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Jazz & Beyond w Dan Buskirk

May 8, 2023 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Dan Buskirk


You have arrived @ the hot burning center of today's Avant Jazz, featuring this week's most urgent releases from the young/old - men/women at the forefront of the creative & improvised music world, placed in the context of a hundred years of jazz history. The Third Hour cruises through the latest punk, funk & junk of Avant Rock from around the world and beyond the realm of time.

Jazz & Beyond w Dan Buskirk
12:00 PM
Larry McKenna - Stompin' at the Savoy
Larry McKenna Stompin' at the Savoy Edgar Sampson N
World on a String BCM+D 2023
12:08 PM
Alabaster Deplume - Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem
Alabaster Deplume Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem Alabaster DePlume N
Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem - Single International Anthem 2023
12:12 PM
The Carla Bley Band - Floater
The Carla Bley Band Floater Carla Bley
Social Studies Watt/ECM 1981
12:18 PM
Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Lonely Woman
Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Lonely Woman Ornette Coleman N
Spirit Gatherer: Tribute to Don Cherry Spiritmuse 2023
12:29 PM
Aruan Ortiz Trio - Shaw 'Nuff (Siento un bombo)
Aruan Ortiz Trio Shaw 'Nuff (Siento un bombo) Aruán Ortiz N
Serranías Sketchbook for Piano Trio Intakt 2023
12:39 PM
Chelsea Carmichael - All We Know
Chelsea Carmichael All We Know Chelsea Carmichael / Tom Herbert / Shabaka Hutchings / Dave Okumu / Edward Wakili-Hick
The River Doesn’t Like Strangers Native Rebel 2021
12:47 PM
Andrew Cyrille - Water Water Water
Andrew Cyrille Water Water Water Andrew Cyrille N
Music Delivery / Percussion Intakt Records 2023
12:50 PM
Mario Pavone - Miro
Mario Pavone Miro Mario Pavone
Trio Arc Playscape Recordings 2008
12:58 PM
Natural Information Society - Gravity
Natural Information Society Gravity Joshua Abrams N
Since Time Is Gravity Eremite 2023
1:06 PM
Jerry Hahn & His Quintet - Ara-Be-In
Jerry Hahn & His Quintet Ara-Be-In Jerry Hahn
Jerry Hahn and His Quintet - EP Arhoolie Records 1967
1:14 PM
Fire! Orchestra - Not yet born. The blind courage of life
Fire! Orchestra Not yet born. The blind courage of life Gustafsson/Werliin/Berthling
Echoes Rune Grammofon 2023
1:22 PM
Shirley Scott - Girl Talk
Shirley Scott Girl Talk Neal Hefti N
Queen Talk: Live at the Left Bank Reel to Reel 2023
1:30 PM
Harry Belafonte - A Fool for You
Harry Belafonte A Fool for You Ray Charles
Belafonte Sings the Blues RCA 1959
1:35 PM
Nina Simone - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Nina Simone Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Bob Dylan
To Love Somebody RCA/Legacy 1969
1:41 PM
Rez Abbasi - Bekhayal (Without a Thought)
Rez Abbasi Bekhayal (Without a Thought) Rez Abbasi N
Charm Whirlwind 2023
1:46 PM
Eivind Opsvik - Katmania Duskmann
Eivind Opsvik Katmania Duskmann Eivind Opsvik
Overseas V Loyal Label 2017
1:49 PM
Nicole Mitchell - A Sound
Nicole Mitchell A Sound Nicole Mitchell
Maroon Cloud FPE Records 2018
1:58 PM
David Newman - Negus
David Newman Negus David Newman
Captain Buckles Cotillion 1971
2:06 PM
Les Abranis - Athedjaladde
Les Abranis Athedjaladde Madi Mehdi/Samir Chabane N
Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973 – 1983 Les Disques Bongo Joe 2023
2:10 PM
Baba Ali - Bankrupt Funk
Baba Ali Bankrupt Funk Baba Doherty, Nik Balchin N
Laugh Like a Bomb Memphis Industries 2023
2:15 PM
Y La Bamba - Mas Manos
Y La Bamba Mas Manos Luz Elena Mendoza N
Lucha Tender Loving Empire 2023
2:19 PM
Shana Cleveland - Quick Winter Sun
Shana Cleveland Quick Winter Sun Shana Cleveland N
Manzanita Hardly Art 2023
2:22 PM
The Geraldine Fibbers - Marmalade
The Geraldine Fibbers Marmalade The Geraldine Fibbers
2:27 PM
Magnolia Electric Co. - Steady Now
Magnolia Electric Co. Steady Now Jason Molina
Sojourner Secretly Canadian 2007
2:32 PM
PJ Harvey - A Child's Question, August
PJ Harvey A Child's Question, August N
I Inside the Old Year Dying Partisan 2023
2:35 PM
Tiny Ruins - Earthly Things
Tiny Ruins Earthly Things Hollie Fullbrook N
Ceremony Ba Da Bing! 2023
2:38 PM
islandman - Kalenin Bedenleri (feat. Okay Temiz & Muhlis Berberoğlu)
islandman Kalenin Bedenleri (feat. Okay Temiz & Muhlis Berberoğlu) N
Direct-to-Disc Sessions (feat. Okay Temiz & Muhlis Berberoğlu) Night Dreamer 2023
2:43 PM
DNA - Egomaniac's Kiss
DNA Egomaniac's Kiss Lindsay, Crutchfield
No New York Antilles 1978
2:45 PM
Ramones - Street Fighting Man
Ramones Street Fighting Man Jagger/Richards
Too Tough to Die (Deluxe Edition) Rhino/Sire 1984
b-side of "Howlin' @ the Moon"
2:48 PM
The Go-Go's - Turn to You
The Go-Go's Turn to You Caffey/Wiedlin
Talk Show IRS 1999
2:54 PM
James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing/Release the Pressure
James Brown Get Up Offa That Thing/Release the Pressure Deidre Brown/Deanna Brown/Yamma Brown
Get Up Offa That Thing Polydor 1976
Chat is archived.
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:01:30 PM
Welcome to Monday Jazz...
C.W. Mokcall 12:02:48 PM
Love this release!!❤️
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:04:03 PM
Yeah, it's pretty sweet...
Brian "D" for Donor 12:04:22 PM
Beautiful start!
Patrick Blanco 12:07:40 PM
Greetings Dan Nice Larry McKenna opener.He still performs live but hard to find info.
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:10:30 PM
Hey Patrick, Bri. He did a CD release party in Conshohoken I believe...
David Shortell 12:10:40 PM
Who's in the photo? (Not Zaius. The other one.)
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:11:02 PM
The great Carla Bley, up with a smoker next...
Marcus Watt 12:11:19 PM
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:11:39 PM
Hey Marcus! Meant to drop you a line!
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:12:24 PM
It was my 20th wedding anniversary last week, been running around a bit..
Marcus Watt 12:12:30 PM
You're a busy man. No offense at all.
Marcus Watt 12:13:14 PM
My best to Keri
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:15:32 PM
Thanks, I will. Had a great meal in Lambertville..
Patrick Blanco 12:16:19 PM
Carla Bley put out a great Christmas CD that is criminally ignored
TAndy 12:16:51 PM
Marcus Watt 12:18:15 PM
Patrick, somebody should tell Jon Solomon.
Marcus Watt 12:29:09 PM
The whole Cherry family is so talented.
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:35:42 PM
Just bought the Carla Christmas disc...
Rob F 12:47:03 PM
This track!
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:49:15 PM
Shabaka from Sons of Kemet behind that Carmichael track
TAndy 12:54:49 PM
Was cruising around, and I seek to have stumbled upon Bowman's Hill Tower out here in PA. Beautiful views from the top.
TAndy 12:54:55 PM
*seem to have
Patrick White 12:58:00 PM
I thought the tower was at Bakers Basin near route 202
Marcus Watt 1:00:44 PM
I've only heard of three of the pianists you mentioned, and I've only seen one: Matthew Shipp.
DSM 1:05:17 PM
Good afternoon Dan and everyone
Marcus Watt 1:05:53 PM
This one is really good. Thanks, Dan.
DSM 1:06:33 PM
Natural Info Society always serving up some interesting stuff
Marcus Watt 1:23:53 PM
I saw John Handy at the Bijou Cafe around the time he had his hit.
Patrick Blanco 1:25:18 PM
I remember a great jazz organ cd compilation called Have you had your B 12 today?
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:29:43 PM
John Handy, "Hard Work"! I still remember the radio commerial with the great Adolph Caesar doing the voiceover...
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:30:24 PM
I think I have that organ Cd, it's all Muse stuff I believe...
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:30:41 PM
Hey DSM!
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:31:34 PM
I figured I'd have beaten all those piano players into the listeners. Also: Carmen Staaf and Benoit Delbeq
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:32:25 PM
Mr Belafonte!
Marcus Watt 1:35:45 PM
I knew you'd remember 'Hard Work'. I loved the Bijou at Broad and Lombard. Before your time. I saw Patti Smith on her first tour, John Martyn, Fripp and The League of Gentlemen, Peter Hammill. Great venue.
Patrick Blanco 1:36:53 PM
Saw a great clip of Smothers Brothers and Harry Belafonte singing I Wish I Knew How
Brian "D" for Donor 1:36:54 PM
Tom Thumb's Blues!
Marcus Watt 1:36:54 PM
I love Nina. Who doesn't?
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:37:27 PM
Heard about the Bijou as a kid. I kept a mental record of places like The London Victory Club and Ripley's and The Love Club and a million places i'd never get to visit...
Patrick Blanco 1:38:02 PM
Apparently Curtis Institute didn’t . She was always bitter they rejected her.Bad move on their part.
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:38:52 PM
Belafonte's obituary was one giagantic event after another, beginning with singing with Bird and Dizzy's band...
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:40:17 PM
I read a bio that was unpersuasive in saying racism wasn't involved in the Curtis decision...
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:42:43 PM
Thank goodness Nina didn't get confined in that classical world, it would have been a major loss
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 1:42:53 PM
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:43:06 PM
Her Dylan take is pretty sublime..
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:43:46 PM
Great new Abbasi release...
Patrick Blanco 1:44:25 PM
Those Dylan lyrics about the police remind of the 1970 s City of Brotherly Love.
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:46:41 PM
Was researching filmmaker Tamara Jenkins who talked of Philly roots. Turned out her dad owner a nightclub in Center City called The Middle East in the '50s and '60s. Her Dad is quoted in Blaze Starr's bio, complaining Rizzo was trying to shut down all the nightclubs!
Marcus Watt 1:47:31 PM
I remember Rizzo doing that.
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:48:01 PM
This Ervind Opsvik was a nice find, one of the only decent things in a big South Jersey record store I'd never been to before.
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:48:45 PM
I had hippie friends who said the Rizzo cops hassled constantly for no reason...
Russell Woessner 1:49:31 PM
Couple shows by Rez Abassi coming up in the area:
Russell Woessner 1:49:39 PM
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:49:57 PM
This Norwegianer must've been smitten with the '90s Dpwntown NYC scene...
Russell Woessner 1:50:23 PM
May 19 - New York & Nay 20 - Newark
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:50:42 PM
Aruan Ortiz back for piano on this Nicole cut, with the great Fay Victor on vocal...
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:51:23 PM
"Sometimes a sound represents a whole era" makes my think of early 70s clavinet keybords...
Marcus Watt 1:52:07 PM
Rizzo tried to shut down the Electric Factory at 22nd and Arch. Before my time, but my brother told me.
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:52:13 PM
Jazzfest Rutgers!
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:53:27 PM
Robert Mugge's Rizzo doc AMATEUR NIGHT AT CITY HALL strongly brings to mind a raft of modern fascist types...
Russell Woessner 1:53:45 PM
The Jazzfest Rutgers show in Newark is free!
Patrick Blanco 1:55:13 PM
Camden County Parks and Recreation has posted their free summer concerts.Sorry I don’t have Russ computer skill set.
Patrick Blanco 1:56:01 PM
Looks like Sheila E. Spyro Giro. Aimee Mann Calexico are the highlight s
Dan Buskirk (host) 1:57:22 PM
I bought a bunch of Calexico records 20 years ago...
Russell Woessner 1:57:51 PM
Well, kinda free: “ The event is open to the public with a $40 suggested donation.”
Marcus Watt 1:58:41 PM
Dan, you buy way too many records.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:00:08 PM
If I had a basement for my collection, I could almost pass as "normal"
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:00:28 PM
That's a large suggestion.
TAndy 2:00:29 PM
This phonky bass
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:00:48 PM
This Captain Buckles was new to this week!
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:02:28 PM
Steve Novosel – bass
TAndy 2:03:05 PM
Steve knows what's up!
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:04:06 PM
Novosel on Rahsaan's THE INFLATED TEAR and Charle Tolliver's THE RINGER...
Russell Woessner 2:05:26 PM
Brian "D" for Donor 2:06:20 PM
Was just listening to Bluesiana Triangle lp yesterday! Vol 1. Supergroup Dr John, David Fathead Newman and Art Blakey i think. So much fun. Thick groove laden lp
Marcus Watt 2:09:39 PM
Joel Dorn was "The Masked Announcer" on Philadelphia television in the '60's. Nobody remembers that, I'm guessing.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:11:27 PM
I've seen Dorn use the name in reissues...
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:12:21 PM
Sold tons of Bluesiana Triangle when I worked at Tower South Street, I had it in my "New Orleans" section...
Russell Woessner 2:15:15 PM
Rondo H. Slade https://www.audioasylum.com/messages/music/156247/
Patrick Blanco 2:15:25 PM
Thanks Russ
Patrick Blanco 2:16:39 PM
Masked Announcer.Was that on UHF..Commercials or intro to Horror movies. I vaguely remember.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:17:06 PM
.A friend talked of hanging with Joel, who regularly smoked those thin joints we used to call "
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:17:25 PM
Marcus Watt 2:18:04 PM
Yes, Patrick.
Marcus Watt 2:19:59 PM
Rondo H. Slade. Thank you.
Patrick Blanco 2:20:27 PM
Local TV never the same after we lost Channel 48
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:22:23 PM
Avant guitarist Henry Kaiser an heir to the media empire of Kaiser Broadcasting, owner of Channel 48 (I remember Dr Donald D Rose hosting the afternoon cartoon, unseen...)
Marcus Watt 2:22:58 PM
Patrick, I'm the only person who remembers channel 48.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:24:30 PM
They also ran horror films the same time as Dr Shock on 17, I'd have to choose depending on the feature. My beloved EQUINOX was first seen by me on 48...
Marcus Watt 2:25:54 PM
Dan, you must have been very young watching this stuff.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:26:53 PM
My parents would've never thought to coax us away from the TV.
Patrick Blanco 2:27:59 PM
Dr Shock from Manayunk Had his baby Bubbles on the show. Channel 48 Flyers Hockey sponsored by Abbotts Ice Cream.Stu Nahan announcing
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:28:07 PM
Weird at how a young age I was very aware of things like local affiliates and national broadcasts and other minutiae pf the business...
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:31:29 PM
Marcus Watt 2:32:51 PM
Patrick, Stu was Captain Philadelphia.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:35:20 PM
Here's that list of top-rank modern jazz pianists I earlier mentioned: Matthew Shipp, Vijay Iyer, Myra Melford, Angelica Sanchez, Craig Tayborn, Jason Moran , Marilyn Crispell, Sylvia Courvosier, Ndudzo Makhathini, Satoko Fuji, David Virelles, Brian Marsalla, Eri Yamamoto, Lafayette Gilchrist, Carmen Staaf
Marcus Watt 2:36:21 PM
I'm not sure Dan expected today's show to be a forum for reminiscing about channel 48.
Marcus Watt 2:37:46 PM
But he started it by mentioning Joel Dorn.
Patrick Blanco 2:39:05 PM
Poor Dan he puts all that hard work building a music program then he has to listen to Abe Simpson ramble on about UHF.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:40:42 PM
I'm all for rambling conversations...
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:42:17 PM
I never grew out of the love for a "college bullshittin' session"...
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:43:18 PM
I think it was Brian who dug the Islandman last time I played it..
TAndy 2:43:32 PM
I really dug it too!
Marcus Watt 2:43:37 PM
Hey, I've been known to yell at a cloud. Who hasn't?
Patrick Blanco 2:44:16 PM
I saw those Dukes of Destiny guys in Chestnut Hill yesterday Always a fun performance.Their leader John very nice gentleman.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:46:27 PM
I remember seeing Dukes on bills at Dobbs and Bachanal back in the day. Don't think I ever saw them...
Marcus Watt 2:47:10 PM
Dukes of Stratosphere were good too.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:48:07 PM
DOS appeared the same time I was loving all that Paisley Underground stuff..
Patrick Blanco 2:48:11 PM
Ramones Forever.Always treasured their Simpsons appearanceHave the. Rolling Stones killed!!
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:48:45 PM
This b-side escaped me somehow, and I was a big TOO TOUGH TO DIE fan...
Marcus Watt 2:49:11 PM
I miss Joey. Johnny, not so much.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:50:44 PM
Yeah, seemed like it would last forever at the time...
Patrick Blanco 2:52:05 PM
Thanks Dan It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when Dan Buskirks on the air.Any fill in shows let us know
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:52:30 PM
Fascinated that Johnny was the KKK in "The KKK Took My Baby Away" after Johnny stole his girlfriend...
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:53:00 PM
GoGos or Sleater kinney
Russell Woessner 2:53:02 PM
The Dukes of Destiny are playing at my local library in Mount Airy in June: https://www.jazznearyou.com/bethlehem/the-dukes-of-destiny-at-lovett-memorial-public-libaray-on-june-26__8631?width=375
TAndy 2:55:02 PM
Thank you as always for the All-Star show today Dan
Brian "D" for Donor 2:55:25 PM
Up offa that thing we get!
Marcus Watt 2:55:44 PM
I hate (love?) to brag, but I've seen Polly Jean four times.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:56:16 PM
Thanks Tandy!
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:56:41 PM
I saw her once on the TO BRING YOU MY LOVE tour in San Fran, she was great!
Marcus Watt 2:57:27 PM
James would have turned 90 last week.
Brian "D" for Donor 2:58:03 PM
Rewind comment: brewer out of Colorado has a "session"lower alcohol beer offering called"Pinner" heh. Good use of that term
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:59:02 PM
90 years of funk!
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:59:47 PM
Is it less fun to talk about pot now that it is legal?
Dan Buskirk (host) 3:00:24 PM
Hear pot discussed as "Something my parents do"...
Brian "D" for Donor 3:00:26 PM
Ha ! Yep. Passé... passe that pinner
Dan Buskirk (host) 3:01:14 PM
Pfffttt...till next time....