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the weather report

May 13, 2023 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With sara

silly, funny, sparkles, fun

we are here together as one

receive the weather forecast here

some music also for your ears!


HELP!! DJ CJ got lost trying to follow that train and now we can't find him :(((((( now I am here so I guess I will do the show...can someone find him though...

Train PNG transparent image download, size: 1000x586px

the weather report
11:04 PM
The Olivia Tremor Control - The Opera House
The Olivia Tremor Control The Opera House The Olivia Tremor Control
Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle Cloud Recordings 2004
11:09 PM
The Olivia Tremor Control - Frosted Ambassador
The Olivia Tremor Control Frosted Ambassador The Olivia Tremor Control
Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle Cloud Recordings 2004
11:09 PM
No-Neck Blues Band - After Marja's Cats
No-Neck Blues Band After Marja's Cats No-Neck Blues Band
Embryonnck CD De Stijl Records 2006
11:14 PM
Marianne Nowottny - Grey City
Marianne Nowottny Grey City Marianne Nowottny
Afraid of Me Abaton Book Company 1999
11:21 PM
Church of the Ghetto PC
11:25 PM
Oh Astro - Resist
Oh Astro Resist Oh Astro
Hello World - EP Illegal Art 2006
11:28 PM
futoshi moriyama - yutai-ridatsu
futoshi moriyama yutai-ridatsu
Yutai-Ridatsu Em Records 2022
11:53 PM
My Dad Is Dead - Nothing Special
My Dad Is Dead Nothing Special My Dad Is Dead
Shine(r) Scat 1996
11:53 PM
Hotline TNT - Stampede
Hotline TNT Stampede Hotline TNT
Nineteen In Love Poison Rhythm 2022
11:56 PM
No Sun - Heading for the Door
No Sun Heading for the Door No Sun
Heading for the Door - Single Flesh & Bone Records 2020
12:02 AM
Nocturnal Emissions - Drowning In a Sea of Bliss
Nocturnal Emissions Drowning In a Sea of Bliss Nocturnal Emissions
Drowning In a Sea of Bliss Soleilmoon Recordings 1995
12:25 AM
Hermann Nitsch - Untitled I
Hermann Nitsch Untitled I
Orgien Mysterien Theater 25. Aktion cien fuegos 2016
12:29 AM
Tara Clerkin Trio - In Spring
Tara Clerkin Trio In Spring Tara Clerkin Trio
In Spring - EP World of Echo 2021
12:34 AM
aden - In Atari
aden In Atari aden
The Semifinals - EP NX Records 2019
12:38 AM
Fievel Is Glauque - Bring Me to Silence
Fievel Is Glauque Bring Me to Silence Fievel Is Glauque
God's Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess MATH 2021
12:40 AM
Maya Keren - sara AC
Maya Keren sara AC
Blebba Grows 2023
12:44 AM
Dear Laika - Phlebotomy
Dear Laika Phlebotomy Dear Laika
Pluperfect Mind NNA Tapes
12:49 AM
Sophie - Is It Cold in the Water?
Sophie Is It Cold in the Water? SOPHIE
Oil of Every Pearl's Un - Insides MSMSMSM / Future Classic 2018
12:54 AM
Dreamcrusher - Octavia Butler
Dreamcrusher Octavia Butler Dreamcrusher
Grudge2 - EP CORPUS 2018
12:56 AM
dreamcorp. - Sleep
dreamcorp. Sleep dreamcorp.
Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:03:56 PM
damn cj got lost in the sauce
sara (host) 11:04:04 PM
Brian D 11:12:12 PM
L8 noyt crue
TAndy 11:12:44 PM
sa'uh'day innit
Guelo<3 11:13:07 PM
Brian D 11:13:18 PM
Fer a tree quart hour yep
stevie p 11:13:19 PM
the weather report... on sa-ur-dee nite!
stevie p 11:13:33 PM
it took me forever to find this chat
Brian D 11:14:10 PM
Just got back home from a concert durn near the backyard (15 min drive). Outdoors, stars, planets, rockabilly, punk rock stars ... good times.
sara (host) 11:17:17 PM
wowww sounds so nice
Brian D 11:17:20 PM
Muddled berries, honey, lime and orange and cracked ice.. some bad kids put t-quila in there too. Ready to ride this soundscape out and unwind. ahhh.... nice thing you have going Sara Whether-e-Port
Brian D 11:19:37 PM
Ya it was such a good time. At this lovely building/courtyard known as the Moravian Tileworks. As a friend said tonight, looks like you could film the final shootout scene of a spaghetti western in the courtyard there. But just fire cheez whiz cannons or something...
TAndy 11:20:29 PM
wish i coulda gone to a farm concert with jungle kjuice tonight
Ossy 11:20:56 PM
Saturday Nights got Psychic
Ossy 11:21:19 PM
Hope also CJ is okay
TAndy 11:21:39 PM
let's gooooooooooooooooo
Brian D 11:22:21 PM
Ohh the hard likker is home only ha. I did tote a few beers there. They had pizza, beers, salads, dips etc to snack on at the show. My friends hooked us all up... they had cheeses, snausages, crackers, jams jellies etc it was a hoot. So many friends had not seen in a while. A regular "school reunion" of sorts....
Ossy 11:22:48 PM
Pokemon sounds
TAndy 11:22:54 PM
I just had a psychic connection with CJ. He's currently on the wrong train to albakerkie. I'm too lazy to spell it properly
TAndy 11:23:33 PM
Sounds more fun than my reunion in 2021
Brian D 11:23:57 PM
CJ got on an Illinois Southern Central Freight and then hopped a Southern Pacific then jumped on a B&O ... somewhere between Tucumcari and Cucamonga now.
Ossy 11:24:45 PM
Lost on the Midnight Train to Georgia with Gladys Knight and The Pips
Brian D 11:25:32 PM
He's entertaining the crusted ol rail barnacles with some mouth harp ditties. As they drift off under the Southwestern Moon Dew
Guelo<3 11:25:59 PM
CJ got off at the sixth station... went into the bathhouse and got his name stolen
Guelo<3 11:26:25 PM
that tilehouse looks real nifty
Ossy 11:27:11 PM
Better call Thomas the Train or Goldenrod City to take the magnet train
Brian D 11:27:23 PM
He had to buy a vowel or two just to get half of his name back. He got as far as the C... not enough left in his corner for the J....
TAndy 11:28:08 PM
Poor CJ in two weeks looking back at this chat, seeing him get grilled 😭
Colin 11:29:17 PM
this is not the train i was expecting, but heck it, i follow!
Brian D 11:29:18 PM
Grilled or slightly seared with a side of au jus from the pan reduction.
Brian D 11:29:50 PM
Colin! Just saw Steve Garvey of the Buzzcocks and his new little trio tonight. Rockin good time.
Ossy 11:30:51 PM
Steve Harvey's teeth must've illuminated tonight
Colin 11:31:15 PM
nice! what is the trio celled, i'm curious
Brian D 11:32:10 PM
Reeder Station. Steve said they are playing a punk rock flea mkt in Ocean Grove or Asbury Park next weekend.
Colin 11:32:42 PM
also, in review of the chat, my big take away is albakerkie
Colin 11:33:00 PM
brian, i'll be👀
TAndy 11:33:06 PM
Jessica Albakerkie
Colin 11:33:38 PM
I saw her in spidermon!
stevie p 11:34:15 PM
this is one of those prb chats... that you step away for a few minutes... and you're lost
TAndy 11:34:30 PM
TAndy 11:35:26 PM
Stevie upon re-entering the chat:
sara (host) 11:35:31 PM
honestly im lost
stevie p 11:35:41 PM
i'm just stoked to be hearing weather report on a saturday night
TAndy 11:35:44 PM
make that sara too
TAndy 11:36:02 PM
If you're lost, do NOT get on the train. You WILL end up in Albakerky
Colin 11:36:03 PM
tan, lol
stevie p 11:36:08 PM
Brian D 11:40:59 PM
Spain had an extra "r" in there. Alburquerque. Then Nuevo Mexico took it out... just too long with that extra r. Albuquerque. Much shorter. Fits on the sign
TAndy 11:44:39 PM
Whatever this is, it's very nice.
TAndy 11:45:08 PM
Jokes aside, Albuquerque is a beautiful city. I'd love to visit
Ossy 11:45:14 PM
Feels like something from Hanna Barbara
TAndy 11:45:37 PM
It really does. I'm expecting to be plopped in an art deco themed bar with fake wood trim all over the walls
Brian D 11:45:40 PM
Swim up to the tiki bar and order coconut laced drinks to that lasti number ya... I see playlist not updated in a while now
TAndy 11:46:00 PM
stevie p 11:46:26 PM
trains am hard
Ossy 11:46:31 PM
The Jetsons
Brian D 11:46:50 PM
I looked up the WW house on gmaps before. And other BB, Saul locations in ALB. Does look like a terracotta roofed paradise of sorts. Love to visit.
Brian D 11:48:03 PM
Mr Mancini just rocks it. So so so many great pieces. Great touch
Colin 11:48:50 PM
i feel classy
stevie p 11:49:02 PM
Os, not feelin it... hehe
Guelo<3 11:55:50 PM
aight yall. sleep time. Enjoy <3
TAndy 11:55:55 PM
Gn G
sara (host) 11:56:24 PM
sweet dreams frrr
stevie p 11:57:36 PM
nighty night, Guelo
TAndy 11:59:59 PM
loving this sm
TAndy 12:01:58 AM
Colin 12:04:11 AM
proper wprb right here.
Brian D 12:06:29 AM
Ya lullabies and such like
Colin 12:08:41 AM
if my speakers had the ability to give me the side eye right now, they would.
stevie p 12:09:13 AM
Bri, what could be a sweeter lullaby than this track?
DSM 12:11:37 AM
Ah perfect music to drift off to sleep to
Ossy 12:14:46 AM
Stevie P for earlier, that felt lot like Jetsons and late gn Guelo!
stevie p 12:31:03 AM
this show... i'm doing stuff around the house with my airpods in. like, wow. soo good
stevie p 12:31:52 AM
sara, your show... wowsville.
TAndy 12:31:59 AM
Good God this is so good
stevie p 12:32:15 AM
great googly moogly
stevie p 12:37:58 AM
sara, is this your normal sort of playlist?
stevie p 12:38:13 AM
i've only heard your show once or twice before
sara (host) 12:40:41 AM
not really to be honest but we're having fun skipping around today
stevie p 12:43:24 AM
skipping is good
stevie p 12:43:45 AM
i'm rarely disappointed with what's on PRB
stevie p 12:46:01 AM
am i losing it, or have some of your shows included an actual weather report?
sara (host) 12:49:24 AM
they often do
stevie p 12:52:16 AM
one more thing... are you a meteorlogist, or am i imagining that?
sara (host) 12:52:42 AM
haha i consider myself a professional amateur meteorologist!
TAndy 12:54:49 AM
Thanks, Sara! Excellent show as always.
stevie p 12:55:31 AM
in my family, i'm the professional amateur meteorologist
Colin 12:56:34 AM
top notch wprb! we are lucky.
sara (host) 12:57:06 AM
aw thanks guys hope you have a good night all
stevie p 12:57:15 AM
i hear that train a-comin'
stevie p 12:57:31 AM
it's comin' 'round the bend
TAndy 12:57:50 AM
Rerun of DJ Pup up next!
stevie p 12:57:58 AM
thanks for a great show, sara!
stevie p 12:58:49 AM
TAndy, if you're Puppin', I'm Puppin'
Ossy 12:59:40 AM
stevie p 12:59:51 AM
i guess if it's a rerun, no chat
stevie p 1:00:08 AM
TAndy 1:00:23 AM
No chat but it was a damn fine show
stevie p 1:00:47 AM
it is a damb fine show
stevie p 1:01:04 AM
i'm immersing myself into it now
stevie p 1:01:10 AM
stevie p 1:02:25 AM
as sinatra said... love is lovlier, the second time around
TAndy 1:03:44 AM