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Lost in Time & Sludge

May 17, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With DJ Flex Luthor

Come vibe and groove to metal, doom, and fuzz. Open your soul to the void and embrace the sludge inside.


Blinded By The Wicked

HAZEMAZE - Blinded By The Wicked | HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records

Lost in Time & Sludge
3:01 PM
Astroqueen - Brain Phase Voyage
Astroqueen Brain Phase Voyage
Into Submission Pavement Entertainment 2001
3:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:09 PM
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Poison Apple
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats Poison Apple Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Mind Control Rise Above Records 2013
3:13 PM
Intronaut - Milk Leg
Intronaut Milk Leg Intronaut
Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones) Century Media 2013
3:20 PM
Baroness - Jake Leg
Baroness Jake Leg Baroness
Blue Record Relapse Records 2009
3:24 PM
GOJIRA - Ocean Planet
From Mars to Sirius Listenable Records 2009
3:29 PM
TOOL - Reflection
TOOL Reflection TOOL
Lateralus RCA Records Label 2001
3:40 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:44 PM
sunnata - Crows
sunnata Crows sunnata
Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth Sunnata 2020
3:50 PM
Chelsea Wolfe - 16 Psyche
Chelsea Wolfe 16 Psyche Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun Sargent House 2017
3:54 PM
Year Of The Cobra - Demons
Year Of The Cobra Demons Year Of The Cobra
Ash and Dust Prophecy Productions 2019
3:59 PM
Messa - Dark Horse
Messa Dark Horse Messa
Close Svart Records 2021
4:07 PM
Palehorse/Palerider & Lord Buffalo - Lament
Palehorse/Palerider & Lord Buffalo Lament
Legends of the Desert, Vol. 1 Desert Records 2020
4:16 PM
Cult of Luna, Julie Christmas - The Wreck of S.S. Needle
Cult of Luna, Julie Christmas The Wreck of S.S. Needle Cult of Luna, Julie Christmas
Mariner Indie Recordings 2016
4:25 PM
Russian Circles - Harper Lewis (Live)
Russian Circles Harper Lewis (Live) Russian Circles
Live at Dunk! Fest Sargent House 2016
4:33 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:36 PM
Maraudeur - Embarazada
Maraudeur Embarazada Maraudeur N
Puissance 4 Peroquébien 2021
4:38 PM
Purling Hiss - Baby
Purling Hiss Baby Purling Hiss N
Drag on Girard Drag City 2023
4:40 PM
The Necromancers - Salem Girl, Pt. I
The Necromancers Salem Girl, Pt. I The Necromancers
Servants of the Salem Girl The Necromancers 2017
4:47 PM
Dopelord - Dark Coils
Dopelord Dark Coils Dopelord
Reality Dagger - EP Green Plague Records 2021
4:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:55 PM
KEN mode - Management Control
KEN mode Management Control KEN mode
Success Season of Mist 2015
Chat is archived.
Flex Luthor (host) 3:00:44 PM
surprise it's sludge time
Brian D 3:02:05 PM
Mattster of Reality 3:02:12 PM
Hearts alive.
Flex Luthor (host) 3:02:19 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 3:02:49 PM
I'm taking over for captain ahab today
Brian D 3:02:52 PM
The great Earl Scruggs letting us know we must practice the banjer with the fangers
Flex Luthor (host) 3:02:54 PM
I shall lead the cruise
Mattster of Reality 3:03:24 PM
The Big Takeover - bad brains
Jäsön 3:04:20 PM
Yo Flex. Bring it.
Flex Luthor (host) 3:05:04 PM
Hell yeah we ready to roll
Mattster of Reality 3:05:50 PM
Scruggs was a banjo man & Brent Hinds uses a banjo technique for his metal playin
Flex Luthor (host) 3:06:28 PM
you can def hear it in how he plays
Flex Luthor (host) 3:06:46 PM
frantic metal banjo energy
Mattster of Reality 3:07:07 PM
Alabama son
Mattster of Reality 3:07:41 PM
Mattster of Reality 3:08:13 PM
Ahab scratching itchy bison skin rn
Mattster of Reality 3:08:45 PM
Jäsön 3:08:47 PM
Jäsön 3:09:12 PM
The other Jason
Flex Luthor (host) 3:09:30 PM
the glow of the Jason mask shall guide us through the desert
Mattster of Reality 3:12:47 PM
Jon Solomon 3:13:15 PM
Good to hear you today, Flex.
Mattster of Reality 3:13:46 PM
If I knew Photoshop I'd put Jason's face on Dopesmoker pilgrim
Flex Luthor (host) 3:13:58 PM
I'm sure I'll eventually make that edit
Flex Luthor (host) 3:14:04 PM
hiya jon!!
Mattster of Reality 3:14:49 PM
Jon Solomon 3:15:16 PM
Listening loud at The Barge as I set up for tonight...
Flex Luthor (host) 3:15:36 PM
Hell yeah!
Mattster of Reality 3:15:53 PM
Flex make sure ya play something Swedish
Flex Luthor (host) 3:15:55 PM
I'm hoping to stop by the barge next weekend and check it out
Flex Luthor (host) 3:16:02 PM
Mattster of Reality 3:16:06 PM
(as per Ahab)
Jäsön 3:16:18 PM
Captain Ahab is out hiking, checking for reception on her phone right now, trying to get into the chat.
Mattster of Reality 3:16:35 PM
She is obsessed w/ swede stoner rock
Mattster of Reality 3:18:01 PM
Play the IKEA instore shopping music
Flex Luthor (host) 3:18:06 PM
unsure if any swedes will make an appearance on the show
Jon Solomon 3:18:09 PM
Flex, I think we can certainly coordinate a Barge visit. If you wanted to do your show from here next week even you likely could!
Flex Luthor (host) 3:18:12 PM
I do see Poland and Italy on here
Flex Luthor (host) 3:18:23 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 3:18:33 PM
oh wait really?
Jon Solomon 3:18:49 PM
Email ML + I to discuss!
Mattster of Reality 3:18:54 PM
Oh fug yeah, I knew it
Flex Luthor (host) 3:18:55 PM
I'll hit you up off-chat as that is a possibility if my travel plans work out
Jon Solomon 3:20:27 PM
Right on.
Mattster of Reality 3:21:23 PM
Milk Leg, Jake Leg, next up Melvins' HOG LEG
Mattster of Reality 3:21:57 PM
Followed by ween's "got a burn on my leg"
Flex Luthor (host) 3:22:10 PM
I couldn't resist
Flex Luthor (host) 3:23:03 PM
maybe I should just do an all body-parts show after my teeth one (keep an eye out 6/29 for metal teeth day)
Mattster of Reality 3:24:02 PM
Extreme metal is so body horror obsessed
Mattster of Reality 3:25:53 PM
(trans. from the japanese)
Mattster of Reality 3:26:28 PM
I was just watching Godzilla vs Destoroyah
Flex Luthor (host) 3:26:44 PM
I'venever seen the older godzillas unfortunately
Flex Luthor (host) 3:26:54 PM
just the recent american ones and shin godzilla
Mattster of Reality 3:27:32 PM
Flex get on it brother, they are wonderfully awful & revealing about japanese psyche
Mattster of Reality 3:28:48 PM
I wanna see King Ghidorah fight King Buzzo
Mattster of Reality 3:29:32 PM
Some free ones on Amazon Freevee
Flex Luthor (host) 3:30:44 PM
I am familiar with MF DOOM's King Geedorah though
Flex Luthor (host) 3:30:51 PM
gotta count for something
Mattster of Reality 3:43:29 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 3:44:26 PM
feel the riffs runt hrough you
Mattster of Reality 3:44:50 PM
and after that, Kiss' "heaven's on fire"
Mattster of Reality 3:47:38 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 3:48:19 PM
ah yes jason takes manhattan
Flex Luthor (host) 3:48:29 PM
even though he spends 75% of the movie on a boat
Jon Solomon 3:49:05 PM
Do you know what Jason from Friday The 13th was almost named originally?
Mattster of Reality 3:49:19 PM
Manhattan is an island, which that unfortunate idiot on social media didnt know & was hilariously shamed for
Flex Luthor (host) 3:49:53 PM
wait what was his name??
Jon Solomon 3:50:01 PM
Jon Solomon 3:50:12 PM
Which is less scary by roughly 3000000x.
Flex Luthor (host) 3:50:26 PM
wow yeah
Flex Luthor (host) 3:50:33 PM
it's cause Josh is just joshing with you
Mattster of Reality 3:50:43 PM
Joshie-Poo Voorhees
Flex Luthor (host) 3:50:44 PM
Jason doesn't josh
Jon Solomon 3:50:56 PM
Jason Takes Manhattan could have been called Josh Takes Boat.
Flex Luthor (host) 3:51:20 PM
haha the most terrifying installment of the friday the 13th franchise
Mattster of Reality 3:51:32 PM
Josh Chums the East River
Flex Luthor (host) 3:51:33 PM
Josh X
Flex Luthor (host) 3:51:53 PM
Part IX Josh Goes to Heck
Mattster of Reality 3:51:56 PM
Josh-on Voorhees
Mattster of Reality 3:52:10 PM
Mattster of Reality 3:52:42 PM
Friday the 13th: Lamb Rogan Josh
Flex Luthor (host) 3:54:05 PM
something about Josh being monosyllabic also makes it less scary
Mattster of Reality 3:55:17 PM
I finally watched H2 by Robert Zombie and against pop bandwagon opinion found it good overall. Liked it bettern the original.
Mattster of Reality 3:56:21 PM
Bad Brains song in it, great dark humor, cute final girls, Zappa & Black Flag references, good kills, intense.
Flex Luthor (host) 3:56:25 PM
like better than the original zombie one or the original original
Flex Luthor (host) 3:56:41 PM
I just hate the whole psychological/possession aspect they take with laurie
Flex Luthor (host) 3:57:04 PM
I do think I need to rewatch the Rob Zombie ones though it's been a long time
Mattster of Reality 3:57:16 PM
I've never liked the very og Halloween 2. Too linear & limp. I love H3 Season of the Witch tho.
Mattster of Reality 3:58:01 PM
Yeah the possession stuff blows
Flex Luthor (host) 3:58:07 PM
oh I love the og halloween 2! My only fault with it is that they do Laurie dirty and sideline her/incapicitate her
Mattster of Reality 3:58:22 PM
Speaking of which, House on Willow Street 👎
Jon Solomon 3:58:29 PM
I'm a big fan of movies that basically start where the prior movie ended.
Flex Luthor (host) 3:58:30 PM
but it has some of the greatest kills of the series and the whole long take in the beginning of him going through the backyards from house to house is awesome
Flex Luthor (host) 3:58:47 PM
Yes! Perfect double features
Mattster of Reality 3:59:45 PM
Then again I have problems w/ Halloween 1978 around camera logic & casting. It scared me as a lad but now seems problematic.
Flex Luthor (host) 4:00:07 PM
it does create a little bit of insanity since it means that myers truly just shrugged off 6 gunshots from loomis earlier in the night but it's fine
Flex Luthor (host) 4:00:25 PM
but the shot of michael on fire at the end is forever etched in my movie memory
Mattster of Reality 4:00:52 PM
I'd rather sit thru a long movie than chop it in 2. But then again I watched a bonkers 6 hour long Russian film recently.
Flex Luthor (host) 4:02:01 PM
the brevity of 80s slashers was always a huge draw for me
Flex Luthor (host) 4:02:09 PM
consistently 90 minutes
Flex Luthor (host) 4:02:21 PM
I can do long movies but I am annoyed at how every movie is 3 hours now
Mattster of Reality 4:02:30 PM
Btw, the possessed girl from Halloween 4 & 5 is in Zombie's remakes. She's 🔥
Flex Luthor (host) 4:02:44 PM
yeah danielle harris!
Flex Luthor (host) 4:02:57 PM
she's annie in the remake right?
Mattster of Reality 4:03:10 PM
Dani Harris is great. Sassy AF.
Francis 4:03:11 PM
I was always surprised that Friday the 13th took pace and was filmed in Jersey
Mattster of Reality 4:03:21 PM
Yep, Annie
Flex Luthor (host) 4:03:38 PM
didn't realize it was also filmed in jersey! does the camp still exist?
Mattster of Reality 4:04:00 PM
And I like Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie and her severe ptsd in H2 Zombie-- realistic
Mattster of Reality 4:04:22 PM
Camp still there!
Chris Mc🥸 4:04:55 PM
Mattster of Reality 4:04:59 PM
Know what else was filmed here? The ultra grindhouse Mother's Day (1980). Shower after viewing.
Francis 4:05:24 PM
Camp No-Be-Bo=Sco boyscout camp - still running
Flex Luthor (host) 4:05:34 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 4:05:47 PM
oh whoa! that would be a cool visit
Flex Luthor (host) 4:06:07 PM
I love this slowed down bit
Francis 4:06:18 PM
in Hardwick NJ, also filmed in Hope, and Blairstown, NJ
Flex Luthor (host) 4:06:25 PM
where's tandy with his "when they bring the riff back but slower" memes
Mattster of Reality 4:06:48 PM
Mattster of Reality 4:07:03 PM
I gotcha Flex, hold on a sec
Mattster of Reality 4:07:32 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 4:07:48 PM
thank you appreciate
Mattster of Reality 4:07:59 PM
I'm subbin fer TAndy today
Jäsön 4:08:01 PM
Mattster of Reality 4:08:47 PM
Lord Buffalo! attn: Ahab
Mattster of Reality 4:11:01 PM
Idea: Rob Zombie redeems himself by making Werewolf Women of the SS (Grindhouse faux trailer) into full movie after that godawful Munsters
Jon Solomon 4:11:17 PM
Kids think every campground by a lake in Blairstown is THE campground but only one really is.
Mattster of Reality 4:11:34 PM
Good point Jon
Jon Solomon 4:12:18 PM
We would go camping up there every year and people would swear it was the Friday the 13th site but it actually was like 2-3 miles up the road.
Jon Solomon 4:12:35 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 4:13:08 PM
It's wildly disappointing I wasn't aware of this before
Mattster of Reality 4:13:20 PM
I think more films could be made in NJ Pine Barrens like Yallywood GA if our taxes werent so outta control
Flex Luthor (host) 4:13:53 PM
that must be so much fun
Mattster of Reality 4:14:32 PM
Georgia has pines? We got pines.
Jon Solomon 4:15:32 PM
Sad that the early 2000s plan to turn a decent portion of Trenton warehouses into a bunch of film studios never panned out...
Mattster of Reality 4:16:12 PM
Indeed, thatd be rad
Mattster of Reality 4:16:34 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 4:17:06 PM
I feel like that would make for an interesting alternate timeline
Mattster of Reality 4:17:38 PM
Instead of "Made in Georgia 🍑" we could have "Made in Jersey" with a porkroll icon
Jon Solomon 4:18:11 PM
There was for ages a water tower in Trenton with the logo of a studio that never got beyond the "put logo on water tower" stage.
Francis 4:18:20 PM
Ahem...Taylor Ham
Flex Luthor (host) 4:18:28 PM
also cult of luna is the swedish representation for the show
Mattster of Reality 4:18:47 PM
Todd Solondz cant carry this state alone.
Jon Solomon 4:19:14 PM
Mattster of Reality 4:20:06 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 4:20:13 PM
"We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship among Manex Entertainment, the City of Trenton and the MCIA." rough
Mattster of Reality 4:20:39 PM
Buffalo? Sweden? Chick metal? It's like Ahab is really here!
Mattster of Reality 4:21:43 PM
But the pig squeals give Flex away
Jon Solomon 4:21:47 PM
"But it turned out that Manex had nearly gone bankrupt, and the debt-plagued company never did any work other than paint its name on the site’s water tower. It fell behind on payments to the county and in 2006 a judge ruled that it had lost the right to develop the property. Manex lost an appeal in 2008."
Flex Luthor (host) 4:22:28 PM
rip pour one out
Mattster of Reality 4:22:38 PM
Manex obviously pissed off the mafia.
Jon Solomon 4:22:48 PM
The tower was still up last I checked...
Flex Luthor (host) 4:22:48 PM
has the area been turned into anything?
Jon Solomon 4:23:16 PM
Mattster of Reality 4:25:46 PM
the cutely unhinged Julie Christmas
Flex Luthor (host) 4:25:57 PM
the watertower is a gravestone then
Mattster of Reality 4:27:12 PM
Russian Circles 👍 Brent Hinds loves em 🇷🇺
Mattster of Reality 4:29:08 PM
Youngblood is a dope song
Flex Luthor (host) 4:29:31 PM
youngblood is a favorite
Flex Luthor (host) 4:29:35 PM
station is a great album
Mattster of Reality 4:31:18 PM
Instrumental bands are great palette cleansers
Flex Luthor (host) 4:36:32 PM
we gotta get twangy
Mattster of Reality 4:36:59 PM
Flex's tangents rule
Mattster of Reality 4:37:18 PM
Especially his Skynyrd moments
Flex Luthor (host) 4:38:25 PM
gotta throw some out of left field things every now and then
Mattster of Reality 4:39:28 PM
I got teary when you busted Simple Man. No joke.
Jon Solomon 4:39:46 PM
Purling Hiss are playing Flemington DIY this weekend...
Jon Solomon 4:39:48 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 4:40:29 PM
I mean I did too but that's for the personal reasons behind it haha
Flex Luthor (host) 4:40:38 PM
that's sick!
Mattster of Reality 4:40:44 PM
Flem DIY! ✊ Nice one Solly
Mattster of Reality 4:43:14 PM
Flex, Mahoning Drive In in PA is playing Cannibal Ferox in July. I tremble.
Flex Luthor (host) 4:43:31 PM
drive ins are so much fun
Mattster of Reality 4:44:35 PM
I prefer Cannibal Ferox to Can. Holocaust. They somehow outcannibalized Holocaust.
Mattster of Reality 4:45:15 PM
And the Latin in the title is a nice touch for such a greazy film.
Flex Luthor (host) 4:45:53 PM
haven't seen either actually
Mattster of Reality 4:46:35 PM
That's why yer mental health is good.
Rob F 4:51:02 PM
Hi Flex, just catching the end of the show. Good stuff
Rob F 4:51:09 PM
Was hoping to hear the whole thing, but got caught in unexpected meetings.
Mattster of Reality 4:51:28 PM
Flex, in my horror queue: Cube remake; Kill Her Goats; Winnie the Pooh Blood Honey
Jon Solomon 4:53:24 PM
They re-made Cube?!
Mattster of Reality 4:53:29 PM
Jon Solomon 4:53:46 PM
Somehow I totally missed this.
Mattster of Reality 4:53:48 PM
Indeed, Jon. Japanese. Looks note for note.
Mattster of Reality 4:54:09 PM
But I have seen all Cubes so haveta see it.
Mattster of Reality 4:55:00 PM
I'd rather see Cube Cubed than a remake tbh.
Jäsön 4:55:22 PM
Great show, Flex.
Flex Luthor (host) 4:55:47 PM
I didn't know there was a cube remake either whoa
Mattster of Reality 4:56:23 PM
Thanks for fillin in Flex. Ahab gonna come back lookin like that bison-clad 1/6 nutty dude.
Flex Luthor (host) 4:56:39 PM
thanks for tuning in yall!
Flex Luthor (host) 4:56:44 PM
catch ya tomorrow :)
Mattster of Reality 4:58:53 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 4:59:50 PM
part 6 RULES
Flex Luthor (host) 4:59:55 PM
even has the best title card
Mattster of Reality 5:00:10 PM