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Don't Back the Front

Jul 28, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Dana K

Filling in for Freddie!

Don't Back the Front
10:02 AM
The Desperate Bicycles - The Medium Was Tedium
The Desperate Bicycles The Medium Was Tedium
7" 1977
10:04 AM
Sinéad O'Connor - Troy
Sinéad O'Connor Troy
Lion and the Cobra Chrysalis Records 1987
10:17 AM
The Would Be's - I'm Hardly Ever Wrong
The Would Be's I'm Hardly Ever Wrong
I'm Hardly Ever Wrong - Single Decoy 1990
10:18 AM
The Sugarcubes - I Want...
The Sugarcubes I Want...
Life's Too Good Rhino/Elektra 1988
10:21 AM
Galore - Jackpot
Galore Jackpot
Blush - EP Paisley Shirt Records 2022
10:24 AM
Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa
Kate Bush Suspended In Gaffa
The Dreaming Fish People 1982
10:28 AM
Lush - Thoughtforms
Lush Thoughtforms
Gala 4AD 1990
10:31 AM
Look Blue Go Purple - 100 Times
Look Blue Go Purple 100 Times
Look Blue Go Purple Compilation Flying Nun Records 1991
10:42 AM
The Velvet Underground - I'm Set Free
The Velvet Underground I'm Set Free
The Velvet Underground Polydor 1969
10:48 AM
Galaxie 500 - Final Day
Galaxie 500 Final Day
Uncollected 20/20/20 2009
Young Marble Giants cover
10:50 AM
The Magnetic Fields - Papa Was a Rodeo
The Magnetic Fields Papa Was a Rodeo
69 Love Songs Merge Records 1999
10:55 AM
Vomit Launch - Stillness
Vomit Launch Stillness
Dogeared Teen-Beat 1992
10:58 AM
Shop Assistants - It's Up To You
Shop Assistants It's Up To You
NME C86 NME 1986
11:07 AM
Lida Husik - Bozo
Lida Husik Bozo
Bozo Shimmy Disc 1991
11:09 AM
Linda Smith - I So Liked Spring
Linda Smith I So Liked Spring
Till Another Time: 1988-1996 Captured Tracks 2021
11:15 AM
Veronica Lake - This Is My World (You Can Have It)
Veronica Lake This Is My World (You Can Have It)
The Man Who Was Not With It The Bus Stop Label 1992
11:21 AM
Maxine Funke - Willow White
Maxine Funke Willow White
River Said Disciples 2023
11:25 AM
Opal - Fell from the Sun
Opal Fell from the Sun
Early Recordings Rough Trade Records 1989
11:28 AM
Cindy - Why Not Now
Cindy Why Not Now
Why Not Now? Tough Love Records 2023
11:35 AM
The Durutti Column - A Silence
The Durutti Column A Silence
Short Stories for Pauline Factory Benelux 2012
11:40 AM
Pram - Milky
Pram Milky
The Stars Are So Big the Earth Is So Small... Stay As You Are Too Pure 1993
11:44 AM
Arthur Russell - The Boy With a Smile
Arthur Russell The Boy With a Smile
Picture of Bunny Rabbit Audika Records 2023
11:49 AM
Brigid Mae Power - I Know Who Is Sick
Brigid Mae Power I Know Who Is Sick
Dream From The Deep Well Fire Records 2023
11:51 AM
Vacant Gardens - Crimson Crush
Vacant Gardens Crimson Crush
Obscene Tough Love Records 2022
11:58 AM
Sinéad O'Connor - Just Call Me Joe
Sinéad O'Connor Just Call Me Joe
Lion and the Cobra Chrysalis Records 1987
Chat is archived.
TAndy 10:01:37 AM
Double Dana K Friday 😤
Dana K (host) 10:01:48 AM
it's real!
TAndy 10:01:59 AM
John Sumner 10:03:37 AM
hello guys, dana just started to really listen to this station
Brian D 10:03:59 AM
Easy. Cheap. Ahead went. It done.
Dana K (host) 10:04:00 AM
welcome, john!
Dana K (host) 10:04:36 AM
and hi, Brian!
Commie Francis ☭ 10:05:11 AM
Desperate bicycles week on wprb
Commie Francis ☭ 10:05:40 AM
(I posted the medium was tedium on my show this week!)
John Sumner 10:06:06 AM
thanks dana glad to be here
Commie Francis ☭ 10:06:27 AM
Er played, I played it
Dana K (host) 10:06:28 AM
i felt like i couldn't get away with playing DBTF twice in one day
Commie Francis ☭ 10:07:11 AM
Maybe I'll play advice on arrest tomorrow, just keep going with it
Commie Francis ☭ 10:07:30 AM
I love the practical advice of the desperate bicycles
Dana K (host) 10:08:16 AM
and then play the shark toys cover. and maybe erik nervous has a cover too?
Dale Hazelton 10:09:07 AM
haven't heard this in years. amazing vocal performance.
TAndy 10:13:37 AM
Good morning Commie Francis!
TAndy 10:15:14 AM
Montclair! Thank You Scientist's town of formation :)
Dana K (host) 10:16:16 AM
home of Almost Ready Records, as I learned
Dana K (host) 10:16:27 AM
My first time there! Not the part of Jersey I'm from
Rob F 10:16:45 AM
My daughter went to MSU. We loved hanging out there
John Sumner 10:17:48 AM
rob f msu is montclair right?
Rob F 10:18:12 AM
Yes, Montclair State Univ
TAndy 10:19:06 AM
I have also been nowhere near Montclair ever in my life (I think).
John Sumner 10:19:35 AM
@Rob f thanks, i was thinking michigan state university
Dana K (host) 10:20:50 AM
it had a record store and a theater showing independent movies and a lot of charming victorian architecture - i liked it. but the hike up the NJ turnpike was not fun in 90 degree weather with car AC that only sort of works
Commie Francis ☭ 10:22:12 AM
My great aunt lived in Montclair and we went there every Christmas afternoon til she moved south
Commie Francis ☭ 10:22:45 AM
And I went to a super weird show there the other weekend in an absolutely disgusting basement venue
Commie Francis ☭ 10:22:59 AM
Like disgusting in a very punk way
Dana K (host) 10:23:04 AM
In Montclair? What did you see?
Commie Francis ☭ 10:23:27 AM
It was a weird goth show the brood got added to
John Sumner 10:25:13 AM
i love kate bush music
Commie Francis ☭ 10:25:18 AM
There was a band of teenagers who were charmingly inept, I don't know what they were going for but it was almost Anarcho punk. A nice synth pop band. A Christian goth band trying to Make It Big who are from TN but contractually obligated to say they are from Philly. And a solo with pre-recorded tracks NIN style young dude. The audience was 75% high schoolers
Commie Francis ☭ 10:26:20 AM
The audience also absolutely loved every band. I don't regret going!
Dana K (host) 10:26:27 AM
Kids need to learn that you can be punk for your entire life!
Commie Francis ☭ 10:28:30 AM
There was a kid who sang along with one of the brood's songs and told me after that he had heard that one. But it hasn't been released so... He hasn't. It just has a very repetitive chorus. It was cute. The whole thing was very cute.
Commie Francis ☭ 10:29:51 AM
Also some child goth danced with me
Kenneth Macarus 10:31:00 AM
You are playing all my favorite bands! Just what I needed today!
Dana K (host) 10:31:34 AM
aw, i love to hear that, kenneth!
Dana K (host) 10:32:07 AM
speaking of childs, and i wrote about this on facebook, but i was surprised by how young the Swirlies audience was last weekend
Dana K (host) 10:32:43 AM
it's a 21+ venue so they weren't actual children, but for a 30+ year old band the majority of the audience were in their 20s. Not usually my experience!
TAndy 10:33:27 AM
Shoegaze is really catching on with Gen Z and late Millennials, it really makes me happy seeing it continue.
TAndy 10:34:48 AM
I would bet that some younger people got into it through the route of Vaporwave/adjacent to Cocteau Twins, then further exploration.
John Sumner 10:37:43 AM
tandy or exploring their parents music
TAndy 10:38:42 AM
Yep! Parental osmosis and likely just because 90s and early 00s music is the cool retro thing to a lot of younger people too. My teenage nephew reportedly likes MF DOOM, which put a smile on my face.
Christine 10:39:30 AM
John Sumner 10:39:50 AM
tandy nice about your nephew, also hanging with you has to do it too
TAndy 10:40:14 AM
Dana K (host) 10:40:18 AM
my parents absolutely have no interest in the music i'm into, though my dad and i share a love of folk and some new wave power pop bands (elvis costello, squeeze, dave edmunds)
Christine 10:40:40 AM
Hey, it's Dana K! Thanks for covering for Freddie 🎧
John Sumner 10:40:49 AM
ohh velvet underground love it
Kenneth Macarus 10:41:18 AM
Just keeps getting better!!!!
Rob F 10:41:45 AM
Back when my daughter was in high school, I used to rotate a box with CDs in the car. My daughter loved checking them out
Dana K (host) 10:41:49 AM
my dad did get me into the velvets by sending me a lou reed CD box set while i was away at summer camp in middle school
TAndy 10:42:07 AM
His mother is a huge hip hop head compared to me so it's likely that her taste rubbed off on him. I'm the weird guy who loves repetitive electronic dance music
Dana K (host) 10:42:15 AM
but he does not like any of the more "difficult" music i listen to, or punk
John Sumner 10:43:15 AM
dana i love lou reed, have you ever listened to the cowboy junkies version of sweet jane?
Rob F 10:45:32 AM
repetitive electronic dance music. I like that too
Dana K (host) 10:45:56 AM
no! cowboy junkies are my stepmom's favorite band, i wonder if she knows it
TAndy 10:46:14 AM
My dad has a very "classic rock radio hits" taste in music so it's really hard to get him into anything else. Whenever I'm in the car with him I change it to PRB. I caught him tapping his foot to PBR a few times, and I think he would like this current set rn.
Dana K (host) 10:48:21 AM
Apologies for the tech issues, all
Commie Francis ☭ 10:49:05 AM
My mom usually just likes when I play Burl Ives or things like that but one time she texted me that she loved the credit to the nation song I was playing (chumbawamba-adjacent UK Anarcho hip hop)
John Sumner 10:50:57 AM
dana i was goiing to suggest the trinity sessions by the cowboy junkies
John Sumner 10:51:45 AM
dana no worries about the tech issues
Dana K (host) 10:52:02 AM
my mom has no real interest in music (at least not like we do) and never really listened to my show. she's been listening to the same chris cornell album for the last 20 years or whatever.
John Sumner 10:55:36 AM
dana too bad for your mom
Colin 10:58:31 AM
Nice! A morning edition of DBTF! I got a thing tonight so i won't be able to tune in then.
Dana K (host) 10:58:45 AM
you're gonna miss the ROCK show, colin! but glad you can tune in now
Colin 10:59:12 AM
yeah, it is sad, but i'll survive.
TAndy 10:59:52 AM
I'm gonna head off chat now so I can relax and try to get myself to sleep without much struggle. Hoping I'm in a chatty mood to pop back in later, have a good day all :)
Colin 11:00:49 AM
rest up keep cool 😎 tandy!
John Sumner 11:02:39 AM
yeah i have to step out too, got things to do and people to see
Dana K (host) 11:06:28 AM
enjoy your days!
Dana K (host) 11:06:37 AM
Christine 11:09:37 AM
I haven't heard Lida Husik in a long while...that was great!
Dana K (host) 11:09:57 AM
Christine, she was a WPRB library discovery for me
Andrew G/ 11:12:34 AM
hello! happy friday!
Christine 11:14:25 AM
@Dana, I probably first heard her on WPRB, at some point down the years!
Dana K (host) 11:14:37 AM
hi andrew!
Brian D 11:15:48 AM
BORN TO BE WIIIIIILD! I ate up those Steve Martin stand up lps
Commie Francis ☭ 11:15:51 AM
I should be getting up off the couch and doing things but Walter (my dog for people who are not Dana) is curled against my legs sleep barking so.....
Commie Francis ☭ 11:16:07 AM
I am technically working. This show has been very pleasant Dana!!
Colin 11:19:16 AM
This may not be the rock show but the vibe is just right for me to focus (and still play in the chata little) to get through the work tasks so I don't have to stay late tonight.
Rob from Maryland 11:20:21 AM
Good morning Dana, this show has been wonderful, the part that I have caught (since the end of the Mag Fields song).
Colin 11:20:34 AM
brian, when I was a kid my friends parents had a good collection of stand up lps and when we couldn't get outside we often dug into those. the Steve Martin ones were favorites.
yoni from kdu 11:21:40 AM
Been listening while doing this taste test thing for $$$. Perfect vibes for trying to decide between SWEET and NOT SWEET!
Dana K (host) 11:22:18 AM
so glad the vibe is working for y'all. too bad i'm about to launch straight into cannibal corpse
yoni from kdu 11:22:49 AM
My favorite vegan band!
Colin 11:23:12 AM
cannibal corpse for the win
Dana K (host) 11:24:58 AM
*checks notes*, uh, sorry, no, Opal
Colin 11:26:27 AM
yoni, sweet and not sweet is better than sweet or sweat
yoni from kdu 11:29:38 AM
That's the next taste test, actually
Colin 11:30:48 AM
lol, round three, sweat or the ocean
Jon Solomon 11:31:12 AM
Belated "it was nice to hear Troy as I was parking my cat" message.
Brian D 11:33:03 AM
Mom and i were at Woolworth or Woolco one day back in early 80s looking at the $1 discount lps. Grabbed up Steve Martin "A Wild and Crazy Guy" . Devoured it and went out and bought up all the other comedy lps of his. George Carlin "Class Clown " too.
Colin 11:33:06 AM
I had a science teacher my 8th and 9th grade years and she had taste in music, we would trade records from time to time. I remember seeing that opal cover in her at work records.
yoni from kdu 11:34:15 AM
How does one park a cat, Jon?
Jon Solomon 11:36:56 AM
That's a weird auto-correct, laptop!
Jon Solomon 11:37:23 AM
Uh......meowever you can find a spot downtown?
yoni from kdu 11:39:06 AM
Tiny boxes in tiny parking spots. I'm into it.
Dana K (host) 11:41:09 AM
My cat does love to park herself on my lap
Colin 11:51:54 AM
that brigid track was short and very sweet
Dana K (host) 11:53:16 AM
apparently she has a cover of angel from montgomery which i am going to listen to as soon as this show is over
Christine 11:54:51 AM
What a great surprise edition of DBTF...thanks, Dana K! ✨️🚲
Guelo<3 11:55:20 AM
This tracks feeling very therapeutic
Colin 11:58:23 AM
oh my gosh end of show! keep cool and hydrated today frenz.
Dana K (host) 12:01:15 PM
my favorite part of this song was cut off, please find the time to go listen to the Lion and the Cobra (and all of her music) if you haven't already
Dana K (host) 12:01:24 PM
See some of you later tonight!