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Jazz & Beyond w Dan Buskirk

Apr 17, 2023 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Dan Buskirk


You have arrived @ the hot burning center of today's Avant Jazz, featuring this week's most urgent releases from the young/old - men/women at the forefront of the creative & improvised music world, placed in the context of a hundred years of jazz history. The Third Hour cruises through the latest punk, funk & junk of Avant Rock from around the world and beyond the realm of time.

Jazz & Beyond w Dan Buskirk
12:12 PM
Ahmad Jamal - Footprints
Ahmad Jamal Footprints Wayne Shorter
Live @ Montreal Jazz Festival 1985 Atlantic 1986
12:20 PM
Daniel Villarreal - Ofelia
Daniel Villarreal Ofelia Daniel Villarreal
Panamá 77 International Anthem 2022
12:26 PM
Kelan Philip Cohran & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Cuernavaca
Kelan Philip Cohran & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Cuernavaca Kelan Philip Cohran
Kelan Philip Cohran and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Honest Jon's Records 2012
12:44 PM
Julian Lage - Chavez
Julian Lage Chavez
View With A Room Blue Note Records 2022
12:49 PM
Jeff Parker - Super Rich Kids
Jeff Parker Super Rich Kids Frank Ocean
Slight Freedom Eremite 2016
12:58 PM
Sonic Liberation Front - Hymn for Ashe
Sonic Liberation Front Hymn for Ashe Kevin Diehl
Moon Rust Red Streets High Two 2021
1:20 PM
Dr. Lonnie Smith - I Can't Stand It
Dr. Lonnie Smith I Can't Stand It Lonnie Smith
Live at Club Mozambique Blue Note Records 1995
1:31 PM
Lou Donaldson - Funky Mama Pt. 1
Lou Donaldson Funky Mama Pt. 1 John Patton
7" single Blue Note
1:34 PM
Sam Gendel - Saxofone Funeral
Sam Gendel Saxofone Funeral Sam Gendel
Satin Doll Nonesuch 2020
1:49 PM
Esperanza Spalding - Formwela 8
Esperanza Spalding Formwela 8 Leo Genovese, Spalding
Songwrights Apothecary Lab Concord Records 2021
2:02 PM
Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer & Shahzad Ismaily - To Remain/To Return
Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer & Shahzad Ismaily To Remain/To Return Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer & Shahzab IsmAILY N
Love In Exile Arooj - Trio Record 2023
2:21 PM
James Brandon Lewis - Fear Not (feat. The Messthetics)
James Brandon Lewis Fear Not (feat. The Messthetics) James Brandon Lewis N
Eye of I Anti/Epitaph 2022
2:27 PM
Adam & The Ants - Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)
Adam & The Ants Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2) Adam Ant
Dirk Wears White Sox Columbia 1979
2:36 PM
Moor Jewelry - Look Alive (feat. Moor Mother & Mental Jewelry)
Moor Jewelry Look Alive (feat. Moor Mother & Mental Jewelry) Moor Jewelry
True Opera Don Giovanni Records 2020
2:38 PM
The Slits - Earthbeat 12" single
The Slits Earthbeat 12" single
12" single CBS 1981
Chat is archived.
Marcus Watt 12:15:20 PM
Hi, Dan. I have my credit card out already.
Brian "D" for Donor 12:17:35 PM
Great take on Footprints here! Pledge WPRB!
Rob F 103.3 FM "Funder Monthly" 12:21:14 PM
Hey Dan, some great Ahmad Jamal there
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 12:25:20 PM
Hey Dan, Hey Wilbo. Loved that Daniel Villarreal!
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:27:05 PM
Thanks, great to see you all!
Dan Ruccia 12:28:26 PM
Yeah Phil Cohran & Hypnotic Brass!
Dan Ruccia 12:39:18 PM
WPRB: Not Out of It
Brian "D" for Donor 12:39:55 PM
Well put there
Brian "D" for Donor 12:47:57 PM
Love the collabs Julian has done with the forward thinking bluegrass musicians like Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge etc
Dan Buskirk (host) 12:54:51 PM
Yeah, I's forgot, Julian already has a newer record than this one, which just came out last fall....
Commie Francis ☭ 1:06:17 PM
I think it's nice that you're giving someone else a chance to win the marathon this year
Marcus Watt 1:07:23 PM
Always a pleasure, Dan
Brian "D" for Donor 1:08:58 PM
Get DeNiro on it! He'll repair the air conditioners rogue style. Make sure all the proper forms are filled out Mr Buttle... oh that's actually "Tuttle"? Well you'll need to fill out form...
Brian "D" for Donor 1:10:57 PM
Cesar Chavez opening for Chavez opening for El Vez.. !! One night only!
Marcus Watt 1:12:22 PM
When Zappa died, I saw Elliot tell his tale of going to his house looking for an audition. Frank responded that he doesn't do business from his house. New Ghost then played King Kong.
Marcus Watt 1:12:52 PM
I love Brazil, Brian.
Brian "D" for Donor 1:15:34 PM
Was lucky to see New Ghost once @ The Khyber Pass. Saw Elliot play with Philly band EDO back in the 90s a bunch. And once while in Atlantic City i saw Elliot playing some Mid Eastern music in costume w other casino band musicians outside of one of them.. maybe Showboat..
Marcus Watt 1:16:52 PM
That show I mentioned was New Ghost and EDO.
Brian "D" for Donor 1:18:52 PM
Good chance that was the one!
Marcus Watt 1:21:00 PM
No, this was at a church basement around 48th street.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 1:26:27 PM
Sweet tunes so far, gents. Happy Drive Monday!
Brian "D" for Donor 1:28:01 PM
Funky Mama! Love this version. Love Danny Gatton's take as well
Marcus Watt 1:29:13 PM
At that show Elliott told a story about seeing Captain Beefheart and Good God at the Tower in 1973. He mentioned that because Good God covered King Kong, which he was about to play. And I saw that Tower show.
Brian "D" for Donor 1:33:42 PM
Give to the Barge!
Brian "D" for Donor 1:34:49 PM
Can I pledge till I need glasses?
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 1:34:57 PM
Wilbo sounds different with this mic setup!
Brian "D" for Donor 1:38:01 PM
Just flashed to the classic meme w Stormtrooper in deep thought w caption "But I had FRIENDS on that Death Star!"
Mätt Såbbåth 1:39:04 PM
Yoko Ono is super annoying
Marcus Watt 1:39:05 PM
Dan, as you know I first heard you in 1990. I've never been tempted to turn off the radio.
Marcus Watt 1:44:24 PM
Get rid of irony? I'm laughing as loud as Dan is .
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:03:15 PM
Rob F 103.3 FM "Funder Monthly" 2:04:37 PM
Everything I have heard from this new Vijay Iyer is sooo goood
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:06:11 PM
Glad to have picked up this one on vinyl...
Brian "D" for Donor 2:14:24 PM
Come back Mickey w The Sprawl! Come back Will Constantine with Blues Bop and Beyond!
Brian "D" for Donor 2:16:19 PM
The towel's call letters. The world's a dress....
Wes Mokgomery 2:17:03 PM
are you guys in the barge?
Marcus Watt 2:20:26 PM
The world's a dress, it's in my kiss?
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:27:00 PM
Not the Barge, traffic in the canal has the Barge waylaid, we're at the Starlight Lounge...
Adam Elk 2:28:04 PM
Love the Early Adam and the Ants !!!
Marcus Watt 2:29:08 PM
Say hi to Mike.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:30:59 PM
Just found this copy on vinyl today
Adam Elk 2:31:44 PM
Society is missing out on BACK COVER Art Work
Ambrose Hughes 2:32:38 PM
Hi Dan! NICE score🤗
Brian "D" for Donor 2:32:52 PM
Dirk! Ants w jangle rhythm gtr greatness
Brian "D" for Donor 2:34:27 PM
1st got into A & t As about 40 years ago. So much fun. Marco Pirroni underrated gtr player
Marcus Watt 2:35:27 PM
Lee Paris loved them.
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:42:16 PM
Lee Paris was a big influence on young Dan...
Marcus Watt 2:53:53 PM
Chekhov's gun? You mentioned The Fall in Act 1, but nothing in Act 3? Kidding, I have plenty of Fall records, to play anytime I choose.
Gautham Kalva 2:54:10 PM
Hey Dan/Wilbo, what was the Kirk Douglas film shot in Yugoslavia u guys mentioned?
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:54:22 PM
Dan Buskirk (host) 2:55:15 PM
Also watched SWASHBUCKLER with the lovable team of James Earl Jones and Robert Shaw...
Gautham Kalva 2:56:00 PM
Thanks Dan..
Jessica Cross 2:56:52 PM
Love yaeji! And Dan! Heard you mention Philly where I listen from - did the signal change? Used to be clear I’m Germantown.
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 2:58:08 PM
FUN show today thanks Dan and Wilbo!
Ambrose Hughes 2:58:55 PM
Thanks Dan and Wilbo and WPRB!👋
Marcus Watt 3:00:59 PM
WPRB is the only station where the fundraising bit is fun. Thanks, Dan and Wilbo.
Jessica Cross 3:01:25 PM
Second that
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 3:01:54 PM
Thanks, Dan and Wilbo!
Dan Buskirk (host) 3:04:48 PM