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Deity Talks ♡ଘ(*ˊᵕˋ)

May 31, 2023 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With rosasolis dream

subbing for deity!! feeling all bitcrushed and static-y.. expect shoegaze, folksy ramblings, and some deep house **


faye <3

☾⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆✩˖°.🪐°. ⋆ ・:ଘ(੭🕰️🌃◌ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚


Deity Talks ♡ଘ(*ˊᵕˋ)
11:01 PM
Shéna Ringö - メロウ
Shéna Ringö メロウ
絶頂集 (Ze-chyou syuu) 2000


11:11 PM
Guitar - Sunkissed
Guitar Sunkissed
Sunkissed Morr Music 2002


11:17 PM
Fire-Toolz - Paraclete Bhishajyati
Fire-Toolz Paraclete Bhishajyati N
I am upset because I see something that is not there. 2023


11:20 PM
Swirlies - Pancake
Swirlies Pancake
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Taang! Records 1993


11:26 PM
Medicine - Never Click
Medicine Never Click
The Buried Life Creation 1993


11:32 PM
my bloody valentine - I Only Said
my bloody valentine I Only Said
Loveless Rhino/Warner Records 1991


11:35 PM
静香 (Shizuka) - 6gの星
静香 (Shizuka) 6gの星
伝承美学 ~ Traditional Aesthetics P.S.F. Records 2008


11:48 PM
Andrew Pekler - Prelude To a Summer
Andrew Pekler Prelude To a Summer
Sentimental Favourites Dekorder 2011


11:49 PM
Tim Buckley - Cafe
Tim Buckley Cafe
Blue Afternoon Rhino/Warner Records 1969


11:54 PM
Tim Story - And Evening Falls
Tim Story And Evening Falls
Beguiled Hearts of Space Records 1991


11:57 PM
Stars of the Lid - Austin Texas Mental Hospital, Pt. 2
Stars of the Lid Austin Texas Mental Hospital, Pt. 2
The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid Kranky 2001


12:05 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


12:13 AM
斉藤由貴 - いつか
斉藤由貴 いつか


12:17 AM
유키카 [YUKIKA] - 좋아하고 있어요 (Cherries Jubiles)
유키카 [YUKIKA] 좋아하고 있어요 (Cherries Jubiles)
좋아하고 있어요 (Cherries Jubiles)


12:20 AM
DREAM DOLPHIN - Angelic Conversation
DREAM DOLPHIN Angelic Conversation


12:24 AM
salute - Wait For It
salute Wait For It
Shield 2023


12:31 AM
Karizma - The Power
Karizma The Power
The Power EP R2 Records 2017


12:34 AM
K-S.H.E - Down Home Kami-Sakunobe
K-S.H.E Down Home Kami-Sakunobe
Routes Not Roots


12:41 AM
Round One - I'm Your Brother (Club Version)
Round One I'm Your Brother (Club Version)
1993-99 Main Street


12:47 AM
Luomo - Tessio
Luomo Tessio
Vocal City Huume Recordings 2005


12:57 AM
Michael Galasso - - 汗、雨、淚
Michael Galasso - 汗、雨、淚


Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:03:47 PM
Omfg hiiii
rosasolis (host) 11:04:03 PM
hiii!! happy wednesday / june :)
DSM 11:05:23 PM
rosasolis (host) 11:05:44 PM
somehow still awake!!
DSM 11:07:28 PM
putting off pre sleep chores
TAndy 11:07:46 PM
Windsdee innit
TAndy 11:07:59 PM
Ugh I want this mic break tune
rosasolis (host) 11:11:18 PM enjoy!! and omg dsm i have so many of those chores to do
sara (host) 11:14:45 PM
loving it right now dj rosasolis!!
rosasolis (host) 11:15:12 PM
thanks dj sara <3
sara (host) 11:15:34 PM
listening along with dj hog
rosasolis (host) 11:16:41 PM
send them my best wishes~
TAndy 11:18:52 PM
TAndy 11:19:34 PM
This track is extremely powerful
DSM 11:20:05 PM
rosasolis (host) 11:21:43 PM
love me new, new age
DSM 11:23:32 PM
the newest of age
DSM 11:25:00 PM
Thanks in advance, gonna listen but "chore it up" night y'all
rosasolis (host) 11:25:18 PM
good luck dsm!!
TAndy 11:27:08 PM
Chores 3
DJPUP 11:40:35 PM
Great set tonight! Hey everyone :)
rosasolis (host) 11:41:33 PM
omg hi dj pup!! thanks for tuning in~
TAndy 11:42:19 PM
sup pup
DJPUP 11:46:06 PM
Doing dishes and droning out in fuzz
DJPUP 11:48:35 PM
I loved turning on the radio and hearing exactly what I needed to hear, thanks rosasolis!
rosasolis (host) 11:49:54 PM
ofc!! i was really needing a night out in fuzz ✨✨
rosasolis (host) 11:50:21 PM
hope to catch ur show soon!
TAndy 11:52:22 PM
I'm rly happy to see that Chewsdays are still stacked
TAndy 11:52:46 PM
i mean mondaes too
rosasolis (host) 11:55:00 PM
ooh did you take a gander at the new schedule
TAndy 11:57:40 PM
Yeah I happened to see it being filled in last night. Extremely sad that I'll be missing CJ's show along with some of the others in the same slots as before. But very happy to see DJ Wax, Pethie, and Deirdre back on, along with a bunch of other DJs still going
DJPUP 11:59:06 PM
The new schedule definitely looks good I’m excited
TAndy 12:06:08 AM
Still missing Flat Circle tho, would be sick having Flat Circle -> Deirdre's show since there's some musical overlap
TAndy 12:06:48 AM
Classy Murmur so early in the morning will be hard for me to catch but nonetheless should be a VERY interesting show, his mixes rock
DJPUP 12:08:28 AM
Thanks TAndy, I’ll be subbing for Lizbot on June 8th, and more to come
TAndy 12:11:04 AM
Oh sweet. I may or may not be able to tune in for that one, might be up in the air around then
TAndy 12:12:24 AM
Last minute work travel for one day of training, very exciting.
DJPUP 12:16:38 AM
Ah good luck with that I hope the traveling and training go smoothly
Triquelli 12:17:08 AM
The other gui.tar album is called "Honeysky" (2004) which has a lovely song "Heretogether". (I post this only because the name of the artist is problematic to search for)
DJPUP 12:18:08 AM
I’m still processing that this is already June, 2023s wild
TAndy 12:18:34 AM
holy shit jazz explosion
TAndy 12:19:07 AM
Heya Triquelli. Pup I know right??? It feels just like a couple of months ago it was August 2022 and I told my coworker the summer went by too quick
rosasolis (host) 12:19:29 AM
hi triquelli! you are right, i just saved that album! in bandcamp the artist also goes by Guitar / Michael Lückner
rosasolis (host) 12:20:16 AM
i dont want to think its 2023 already.. 😢
DJPUP 12:24:40 AM
I’m gonna hop out of chat for the night but its been fun hanging out, have a great rest of the show!
TAndy 12:24:58 AM
Have a good night!
rosasolis (host) 12:25:24 AM
rosasolis (host) 12:26:07 AM
btw i apologize for the lag there seemed to be little shortage round these parts..
TAndy 12:28:09 AM
who u callin short
rosasolis (host) 12:28:59 AM
Triquelli 12:35:51 AM
Rosa, I'm still weeping over the departure of PAX!!!/SLOP. With a little encouragement from me and others, I think PAX!!! might like to do a 1 hour show of local Philly bands. What do you think?
TAndy 12:36:33 AM
rosasolis (host) 12:38:25 AM
me too! i kno they have been busy but i think they'll be back soon and would love to do that.. ill def get in touch
TAndy 12:43:52 AM
we luv PAX in the WPRB Chat
TAndy 12:54:13 AM
Thank u for the show, Rosasolis Dream!
Triquelli 12:55:40 AM
Thanks for a smoooth moood late night show!
rosasolis (host) 12:57:21 AM
thank you all for listening <3
TAndy 1:01:03 AM
just noticed the lil amogus in the playlist URL ଘ
rosasolis (host) 1:01:19 AM
omg no its an angel wing
TAndy 1:01:34 AM
Backwards R sussy
TAndy 1:04:56 AM