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The New Abnormal

Apr 23, 2023 3:00 AM – 6:00 AM


With ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ

Exploring multiple facets of jazz-adjacent prog-rock, edgy fusion, Canterbury, Zeuhl, Rock-In-Opposition, avant-prog, Rock Progressivo Italiano, world music, ambient, anything virtuosic.

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The New Abnormal
3:01 AM
Masqualero - Vanilje
Masqualero Vanilje
Bande à Part ECM Records 1986

Masqualero (1983–1991) was originally named "The Arild Andersen/Jon Christensen Quintet", the group soon changed its name to Masqualero,in celebration of the Wayne Shorter composition. Sort of a Norwegian jazz supergroup, featuring Arild Andersen (double bass), Jon Christensen (drums), Jon Balke (keyboards), Tore Brunborg (saxophone) and Nils Petter Molvær (trumpet).


3:07 AM
Set Break: over “Sub-electronic” by Roberto Cacciapaglia
3:09 AM
Collin Walcott - Cloud Dance
Collin Walcott Cloud Dance
Cloud Dance ECM Records 1976

Collin Walcott (24 April 1945 – 8 November 1984) was an American musician who worked in jazz and world music. He studied sitar under Ravi Shankar and tabla under Alla Rakha. He was part of the Paul Winter Consort, Oregon and Codona.


3:15 AM
Nguyên Lê & Ngô Hồng Quang - Chiếc Khăn Piêu (feat. Paolo Fresu & Prabhu Edouard)
Nguyên Lê & Ngô Hồng Quang Chiếc Khăn Piêu (feat. Paolo Fresu & Prabhu Edouard)
Ha Nội Duo ACT Music 2017

Nguyên Lê collaborating with Ngô Hồng Quang, and several other Vietnamese musicians. Bandcamp


3:21 AM
Minimum Vital - Sur tes pas
Minimum Vital Sur tes pas
Pavanes Musea 2015

Minimum Vital make a progressive rock with roots not in blues rock, but medieval music and southern European folk.


3:26 AM
Set Break: over “Marvellous New Year's Eve” by Shao Yun & Shen Qi
3:30 AM
Hatfield & The North - Let's Eat (Real Soon)
Hatfield & The North Let's Eat (Real Soon)
single Virgin Records 1974

Canterbury supergroup: Dave Stewart from Egg, Phil Miller from Matching Mole, Richard Sinclair from Caravan, Pip Pyle from Delivery.



3:34 AM
Caravan - Aristocracy
Caravan Aristocracy
Waterloo Lily (Remastered) Decca Music Group Ltd. 2001

UK Progressive rock band from Canterbury, Kent. formed in January 1968. The most popular of the Canterbury scene groups.



3:36 AM
Camel - Unevensong
Camel Unevensong
Rain Dances Decca Music Group Ltd. 1977

English progressive rock group formed in 1971. "Raindances", with Richard Sinclair, is their most 'Canterbury' sounding of their otherwise symphonic prog releases.


3:42 AM
De Lorians - Magso
De Lorians Magso
De Lorians Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records 2019

Modern Canterbury from Japan. Combining the Soft Machine-esque atmosphere, with the crazy Zappa freak outs. They also have hints of video game soundtrack influence.



3:46 AM
Set Break: over “Assemble and Diffuse” by K. Leimer
3:50 AM
Dread Zeppelin - Rock and Roll
Dread Zeppelin Rock and Roll
Re-Led-Ed Cleopatra Records 2004

Dread Zeppelin, from California, usual play covers of Led Zeppelin music in a reggae style with an Elvis impersonator.



3:53 AM
Ozric Tentacles - Fragmentary Aura
Ozric Tentacles Fragmentary Aura
The Bits Between the Bits (2020 Ed Wynne Remaster) Madfish 2000

English progressive/space/psychedelic rock band founded in 1983. They fuse jazz rock, hard rock and acid rock with influences from world music.



3:56 AM
Here and Now - Crazy World
Here and Now Crazy World
UFOasis Now Here Productions 1993

Members initially coming together in 1974 as communal living. In 1977 they joined Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth to become Planet Gong - for one year.



3:59 AM
Set Break: over “Ocean Air” by dZihan & Kamien
4:05 AM
MIDIval PunditZ - Forest Dreams
MIDIval PunditZ Forest Dreams
MIDIval PunditZ Six Degrees Travel Series 2002

Delhi-based musicians, Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj.


4:10 AM
Prasanna - 4th Stone from the Sun
Prasanna 4th Stone from the Sun
Electric Ganesha Land Susila Music 2006

South Indian guitarist Prasanna has a diverse body of work, ranging from traditional Carnatic classical to jazz to rock. The concept behind "Electric Ganesha Land" is the question - what if Jimi Hendrix had been born in South India? Prasanna plays his electric guitar in a manner of Hendrix, heavily influenced by his own Indian style, over a traditional South Indian Carnatic rhythm ensemble. Although inspired by Hendrix, these are not Hendrix covers.



4:14 AM
Praveen Sparsh - Maya
Praveen Sparsh Maya
Unreserved - EP Praveen Sparsh 2019

Praveen Sparsh is a classically trained mridangam (barrell drum) player. He is also a member of the fusion group Jatayu. On this EP, he collects ambient sounds from various locations, and finds their rhythms around which he improvises on mridangam.



4:18 AM
Set Break: over “Raffles In Rio” by Mark Isham
4:22 AM
Zopp - Reality Tunnels
Zopp Reality Tunnels
Dominion Flat Circle Records 2022

"Zopp" is mainly multi-instrumentalist Ryan Stevenson from Nottingham England. Bandcamp "Dominion" is the sophomore release (from last month), and remains firmly in the "Canterbury" style.



4:26 AM
cos - Postaeolian Train Robbery
cos Postaeolian Train Robbery
Postaeolian Train Robbery Musea 1974

This band's career spans over five albums released between 1974 and 1984. Often referred to as the Belgian answer to Zao, they offer a mixture of prog rock, jazz and Canterbury styles, drawing their influences mainly from Magma, King Crimson, Hatfield and The North and of course, Zao. One of the premier groups from Belgium. This is their debut LP.



4:30 AM
Soft Machine - Day's Eye
Soft Machine Day's Eye
Seven SONY BMG Catalog 2007

In 1973, Soft Machine were Mike Ratledge, John Marshall, Roy Babbington, and Karl Jenkins. By this time, they were a jazz fusion group.

4:35 AM
Soft Machine - Bone Fire
Soft Machine Bone Fire
Seven SONY BMG Catalog 2007


4:36 AM
Supersister - The Groupies of the Band
Supersister The Groupies of the Band
No Tree Will Grow (On Too High a Mountain) - Single Red Bullet 1971

Dutch progressive rock band, existed from approx. 1970-1974. Often lumped in with the Canterbury scene, due to their similarities with Caravan.



4:40 AM
Set Break: over “Night Again” by Steve Tibbetts
4:47 AM
Magma - Soleil D'ork (Ork'sun) - Original
Magma Soleil D'ork (Ork'sun) - Original
Üdü wüdü Charly Records 2006

French prog rock band, creators of their own genre: "Zeuhl".



4:51 AM
Universal Totem Orchestra - Codice Y16
Universal Totem Orchestra Codice Y16
Mathematical Mother Black Widow Records 2016

Universal Totem Orchestra is an offshoot project from the Italian Zeuhl band Runaway Totem.



4:56 AM
Abus Dangereux - Le quatrième mouvement
Abus Dangereux Le quatrième mouvement
Le quatrième mouvement Musiclip 1980

Abus Dangereux is a French jazz fusion group, founded by guitarist Pierrejean Gaucher. "Le quatrième mouvement" is their first album, and their most Zeuhl influenced.



5:01 AM
Set Break: over “Blue Orleans” by Michael Manring
5:05 AM
Swift Technique - Let Me Get That Bike
Swift Technique Let Me Get That Bike
You Boys Be Aight Swift Technique 2014

Swift Technique is Philadelphia’s funk/soul musical collective. Bandcamp



5:09 AM
Garaj Mahal - Mondo Garaj
Garaj Mahal Mondo Garaj
Mondo Garaj Harmonized Records 2003

US fusion group led by guitarist Fareed Haque.



5:14 AM
Snarky Puppy - Bad Kids to the Back
Snarky Puppy Bad Kids to the Back
Immigrance P-VINE RECORDS 2019

Snarky Puppy is a fusion big band formed by bassist Michael League in 2004 with other students from the University of North Texas. Now based in Brooklyn.



5:20 AM
Theo Croker - GOOD DAY (feat. Ego Ella May & D’LEAU)
Theo Croker GOOD DAY (feat. Ego Ella May & D’LEAU) N
BY THE WAY - EP Masterworks 2023

Theodore Lee Croker (born 18 July 1985), is a jazz trumpeter, singer, and bandleader from Leesburg, Florida.



5:24 AM
Set Break: over “Titanische Tage - Soft Watches” by Klaus Schulze
5:29 AM
COVET - sea dragon (feat. Mario Camarena)
COVET sea dragon (feat. Mario Camarena)
effloresce Triple Crown Records 2018

A math rock group from San Fransisco, led by classically trained Yvette Young. A former art teacher, she created the cover art for their CDs. Bandcamp



They will be performing in Philadelphia on Friday April 28th at Brooklyn Bowl on Canal St.

5:34 AM
Tshala Muana - Ndeka ya Samuel
Tshala Muana Ndeka ya Samuel
Soukous Siren Shanachie 1985

Élisabeth Tshala Muana Muidikay (13 March 1958 – 10 December 2022), known professionally as Tshala Muana, was a singer and dancer from Congo.


5:43 AM
Trey Gunn - Sirrah
Trey Gunn Sirrah
The Third Star (Reemastered) 7d Media 2011

Trey Gunn (born December 13, 1960) is an American musician, known for his membership in King Crimson from 1994 to 2003, playing Warr Guitar and Chapman Stick. Bandcamp



5:46 AM
Animals As Leaders - Private Visions of the World
Animals As Leaders Private Visions of the World
The Madness Of Many Sumerian Records 2016

Extreme tech/prog metal band founded in 2007 in Washington D.C, led by guitar virtuoso Tosin Abasi.



5:51 AM
Set Break: over “Track 13” from “L’Ostopera” by Mr. Various aka WPRB’s Worried Waltzer
5:54 AM
Caballero Reynaldo & The Grand Kazoo - Joe's Garage (Zappa)
Caballero Reynaldo & The Grand Kazoo Joe's Garage (Zappa)
The Grand Kazoo Hall Of Fame Records S.C. (Spain) 2009

Caballero Reynaldo (real name: Luis Miguel González Martinez) is the founder of Hall Of Fame Records (Spain) which has issued many Spanish language covers of Zappa songs. "The Grand Kazoo (Unmatched Vol. X) " was released in 2009.


"El garage de Luisgè (Joe's Garage)"