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Habitat Enrichment

Apr 13, 2023 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Krista

Habitat Enrichment is the concept of introducing novelty to an animal's enclosure to keep it from getting bored or sad. Let me play you something fun. Genres span world and time, just like a cat with a box to play in.

Some specialties you can usually hear a little on my show: Luk Thuong, 60s crooners, cow punk, and synthwave. If you don't like the song currently playing, wait approximately 2 minutes for something else!

spring? summer?

Habitat Enrichment
7:05 AM
Unknown Artist - Good Morning
Unknown Artist Good Morning
Caribbean Voyage: Nevis & St. Kitts, "Tea Meetings, Christmas Sports, & The Moonlight Night" - The Alan Lomax Collection Rounder 2002
7:06 AM
Tatjana Ruhland, Yaara Tal & Libor Sima - Epitaphe de Jean Harlow, Op. 164
Tatjana Ruhland, Yaara Tal & Libor Sima Epitaphe de Jean Harlow, Op. 164
Koechlin: Chamber Music With Flute SWR Classic 2007
7:08 AM
Nina Simone - My Sweet Lord / Today Is a Killer (Live)
Nina Simone My Sweet Lord / Today Is a Killer (Live)
Emergency Ward! (Live) [Remastered] RCA/Legacy 2011
7:29 AM
Vera Hall - Death, Have Mercy
Vera Hall Death, Have Mercy
Sounds of the South Rhino Atlantic 1993
7:33 AM
Bessie Jones - O Death
Bessie Jones O Death
Get in Union Global Jukebox 2020
7:35 AM
Adomaa - Beginning Again
Adomaa Beginning Again N
Becoming Adomaa Hakuna Kulala 2022
7:39 AM
Sayuri Kokusho - Koi Wa Ring.Ring.Ring
Sayuri Kokusho Koi Wa Ring.Ring.Ring
Valentine Kiss (with Onyanko Club) - Single Sony Music Labels Inc. 1986
7:41 AM
Blue Topaz - Jimmy Joe
Blue Topaz Jimmy Joe
Wrong Number - Single Epidemic Sound 2018
7:44 AM
Kamuran Akkor - İkimiz Bir Fidanız (Barış K Edit)
Kamuran Akkor İkimiz Bir Fidanız (Barış K Edit)
Istanbul 70: Disco, Psych, Folk Edits By Barış K, Vol. 2 - Single Nublu Records
7:48 AM
Abraxas - Sunrise State (Of Mind)
Abraxas Sunrise State (Of Mind) N
Monte Carlo Suicide Squeeze Records 2022
7:52 AM
Dj Yordane - Ximboto
Dj Yordane Ximboto N
Ximboto - Single Africa Mix 2022
8:01 AM
Bobby Lee - The Badger and the Locust
Bobby Lee The Badger and the Locust
Origin Myths Tompkins Square 2021
8:03 AM
Joao Tudella with Alves Martins & Antonio Fonseca - Rosas Brancas
Joao Tudella with Alves Martins & Antonio Fonseca Rosas Brancas
8:06 AM
Paul Simon - Peace Like a River
Paul Simon Peace Like a River
Paul Simon (Bonus Tracks Edition) Legacy Recordings 1972
perfect coat, perfect song
8:09 AM
Frank "Honeyboy" Patt - Bloodstains On the Wall
Frank "Honeyboy" Patt Bloodstains On the Wall
Bloodstains On the Wall: Country Blues from Specialty Fantasy Records 1994
8:12 AM
Lord Kitchener - Muriel and de Bug
Lord Kitchener Muriel and de Bug
Love in the Cemetery Radiophone Archives 2010
8:15 AM
Kokomo Arnold - Milk Cow Blues
Kokomo Arnold Milk Cow Blues
A As in Arnold, Kokomo, Vol. 2 LOFA Library Of Fine Arts 2012
8:19 AM
The Magic Numbers - This Is A Song
The Magic Numbers This Is A Song
Those the Brokes Parlophone UK 2007
8:25 AM
Patti Shaw - Airway to the Stars
Patti Shaw Airway to the Stars
8:47 AM
Charlie Megira - At the Elvis Inn
Charlie Megira At the Elvis Inn
Love Police Numero Group 2019
8:48 AM
Nekrogoblikon - Bears
Nekrogoblikon Bears R
Stench Nekrogoblikon 2011
8:54 AM
Bigizi Gentil - Kipenzi
Bigizi Gentil Kipenzi
Yesu Arabaruta 1141323 Records DK 2019
9:02 AM
Cleo Sol - Her Light
Cleo Sol Her Light
Rose in the Dark Forever Living Originals 2020
9:06 AM
Salami Rose Joe Louis & Brijean - Propaganda
Salami Rose Joe Louis & Brijean Propaganda
9:09 AM
Lady Wray & Ghostface Killa - Piece of me
Lady Wray & Ghostface Killa Piece of me N
Joy and Pain
9:13 AM
Tayhana & Turkana - Wildwomen
Tayhana & Turkana Wildwomen N
Gukuba Never Normal Records 2022
9:19 AM
GOOD LUCK Sub Pop Records 2023
9:22 AM
Bodkin - Plastic Man
Bodkin Plastic Man
I'm A Freak 2 Baby (A Further Journey Through The British Heavy Psych And Hard Rock Underground Scene: 1968-73) Cherry Red Records 2019
9:32 AM
Malcousu Florius - Conte Guadeloupéen
Malcousu Florius Conte Guadeloupéen
Caribbean Voyage: Martinique, "Cane Fields and City Streets": The Alan Lomax Collection Rounder 2001
9:34 AM
Joaquina Moro Lagar y grupo - Senor San Pedro
Joaquina Moro Lagar y grupo Senor San Pedro
9:39 AM
Bright Light Quartet - Chantey Medley
Bright Light Quartet Chantey Medley
I'm Gonna Live Anyhow Until I Die - Alan Lomax’s Southern Journey (1959–1960) Global Jukebox 2011
9:41 AM
Lajos Vargyas - Jew's Harp Song
Lajos Vargyas Jew's Harp Song
Mongolian Folk Music HUNGAROTON 1990
9:42 AM
Lajos Vargyas - Dance Melody Performed On the Sudrag
Lajos Vargyas Dance Melody Performed On the Sudrag
Mongolian Folk Music HUNGAROTON 1990
9:45 AM
Huddie Ledbetter - I Got Up This Morning
Huddie Ledbetter I Got Up This Morning
9:47 AM
The William Loveday Intention - In Full Eclipse
The William Loveday Intention In Full Eclipse N
Season of the Witch - Single Damaged Goods Records 2022
9:50 AM
Clara Ward - If You Wanna Change the World
Clara Ward If You Wanna Change the World
Soul and Inspiration EMI Catalogue 1969
9:53 AM
Doris Duke - How Was I to Know You Cared
Doris Duke How Was I to Know You Cared
I'm a Loser (Remastered) Essential Media Group 2013
my favorite album of all time
9:56 AM
Berna Tan - Kına
Berna Tan Kına
Kına - Single SEYHAN MÜZİK YAPIM 2017
Chat is archived.
Krista (host) 7:04:55 AM
good morning!
iamthelabhras 7:06:42 AM
Good morning, Krista! Loving the show already. Great morning vibes.
Krista (host) 7:08:24 AM
good to hear!
Space Cowboy 7:20:31 AM
Super good stuff
TAndy 7:22:04 AM
I am here and enjoying however silently. Have some after work errands to run
Krista (host) 7:38:15 AM
the Japanese "footloose" right here
Ossy 7:46:21 AM
Cute beautiful "that's life" sounds to hear in the morning!
TAndy 8:00:44 AM
Why oh why does Green Day have to land on a work day for me
TAndy 8:02:45 AM
Just realized it's a workday for everyone
Krista (host) 8:03:25 AM
it should be a day off, for fun
Krista (host) 8:03:41 AM
more just for fun holidays are needed
TAndy 8:04:20 AM
I may or may not partake after work anyway. The last couple of times I did it just made me sleepy anyway hahah
TAndy 8:04:39 AM
The drive show sounds like it's going to be an absolute blast by the way
Krista (host) 8:05:03 AM
it will be! I always have fun with it and live with friends this year will be fantastic
Flogging Mok 8:08:08 AM about ya Alabama? Roll on!
TAndy 8:13:13 AM
Hey what do cats call Alabama
TAndy 8:13:29 AM
Nyalabama 😢
Flogging Mok 8:14:14 AM
TAndy 8:14:17 AM
That was supposed to be the crying while 😂 but I think sad face is funnier
Flogging Mok 8:14:57 AM
This song reminds me of that three blind mice part in Dr no
Ossy 8:27:11 AM
Sounds like something Yoshiko Sai may cover
TAndy 8:30:16 AM
Ossy 8:30:43 AM
Oooo, scary black bears that climb trees VERY FAST
Ossy 8:31:46 AM
and scared of any bear, forget what the people saying "they mean no harm, its the humans fault" smh
TAndy 8:32:30 AM
Krista, I am BEGGING you to play "Bears" by Nekrogoblikon 🥺
TAndy 8:35:52 AM
Florida Man 😳
Ossy 8:37:09 AM
I read that sad story several times, of Rutgers student Darsh Patel and the black bear in Newark. The 4 students tried losing it by splitting up.
Flogging Mok 8:37:53 AM
The Yogi Bear
TAndy 8:38:19 AM
The Baseball player?
Ossy 8:38:29 AM
Kermode bears look like polar bears in the forest, LOL
Flogging Mok 8:39:17 AM
What do you call a bear with no teeth
TAndy 8:39:19 AM
That bear was my cousin
Ossy 8:39:26 AM
I also recall a black bear invaded Burlington County on summer day and was in someone's backyard tree the next day.
Flogging Mok 8:39:58 AM
A gummy bear
TAndy 8:40:57 AM
The eisbär
Ossy 8:41:40 AM
Pokemon bears - Ursaring, Snorlax, Beartic and Pangoro(or something) LOL
Richard from Rocky Hill 8:41:42 AM
@ Krista (host) All very interesting black bear info on mic break, including their proclivity for opening jars and unlatching doors. But i won't really get anxious until they start successfully selecting Captcha online security picture puzzles ...
TAndy 8:45:03 AM
Bear claws 🤤
Ossy 8:47:03 AM
TAndy 8:47:47 AM
TAndy 8:49:21 AM
Krista (host) 8:49:27 AM
already inaccuracies in this bears song Wherever they go, the bears just leave gore!
Flogging Mok 8:49:55 AM
wow that's some band name
Ossy 8:50:12 AM
Ossy 8:50:22 AM
And morning sludge
Flogging Mok 8:50:54 AM
Teddy Ruxpin
Ossy 8:51:30 AM
and the Disney bear necessities
TAndy 8:51:41 AM
The only reason I know this song is because of that video of a bunch of fast motion bears rubbing their backs on a tree with the "BEARS BEARS BEARS" vocal sample overlayed
Flogging Mok 8:51:57 AM
yeah Baloo
Flogging Mok 8:52:09 AM
The Bad News Bears ;)
Ossy 8:52:31 AM
And Kenai and Little John!
TAndy 8:52:41 AM
Gonna crack open an ice cold bear with the boys
Ossy 8:52:49 AM
Especially Koda 🐻
TAndy 8:53:42 AM
Ossy 8:54:07 AM
Imagine a new Sonic character that'll be a wait there is already one, called Bark the Polar Bear in the older Sonic games.
TAndy 8:54:30 AM
Love this alreayTHAT BASS
Ossy 9:00:25 AM
And from the African motherland 🌍
Ossy 9:06:13 AM
From all the disccusion of nature and bears, anyone heard of the other sad story of some girl named Maureen Kelly that disappeared since 2013 on a "spiritual and natural" nature hike in a national forest park in Washington?
Flogging Mok 9:06:20 AM
cool tune
Krista (host) 9:07:47 AM
thanks, Mok. And no, I hadn't heard of Maureen Kelly. A lot of people disappear in national parks!
Krista (host) 9:08:05 AM
I avoid true crime podcasts and stuff of that nature, too icky for me
Ossy 9:08:58 AM
Ossy 9:09:51 AM
I also despise that type of camping and hiking where so many scary animals are around you.
Ossy 9:10:49 AM
Not to mention natural smelly places in the wilderness, haha.
Krista (host) 9:11:02 AM
human animals are the scariest for me. i'd never go alone as a woman because too many of my friends have had super scary encounters with men on trails
Krista (host) 9:11:21 AM
one man followed a friend of mine for 30 miles on the appalachian trail
Krista (host) 9:11:31 AM
like a goddamn terminator or some shit
Ossy 9:12:12 AM
People take their chances with bears, wolves, mountain lions and non predator animals like goats and moose!
Krista (host) 9:12:18 AM
and he wasn't just naturally behind her, he would catch up to her and say yucky things, then disappear for a while, then show up and scare her
Krista (host) 9:12:46 AM
rams have wrecked me before! sheep are nothing to mess around with
Ossy 9:12:58 AM
Especially when they fkn build their houses where they live like they're that safe!!
Ossy 9:13:43 AM
That guy sounds like Jason Voorheees type of shit, before he became undead.
TAndy 9:14:53 AM
The wilderness scares the hell out of me, especially wooded areas. These old mountains out here could tell so many stories
Krista (host) 9:15:24 AM
I grew up with a grandmother telling me all the scary german folktales about the deep dark woods and the Black Forest
Ossy 9:15:45 AM
Stalker I mean. Btw, some guy died by a mountain goat I read and some idiot had his doberman chained up at night and a cougar attacked it. Fortunately, the dog survived(thanks to the spiked collar and chain from being dragged away) and I hope it got taken away from the owner
TAndy 9:17:08 AM
I love the folklore from the low European countries, it gets so gruesome 🤣
Krista (host) 9:17:22 AM
I like being deep in the woods, it's a beautiful place for me. But I've done that since I was a child and I'm not going alone. Many times it's hunting so I'll have a rifle. Not in Jersey, too densely populated to feel good about rifle hunting.
Ossy 9:17:23 AM
Reading that Maureen Kelly story, and I still wonder why in the world will she do such a scary thing, taking a journey off alone in the wilderness and that nobody tried stopping her immediately by all means?
TAndy 9:17:55 AM
Who knows
Krista (host) 9:18:32 AM
yeah, that's a wild sentence from wikipedia: According to a group of friends who were at the campground with Kelly, she stated she was going on a "spiritual quest" and subsequently removed her clothes and walked into the woods wearing only a fanny pack containing knives, matches and a compass.[2] No one tried to stop her.[3]
TAndy 9:18:56 AM
My friend wants to take me to Yosemite when I visit our west again later this year, hoping he doesn't want to go camping though. Mountain lions scare the hell out of me.
Ossy 9:20:13 AM
Krista - I stopped at some relatively safe NJ nature reserve park on a way to some 2021 African festival event, to check for directions and got out to enjoy the view for some, and the place, as naturally smelled less than aesthetic, lol. I did see some family's two big scary dogs having fun in a lake and people hiking.
Ossy 9:22:35 AM
Tandy - Regardless what the pro animal lovers say, of "but they're not as dangerous, as you think, mountain lions are a terror to always fear. Told a friend of mine in Cali mountains, that mountain lions are known to inhabit there and masters of stealth, especially in the night.
Krista (host) 9:23:21 AM
if you see them, they want you to see them
TAndy 9:23:44 AM
They rarely attack humans, unless you encroach on their territory while they have babies. But with mountain lions, you won't know you're a victim till they're on u
TAndy 9:23:54 AM
It's a shame because they're still adorable
Ossy 9:25:09 AM
Krista - Yeah that very action of Kelly, and her "so called friends". Btw on a side note, Maureen kinda looks like Auli'i Cravalho (Moana's voice)
Ossy 9:28:18 AM
Tandy - True also, mothers are most dangerous and the cubs are cute...til they get older LOL. I also recall that one story of the 2000s of some girl got attacked by a cougar after she decided to rest alone from hiking with her friends. She survived, when her friends came back to fight it off.
Ossy 9:29:21 AM
"if you see them, they want you to see them" I SEE YOU I SEE YOU like a flashlight cop according to Martin Lawrence XDDDDD
Christine 𓅓 9:41:54 AM
This is real. 💯
Krista (host) 9:42:13 AM
This instrument is the sudrag
Christine 𓅓 9:42:52 AM
I'm loving the twangy tone. Really enjoying the show, Krista. Work's keeping me out of the chat! Morning, all...
TAndy 9:43:43 AM
Good morning Christine! Have a pleasant workday
Krista (host) 9:44:34 AM
good morning, Christine! hope work eases up on you
Christine 𓅓 9:47:06 AM
Mornin' Krista, TAndy, Ossy, Mok, Richard & all you fine folks ☀️
Flogging Mok 9:49:08 AM
Ossy 9:51:02 AM
Morning Christine, hope the people at the workplace permits wprb in the office!
TAndy 9:54:10 AM
Almost that time... Thank you for the show, as always, Krista!
Krista (host) 9:56:25 AM
Thanks everyone, have a good day!
Ossy 9:57:05 AM
Fun morning talks of scary wilderness animals and stinky natural forest places!
Richard from Rocky Hill 9:58:26 AM
@ Krista (host) And thank you for our Thursday morning sonic habitat!
Brian D 10:00:15 AM
Fun show Krista