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Lost in Time & Sludge

May 11, 2023 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With DJ Flex Luthor

Come vibe and groove to metal, doom, and fuzz. Open your soul to the void and embrace the sludge inside.


In Times New Roman...


Lost in Time & Sludge
11:00 PM
Haken - Clear/The Good Doctor
Haken Clear/The Good Doctor Haken
Vector InsideOutMusic 2018
11:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:08 PM
Witchcraft - An Alternative to Freedom
Witchcraft An Alternative to Freedom Witchcraft
Legend Nuclear Blast 2012
11:13 PM
Witch - Rip Van Winkle
Witch Rip Van Winkle Witch
Witch Outer Battery Records 2006
11:18 PM
Queens of the Stone Age - Emotion Sickness
Queens of the Stone Age Emotion Sickness N
In Times New Roman... Matador 2023
Releases 6/16
11:22 PM
Kyuss - Demon Cleaner
Kyuss Demon Cleaner Kyuss
Welcome to Sky Valley Rhino/Elektra 1994
11:27 PM
Clutch - Burning Beard
Clutch Burning Beard Clutch
Robot Hive/Exodus Shock Records 2005
11:31 PM
Mastodon - I Am Ahab
Mastodon I Am Ahab Mastodon
Leviathan Relapse Records 2004
11:34 PM
The Sword - Winter's Wolves
The Sword Winter's Wolves The Sword
Age of Winters Kemado 2006
11:39 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:42 PM
Acid King - Electric Machine
Acid King Electric Machine Acid King
Busse Woods Acid King 1999
11:49 PM
Mars Red Sky - Strong Reflection
Mars Red Sky Strong Reflection Mars Red Sky
Mars Red Sky Vicious Circle 2013
11:55 PM
Dozer - Big Sky Theory
Dozer Big Sky Theory Dozer
Through the Eyes of Heathens Dozer 2006
12:03 AM
Powerglove - Power, Wisdom, Courage
Powerglove Power, Wisdom, Courage Powerglove
Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man Powerglove Recordings 2019
12:11 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:12 AM
Windhand - First to Die
Windhand First to Die Windhand
Eternal Return Relapse Records 2018
12:19 AM
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean - I Will Possess Your Heart
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean I Will Possess Your Heart Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I Will Tell You Who You Are Howling Frequency 2019
12:25 AM
Cough - Let It Bleed
Cough Let It Bleed Cough
Still They Pray Relapse Records 2016
12:35 AM
King Woman - Morning Star
King Woman Morning Star King Woman
Celestial Blues Relapse Records 2021
12:38 AM
Maraudeur - Embarazada
Maraudeur Embarazada Maraudeur N
Puissance 4 Peroquébien 2021
12:40 AM
Purling Hiss - Baby
Purling Hiss Baby Purling Hiss N
Drag on Girard Drag City 2023
12:43 AM
Black Tusk - Bring Me Darkness
Black Tusk Bring Me Darkness Black Tusk
Set the Dial Relapse Records 2011
12:46 AM
Oryx - Contempt
Oryx Contempt Oryx
Lamenting a Dead World Translation Loss Records 2021
12:53 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:53 AM
Orchid - Eyes Behind the Wall
Orchid Eyes Behind the Wall Orchid
Capricorn The Church Within 2011
Chat is archived.
Flex Luthor (host) 11:00:50 PM
Chris Mc🥸 11:04:05 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:04:31 PM
hiya chris!
Chris Mc🥸 11:05:02 PM
Hi 👋🏻
TAndy 11:06:37 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:08:44 PM
hiya tandy
Flex Luthor (host) 11:08:51 PM
how's it going yall??
TAndy 11:10:34 PM
tryna fix something at work before it becomes an emergency so the music will fit super well tn
Flex Luthor (host) 11:11:20 PM
hell yeah
Flex Luthor (host) 11:11:32 PM
the music will get heavier as the show goes so that may match your frantic fixing
Flex Luthor (host) 11:15:44 PM
this song was stuck in my head all of last week
Flex Luthor (host) 11:15:56 PM
rip van winkle shreds
Flex Luthor (host) 11:18:15 PM
here's a new treat
TAndy 11:21:31 PM
Crisis averted, all is good.
TAndy 11:21:37 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:22:43 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:23:26 PM
I like the general qotsa dancey vibe but I wish they would steer a lil away from their Villains sound
Flex Luthor (host) 11:23:53 PM
the new track sounds like a mix of Villains and Era Vulgaris and if the album is more like the latter then I'll be pretty stoked
Flex Luthor (host) 11:24:03 PM
also here's some kyuss to wash down that qotsa
Flex Luthor (host) 11:24:14 PM
fun fact: demon cleaner was written about brushing teeth lol
TAndy 11:24:59 PM
u just cant escape the teeth
Ossy 11:25:58 PM
I know you can't escape Steve Harvey's teeth
TAndy 11:26:34 PM
lmfaooo dude years ago I asked an artist I was watching a stream for to doodle steve harvey, and they doodled an eggheaded Steve with his teeth very prominent LOL
Flex Luthor (host) 11:26:43 PM
teeth day is coming up soon
TAndy 11:27:13 PM
I'll let u in on a little scoop, Flex. Songs For the Deaf is an absolute banger album, but Era Vulgaris is their best album IN MY OPINION. Also one of the most criminally underlooked albums by a popular band in the rock realm IMHO.
Flex Luthor (host) 11:27:13 PM
6/30 mark your calendars
TAndy 11:27:16 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:27:29 PM
6/29 since I'll be on thursday
Flex Luthor (host) 11:27:59 PM
I really like Era Vulgaris because it leans into the grimey barvibes that songs for the deaf sometimes delves into
Flex Luthor (host) 11:28:06 PM
it is also pretty danceable
TAndy 11:28:12 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:28:36 PM
songs for the deaf is too special to me though it's still my favorite
Ossy 11:28:51 PM
Tan - LOL, sounds like he drew Mr Potato Head Steve teeth!
TAndy 11:29:13 PM
I still hold a special place for that album too, Millionaire is a god damned hype injection
Flex Luthor (host) 11:29:34 PM
love that simpsons pic lol
TAndy 11:29:38 PM
@Ossy look at that old photo of Teddy Roosevelt smiling, I feel like Steve Harvey is like his future doppelganger
Flex Luthor (host) 11:30:05 PM
song for the dead fucking floors every time
TAndy 11:30:47 PM
idk how I could forget that one too
TAndy 11:30:55 PM
need to listen to that album again
Flex Luthor (host) 11:32:00 PM
it's concept of driving through the desert and catching different radio stations is also perfect vibes
TAndy 11:34:04 PM
I remember verrrrrrry passively listening to the station back in 2020, and Captain Ahab's show was one of the first shows I'd listen to on occasion since she would come on when my shift woukd start at my old job. Back when she had a 1-3 slot, and her playlist page photo had the station wagon cruising in the desert
TAndy 11:34:16 PM
Mike Hunter's show for similar reasons on the drive home.
Flex Luthor (host) 11:35:13 PM
I have a small dream of speeding through the desert while blasting that album
Flex Luthor (host) 11:35:37 PM
my dream is to actually desert cruise lol
TAndy 11:36:03 PM
Having actually driven through a bit of desert earlier this and last year, it's pretty spooky at night. Though probably becaise I was descending elevation, and the road was winding.
Ossy 11:36:20 PM
Enjoy the outer space vibes every Friday night and rave Wednesday TB nights. Cool guy seeing him in person
TAndy 11:37:07 PM
I met TB last year too, we crossed the street at the same time without realizing who we were LOL she's cool as hell
TAndy 11:37:21 PM
for that record store day jawn. i was busy that day this year
Flex Luthor (host) 11:37:56 PM
hell yeah! I wish I could do more rsd stuff this year
Flex Luthor (host) 11:38:00 PM
but I completely missed it
Flex Luthor (host) 11:38:05 PM
got a good haul?
TAndy 11:38:18 PM
Next year I'll make plans to take the day off. I didn't get anything this year, been ordering records on occasion tho
TAndy 11:38:35 PM
Got an Ikea record storage shelf still in a box from February, I've been slacking too much to put it together
Ossy 11:39:05 PM
Yeah, cool Sara, Esoterica, Grady, Dana and especially Jon last month. Princeton itself was nice especially the shopping center
TAndy 11:39:38 PM
Was gonna buy a bunch of hardstyle and early hardcore records from a seller on discogs, but idk if i could justify spending over $200 on a dozen records that customs will probably damage again
Ossy 11:39:50 PM
Got a great haul of fun and almost mistook a guy with Dana, for you Flex, LMAOOOO
TAndy 11:40:27 PM
I mistook Selecta Jerry for Mike when I met him last year, I didn't know how anyone would look LOL
TAndy 11:40:57 PM
Met Mike Hunter twice, but both times at his concert series. I was tired as hell both times and had to get out so I could drive home before I got TOO leepy.
Ossy 11:43:46 PM
LOL and I heard Selecta and Rosasolis was there, last year, which I wasn't present there, due to not knowing the way to Princeton at the time. Heard Rosasolis was going to come again this year, but had car issues sadly
Flex Luthor (host) 11:44:04 PM
I miss PREX record store day 3
TAndy 11:44:08 PM
queue the obligatory scooby doo metal text:
Ossy 11:44:11 PM
Cool to meet Mike in Space, twice
Ossy 11:44:37 PM
Will come again next year, if God willing!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:44:51 PM
it may difficult for you to randomly run into me haha but if you do manage to do so please say hi!
Ossy 11:45:19 PM
Terror Time again on Zombie Island
Flex Luthor (host) 11:45:37 PM
tbh I do kinda feel that way about ghost...
Flex Luthor (host) 11:45:52 PM
the like for people who don't like metal thing
Ossy 11:46:00 PM
Flex - If I come to Princeton next year, I'll be on the lookout for you
Flex Luthor (host) 11:46:34 PM
tbh I would make the trip for prex so there's a chance haha see you there ossy
Ossy 11:47:26 PM
Ossy 11:48:08 PM
Speaking of ghosts, I don't think there's metal in Scooby-Doo Witches Ghost, but Hex Girls will do
Flex Luthor (host) 11:48:52 PM
oh wow I forgot about that band!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:50:02 PM
have any of yall seen the scooby doo blair witch project thing?
Ossy 11:50:23 PM
Classic girl band, and they made recurring appearances in What's New Scooby-Doo and Mystery Incorporated
Ossy 11:50:34 PM
No, I haven't
Flex Luthor (host) 11:52:08 PM
so adult swim made a series of scooby doo shorts in 1999 parodying the blair witch project
Flex Luthor (host) 11:52:23 PM
it's actually really well done and has some actually creepy moments in it
Flex Luthor (host) 11:52:34 PM
you can find it all on youtube and would recommend checking it out later it's pretty great
Flex Luthor (host) 11:52:45 PM
it's called the scooby doo project
TAndy 11:53:09 PM
the scooby project is fkn hilarious
Ossy 11:54:04 PM
I'll check that out. Speaking of that, recall that one crossover with Scooby-Doo and Johnny Bravo?
Flex Luthor (host) 11:55:51 PM
only that it happened but no specifics
Ossy 11:57:23 PM
Ended on a trash note with the Mystery Gang leaving Johnny stuck on a tree, because his grandaunt hates him
TAndy 11:57:35 PM
Ossy 11:58:13 PM
Velma got the love for Johnny, before moving to Shaggy
TAndy 12:01:14 AM
This song is so good btw
Flex Luthor (host) 12:03:05 AM
by dozer but we not dozing
Ossy 12:03:24 AM
Intensive with one hard mission in Shadow tye Hedgehog (2005 game) with 123 Omega
Ossy 12:05:01 AM
I wonder if Epona's Song has a remix, lmao
Flex Luthor (host) 12:05:56 AM
it definitely does
TAndy 12:06:07 AM
Love hearing those wails
Ossy 12:07:08 AM
Temple of Time(Twilight Princess) was scary with the lizard monsters and the one Darknut mini boss
TAndy 12:08:57 AM
wake me up when someone does a properly recorded remix of moonlit grotto from ages
Ossy 12:10:54 AM
Intense times last summer of sludge, along with the final bouts in OOT from taking down 6 evil barriers in Ganon's castle to the final battle against Beast Demon Ganon
Flex Luthor (host) 12:12:53 AM
now I aspire to be the soundtrack to a new zelda game
TAndy 12:21:00 AM
scarfing down a now lukewarm mcdank to this rn
Flex Luthor (host) 12:22:24 AM
only the dankiest to go with mcdank
Ossy 12:22:26 AM
Two Fridays ago, in Target. I overheard some guys speaking about Zelda games and they mentioned Twilight Princess and couldn't help but overhear and chimed in and told them I was literally playing that last night in Zant's Palace, along with sludge and they were impressed
Flex Luthor (host) 12:22:46 AM
hell yeah
Flex Luthor (host) 12:22:57 AM
flex on the fools ossy
TAndy 12:23:29 AM
flex em hard
TAndy 12:23:59 AM
crazy how zelda went from a nerd game series to a near pop culture icon
Flex Luthor (host) 12:24:49 AM
yeah breath of the wild was iconic
Ossy 12:24:57 AM
Likw Hades flexing on his minions Pain and Panic by wearing HIS NEPHEW'S MERCHANDISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Flex Luthor (host) 12:24:59 AM
like that really cemented the shift
Ossy 12:26:19 AM
Zelda came very long, since 1986. Nintendo started with a plumber, beautiful lady and ape
TAndy 12:27:42 AM
and a grabby arm toy thing that grabbed eggs
Flex Luthor (host) 12:29:17 AM
I mean they used to be a playing card company even further back I believe
Ossy 12:29:43 AM
Like Disney, Pokemon started with a mouse
TAndy 12:29:55 AM
Yeah, they started out as a Hanafuda card manufacturer iirc
Ossy 12:30:22 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 12:39:09 AM
big mood whiplash
Ossy 12:40:33 AM
Eggman thrashing
TAndy 12:43:33 AM
i love how cheery and enthusiastic the evil voice in this ID is
Flex Luthor (host) 12:43:59 AM
cheery satan
TAndy 12:44:21 AM
SEX SEX SEX is all i heard in that intro
Flex Luthor (host) 12:44:36 AM
lol it is six
Flex Luthor (host) 12:44:52 AM
maybe that's the real subliminal messaging
TAndy 12:45:32 AM
maybe the real subliminal messageing was the friends we made along the way
Flex Luthor (host) 12:46:43 AM
satanic friends
TAndy 12:47:12 AM
Ossy 12:48:20 AM
Eggman: LIGHTS OUT! (as he's trying to kill MEEEEEEEE)
Flex Luthor (host) 12:48:53 AM
also a great qotsa son
Flex Luthor (host) 12:48:58 AM
song* sick sick sick
TAndy 12:49:56 AM
sick sick sick is a total banger
TAndy 12:51:05 AM
even tho it's a different vibe, 3's and 7's is my favorite off that album
Flex Luthor (host) 12:51:19 AM
true barfight music
Ossy 12:51:47 AM
Music for Shadow, so he can have blood on his gloves
TAndy 12:51:55 AM
This is NJ, we don't do bar fights no more. We go to the nearest 24 hour diner and fight there
Ossy 12:53:43 AM
The people were dumb to do that on a certain January day in 2021
Flex Luthor (host) 12:54:08 AM
throwdown in the wa
TAndy 12:54:21 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 12:54:25 AM
fightfight in the wawa
Ossy 12:54:54 AM
Or thrashing making ape sounds, LMAO
Ossy 12:55:23 AM
Fight with Terminator, who needs clothes, boots and motorcycle!!!
Flex Luthor (host) 12:57:51 AM
nude fighting in the wawa may be too far
TAndy 12:58:43 AM
Huge thanks for the show!!
TAndy 12:58:58 AM
I agree, nude fighting is ONLY permitted at the 7 Eleven on Olden
Ossy 12:59:25 AM
And nude traveling like T 1000 and Rev from Dark Fate!
Ossy 12:59:54 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 1:00:10 AM
good night yall and thanks for tuning in!
TAndy 1:00:29 AM
loved the chiller vibes tonight
Flex Luthor (host) 1:00:59 AM
will be heavier next week (probably)
Flex Luthor (host) 1:01:02 AM
see yall!