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Tomorrow is an Octopus

Jul 24, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Dan Ruccia

Cephalopod dance parties for the apocalypse.

The Fire Burning in Your Eyes

Tomorrow is an Octopus
10:02 AM
Fucked Up - Carried Out to the Sea
Fucked Up Carried Out to the Sea
Hidden World Jade Tree 2006
10:05 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Background music: Gruppo di Improvviazione Nuova Consonanza - The Feed-Back

10:07 AM
Spiritual Mafia - Lunch
Spiritual Mafia Lunch
Al Fresco Ever/Never Records 2021
10:12 AM
Special Interest - Disco 1.5
Special Interest Disco 1.5 N
Disco 1.5 - Single Rough Trade 2023
10:14 AM
Ciccone Youth - Into the Groovey
Ciccone Youth Into the Groovey
The Whitey Album Squeaky Squawk 1988
10:18 AM
Fantasma - Ascenda
Fantasma Ascenda N
DEMO Educacion Cínica 2023
10:19 AM
Nikki Nair - Drum Cloud
Nikki Nair Drum Cloud
drum cloud - Single n goes to infinity 2022
10:24 AM
Tainted Tazz - Make Way
Tainted Tazz Make Way N
The Commencement - EP R&S Records 2023
10:26 AM
Witch - Waile
Witch Waile N
Zango Desert Daze Sound 2023
10:31 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:37 AM
Jaimie Branch - The Mountain (feat. Jason Ajemian)
Jaimie Branch The Mountain (feat. Jason Ajemian) N
Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((World War)) International Anthem 2023
Meat Puppets cover!
10:42 AM
Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy - La Ka Ba'A
Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy La Ka Ba'A N
O Yinne! Philophon 2023
10:46 AM
Espers - That Which Darkly Thrives
Espers That Which Darkly Thrives
III Drag City 2009
10:51 AM
TEKE::TEKE - Corpse Pose
TEKE::TEKE Corpse Pose
Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars) V/A Kill Rock Stars 2022
Unwound cover
10:55 AM
Magic Tuber Stringband - Ghost Pipe
Magic Tuber Stringband Ghost Pipe N
Tarantism Feeding Tube Records 2023
11:02 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:11 AM
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Homeless Wanderer
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou The Homeless Wanderer
Spielt Eigen Kompositionen - EP Mississippi Records 2012
11:18 AM
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - Woigaye, Don’t Cry Anymore
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou Woigaye, Don’t Cry Anymore
Jerusalem Mississippi Records 2022
11:24 AM
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Garden of Gethesemanie
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou The Garden of Gethesemanie
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbru MIssissippi Records 2016
11:27 AM
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - Quand La Mer Furieuse
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou Quand La Mer Furieuse
Jerusalem Mississippi Records 2022
11:31 AM
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - Golgotha
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou Golgotha
Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru Mississippi Records 2022
11:36 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:41 AM
Decisive Pink - Haffmilch Holiday
Decisive Pink Haffmilch Holiday N
Ticket to Fame Fire Records 2023
11:45 AM
Shapednoise - Twisted Skills
Shapednoise Twisted Skills N
Absurd Matter WEIGHT LOOMING 2023
11:48 AM
Beef - D.N.A.
Beef D.N.A. N
Beef Feel It 2023
11:50 AM
Pitchfork - Twitch
Pitchfork Twitch
Eucalyptus / Saturn Outhouse Swami 2003
11:53 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:56 AM
Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra - Future Shaman
Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra Future Shaman N
Lightning Dreamers International Anthem 2023
Chat is archived.
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:02:33 AM
The calendar has once again arrived on Monday; time for some cephalopod radio!
Mike Lupica 10:09:00 AM
I almost forgot there are other songs on this record that aren't Bath Boy.
Brian D 10:09:33 AM
Dine Al Fresco, then proceed to bath. This was the first track I heard from this lp. Jen Redlights i believe
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:10:14 AM
I know, right? As much as I love Bath Boy, I think this might actually be my favorite. It's so earnest but the vibe is so deeply fucked
Rob Pullan 10:12:09 AM
Been trying to find this song for ages. Thanks. Dan
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:14:34 AM
Happy to be of service, Rob!
Brian D 10:15:33 AM
Ciccone Toof!
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:16:29 AM
It raises the important question: Will Thurston be a talking head in some future Madonna documentary? (slash has he already been a talking head in a Madonna documentary???)
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:16:46 AM
(Is it even a music documentary if Thurston isn't a talking head in it????)
Brian D 10:17:25 AM
I see that. They definitely crossed paths back in the NYC scene starting out 40 yrs ago or so
Brian D 10:18:30 AM
Good risky sample way to go
Rofflestomp 10:31:48 AM
Totally working with this vibe this morning Dan! 👍
Brian D 10:33:42 AM
Witch "Zango" lp definitely on the wish list
Seals & Mok 10:35:08 AM
saw Witch last month. good stuff.
Brian D 10:36:45 AM
Remember that short short lived interview bit that he did Thurston's Alley? Thurston Moore and interview subject sitting on chaises in an urban alley somewhere in NYC. Quick short questions. I remember Johnny Ramone was one subject.
Brian D 10:37:56 AM
Brian D 10:39:13 AM
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:39:30 AM
Oh snap!
Parrscream 10:40:52 AM
Good morning Dan! I can't wait to hear the whole Jamie Branch album. Comes out in full in August, right? My 7 year old son loves "Take Over the World".
Brian D 10:41:14 AM
Actual title of orig is "Comin' Down" but Jamie and Jason changed title for whatever reason....
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:41:40 AM
Hey Parr! Yeah, it's out August 25. I absolutely preordered the vinyl the second it was announced
Parrscream 10:42:13 AM
Me too! I can't wait!
TAndy 10:42:30 AM
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:43:43 AM
Morning TAndy!
TAndy 10:46:05 AM
Woke up earlier but fell back asleep. The sleep factory in my brain hates consistency this week lol
Mike Lupica 11:00:32 AM
This Magic Tuber Stringband is great. Liked their last record a whole lot, psyched to check out this one.
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:01:03 AM
Yeah, it's super great! They're a couple of college radio kids. I think both of them DJed at WXDU here in Durham for a while
Mike Lupica 11:01:32 AM
Christine 11:03:33 AM
I missed Spiritual Mafiaaaaa 😭
Mike Lupica 11:03:44 AM
Didn't even recognize that Teke:Teke track as an Unwound cover and "Corpse Pose" is one of the only Unwound songs I know particularly well. Mark of a good cover!
Brian D 11:06:40 AM
That Alogte Oho ... o yinne... lp is great!
Christine 11:06:49 AM
Sounding good, Dan. 🐙 Morning, all!
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:13:21 AM
Hiya Christine!
TAndy 11:20:10 AM
I love the mood this piece evokes.
TAndy 11:20:29 AM
Overcoming a large sadness 💙
Christine 11:22:59 AM
I'm loving this set. It's beautiful and plaintive at the same time.
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:23:58 AM
Yeah, both those energies feel really central to her music: that close connection between sadness and joy
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:25:19 AM
I feel like it has something to do with all the ways she ornaments her melodies. It contains so much
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:26:10 AM
Or like Chopin with all the emotions turned up
TAndy 11:27:32 AM
A different approach to emotions than Chopin, more subdued id say. With the existence of Tristesse, I think that's probably the #1 example of raw emotion in this style of music I can think of.
Mike Lupica 11:32:18 AM
I, appearing in this scene as the uninformed doofus who lacks any kind of musical vocabulary to discuss things like Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, have this to say: This is rad.
TAndy 11:35:08 AM
Same, Mike
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:35:35 AM
For any pianists out there, sheet music of most of these pieces is available here: https://www.emahoymusicpublisher.com/music-sheets
TAndy 11:35:40 AM
That's literally the extent of my musical knowledge on this, and I only know of Tristesse because it was covered in an anime soundtrack 🥹
TAndy 11:47:48 AM
Love this Glitch 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:49:54 AM
I wanted to play one of the tracks from that album with Armand Hammer or Moor Mother, but the FCC said no
TAndy 11:52:24 AM
Totally gonna have to play that Shapednoise in my car, no doubt it'll sound insane
TAndy 11:52:37 AM
Alas, the time....... Thank you for the show, Dan!
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:52:55 AM
Hell yeah to blaring Shapednoise!
Christine 11:55:19 AM
Excellent show this morning; thanks Dan! Now it's time to have lunch al fresco, just like Spiritual Mafia intended.
Brian D 11:56:40 AM
Great show Dan!
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:57:13 AM
Thanks for tuning in, y'all!