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Apr 6, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Lizbot

A tangy mélange of modern classical composition, rock in opposition, and songs of petition on a free-form mission

SAKAMOTO & STEIN - A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto & Seymour Stein

SAKAMOTO & STEIN - A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto & Seymour Stein, who both passed away in the past two weeks

5:03 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - 1000 Knives
Yellow Magic Orchestra 1000 Knives R.I.P. Ryuichi Sakamoto
BGM Alfa 1981
5:08 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Fight(Coda)
Ryuichi Sakamoto The Fight(Coda) Ryuichi Sakamoto
Coda London Records 1983
Reminds me a little of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse"!
5:10 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Tell'em To Me
Ryuichi Sakamoto Tell'em To Me Ryuichi Sakamoto
Hidariude No Yume 左うでの夢 Alfa 1981
Hidariude No Yume = "Left Handed Dream". FEATURES ADRIAN BELEW!
5:14 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Electric Youth - andata
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Electric Youth andata Ryuichi Sakamoto
async remodels Milan 2018
5:24 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Kimi Ni Mune Kyun
Yellow Magic Orchestra Kimi Ni Mune Kyun
Naughty Boys Alfa 1983
Kimi ni, mune kyun = "A holiday affair". Uwaki na bokura = "Naughty boys". 6th studio album
5:24 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind the Mask
Yellow Magic Orchestra Behind the Mask Ryuichi Sakamoto
Solid State Survivor Alfa 1979
With lyrics by British poet, author, composer, vocalist and illustrator Chris Mosdell, who has also written lyrics for written lyrics for Sarah Brightman and Boy George, and Michael Jackson. This song was covered by keyboardist Greg Phillinganes on MJ's album "Pulse".
5:27 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Cue
Yellow Magic Orchestra Cue Takahashi, Hosono
BGM Alfa Records 1981
Sakamoto on keyboards/synth
5:32 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - stakra
Ryuichi Sakamoto stakra Ryuichi Sakamoto
async Milan 2017
5:33 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:38 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - the end of europe
Ryuichi Sakamoto the end of europe Ryuichi Sakamoto
B-2 Unit Alfa 1980
5:43 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - 20210310
Ryuichi Sakamoto 20210310 Ryuichi Sakamoto
12 COMMMONS 2023
5:47 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:47 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - thatness and thereness
Ryuichi Sakamoto thatness and thereness Ryuichi Sakamoto
B-2 Unit Alfa Records 1980
5:50 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Japan(Coda)
Ryuichi Sakamoto Japan(Coda) Ryuichi Sakamoto
Coda London Records 1983
Check out the excellent Sakamoto documentary, also called "Coda," from 2017 that looks back on his music career, as well as his anti-nuclear energy activism, ignited by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma, Fukushima in 2011, and his fight against cancer.
5:53 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Simoon
Yellow Magic Orchestra Simoon Haruomi Hosono
Yellow Magic Orchestra Alfa Records 1978
Sakamoto on synth
6:00 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Venezia
Ryuichi Sakamoto Venezia Ryuichi Sakamoto
Hidariude No Yume 左うでの夢 Alfa 1981
Japanese kanji called 和(wa) has two meanings: One is Japanese, one is group Until this album, Sakamoto was singing in English on his solo albums. But in this album he sings in English and Japanese, trying to harmonize electronics with traditional Japanese instruments, while bringing in close friends to collaborate with him.
6:04 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Neue Tanz
Yellow Magic Orchestra Neue Tanz
Technodelic Alfa Records 1981
(新舞踊; "Shin buyou")
6:09 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Relâché
Ryuichi Sakamoto Relâché Ryuichi Sakamoto
Hidariude No Yume 左うでの夢 Alfa 1981
Hidariude No Yume 左うでの夢 = "Left-Handed Dream". Adrian Belew on guitar
6:13 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian - Grains (Sweet Paulownia Wood) - David Sylvian Remodel
Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian Grains (Sweet Paulownia Wood) - David Sylvian Remodel Ryuichi Sakamoto
A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto - To the Moon and Back V/A Milan 2022
Written by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Carsten Nicolai. Remodel produced and performed by long-time Sakamoto friend and collaborator David Sylvian.
6:21 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Garden Of Poppies
Ryuichi Sakamoto The Garden Of Poppies Ryuichi Sakamoto
Hidariude No Yume 左うでの夢 Alfa 1981
6:26 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Key
Yellow Magic Orchestra Key Takahashi, Hosono
Technodelic Alfa 1981
Sakamoto on synths
6:30 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Mad Pierrot
Yellow Magic Orchestra Mad Pierrot
Yellow Magic Orchestra Alfa 1978
6:34 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Batavia(Coda)
Ryuichi Sakamoto Batavia(Coda) Ryuichi Sakamoto
Coda London Records 1983
6:35 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Day Tripper
Yellow Magic Orchestra Day Tripper Lennon–McCartney
Solid State Survivor Alfa 1979
6:38 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - solari
Ryuichi Sakamoto solari Ryuichi Sakamoto
Async Milan 2017
6:38 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:46 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - A Hearty Breakfast (Coda)
Ryuichi Sakamoto A Hearty Breakfast (Coda) Ryuichi Sakamoto
Coda London 1983
6:47 PM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
Yellow Magic Orchestra Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
Yellow Magic Orchestra Alfa 1978
6:53 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Seed And The Sower(Coda)
Ryuichi Sakamoto The Seed And The Sower(Coda)
Coda London Records 1983
6:57 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Ryuichi Sakamoto Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Ryuichi Sakamoto
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Virgin 1983
Senjō no Merī Kurisumasu, 'Merry Christmas on the Battlefield'), also known as Furyo (俘虜, Japanese for "prisoner of war"), is a 1983 war film co-written and directed by Nagisa Ōshima, co-written by Paul Mayersberg, based on the experiences of Sir Laurens van der Post (portrayed by Tom Conti) as a prisoner of war in Japan during World War II, as depicted in his books The Seed and the Sower (1963) and The Night of the New Moon (1970). It stars David Bowie, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takeshi Kitano and Jack Thompson; Sakamoto also wrote the score and the vocal theme "Forbidden Colours", which features David Sylvian. Sakamoto's score won the film a BAFTA Award for Best Film Music.
7:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


7:09 PM
The Cure - Plainsong
The Cure Plainsong
Disintegration 1989
7:14 PM
The Smiths - I Won't Share You
The Smiths I Won't Share You
Strangeways, Here We Come Rough Trade 1987
4th & final Smiths album
7:17 PM
My Bloody Valentine - Blown a Wish
My Bloody Valentine Blown a Wish
Loveless Sire 1991
7:20 PM
Mojave 3 - To Whom Should I Write
Mojave 3 To Whom Should I Write
Out of Tune 4AD 1998
7:23 PM
Lilys - Ginger
Lilys Ginger Kurt Heasley
A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns 1993
7:29 PM
Broadcast - Accidentals
Broadcast Accidentals
Work and Non Work Warp Records 1997
Featuring the haunting vocals of the great Trish Keenan, who passed away from pneumonia at only 42.
7:32 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:37 PM
Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia
Pet Shop Boys Suburbia
Suburbia / Paninaro 1986
7:41 PM
Erasure - A Little Respect
Erasure A Little Respect
The Innocents Sire 1988
7:47 PM
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind
Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind
Always On My Mind / Do I Have To? 1987
7:48 PM
The Associates - Club Country
The Associates Club Country
Sulk Sire 1982
7:53 PM
Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
Echo and the Bunnymen The Killing Moon
Ocean Rain 1984
Brian Turner of WFMU interviewed Seymour Stein and Stein rhapsodized about Ian McCulloch's lips!
7:58 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:58 PM
Broadcast - The Book Lovers
Broadcast The Book Lovers
Work and Non Work 1997
Chat is archived.
Lizbot (host) 4:59:36 PM
R.I.P. legendary Japanese composer, record producer, and actor RYUICHI SAKAMOTO January 17, 1952 – March 28, 2023
Lizbot (host) 5:08:17 PM
I am paying tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto in the first 2 hours of the program today, and then 7-8 will be dedicated to the late Seymour Stein with bands he signed to Sire Records
Lizbot (host) 5:09:28 PM
The Fight (Coda) reminds me a little of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse"!
Ossy 5:20:56 PM
Afternoon Liz, beauty songs that's crystal fresh as the night blue sky
Lizbot (host) 5:21:20 PM
Hi Ossy! haha, yeah this song especially!
Lizbot (host) 5:22:43 PM
@Ossy - This is the SECOND member of Yellow Magic Orchestra to die in the past several months! Yukihiro Takahashi passed away on 1/11/2023 and now Sakamoto! Now only Haruomi Hosono remains
Lizbot (host) 5:23:26 PM
I am playing a couple YMO songs I played for the Takahashi tribute I did in January, but most of my tribute today is other Sakamoto songs
Ossy 5:25:04 PM
Awesome and though hearing of them for the first time, I instantly enjoying their music! Prayers for Haruomi to be protected!
Ossy 5:25:53 PM
Awesome tribute of Yukihiro Takahashi months earlier, and saw him on Grammys tribute, along with Christina Mcvee
Lizbot (host) 5:28:10 PM
@Ossy - Thanks! Yeah, I gotta go back and watch that tribute. I usually skip The Grammys but there are always a couple ppl in those tributes that I forgot died in the last year!
Ossy 5:30:01 PM
The tribute there was serene magical!
Lizbot (host) 5:30:09 PM
@Ossy - YEah, both Sakamoto and Takahashi had cancer. Haroumi Hosono seems to be doing okay by all accounts... He played some live shows in 2019.
Ossy 5:30:22 PM
I think I also saw the cute Irene Cara too!
Lizbot (host) 5:31:01 PM
BTW, Ossy, Haroumi Hosono composed a lot of early Namco video game soundtracks! He also composed the theme song for Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Lizbot (host) 5:39:25 PM
this song is filled with creeping dread
George Korein 5:41:29 PM
Lizbot (host) 5:43:01 PM
@George - Truly
Andrew Gruen 5:43:08 PM
it goes nicely with the overcast skies and wind
Lizbot (host) 5:43:13 PM
The bell tolls for you
Lizbot (host) 5:43:18 PM
Hi Andrew!
Andrew Gruen 5:43:43 PM
good evening!
Lizbot (host) 5:44:27 PM
@Andrew - Yes, a fitting score for the impending rainstorm that's creeping across area satellites
Number 6 5:46:53 PM
Greetings and salutations all!
Lizbot (host) 5:47:27 PM
Hi Number 6!
Lizbot (host) 5:48:40 PM
@George - In addition to Sakamoto's influence on David Sylvian, I feel like I hear quite a bit of Sakamoto influence on Tuxedomoon's music.
Ossy 5:49:57 PM
I knew ill have a feeling Haroumi Hosono will be involved in something like Hayao Miyazaki films and never knew he was in Namco, which I was looking at some Pac-Man and his wife, that has glamorous lipstick like Pauline from Mario!
Number 6 5:50:43 PM
It looks like some of us will be going back in the studio soon, then all DJs will have the Magic Secret Decoder, which presently reads 107 online listeners!
Ossy 5:50:44 PM
I was comparing Pac-Man to that ball dog-like monster, Chain Chomp.
Lizbot (host) 5:51:35 PM
@Number 6 - Yes, onward to Barge
Number 6 5:52:06 PM
The ship has landed!
Lizbot (host) 5:52:31 PM
@Ossy - Oh yeah, Chain-Chomp is a LOT like Pac-Man!
Ossy 5:54:07 PM
Interestingly, the monster even has a gold variant!!!!! https://www.mariowiki.com/Gold_Chomp
Lizbot (host) 5:54:31 PM
@Number - The Barge has docked!
Ossy 5:55:21 PM
This song feels VERY similar to a soundtrack from Super Mario World and 2!
Guelo<3 5:57:04 PM
My favorite one !
Guelo<3 5:57:18 PM
<3 rip
Lizbot (host) 5:57:58 PM
Hi Guelo! I love Simoon too! Such a fun irreverent erotica-influenced song!
Lizbot (host) 5:58:28 PM
@Ossy - oh yeah, I could see that! Well the composers of those game soundtracks are most definitely influenced by Sakamoto!
Lizbot (host) 6:04:00 PM
@Ossy - Sadly that 1984 compilation of Haroumi Hosono NAMCO video game music is unavailable everywhere! I want a copy of that so badly!
Lizbot (host) 6:04:09 PM
This song makes me happy
TAndy 6:04:55 PM
Good evening, all. Missed the first hour but I'm really happy that you're doing this, Lizbot.
Lizbot (host) 6:06:36 PM
Sidenote: Sakamoto's bandmate and fellow YMO-founder Haroumi Hosono, last surviving member of Yellow Magic Orchestra after the deaths of Sakamoto a week ago and Yukihiro Takahashi in January 2023, was named by an artist I don't care about but whose music is EVERYWHERE, esp this year, Harry Styles, who named Hosono's early solo album "Hosono House" a bit influence on his Grammy Album of the Year winning Harry's House album...I don't hear much influence other than in the title!
Lizbot (host) 6:06:51 PM
Hi TAndy! I'm glad you made it here!
jimboo 6:07:24 PM
This is UNREAL 🌌🌌🌌
Lizbot (host) 6:07:50 PM
Hi Jimboo! I'm glad you're digging it!
DSM 6:08:39 PM
This song is so gooooooood
Lizbot (host) 6:09:37 PM
Hi DSM! Yeah, I feel like I'm progressing through some digital landscape while pixelated beasts prance on the sidelines when I listen to Neue Tanz
DSM 6:10:56 PM
Lizbot, Harry Sytles also had that Richard Brautigan reference in his Watermelon Sugar song, so maybe he's hipper than we'd give him credit for
Lizbot (host) 6:11:45 PM
More Adrian Belew collaborating with Sakamoto on this song!
Lizbot (host) 6:12:18 PM
@DSM - haha, I think he owns some good records, and I don't mind his Harry's House album but I don't wanna own it!
Rob from Maryland 6:12:19 PM
Hello and good evening
Lizbot (host) 6:12:24 PM
Hi Rob from Maryland!
Lizbot (host) 6:12:43 PM
@DSM - I don't need to own it. It's in the air everywhere in every cab and store anyway!
Rob from Maryland 6:12:48 PM
Hi Lizbot (host)!
DSM 6:14:26 PM
That "chop chop chop" type percussion? thing from the last song is also in a Wang Chung song off the Live and Die in LA soundtrack and I'm just a sucker for it! I wonder if it had a name. I think it's also on the Tony Carey Explorer album. Just a cool sound they played with during that time in synth land I guess
Lizbot (host) 6:14:30 PM
@Rob - I hope you're enjoying all the spring bird activity! We have doves nesting over the door to our yard, and cardinals nesting on the bush next to our side door!
DSM 6:15:31 PM
Lizbot, I'm not sure I've ever actually heard a Harry Styles song! tho I probably have and just don't realize it
DSM 6:15:51 PM
whilst at Chipotle
Ossy 6:16:47 PM
I occasionally see red cardinals, blue jays and yellow chafinchies in the neighborhood
Lizbot (host) 6:18:22 PM
@DSM - Now I gotta listen to those three songs back to back! Sakamoto scored a LOT of films over the years. I don't know if he scored to Live and Die in LA, but I'll check. Either way, it must've been a popular synth!
DSM 6:19:59 PM
My guess is everyone was probably ripping off Sakamoto!
Lizbot (host) 6:20:07 PM
@Ossy - Nice! There is a drab brown female cardinal and a bright red male who babies haven't hatched yet on the bush 6 inches from my door and every time I toss recycling or go out the door they flit from the bush to the tree across my driveway, which is great because I can see them out my kitchen window in that tree. I've even broken out my birdwatching binoculars a few days ago to watch them in that tree
Lizbot (host) 6:20:21 PM
@DSM - Oh, definitely he was a musician's musician!
Rob from Maryland 6:22:04 PM
@Lizbot, how nice! I don't know where our doves or cardinals are nesting (yet). My wife spied a male cowbird on top of the fire hydrant when came home this afternoon
Rob from Maryland 6:23:21 PM
@Lizbot, your cardinals already have eggs?! Wow!
Lizbot (host) 6:23:24 PM
@DSM - You most likely heard the utterly ubiquitous single from Harry's House "And It Was" because that thing is just drifting in the air. I heard it in Mexico. I hear it in pharmacies and cabs and everywhere
TAndy 6:23:40 PM
Ugh this is so good
Rob from Maryland 6:23:41 PM
Ossy, cool! (the yellow birds are goldfinches though)
Lizbot (host) 6:23:46 PM
@Rob from Maryland - I haven't even seen eggs yet, just them building the nest
Lizbot (host) 6:23:56 PM
@TAndy - I'm glad you like it!
TAndy 6:23:58 PM
I hate how we keep losing such valuable and talented musicians these past years.
Rob from Maryland 6:24:26 PM
@Lizbot, ah. Having eggs even here near DC seems really early
Rob from Maryland 6:25:35 PM
@Lizbot, my wife and I are both enjoying the show right now!
Lizbot (host) 6:25:51 PM
@Rob from Maryland - And the dove couple that for many years always nested in that same bush seem to have been ousted by this cardinal pair because now they are nesting in the curved and too-narrow ledge over my back door and it's NOT a good spot! They started nesting there last year and the nest fell with all the unhatched eggs splattering on my doorstep! They don't seem to have good memories because they just built a nest there AGAIN in the past week and a half and it already fell, but w/o egg
DSM 6:26:12 PM
Lizbot I just googled "And It Was" and yes, I have definitely heard that A LOT. Weird how that happens and you don't even know who it is
Number 6 6:27:16 PM
That 1984 compilation of Haroumi Hosono NAMCO video game music seems to be available on Discogs, but it ain't cheap.
Rob from Maryland 6:27:34 PM
@Lizbot, that's sad. Doves aren't the brightest birds, unfortunately
Christine 𓅓 6:27:46 PM
Excellent sounds on such a somber occasion. Rest in peace, Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto 💔
Rofflestomp 6:28:13 PM
Hi Lizbot! Hey folks. Yippie!!! I Went down the Schuylkill River Trail with my new phone with an FM gizmo on it and it worked great! I only went about a mile or so past the boathouses, but it worked awesome! I am really jazzed about that. Just sayin...
Rofflestomp 6:28:20 PM
Lizbot (host) 6:28:44 PM
@Rob from Maryland - I'm glad yr wife has tuned in as well! At least the doves didn't lay their eggs yet before the nest fell this year! I haven't seen them return since it fell a few days ago, so I hope they found a more suitable spot, but I'll miss watching their fledglings perch on my stair railing like they did every year until last year!
Lizbot (host) 6:28:49 PM
Hi Rofflestomp!
Rofflestomp 6:28:51 PM
WPRB loud and clear
Lizbot (host) 6:29:18 PM
Hi Christine! Truly a great composer. Did you see the doc "Coda" about him from 2017? Good stuff
Lizbot (host) 6:29:52 PM
@Number 6 - Damn, yeah, that's not cheap at all! Argh. I am hoping to find a cheaper copy!
Christine 𓅓 6:29:53 PM
Hi Lizbot 🤖, Rogfle, DSM, Rob from MD, TAndy, Number 6, Ossy, jimboo, Guelo, Andrew & all!
Christine 𓅓 6:30:41 PM
I never saw that documentary, @Lizbot. I'll have to add that to my list!
TAndy 6:31:27 PM
Christine 𓅓 6:31:39 PM
You did a public service, @Roffle. Bringing WPRB to the SRT. 🚲 🎶
Lizbot (host) 6:31:41 PM
@DSM - Yeah, top 40 songs that ubiquitous in songs and everywhere become like white noise and you stop noticing them!
Lizbot (host) 6:31:57 PM
I love how triumphant this song is!
Lizbot (host) 6:33:17 PM
@Rofflestomp - The Schuylkill River Trail must be GORGEOUS with all the cherry blossoms in bloom right now! My husband [who randomly also just replaced his phone] was expressing a desire to bring his bike down there and ride the trail. Cherry Blossom Festival is returning to Fairmount Park in a week!!
Rofflestomp 6:34:03 PM
@Lizbot, and they smell wonderful too!
Rofflestomp 6:34:37 PM
Definitely took some pictures to send to my son.
Christine 𓅓 6:36:04 PM
🌸 🌸 🌸 too bad the Cherry Blossom Festival weekend is not this weekend instead of next.
Lizbot (host) 6:37:07 PM
@Rofflestomp - Nice! I am SO excited for Sakura Sunday at Cherry Blossom Festival! Blossoms, bands all day long, crafts, picnics, etc.! It's always such a lovely early spring event, weather-permitting! AND it's the first time they've brought it back since 2019! My fam & I always go and I've been missing it these past few years!
Lizbot (host) 6:37:30 PM
@Christine - I know!! I think that couldn't have it during Easter, but I'm worried the blossoms will be gone!
TAndy 6:37:36 PM
The cherry blossom trees in my neighborhood have already reached peak bloom, and are starting to shed. Probably the only tree matter I don't mind calling on my car :)
Rofflestomp 6:37:53 PM
Awesome! I Must check that out!
Christine 𓅓 6:38:21 PM
Oh yeah, it's Easter weekend. That's right.
Lizbot (host) 6:38:29 PM
I love the video game sound in that cover!
Christine 𓅓 6:39:58 PM
Ossy 6:40:14 PM
I'll love to attend the smelly good sakura cherry blossom tree festivals 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💖💖💖💖💖💖
Ossy 6:40:32 PM
Hi Christine!
DSM 6:40:32 PM
TAndy, the pollening is coming....
Number 6 6:41:18 PM
The compilation is available on youtube, ripe for the taking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49ZK_EVWIBM
TAndy 6:43:10 PM
There's also a very good collection of VGM on vinyl for the other vinyl nerds on here: https://www.discogs.com/release/11210077-Various-Diggin-In-The-Carts-A-Collection-Of-Pioneering-Japanese-Video-Game-Music
Tomi from PARTS UNKNOWN 6:47:01 PM
wow I just heard B-2 Unit for the first time recently. What an awesome tribute set.
Tomi from PARTS UNKNOWN 6:47:53 PM
can't wait to get into some YMO
Michael Okum 6:48:05 PM
Newbie Listener here... Really enjoying your generous tribute to R. Sakamoto today! Thanks so much for this... Really dig your show!
Lizbot (host) 6:48:36 PM
Hi Tomi from PARTS UNKNOWN - I'm glad you're enjoying it! B-2 Unit is a great album. Enjoy your deep-dive into YMO's discography!
Lizbot (host) 6:49:05 PM
Hi Michael Okum! Thanks so much! I'm glad to find others who appreciate the genius of Ryuichi Sakamoto!
Richard from Rocky Hill 6:49:18 PM
@ Lizbot (host) Although I was aware of Ryuichi Sakamoto's talent (eg., Oscar and Grammy-winning soundtrack to The Last Emperor) it was through your show and others on WPRB that i got turned onto the Yellow Magic Orchestra and his wondrous music in general. A great loss, but so much value left to us. Thank you, Ryuichi-san! You were ichi-ban!
Lizbot (host) 6:49:25 PM
@Number 6 - Oooh nice!! I gotta get to that later! Thanks for the link!
Lizbot (host) 6:50:07 PM
Hi Richard from Rocky Hill! - Nice! I am glad WPRB gave you a deeper exposure to his work!
Lizbot (host) 6:50:57 PM
@Ossy - I love that sakura smell! It's beautiful along the Schuylkill banks, Fairmount Park and also Morris Arboretum right now!
Ossy 6:51:20 PM
Sonic genesis sounding!
Lizbot (host) 6:51:53 PM
@TAndy - For real! I love a confetti of cherry blossoms in my yard and on my car! I have one lovely old cherry blossom tree and I am so grateful for it!
Lizbot (host) 6:52:26 PM
@Ossy - haha, you definitely are hearing all the video game soundtrack influences here! Sakamoto is such a huge influence in that world
TAndy 6:53:52 PM
This song directly responsible for how ZUN-chan approached music for his Touhou game series.
Ossy 6:54:07 PM
Lizbot- Same, love the aromatic scent and natural pink color of the Sakura trees and indeed hearing LOADS of video game sounding music like Milky Way!
Lizbot (host) 6:56:48 PM
@TAndy - Good to know! And I will checking THAT out later!
Lizbot (host) 6:57:27 PM
@Ossy - yes! What do you think of sakura as a flavor? I have had sakura mochi I liked but the sakura tea I tried last year was a bit...off
TAndy 6:57:51 PM
It's a lot, Lizbot I must warm you. There are loads of official games out with large soundtracks, but the 6th game is where it got really popular so that soundtrack may be a good starting point.
TAndy 6:58:10 PM
Also thousands of hours of fan music alone
Lizbot (host) 6:58:56 PM
@TAndy - I am always interested in picking up more good game soundtracks. Oh, I'm SURE there is a ton of fan music! That tends to happen with any popular game series. I love the odder soundtracks. Still love all the Katamari Damacy stuff
TAndy 6:59:33 PM
I still need to watch this film
Lizbot (host) 7:00:24 PM
@TAndy - SUGGESTED DOUBLE-FEATURE IN HONOR OF RYUICHI SAKAMOTO!: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence flowed by Coda (the documentary)
TAndy 7:02:16 PM
Christine 𓅓 7:02:46 PM
Sounds like a great idea, @Lizbot. 📺 🎬 📺 I'll check Kanopy to see if either are on there.
TAndy 7:03:06 PM
Very nice ID here hahah
Ossy 7:03:23 PM
I haven't tried sakura as any type of taste, but from its smells alone, I bet it'll be aesthetic to taste!
Ossy 7:04:05 PM
Do they also have sakura gummies? I saw some Japanese strawberry/cherry flavored snacks and some tea, as well
DSM 7:04:32 PM
👏👏👏 Tibute to, and Ryuichi Sakamoto himself 👏👏👏
Lizbot (host) 7:11:02 PM
@DSM - He was a one of those people I always enjoyed reading and listening to interviews of- so thoughtful and funny. I forgot to tell my favorite Sakamoto anecdote on air today!: This is SUCH a baller move, and I admire it as a DJ: He was eating in his favorite restaurant in NYC and he didn't like the music they regularly played, so he made them a lengthy soundtrack to dine to and they were flattered and changed their music to that!!
Christine 𓅓 7:11:30 PM
There are Sakura Kit Kats, but I've never had one. 🌸 I wonder if they'll be available at the Maido booth, since they're a fantastic store carrying all sorts of Japanese delicacies.
TAndy 7:12:45 PM
This right here 💙
Number 6 7:13:04 PM
We have 150 online listeners, wow!
Lizbot (host) 7:13:38 PM
@Number 6- nice!
DSM 7:14:37 PM
That's amazing, the soundtrack to dine to, story
Christine 𓅓 7:14:40 PM
1️⃣ 5️⃣ 0️⃣ 🔮
Lizbot (host) 7:15:21 PM
@Christine - I have seen those! Nice color to them, but I think I'll pass! I HAVE tried the green tea kit-kats from Maido Japanese Market in Ardmore. They have sakura too I believe. You can buy a whole mini kit-kat sampler of all the Japanese flavors from a few sellers
Ossy 7:16:23 PM
Speaking of games, viewer/listener counts and etc. That Mario Movie Illumination got more than 99 1-up green mushrooms(many watchers and the box office)
Lizbot (host) 7:16:40 PM
@Ossy - I bet there are sakura gummies based on how many Japanese gummies I've seen. I love the smell, but, like with lavender candies - love the smell, hate the taste!
TAndy 7:19:45 PM
MBV 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Lizbot (host) 7:24:19 PM
@TAndy - TOO MANY bands Stein signed to even touch the surface!
Lizbot (host) 7:25:53 PM
@TANdy - Did you get to that MBV show at the Fillmore in 2018? I was there and I think I lost some hearing!
Lizbot (host) 7:26:46 PM
Speaking of reunion shows...LILYS played this song on Night #1 of their two-night (long-delayed) reunion a month ago at the Latvian Society and it was GREAT!
TAndy 7:30:10 PM
I didn't learn about MBV till two years ago. I would love to see them live
Steve Volaric 7:30:25 PM
Broadcast! ❤️❤️❤️
Lizbot (host) 7:31:35 PM
Hi Steve Volaric! Yeah, I listened to this album heavily driving back and forth from my parents' house to college when this came out
Lizbot (host) 7:31:45 PM
@Steve V - I miss Trish Keenan
Steve Volaric 7:32:01 PM
Me too.
Rob from Maryland 7:35:22 PM
Hi Christine!
Christine 𓅓 7:36:29 PM
Hi Rob! 🦅 Seen any cool birds lately?
Andrew Gruen 7:36:59 PM
@lizbot - that lilys show was fantastic! i went to the first night too.
Number 6 7:37:53 PM
Earplugs seem to be de rigure at a lot of shows apparently.
Rofflestomp 7:38:47 PM
Earplugs 100%
Lizbot (host) 7:40:23 PM
@Andrew Gruen - SO good! I was so happy that show finally happened! Great venue, too! Such oddball art in the Latvian Society! I saw Pig Iron Theatre Co do Chekhov Lizardbrain there many years ago. The projected light show by Klip Collective at the Lilys show added to vibe. Kurt was glowing all kinds of colors!
Andrew Gruen 7:40:36 PM
i haven't gone without earplugs for the past 20 years
Lizbot (host) 7:40:50 PM
@Number 6 - For real. Some more than others! MBV was bonkers loud
TAndy 7:41:30 PM
I still sometimes listen to my own music really loudly but when I go to a concert I'll always wear a earplugs, even if it's outdoor and audio levels are ok. Don't want more tinnitus
Andrew Gruen 7:41:36 PM
the little bar there had such a nice vibe too
Number 6 7:41:45 PM
Earplugs are cheap on ebay, never leave home without them.
TAndy 7:41:52 PM
There have been times where venues had none and I would have to fashion earplugs out of toilet paper
Number 6 7:42:39 PM
The older you get, the more you need them.
Christine 𓅓 7:43:00 PM
❤️🧡💛 Erasure 💚💙💜🖤🤎
TAndy 7:43:33 PM
The more you appreciate venues with chairs, too.
Rofflestomp 7:43:46 PM
@Number 6, I have various varietes of earplugs and they are in all my backpacks along with neoprene gloves and masks :)
Lizbot (host) 7:43:48 PM
@Andrew Gruen - yes! I bought some back-issues of maggotbrain music magazine and had a tea in that little side room with the strange paintings of animals before the show! Kurt Vile was down there just receiving his fans. I came for Heasley, but it can't hurt to have a bonus Kurt!
Lizbot (host) 7:44:19 PM
@Number 6 - I think I'm finally reckoning with the hearing loss I suffered from carelessness at shows in my 20s!
Christine 𓅓 7:44:36 PM
Christine 𓅓 7:44:41 PM
TAndy 7:45:09 PM
Number 6 7:45:29 PM
I usually have to bring a pillow to augment the comfort level of the chair too.
Lizbot (host) 7:46:12 PM
@Christine - Speaking of Erasure, I heard Bronski Beat's Small-town Boy at a bar in Mexico, with of course Erasure's Jimmy Somerville
Christine 𓅓 7:46:20 PM
I do bring earplugs to concerts now, and a couple extra pairs for my neighbors.
Christine 𓅓 7:46:50 PM
Lizbot, that's awesome! What a vibe that bar must have had.
DSM 7:48:46 PM
omg I'm so used to the Chipmunks on 16 speed version of this now that I was like why is this so fast?!
Rofflestomp 7:49:03 PM
Sometimes I would spend days in El Paso and listened to a lot of Mexican radio. Some is quite good.
Lizbot (host) 7:49:16 PM
@Christine - That's thoughtful of you! I don't usually think of it, but George does!
Lizbot (host) 7:49:48 PM
@Christine - This bar had delicious beetroot steak I'm still dreaming about!
Lizbot (host) 7:50:13 PM
@DSM - haha, YES I DO bring that slowed down one out on occasion! Makes me laugh!
Lizbot (host) 7:51:08 PM
@Number 6 - No chairs at The Fillmore. I wish! I was sleepy that night and climbed on a rolled up mat against the wall, but that was less comfortable than normal standing!
Rofflestomp 7:53:01 PM
Took my kid to a Warpaint concert at the Rainbow in Portland OR, and no chair for the under 21 crowd. Not the best venue.
Christine 𓅓 7:54:11 PM
The Fillmore has a high score for toilet facilities, and how many bars there are distributed throughout, imo. They could use some chairs, I agree.
Lizbot (host) 7:54:50 PM
Ever since Brian Turner posted about his interview of Seymour Stein, when I hear Echo & The Bunnymen I think about Seymour Stein's huge crush on Ian McCulloch!
Christine 𓅓 7:55:05 PM
🔪 🌕 ☠️
Lizbot (host) 7:55:23 PM
@Christine - I don't know why, but the Fillmore kinda bums me out. And there are not great sightlines...too wide
Number 6 7:55:34 PM
I gotta bail for the zoom meeting. The final numbers are 140, until tomorrow, BCNU!
Christine 𓅓 7:55:52 PM
Goodnight, Number 6
Lizbot (host) 7:55:54 PM
@Rofflestomp - haha, yeah I LOVE The Mann and The Met these days and their sweet, sweet seating!
Lizbot (host) 7:56:15 PM
Goodnight, Number 6! Thanks for joining! I'll be getting to that meeting a little late I guess!
Christine 𓅓 7:56:16 PM
The Met is pretty wonderful.
DSM 7:56:37 PM
Thanks Lizbot! Great tributes tonight.
Lizbot (host) 7:56:41 PM
@Christine - I WISH I'd seen the Patti Smith show there!
Lizbot (host) 7:56:44 PM
Thanks DSM!
Christine 𓅓 7:57:04 PM
Thank you, Lizbot! 🤖 🌠
Lizbot (host) 7:57:15 PM
Thanks for listening, Christine!
Rob from Maryland 7:57:28 PM
@Christine, there was a male cowbird perched on the fire hydrant a couple of houses down the hill from me. Otherwise, some returning birds like swallows and Ospreys
Rob from Maryland 7:57:33 PM
How are you?
Ossy 7:57:44 PM
Spectacular conversation and tribute, as always Liz!
Rob from Maryland 7:58:01 PM
Thank you, Lizbot, for tonight's show!
Lizbot (host) 7:58:08 PM
Thanks Rob!
Lizbot (host) 7:58:11 PM
Thanks Ossy!
Christine 𓅓 7:58:28 PM
@Rob, thst's awesome. I am good 🙃
Lizbot (host) 7:58:34 PM
See you all next week, I hope! If artists I love stop dying for a moment, I'll FINALLY get to that Mexico bands show next week!
Rofflestomp 7:58:59 PM
Nice to hear you and M Mouse down by the river Lizbot. Thanks for the tunes!
Rob from Maryland 7:59:05 PM
Hopefully you will, Lizbot!
Lizbot (host) 7:59:43 PM
Thanks, Rofflestomp!
TAndy 7:59:56 PM
Thank you Lizbot!!!
Lizbot (host) 8:00:07 PM
And stay tuned everyone for some exciting MEMBERSHIP DRIVE announcements in the coming week!
Lizbot (host) 8:00:33 PM
Thanks, TAndy!