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Desert Cruising

May 3, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 240: 5/3/23


Desert Cruising
3:02 PM
Sammal - På knivan
Sammal På knivan N
På knivan - Single Svart Records 2022
3:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:09 PM
Kvelertak - Krøterveg Te Helvete (Single Version)
Kvelertak Krøterveg Te Helvete (Single Version) N
Krøterveg Te Helvete (Single Version) 2023
3:14 PM
Polymoon - Set the Sun
Polymoon Set the Sun N
Chrysalis Robotor Records 2023
3:20 PM
Oceanlord - Come Home
Oceanlord Come Home N
Come Home - Single Oceanlord 2023
3:29 PM
Krazark - Fireflake
Krazark Fireflake N
Fireflake 2023
3:35 PM
Bokassa - Only Gob Can Judge Me
Bokassa Only Gob Can Judge Me N
Only Gob Can Judge Me (Deluxe Edition) - EP Loyal Blood Records 2023
3:38 PM
Gozu - Cldz
Gozu Cldz N
Remedy 2023
3:45 PM
Dozer - No Quarter Expected, No Quarter Given
Dozer No Quarter Expected, No Quarter Given N
Drifting in the Endless Void BLUES FUNERAL RECORDINGS 2023
3:51 PM
Howling Giant - Sunken City
Howling Giant Sunken City N
Sunken City - Single 2023
3:56 PM
Margarita Witch Cult - Annihilation
Margarita Witch Cult Annihilation N
Margarita Witch Cult Heavy Psych Sounds 2023
3:58 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:05 PM
Swan Valley Heights - Space Bash III
Swan Valley Heights Space Bash III N
Terminal Forest 2023
4:09 PM
Giobia - Acid Disorder
Giobia Acid Disorder N
Acid Disorder 2023
4:14 PM
Upper Wilds - 10'9"
Upper Wilds 10'9" N
Jupiter 2023
4:21 PM
‘68 - The Captains Sat
‘68 The Captains Sat N
Single Pure Noise Records 2023
4:23 PM
Ruff Majik - Rave to the Grave
Ruff Majik Rave to the Grave N
Elektrik Ram 2023
4:26 PM
Kara Delik - Eclipse
Kara Delik Eclipse N
Singularities II - Single 2023
4:28 PM
Rainbows Are Free - Sonic Demon
Rainbows Are Free Sonic Demon
Sonic Demon - Single Guestroom Records Records 2023
Off forthcoming Live album
4:33 PM
Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow - Out at Large
Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow Out at Large N
Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow - Single 2023
4:39 PM
Cannabus - Cannabust
Cannabus Cannabust N
The Maple Spliff Sessions - EP 2023
4:47 PM
Khemmis - In The Pines
Khemmis In The Pines N
Where The Cold Wind Blows - Single 2023
4:51 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:57 PM
This Summit Fever - Sometimes a Tidal Wave
This Summit Fever Sometimes a Tidal Wave N
Distraction Rituals - EP This Summit Fever 2023
Chat is archived.
Mätt Såbbåth 3:00:47 PM
The wprb transmitter maintenance man looks totally baked LOL
Captain Ahab (host) 3:02:32 PM
hokai it is MAY
Captain Ahab (host) 3:02:48 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 3:03:22 PM
Are we starting with a svedish? 🇸🇪
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:04 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:07 PM
latest NATO members
Mätt Såbbåth 3:04:21 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 3:06:38 PM
It is I, of the wind & trees
Mätt Såbbåth 3:07:21 PM
May the 4th be with you. Watch out for Tuskens
Colin 3:09:05 PM
2 minute songs? what is this Dessert Meandering with deck swab ahorb?
Mätt Såbbåth 3:09:54 PM
2 minutes to midnight
Captain Ahab (host) 3:10:46 PM
haha I know right, I kept adding songs and was like "how is this playlist still short???"
Mätt Såbbåth 3:11:33 PM
Scott Hill influence
Colin 3:11:43 PM
it's the 4 cd box set version of the show!
Mätt Såbbåth 3:12:02 PM
Desert rock was initially desert kids discovering punk, mind you
Ambrose Hughes 3:12:33 PM
Ahoy there Captain!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:12:44 PM
hey there Ambrose!
Ambrose Hughes 3:13:01 PM
Hello the chat!
Mätt Såbbåth 3:13:15 PM
Josh Homme is always talking about old school punk
Colin 3:13:27 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:14:19 PM
true true Matt
Colin 3:14:20 PM
I got to see Kvelertak a few years back at jbs. it was a pretty memorable show.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:14:24 PM
oh nice!
Mätt Såbbåth 3:18:20 PM
I think "tak" means thanks in one of the viking tongues
Captain Ahab (host) 3:19:08 PM
tak tak
Mätt Såbbåth 3:19:30 PM
Spicy Takis
Captain Ahab (host) 3:19:37 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:22:33 PM
I love this song
Mätt Såbbåth 3:23:58 PM
Reminds me of Mos Generator a lil
Ambrose Hughes 3:24:47 PM
Has a really nice flowing groove.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:25:55 PM
and colour haze too
Jäsön 3:32:13 PM
Hey Cruisers. I just joined...is there a theme today?
Mätt Såbbåth 3:32:16 PM
Palindrome band, Krazark
Captain Ahab (host) 3:32:26 PM
hey Jason! no special theme, just new tunes
Jäsön 3:34:42 PM
That's cool. I'm digging this Krazark.
Jäsön 3:37:17 PM
After the collaboration with Flex, I couldn't get Weedeater out of my head.
Mätt Såbbåth 3:38:16 PM
Weedeater is nuts
Mätt Såbbåth 3:38:52 PM
The Bongzilla - Weedeater connection
Jon Solomon 3:38:59 PM
Loving the show today as I drive around the region…
Chris Mc🥸 3:42:04 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:43:05 PM
hello friends!
James Simmons 3:43:35 PM
Love the Oceanlord song!
Mätt Såbbåth 3:48:37 PM
Wasnt Dozer a Fraggle Rockian?
Mätt Såbbåth 3:53:20 PM
Howling Giant vs Yawning Man
Captain Ahab (host) 3:56:39 PM
I think that might be doozers matt lol
Mätt Såbbåth 3:57:32 PM
Oh right
Mätt Såbbåth 3:57:59 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 4:02:39 PM
Palindrome, Ahab (Krazark) possible anagram...
Mätt Såbbåth 4:04:12 PM
That tower maintenance man looks sus LOL
Chris Mc🥸 4:04:44 PM
Cutting service right after the pledge drive. Typical bait & switch.
Mätt Såbbåth 4:04:49 PM
atomic breakdowns
Mätt Såbbåth 4:05:03 PM
Lol Chris Mc
Captain Ahab (host) 4:05:20 PM
lol Chris Mike was so annoyed with the timing of this maintenance, not intentional hahaha
Chris Mc🥸 4:06:10 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 4:07:16 PM
Space Bash at the frat house, bring yer BORG
Mätt Såbbåth 4:15:52 PM
Yer upper wilds, man, upper wilds
Jon Solomon 4:18:22 PM
Upper Wilds are touring with Pelican later this year. Love those dudes.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:19:07 PM
Jon thank you so much for sharing!! I did not know Pelican were on tour, and my chicago trip coincides with their show there
Mätt Såbbåth 4:20:47 PM
If you go to Birmingham Ahab be sure to sit on the Sabbath bench
Mätt Såbbåth 4:21:13 PM
Jon Solomon 4:21:20 PM
Ooh, where is that one happening? My guess is Thalia Hall.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:22:03 PM
Jon Solomon 4:22:08 PM
Metro, even better (for getting there by train).
Captain Ahab (host) 4:22:30 PM
lol the info page on songkick simply reads: "For fans of: Metal."
Captain Ahab (host) 4:22:49 PM
they're not wrong
Mätt Såbbåth 4:29:28 PM
Roses Are Free
Mätt Såbbåth 4:35:13 PM
Queens of the stone meadow
Ambrose Hughes 4:37:48 PM
@Captain, sounds like there are momentary breaks in the music like a needle skips on a a record!
Mätt Såbbåth 4:40:08 PM
Matrix glitches
Mätt Såbbåth 4:41:06 PM
Blast a joint LOL
Jäsön 4:41:29 PM
Ambrose Hughes 4:41:48 PM
Everybody on the bus!
Brian "D" for Donor 4:41:58 PM
Ya seems to happen every week more so in the 4-5 hour. Little blips
Mätt Såbbåth 4:42:07 PM
Let's blast some tea (code)
Brian "D" for Donor 4:42:43 PM
And cups and cakes and cups and cakes... wif me
Captain Ahab (host) 4:42:44 PM
yeah, I've been in contact with my ISP, I dunno what's going on, my internet is literally perfect otherwise but after 4pm these blip start
Captain Ahab (host) 4:42:49 PM
more so in the last few weeks
Captain Ahab (host) 4:43:21 PM
I do the whole reset thing every week before the show, nothing else I can do on my end but keep complaining
Captain Ahab (host) 4:43:28 PM
(to Xfinity)
Mätt Såbbåth 4:43:40 PM
They (ISP) might start a-throttling at 4
Jäsön 4:44:50 PM
Xfinity only likes disco.
Mätt Såbbåth 4:44:53 PM
Big Comm is fairly sinister, like most Bigs
Mätt Såbbåth 4:45:30 PM
Lol Jäsön
Mätt Såbbåth 4:45:54 PM
"Disco sucks" - Mother's Day (1980)
Mätt Såbbåth 4:46:46 PM
Cannabus is CRISPY
Rob from Maryland 4:49:06 PM
Hello and good afternoon
Captain Ahab (host) 4:49:43 PM
I made a recording of the blips to send to Xfinity, they don't seem to understand what my issue is because my connection looks fine lol
Captain Ahab (host) 4:49:49 PM
hey Rob!
Mätt Såbbåth 4:50:06 PM
Greetings & salutations Rob
richard lyons:) 4:50:48 PM
Great show, Captain Ahab! Love this version of 'In the Pines'!
Mätt Såbbåth 4:50:55 PM
Dopes to Xfinity - monster magnet
Mätt Såbbåth 4:52:52 PM
Blast a maple spliff (code)
Rob from Maryland 4:53:31 PM
Hi and bye Captain and Mätt and everyone
Mätt Såbbåth 4:54:04 PM
Lol Rob MD
Mätt Såbbåth 4:54:21 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 4:54:42 PM
Too much gherkins - Paulie Walnuts
Jäsön 4:55:01 PM
That '68 song was groovy.
Mätt Såbbåth 4:55:13 PM
I interp'd 10 feet tawl
Mätt Såbbåth 4:56:03 PM
Who's got the 10 1/2? - black flag
Mätt Såbbåth 4:56:51 PM
Listen to Bantha Rider on May 4! HIGHLY recommended
Ambrose Hughes 4:57:27 PM
Blips and blunts aside this was a damn good listen, thanks Captain Ahab!
Jäsön 4:57:27 PM
Cool show, Captain.
Rob from Maryland 4:57:44 PM
I've got no values -- Black Flag
Mätt Såbbåth 4:57:51 PM
Jedi Scum (Oakland powerviolence) also good
Mätt Såbbåth 4:58:00 PM
Lol Rob
Captain Ahab (host) 4:58:00 PM
cheers friends! The blips will be defeated fingers crossed!
Mätt Såbbåth 4:59:14 PM
Fun show Cap. Wprb forevah