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songs that upset your grandma

Jun 7, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With basically average

songs that upset your grandma
8:01 PM
Four Tet - Sing
Four Tet Sing Four Tet
There Is Love in You Text Records 2010
8:21 PM
TWO LANES - The Rest Is Noise
Lights - EP bitbird 2020
8:26 PM
Mr. Carmack - Blouses (VIP)
Mr. Carmack Blouses (VIP) Mr. Carmack
Blouses - Single Lightsleepers 2014
8:30 PM
DECAP - See You Out There
DECAP See You Out There
See You Out There - Single Future Knock 2017
8:31 PM
pluko - the lovely one
pluko the lovely one pluko
COLOR BLIND Splendid Society 2020
8:35 PM
Dawn Ultra Records, LLC 2022
8:35 PM
Krysh & Taylor Moon - Voices
Krysh & Taylor Moon Voices
Voices - Single Krysh Music 2018
8:38 PM
STUCA & Eugene - Mind
STUCA & Eugene Mind
Mind - Single Jadu Dala 2019
8:40 PM
Leet & Chark - Garbage
Leet & Chark Garbage
Sounds From Below, Vol. 4 Below the surface 2018
8:45 PM
yushuf x ike - Yeah
yushuf x ike Yeah
8:49 PM
MineSweepa - Thots
MineSweepa Thots MineSweepa
Thots - Single MineSweepa 2020
8:49 PM
Flume - Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)
Flume Zimbabwe (Flume Remix) Flume
Flume (Deluxe Edition) Mom+Pop 2013
8:51 PM
MuTo - Tessalating
MuTo Tessalating
8:57 PM
A Beacon School - It's Late
A Beacon School It's Late A Beacon School
Cola Grind Select 2019
8:58 PM
Kasbo - Play Pretend (feat. Ourchives)
Kasbo Play Pretend (feat. Ourchives) Kasbo
Intermission Broadcast (DJ Mix)
9:00 PM
dandaman - #flumesounds
dandaman #flumesounds
9:02 PM
Eugene - Wastegate
Eugene Wastegate eugene
seraphim EP 1290750 Records DK 2021
9:06 PM
Ketamine - NXTSY
Ketamine NXTSY
9:07 PM
Joji - will he (trails remix)
Joji will he (trails remix)
9:09 PM
Bloom - Bliss
Bloom Bliss bloom
Bloom Ivory Records, Inc. 2020
9:11 PM
Janet Jackson - If (KAYTRANADA Remix)
Janet Jackson If (KAYTRANADA Remix)
Summertime Sounds 2022 (DJ Mix) 2022
9:16 PM
Sudan Archives - Selfish Soul
Sudan Archives Selfish Soul
Selfish Soul (ODESZA Remix) - Single Ninja Tune 2023
9:21 PM
Marius - idntyu
Marius idntyu
9:22 PM
Haring - Us
Haring Us
Nowadays - EP City Tracks 2014
9:25 PM
vbf - emotional numbness
vbf emotional numbness
9:27 PM
Jaguar Dreams - Just Life
Jaguar Dreams Just Life Jaguar Dreams
Jaguar Dreams Jaguar Dreams 2018
9:30 PM
Tourist - Elixir
Tourist Elixir Tourist
Elixir - Single Monday Records 2019
9:33 PM
9:37 PM
OkayJake - Thermal
OkayJake Thermal
Thermal - Single OkayJake 2022
9:40 PM
STUCA - Henny
Henny (VIP) - Single Jadu Dala 2020
9:44 PM
Ryder - pure grey circle
Ryder pure grey circle
9:46 PM
Mr. Carmack - Things I Cannot Tell You to Your Face
Mr. Carmack Things I Cannot Tell You to Your Face Mr. Carmack
Rebuild Forward Thinkers Group 2019
9:49 PM
Wampire - Orchards (strfkr remix)
Wampire Orchards (strfkr remix)
9:53 PM
thalia ann seenan - empty soul (naptrak remix)
thalia ann seenan empty soul (naptrak remix)
9:57 PM
Jerry Folk - Another Night
Jerry Folk Another Night Jerry Folk
Another Night - Single Folkestad Records /Jerry Folk 2018
9:59 PM
Sylvan Esso - Coffee
Sylvan Esso Coffee Sylvan Esso
Coffee - Single Psychic Hotline 2021
10:05 PM
Bicep - Waterfall
Bicep Waterfall Bicep
Water (feat. Clara La San) - Single Ninja Tune 2022
10:10 PM
Ivy Lab - Stacked
Ivy Lab Stacked
Everythingmustchange - EP 20/20 LDN Recordings 2021
10:16 PM
Throttle - Where U Are
Throttle Where U Are Throttle
Where U Are Monstercat 2019
10:18 PM
Shadient - Mind Game
Shadient Mind Game Shadient
He Is Here EP Gud Vibrations 2023
10:19 PM
Mona San - Lullaby
Mona San Lullaby
Brain Child Sans Huile de Palme 2021
10:23 PM
Saka - fallen angel
Saka fallen angel
10:26 PM
C H I V A L R Y - Id 2
C H I V A L R Y Id 2
10:31 PM
Muira, - alt violet
Muira, alt violet
10:33 PM
Silou - solistice
Silou solistice
10:36 PM
Amêh - the quest
Amêh the quest
10:42 PM
Zero - iron clad
Zero iron clad
10:43 PM
10:46 PM
lvdnqst - no good for me
lvdnqst no good for me
10:49 PM
GRNVLR - Empty Space (feat. Stutters)
GRNVLR Empty Space (feat. Stutters)
Empty Space (feat. Stutters) - Single GRNVLR 2022
10:51 PM
Nadus - marriage proposal (wLLSW remix)
Nadus marriage proposal (wLLSW remix)
10:54 PM
Lizdek - mucas
Lizdek mucas
10:58 PM
OAKUM - Mountain Passage (VIP)
OAKUM Mountain Passage (VIP) OAKUM
Mountain Passage (VIP) - Single Records DK 2021
Chat is archived.
Isaac (host) 8:33:25 PM
whattup tandy!!! we mixing live tn, lets go!
Matthew Robinson 8:34:30 PM
keep thinking i'm hearing flume
Matthew Robinson 8:34:39 PM
good stuff tonight!
Isaac (host) 8:35:48 PM
yep its boutta be a big flume night!!!
Isaac (host) 8:35:56 PM
my fav artist :)
Chris Giuliano 8:36:56 PM
Loving the live mixing, started off strong with that Four Tet
Isaac (host) 8:38:45 PM
thanks Chris!
Isaac (host) 8:38:48 PM
lets gooooo
Isaac (host) 8:38:52 PM
time to get a lil harder
TAndy 8:43:07 PM
Stopped at a red light rn but holy shit this mix is gully
TAndy 8:43:23 PM
Please upload this mix somewhere and put it in chat next week
Isaac (host) 8:51:46 PM
yes andy
Isaac (host) 8:52:01 PM
starting next week ill be livestreaming and uploading after :)
Isaac (host) 8:52:06 PM
hopefully lol
Chris Giuliano 8:52:55 PM
Ooh, digging this one
TAndy 9:05:14 PM
Holy fucking shit
TAndy 9:05:36 PM
I can't imagine this in my car back at home this goes INSANE
Isaac (host) 9:07:24 PM
TAndy 9:07:29 PM
Will every show be like this or are u switching up genres
TAndy 9:07:51 PM
Because the exchange from u to TB is a godlike schedule decision
Louis F. Caruso 9:10:53 PM
Great show tonight
TAndy 9:11:30 PM
Ossy 9:15:43 PM
Evening, awesome party rave sounds
BobbyClocks 9:25:02 PM
You are killing this set. Awesome work
Isaac (host) 9:25:16 PM
TAndy 9:25:55 PM
Isaac are u into Plastician at all
Isaac (host) 9:30:55 PM
i haven't heard of them! will def check out -- what kind of music are they?
TAndy 9:40:19 PM
Ossy 9:44:42 PM
TAndy 9:44:43 PM
But nah uh he's a DJ from the UK, was around after the very beginning of dubstep out there. Had a very long running Rinse FM show that had music just like this. His productions are insane too
TAndy 9:45:16 PM
There's a playlist on SoundCloud with almost all of his shows after 2014 till it ended a few years ago. His Wavepool mixes are a must listen too.
TAndy 9:45:41 PM
He pretty much pioneered this kind of trap music before it became super mainstream, and calls it Wave Music
TAndy 10:03:28 PM
I have to head off now for dinner but dude. Holy shit dude. Excellent show. So happy you're doing this regularly this season.
Isaac (host) 10:08:02 PM
yoooo thanks for tunin in tandy!!!! really appreciate the love. we'll have to touch base more about music, im super down to connect re trap artists !
Isaac (host) 10:08:09 PM
~wave music~
TAndy 10:34:19 PM
Still lurking the chat kinda. Lemme link u my favorite two mixes of his show too
TAndy 10:34:48 PM
The one he did with Klacey Jones, one of the best in the biz: https://on.soundcloud.com/u5uDG
TAndy 10:35:49 PM
And this one where the whole first hour is the chillest illest shit, had this one on repeat a lot. https://on.soundcloud.com/kZkug
Isaac (host) 10:36:42 PM
yo fire! will chek it out after the show!
TAndy 10:37:18 PM
TAndy 10:38:16 PM
Tracklists r hard to come by tho but still worth it.
Ossy 10:42:08 PM
Rosasolis music
TB 10:54:27 PM
Chris Giuliano 10:56:57 PM
yeeee nice set. I know where I'll be on Wednesdays
Isaac (host) 10:58:34 PM
u da man chris!