!!
Brian D 6:08:28 PM
Wild audio rides! Happy Friday all. Old Fashioned is prepped. Gazing at the clouds. Not as gray as earlier.
Brian D 6:09:35 PM
Readie: "Anyone remember the Monty Python sketch on lupines?" - STAND AND DELIVERRR!!! YOUR LUPINES OR YOUR LIFE! ... Dennis Moore Dennis Moore....
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:10:21 PM
Oy! Send in the Lupines!
DSM 6:10:23 PM
mmm Old Fashioned sounds like a good choice this evening
Readie Righteous (host) 6:11:49 PM
@Alan- oh yes, I understand completely- I can name that grammar error in one note....
Readie Righteous (host) 6:12:24 PM
@Ossy, where you heading? Want to share?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:12:56 PM
@Brian D- THANK YOU! even MORE deets on the Pythons!!! Love it!
Brian D 6:13:23 PM
Methinks you mean "biopic" and not "documentary". Documentary = real people, interviews, still frames & video footage etc.
Ossy 6:13:39 PM
Speaking of Barbie. Pink conversing progressive 💖
Ossy 6:14:05 PM
Readie - Going to Nigeria
Brian D 6:14:26 PM
Biopic = Actors, screenplay, not necessarily 100% accurate, composite characters and scenes invented to make the story move in the film world etc
Readie Righteous (host) 6:14:40 PM
Hiya, Dá Bəng Gôu! Welcome!
Ossy 6:15:12 PM
DSM - Also true for Atlanta, en route there in meeting a cousin, then from there off to Nigeria
Brian D 6:16:02 PM
Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, and his horse Concorde. He steals from the rich. And gives to the poor. Mr Moore, Mr Moore, Mr Moore. Dennis Moore.... dum dah dum....
Readie Righteous (host) 6:16:45 PM
@Ossy- WOW! what an amazing trip that will be!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:17:05 PM
riding thru the glen?
Alan Pasnyk 6:17:46 PM
"Fun Fact" The Largest Explosion ever made on Earth was by the Russians at Novaya Zemlya (The New Land). The Hydrogen bomb produced an explosion equal to 50 million Tons of Dynamite...
DSM 6:18:20 PM
Big trip Ossy, that sounds awesome. Safe and fun travels!
Ambrose Hughes 6:18:53 PM
Hi Readie! We used to sing this during mass back in Eire.
Alan Pasnyk 6:19:33 PM
Nice photo of Sinead...
Ossy 6:22:06 PM
Was blessed and didn't expect to hear Prayer of St Francis hear, which I often hear in church and religious channels like EWTN, but nice to found out its none other than Sinead!
Ossy 6:22:45 PM
DSM and Readie - Oh yeah and thanks! I hear Lagos is fancier than before!
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:25:46 PM
Prays of St. Francis. Thank you.
Matthew Maginley 6:26:12 PM
btw there is Ultravox! - Hiroshima Mon Amour (1978)
Brian D 6:28:10 PM
Yeah can't wait to see Oppenheimer looks great.
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:28:18 PM
Great set of musics. Thanks you.
Brian D 6:29:29 PM
Dennis Moore was active thru the verses, really got around : Galloping through the sward.... Riding through the night... Dum dum dum the night (my fave)... Riding through the woods... Riding through the land...
Readie Righteous (host) 6:29:50 PM
Dá Bəng Gôu, you are very welcome!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:31:22 PM
@Brian- I like the sward!!
Matthew Maginley 6:31:27 PM
btw one can see the The Day After Trinity,documentary by Jon Else for free
Brian D 6:32:00 PM
Been binging the old Python eps on Netflix ya. Always fun.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:32:10 PM
Thanks, Matthew - so much content out there- and very timely! I thought you needed a subscription for Criterion?
Ambrose Hughes 6:33:06 PM
@Readie, The Late Late Show is a long lived TV Show from Ireland, Gay Byrne was it's first and long time host who was not always gratius and inviting to our Sinead, he was that old conservative type, nonetheless she appeared on the show many times throughout her life.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:33:48 PM
@Brian, I was looking at some of the DVDs with my brother the other month...there are some that are labeled as "Eric Idle's favorite sketches, John CLeese's, etc... not authentically their faves I don't think...a marketing gimmick I suspect...
Matthew Maginley 6:35:24 PM
I saw for freeeee. THey may have changed it because so many people flocked to see it. but there is 7 day free trial
Readie Righteous (host) 6:35:29 PM
@Bo- yes, when Gay found out she was singing a different song than she planned, he said, well that's fine, Sinéad, whatever you would like, etc. - it didn't sound sarccastic, but I got the idea there was some history there!!!
Matthew Maginley 6:35:52 PM
nice jam
Readie Righteous (host) 6:36:20 PM
Ah, Matthew, I've been meaning to check out the Criterion catalog...but I have so many subscriptions!
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:37:05 PM
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:37:11 PM
Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, Riding through the night. Soon every lupin in the land Will be in his mighty hand He steals them from the rich And gives them to the poor Mr Moore, Mr Moore, Mr Moore.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:38:00 PM
Ambrose Hughes 6:38:27 PM
@Readie, as time went on he came round a bit, I like to think she got the better of him😜
Matthew Maginley 6:39:25 PM
Mr Moore Lupine donor, extraor - din- ry and are my gotos
Alan Pasnyk 6:42:18 PM
Angels! ❤️💛💚
Brian D 6:43:12 PM
Allow self my to intro self my... allow myself to introduce myself to... allow me to...
Brian D 6:44:13 PM
Wot's all this then? I'm Inspector Fox of the Light Entertainment Police, Comedy Division, Special Flying Squad. Man and Spreaders: Flying Fox of the Yard!!!!!!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:44:17 PM
So glad I started a whole lupine thing!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:44:29 PM
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:44:35 PM
Send in the lupines!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:44:50 PM
@Bo- I have NO DOUBT she DID! Our Sinéad!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:45:39 PM
Yes, Thanks, Addie! 🤣🤣
Ossy 6:47:43 PM
Lots of vast array songs from Sinead!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:48:09 PM
@Ossy, I cannot resist! Such a prolific artist!
Dá Bəng Gôu 6:48:51 PM
Yes wolf is married. I can eat those crunchies.
David F 6:49:07 PM
Hi. Great way to spend a Friday evening with "les chansons extraordinaire". h/t to Addie Plum and her beautiful lupines.
Ossy 6:49:47 PM
Like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Phyllis Hyman and Selena!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:50:12 PM
Hey David F! Welcome!
Ossy 6:50:39 PM
This sunday wdas Gone But Not Forgotten series presents btw: Bobby Womack
Readie Righteous (host) 6:50:46 PM
Yes, Ossy, and Sinéad threw in so many Catholic classics as well!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:51:15 PM
Ah, Bobby Womack- huge catalog! Funky stuff!
Ossy 6:59:46 PM
Before Bobby Brown, there's Bobby Womack!
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:02:19 PM
Before humanos, there was lupines.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:03:18 PM
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:03:18 PM
Mueran Humanos. Gracias.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:03:31 PM
De nada!
DSM 7:04:24 PM
nice find here!
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:04:34 PM
El Círculo
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:05:20 PM
"...a few people laughed, a few people cried..."
Readie Righteous (host) 7:05:25 PM
This is badass
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:05:46 PM
Tears are round.
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:07:11 PM
.. I stand corrected, some humanoids actually have square tears.
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:08:07 PM
Sorry .. Multiple chits, in my chats.
Rofflestomp 7:08:48 PM
Tears are round in space, where no one can hear you cry.
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:09:00 PM
I will discipline myself with a special stick.
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:11:04 PM
Great set of musics. Otra vez ! Gracias.
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:12:16 PM
Brian D 7:14:20 PM
Fatoumata has some beautiful music
Readie Righteous (host) 7:15:12 PM
It should be a great show!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:16:04 PM
I saw Angelique Kidjo at McCarter- great venue...Lizbot was there too...
Alan Pasnyk 7:16:43 PM
Looong Phone call....Back in the chat now...
Readie Righteous (host) 7:16:58 PM
Welcome back, Alan
Alan Pasnyk 7:18:54 PM
Readie: If you see Oppenheimer, your job will be to see how many times they say " Nuuu-Quuu-Lahr" :)
Rob F 7:19:32 PM
This Fatoumata is nice
Readie Righteous (host) 7:20:02 PM
@Rob F- indeed- she's a great guitarist!
Ossy 7:20:05 PM
Awesome and Liz told me Angelique was at Princeton before!!
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 7:20:14 PM
speaking of oppenheimer... BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rofflestomp 7:20:16 PM
Oh, this is great! I can see why your going.
Ossy 7:20:37 PM
This current singer, I thought it was Andra Day singing at first
Alan Pasnyk 7:20:38 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:21:07 PM
@Alan- I can't take that noo- kyoo-ler like real-a-ter
Matthew Maginley 7:21:15 PM
gotta see her , what a performer
Rofflestomp 7:21:22 PM
Chef's atomic oven.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:21:46 PM
CHEF!!!! BAM!!! we're kickin' it up one whole notch rn!
Matthew Maginley 7:22:09 PM
David F 7:22:31 PM
Rob F 7:22:58 PM
Oh man, I am away Sept 30th
Ambrose Hughes 7:23:02 PM
That got my attention!😳
Matthew Maginley 7:23:12 PM
its was like hearing every guitarist i ever heard at once and then something from another world
Matthew Maginley 7:23:18 PM
Rob F 7:23:19 PM
I see Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer also playing in Princeton
Readie Righteous (host) 7:23:26 PM
@Matthew- great description!
Ossy 7:23:32 PM
For Africana real!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:23:57 PM
@Rob F- Patti Smith the week before- I'll be there...
Rofflestomp 7:27:42 PM
I will also be playing in Princeton soon at a lotto ticket window near you. Not selling tickets, just buying them.
Brian D 7:28:05 PM
Samaritans always good stuff
Readie Righteous (host) 7:28:43 PM
👍🏻👍🏻 Bri
Brian D 7:29:01 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:29:38 PM
Roffle- hahaha- Ever see that show "My Lottery Dream Home" I love that jawn.
Brian D 7:29:39 PM
The scales / modes they use wow
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:30:53 PM
This is a most excellent set! Spirit lifting!
Rofflestomp 7:31:05 PM
No I have not. My life is an endless daydream, so I will look into thatshow for sure.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:31:15 PM
This is a great re-issue- right when music and the arts just about stopped in Ethiopia after Haile Selassie was deposed...
Alan Pasnyk 7:34:05 PM
Carrrribean! The beat sounds a bit slower than usual..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:34:11 PM
@Addie- glad it's liftin you up!
Alan Pasnyk 7:34:50 PM
....or I had tooo much Caffeine..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:36:47 PM
Alan, how many coffees have you had today?? lol!
Rofflestomp 7:37:11 PM
Yeah Brian, scales / modes / tunings / time. I love the ride.
Rofflestomp 7:39:17 PM
@Alan, I had a Monster Drink and that is where my internal caffine bar tender calls time out.
Alan Pasnyk 7:41:58 PM
Reminds me of DJ Chester and his show "Totally Wired" back around 2010 at PRB
Ossy 7:44:37 PM
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 7:44:38 PM
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 7:45:03 PM
Remembered I saw Fatoumata Diawara play with Davis Crosby and Snarky Puppy
Readie Righteous (host) 7:46:46 PM
Wow, Chef- sounds like a great show!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:46:54 PM
How was it?
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:46:57 PM
Break the mike. I was a puppy once.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:47:35 PM
Lol @Da!
Rofflestomp 7:51:02 PM
Fantastic stuff tonight Readie! Thanks for this one. Have a great week!
Alan Pasnyk 7:51:48 PM
Chant Tonight! Relaxing Great Beat <3
Readie Righteous (host) 7:52:50 PM
You too, Roffle!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:53:04 PM
Thanks, all!
Alan Pasnyk 7:53:17 PM
This track would even calm down Gen. Jack D. Ripper...
Ossy 7:53:21 PM
A fusion of Africa and Jamaica of this chant my grandfather will love!
Alan Pasnyk 7:53:58 PM
David F 7:54:48 PM
Wonderful show. I laughed and I cried at ceci et cela. Thanks!
DSM 7:54:53 PM
Thanks Readie!
Rofflestomp 7:55:35 PM
@Alan, "Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face." - Gen. Jack D. Ripper
Alan Pasnyk 7:55:38 PM
Netherlands DSM !!!
Ambrose Hughes 7:55:40 PM
Beautiful show Readie, thank you!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:56:23 PM
Thanks for a stellar show tonight, Readie!
Ossy 7:56:29 PM
Stay butter, Readie Rainbow, nothing beats the classics like Butterball and Patty say! Fantastic close of African songs!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:56:31 PM
Thanks, Bo & Alan, DSM, and everyone! Bye Addie- feel better!
Alan Pasnyk 7:56:33 PM
Thank You Readie! Especially liked the Ras Ivi track! ☮️ and bcnu!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:56:42 PM
Bye Ossy!
Ossy 7:57:25 PM
Til September!
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 7:58:17 PM
This is lovely!
Matthew Maginley 7:58:21 PM
Great show. Thank you Readie!
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 7:58:24 PM
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:58:40 PM
Beautious concludes wid Cliff. Great show. Plenty of sauce. Thank you fo' musics. Jah.
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:59:26 PM
"...a few people laughed, a few people cried..."
Dá Bəng Gôu 7:59:44 PM
Send in the lupines.