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Jun 3, 2023 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM


With DJ Hog

Special guest episode of snacktime with DJ Hog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:02 AM
DJ Spooky - Parachutes
DJ Spooky Parachutes
Optometry Thirsty Ear Recordings 2002
7:09 AM
Oblique Occasions - Maurader
Oblique Occasions Maurader
7:14 AM
U.S. Girls - Sororal Feelings
U.S. Girls Sororal Feelings
Half Free 4AD 2015
7:17 AM
Laika - Almost Sleeping
Laika Almost Sleeping
Sounds of the Satellites Too Pure 1996
7:24 AM
bar italia - My Kiss Era
bar italia My Kiss Era
Tracey Denim 2023
7:27 AM
Dadamah - High Tension House
Dadamah High Tension House
This Is Not a Dream Kranky 1994
7:36 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:40 AM
Recoil - Missing Piece
Recoil Missing Piece
Unsound Methods Reprise 1997
7:45 AM
Julie - pg.4 a picture of three hedges
Julie pg.4 a picture of three hedges
pg. 4 a picture of three hedges/through your window - Single Julie/Atlantic 2022
7:49 AM
Oneohtrix Point Never - Nassau
Oneohtrix Point Never Nassau
Replica Software Recording Co. 2011
7:54 AM
A Place to Bury Strangers - Everything Always Goes Wrong
A Place to Bury Strangers Everything Always Goes Wrong
Exploding Head Mute, a BMG Company 2009
7:57 AM
Scorn - Exodus
Scorn Exodus
Evanescence Earache Records Ltd 1994
8:07 AM
Injury Reserve - Wild Wild West
Injury Reserve Wild Wild West
By the Time I Get to Phoenix Injury Reserve 2021
8:10 AM
Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
Scott Walker Cossacks Are
The Drift 4AD 2006
8:14 AM
The Blue Nile - The Downtown Lights
The Blue Nile The Downtown Lights
Hats Confetti Records 1989
8:20 AM
Akira Yamaoka - Terror In the Depths of the Fog
Akira Yamaoka Terror In the Depths of the Fog
Silent Hill 2 (Original Soundtrack) Konami Digital Entertainment 2001
8:25 AM
Amon Tobin - Bridge
Amon Tobin Bridge
Permutation Ninja Tune 1998
8:33 AM
Crack Cloud - Graph Of Desire
Crack Cloud Graph Of Desire
Crack Cloud Meat Machine 2018
8:35 AM
Pan Sonic - Painovoima
Pan Sonic Painovoima
Kesto Mute 1997
8:41 AM
Jeff Greinke - Moving Though Fog
Jeff Greinke Moving Though Fog
Cities In Fog 1 & 2 Projekt 1985
8:44 AM
Lanterns on the Lake - Tricks
Lanterns on the Lake Tricks
Gracious Tide, Take Me Home Bella Union 2011
8:51 AM
Labradford - Pico
Labradford Pico
Labradford Kranky 1996
8:58 AM
Fog Lake - Side Effects
Fog Lake Side Effects
Dragonchaser Too Lost 2017
Chat is archived.
Harry (host) 7:02:54 AM
good morning radio!!!!!
Susan Gorman 7:32:59 AM
GooB MOrbInG ThIs IS pOunCeY
Harry (host) 7:40:14 AM
Hi pouncey
TAndy 7:45:11 AM
Harry (host) 7:47:00 AM
Hey TAndy!
TAndy 7:57:17 AM
this song rules rn
TAndy 8:31:54 AM
You're such a hero for that SH2 track btw
Harry (host) 8:33:56 AM
great game
TAndy 8:34:16 AM
I tried playing it as a teenager and had to stop half an hour in because it scared the shit out of me
Harry (host) 8:35:19 AM
did you ever end up picking it back up
TAndy 8:35:44 AM
Nah. I'm pretty sure I sold that copy too lol
TAndy 8:36:02 AM
Harry (host) 8:36:55 AM
I played some of it last summer on an emulator but never found the time to finish
TAndy 8:37:33 AM
I never really have time for games myself either
Harry (host) 8:37:47 AM
me neither
Harry (host) 8:38:14 AM
i picked up the new zelda sort of oblivious to the fact that it's like 200+ hours long and have barely made a dent in it
Parrscream 8:38:44 AM
Good morning!
TAndy 8:39:04 AM
Oh my lord yeah I don't even wanna touch games that long LOL. Good morning Parr
TAndy 8:39:47 AM
The only games that I desperately need to put time aside to play are Omori and Psychonauts 2.
Harry (host) 8:40:04 AM
omori was a lot of fun
Parrscream 8:40:07 AM
I got the new Zelda the day it came out. I'm scared to start it.
TAndy 8:40:23 AM
And obviously whenever Toby Fox drops the next Delrarune games I'm just going to drop everything I'm doing to play them
TAndy 8:40:42 AM
Same for if there's ever another Half-Life game
TAndy 8:42:17 AM
And I still gotta play Pizza Tower too... And Antonblast when it comes out...
Harry (host) 8:42:41 AM
the only games i have the time for anymore are like old adventure games that are like 5 hours long max
TAndy 8:43:18 AM
I can absolutely respect that
Parrscream 8:45:00 AM
Harry - I'm currently playing Donkey Kong Country Returns and Shinobi III on my 3DS... those are quicker play throughs... while I am also playing Jedi: Fallen Order on the PS5 as my "longer" game now. All of them combined will be like one tenth of the time it takes to play through Tears of the Kingdom, ha ha.
Harry (host) 8:45:41 AM
how's fallen order? ive been looking for some really good games to play on ps5
TAndy 8:46:30 AM
The sheer length and multi platform nature of KH is why I avoided the series for so long lol
Harry (host) 8:49:12 AM
People will attempt to trick you into thinking you need to play all the kingdom hearts games in order to understand them but truly the story is incomprehensible even if you know what a Heartless and a Nobody is.... the joy comes from the nonsense
Parrscream 8:51:41 AM
Harry - I am LOVING Fallen Order. it is a blast and the story is outstanding in my opinon. If you are a Star Wars fan you will love it for sure. Gameplay is really good but not perfect. I got a PS5 a few months ago and my buddy (knowing my Star Wars fandom) gave it to me as my first game to play. I squeeze in playing time when I can (4 kids take up a lot of time, ha ha)
TAndy 8:51:59 AM
Wake me up when they put Family Man Peter Griffin in Kingdom hearts
TAndy 8:53:38 AM
Damn four little Decepticons???
TAndy 8:54:30 AM
Just noticed the time. Thank you DJ Hog for the show!
Harry (host) 8:54:45 AM
thanks so much for listening!
Parrscream 9:00:06 AM
Glad I got to tune in! Great stuff! Thanks Harry!