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Mar 30, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Lizbot

A tangy mélange of modern classical composition, rock in opposition, and songs of petition on a free-form mission


5:04 PM
Gal Costa - Que Pena (Ele Já Não Gosta Mais de Mim)
Gal Costa Que Pena (Ele Já Não Gosta Mais de Mim)
Gal Costa Philips 1969
5:08 PM
Black Moth Super Rainbow - When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue
Black Moth Super Rainbow When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue
Dandelion Gum Graveface Records 2007
5:10 PM
Kit Sebastian - Hayat
Kit Sebastian Hayat
Hayat - Single Mr Bongo 2022
5:14 PM
Cluster - Isodea
Cluster Isodea
Grosses Wasser Sky Records 1979
5:18 PM
Inara George - No Poem
Inara George No Poem Inara George
All Rise Everloving Records 2005
5:23 PM
Olivia Kaplan - Ghosts
Olivia Kaplan Ghosts Olivia Kaplan
Tonight Turns to Nothing Topshelf Records 2021
5:26 PM
Mitski - Working for the Knife
Mitski Working for the Knife R
Laurel Hell Dead Oceans 2022
5:29 PM
Cheer-Accident - Immanence
Cheer-Accident Immanence
Putting Off Death Cuneiform Records 2017
5:33 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Lizbot zips & zaps the world

5:38 PM
The Frogs - Smile
The Frogs Smile
The Frogs Mokai Records 1988
5:39 PM
Yves Tumor - Kerosene!
Yves Tumor Kerosene!
Heaven To a Tortured Mind Warp Records 2020
5:44 PM
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard-Boiled Babe
Lizzy Mercier Descloux Hard-Boiled Babe Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Press Color ZE Records 1979
5:49 PM
Abbie from Mars - Travel
Abbie from Mars Travel Abbie Minard
My Second Debut Album Johan Phineas Bëst Productions 2022
5:50 PM
Kate Bush - Delius (Song of Summer)
Kate Bush Delius (Song of Summer) Kate Bush
Never for Ever Parlophone UK 1980
5:53 PM
The Space Lady - Synthesize Me
The Space Lady Synthesize Me
The Space Lady's Greatest Hits Night School 2013
5:58 PM
Tenniscoats - The Ending Theme
Tenniscoats The Ending Theme
Alien Parade Japan V/A Alien Transistor 2022
6:00 PM
Soupy - I Bailed On Family Plans
Soupy I Bailed On Family Plans
Practice - EP Bee Side Cassettes 2019
6:05 PM
Solomon Fesshaye - Save Our Place
Solomon Fesshaye Save Our Place Solomon Fesshaye
Star City / Save Our Place - Single V/A Ghostly International 2022
6:10 PM
Lucrecia Dalt - No Tiempo
Lucrecia Dalt No Tiempo Lucrecia Dalt
¡Ay! RVNG Intl. 2022
6:13 PM
Miharu Koshi - Scandal Night
Miharu Koshi Scandal Night Miharu Koshi
Tutu Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. 1983
6:18 PM
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Pythagoras's Trousers
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Pythagoras's Trousers Simon Jeffes
Penguin Café Orchestra EG Records 1981
6:21 PM
Piero Umiliani - Elzeviro
Piero Umiliani Elzeviro Piero Umiliani
Musicaelettronica vol. 1 Easy Tempo / Right Tempo 2000
6:29 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Lizbot hops from the backs of one iguana after another

6:29 PM
Moses Sumney - Cut Me
Moses Sumney Cut Me Moses Sumney
græ Jagjaguwar 2020
6:33 PM
Sensations Fix - Fragments of Light
Sensations Fix Fragments of Light
Flying Tapes Universal Music Italia srL. 1978
6:36 PM
Frank Zappa - Rdnzl
Frank Zappa Rdnzl Frank Zappa
Läther Mercury 1977
6:40 PM
The Feminine Complex - Hide and Seek
The Feminine Complex Hide and Seek
Livin' Love Cherry Red Records 1969
All-girl American pop-rock band from 1966 to 1968 consisting of Mindy Dalton (guitar/vocals), Judi Griffith (tambourine/vocals), Lana Napier (drums/vocals), Pame Stephens (organ/vocals) and Jean Williams (bass/vocals), formed in 1966 at Maplewood High School in Nashville
6:44 PM
The Gothic Archies - Ever Falls the Twilight
The Gothic Archies Ever Falls the Twilight Stephin Merritt
The New Despair - EP Merge Records 1997
6:47 PM
Smoke Bellow - Fee Fee
Smoke Bellow Fee Fee
Open For Business Trouble In Mind Records 2021
6:51 PM
Elia y Elizabeth - Todo en la Vida
Elia y Elizabeth Todo en la Vida
La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth Vampisoul 1973
6:53 PM
Tomato Flower - Construction
Tomato Flower Construction
Construction - EP Ramp Local 2022
6:56 PM
So Percussion - Threads: II. Recitative -
So Percussion Threads: II. Recitative -
Threads Cantaloupe Music 2011
6:58 PM
Dan Deacon - Strawberry Mansion Theme
Dan Deacon Strawberry Mansion Theme Dan Deacon
Strawberry Mansion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Milan 2022
7:02 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Lizbot skips over many a snek

7:02 PM
Adrian Belew - Quicksand
Adrian Belew Quicksand Adrian Belew
Side Two Sanctuary Records 2005
7:05 PM
7FO - Moment
7FO Moment
Moment (Selected Works 2012-2017) Métron Records 2017
7:08 PM
Mathematicians - XOXO
Mathematicians XOXO
Level Two make your fate 2006
7:11 PM
The Magnetic Fields - I Wish I Had an Evil Twin
The Magnetic Fields I Wish I Had an Evil Twin Stephin Merritt
i Nonesuch 2004
7:15 PM
Chance - Samba do Morro
Chance Samba do Morro
Não São Paulo Baratos Afins 1985
7:19 PM
Wendy Carlos - Scarlatti: Sonata in E Major, L. 430/K. 531
Wendy Carlos Scarlatti: Sonata in E Major, L. 430/K. 531 Scarlatti
The Well-Tempered Synthesizer Columbia 1969
7:21 PM
Juana Molina - Cara de espejo - ANRMAL (Live in México)
Juana Molina Cara de espejo - ANRMAL (Live in México)
ANRMAL (Live in México) Crammed Discs 2020
7:27 PM
Unweather - City Under the Hill
Unweather City Under the Hill Will Robinson
Methuselah Original Soundtrack sound as language 2021
7:28 PM
Olivia Kaplan - Wrong
Olivia Kaplan Wrong Olivia Kaplan
Tonight Turns to Nothing Topshelf Records 2021
7:32 PM
Flanafi - Passing Over (Bye!)
Flanafi Passing Over (Bye!)
Passing Over - EP Boiled Records 2020
7:34 PM
Shnabubula (Samuel Ascher-Weiss) - All Blues
Shnabubula (Samuel Ascher-Weiss) All Blues Miles Davis
Kind Of Bloop: An 8-Bit Tribute To Miles Davis V/A 2009
7:45 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:45 PM
Meggie Lennon - Victim of Excess
Meggie Lennon Victim of Excess Meggie Lennon
Sounds from Your Lips Mothland 2021
7:49 PM
Vic Chesnutt - Old Hotel
Vic Chesnutt Old Hotel Vic Chesnutt
The Salesman & Bernadette Velocette Records 1998
7:53 PM
Tones On Tail - Lions
Tones On Tail Lions
Pop Beggars Banquet 1984
7:57 PM
Arca - Calor
Arca Calor
KiCk i XL Recordings 2020
Chat is archived.
Lizbot (host) 5:00:05 PM
Hello Hello! I am BACK and rested from my sojourn in Mexico and I'm ready to play so much music for you!
Number 6 5:00:50 PM
Hello and welcome back.
Lizbot (host) 5:01:04 PM
Hi Number 6!
Number 6 5:02:24 PM
We are ready to go spelunking with Lizbot to see what musical gems she has unearthed for us.
Rob from Maryland 5:02:30 PM
Hello Lizbot, welcome back!
DSM 5:04:32 PM
Lizbot!!! The water is questionable and there is also a 12 foot rat roaming the area, but welcome back!!
Lizbot (host) 5:05:34 PM
haha, I look forward to sharing them, Number 6, though I admit I didn't have enough time to assemble my trip show for today, so that will be next Thursday!
Lizbot (host) 5:05:55 PM
Hi Rob! Thanks! I spotted many cool seabirds and a good number of birds of prey while there
Number 6 5:06:12 PM
All good things come to those who wait.
Brian D 5:06:24 PM
Tropicalia start!
Lizbot (host) 5:06:38 PM
Hi DSM! jaja, yeah, it would figure I'd have absolutely no issues drinking the water in Mexico and then I'd come back home to a big ol blob of latex-y water! Home sweet home!
Lizbot (host) 5:07:26 PM
Hi Brian D! Yes! One of the things I love about going away to a tropical place at the end of March is that, when I get back, I can convince myself we are more or less in springtime now and I missed the last vestiges of winter
Rob from Maryland 5:10:44 PM
@Lizbot, how nice! Feel free to dm me on the birdsite with any photos or questions
Lizbot (host) 5:13:50 PM
I took a shower in some old rusty 1970s playground with outdoor showers near some hostel with a cenote in the Yucatan and I thought, yeah, this is probably fine, but now that I'm back in the U.S. I'm wondering how much I can trust the Water Dept, but I'm SURE IT'S FINE! We're all fine, it's all good, and I for one welcome our future mutant salamander overlords
Number 6 5:14:04 PM
The online numbers are copacetic at 123 listeners.
Lizbot (host) 5:14:21 PM
@Number 6 - Nice
Lizbot (host) 5:15:46 PM
@Rob from Maryland - I will! Most of the good bird photos I got were in the beginning of the trip, along the coast. Later we spent more time a couple hours inland at Mayan ruins and I mainly saw birds of prey and so many iguanas there
Number 6 5:15:50 PM
I don't think that the water scare really panned out.
Lizbot (host) 5:17:12 PM
@Number 6 - Now that Philly is breathing a sigh of relief, I'm wondering how people are feeling up in Bristol
Lizbot (host) 5:17:38 PM
Hi Brian D! It's a tropicalia kind of day!
DSM 5:18:03 PM
Oh yeah i remember the iguanas really liked to be fed papaya. Did you have some good al pastor or pibil?
Rob from Maryland 5:20:51 PM
@Lizbot, awesome! I'll keep an eye out
Lizbot (host) 5:21:30 PM
@DSM - The iguanas were eating whatever landed on the ground- fruit, veggies, old tacos, etc. There were so many encircling the lip of a cenote swimming hole, I watched two slide in, possibly unintentionally
Lizbot (host) 5:23:47 PM
@DSM - I definitely fed myself a lot of papaya, mango, etc. Then I made the mistake of buying papaya and a mango as soon as I got because I was outta groceries from having emptied my fridge just before my trip and I was experiencing immediate tropical fruit withdrawal...What a rude awakening eating our sad local hothouse tropical fruit after all that sweet equatorially-sun-ripened mangos and papaya!
DSM 5:28:24 PM
Lol, best to stick with apples blueberries cranberries round these parts until you forget how incredibly delicious the tropical fruit was.
Lizbot (host) 5:31:23 PM
@DSM - Yeah, I knew I was setting myself up for a fall! I was clinging to the memories of those amazing mangos I had for breakfast for days.
Ossy 5:33:41 PM
Hi Liz, and love the return of Black Moth Super Rainbow When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣 🌈
Rofflestomp 5:36:28 PM
Hey Lizbot!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip. I was looking at living in Playa Del Carmen or on Lake Chapala for like super cheap. So nice to hear a positive report. It's really looking better every time I look. The whole expat thing has as many pluses and minuses as Philly.
Number 6 5:37:30 PM
Before I forget, the Philly punk fleamarket will be this weekend.
Lizbot (host) 5:38:30 PM
Hi Ossy! Yes, that album makes me happy!
Rofflestomp 5:38:40 PM
Philly punk fleamarket sounds worthy!
Lizbot (host) 5:39:23 PM
Hi Rofflestomp! I think I could get used to the excellent food there, and hey, the water in Mexico is probably cleaner than's Philly's!
Rofflestomp 5:40:11 PM
LOL, yeah. My philter was doing overtime for sure!
Lizbot (host) 5:40:12 PM
@Rofflestomp - oh word! There are so many events this weekend - Night of 1000 Kates on Saturday, Richard Dawson at Johnny Brenda's...ALSO on Saturday...I WISH I could be at both!
Rofflestomp 5:41:47 PM
Sweet! And good weather in the afternoon!
Ossy 5:42:05 PM
Especially this sound
Lizbot (host) 5:42:46 PM
There's also going to be a The Residents Free at Noon show tomorrow at World Cafe! This weekend is jam-packed
Lizbot (host) 5:43:04 PM
@Ossy - This sound is pure spring optimism!
Ossy 5:43:35 PM
Like the last broadcasts, since Krista today!
Rofflestomp 5:44:20 PM
Residents! Free?!? Oh man!
Lizbot (host) 5:44:28 PM
@Number 6 - Yeah, if anything I need to unload from some stuff at the punk rock flea market!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:45:36 PM
Welcome back, Lizbot!! Hi all!
Lizbot (host) 5:47:24 PM
@Rofflestomp - Yes! All you have to do is register for free online while there are still spaces
Lizbot (host) 5:47:39 PM
Hi Addie! Oh man, I was in The LAND OF SNEKS
Rofflestomp 5:47:54 PM
I had deep fried taco and a bottled coke in Juarez Mexico once, but paid dearly by putting salsa on it. Rough couple of days after. lol
Lizbot (host) 5:48:11 PM
@Addie - I really just saw endless iguanas and no snakes, but I saw sooooo many Mayan snake carvings
Number 6 5:48:30 PM
Montezuma's revenge.
Rofflestomp 5:48:37 PM
Gotta look into and see if World Cafe has any let. :)
Ossy 5:50:04 PM
And smelly scary mummies
Rofflestomp 5:50:07 PM
Yeah Number 6. Quite the lesson.
Lee Chandler 5:50:09 PM
Now all I can think of are mangoes
Lizbot (host) 5:51:22 PM
@Rofflestomp - Yikes! I faired well. I stayed away from the super-spicy stuff. I DID drink drinks with tap water ice cubes but I was fine.
Rofflestomp 5:51:27 PM
Addie's snake heaven down there. :).
Lizbot (host) 5:51:39 PM
Hi Lee Chandler! They were so goddamn good, I want to cry thinking of them
Lizbot (host) 5:51:53 PM
I had a delicious mezcal drink that had coffee and spices and elderflower and passionfruit and I don't even remember what else but it made me feel how this Kate Bush song sounds. It changed my mind about mezcal
Lizbot (host) 5:52:15 PM
@Rofflestomp - Go for it! They still did a few days ago
Ossy 5:52:36 PM
What more songs can reflect on this majestic sky and weather, like Kate Bush?
Lizbot (host) 5:53:34 PM
@Roffle / @Addie - I saw far more actual snakes in Costa Rica a few years ago, but the carved snakes at Chichen Itza and Ek Balam are everywhere! They're practically baroque compared with the unfinished Tulum ruins
Lizbot (host) 5:54:53 PM
@Ossy - The power of Kate compels me....to drink more mezcal. Or the power of mezcal compels me to listen to Kate...And there will be a lot of that going on this Saturday April 1st at Night of 1000 Kates at Union Transfer!
Rofflestomp 5:55:26 PM
Will do Lizbot. I used to go to the upstairs Lounge quite a bit a few years ago. Pre-COVID.
Lizbot (host) 5:55:34 PM
@Ossy - According to the Mayans, the snakes' mouths are portals to the underworld and we all should jump down them!
Ossy 5:56:05 PM
And this sound, right now, to go on a sunny sky adventure!
Ossy 5:56:30 PM
Liz - Wow!
Lizbot (host) 5:56:42 PM
@Ossy - The Space Lady sounds to me like I'm listening to music underwater
Number 6 5:57:18 PM
The free at noon still has tickets. I'm going.
Lizbot (host) 5:57:18 PM
@Ossy - I stayed at a hotel in Florida once that had speakers under the water in the pool - that's what this sounds like!
Lizbot (host) 5:57:25 PM
@Number 6 - Great!
Ossy 5:57:29 PM
Interesting that snakes are often associated with dark, scary and evil things like Medusa, Jafar and Jessie from Pokemon LOOOOOL
Lizbot (host) 5:59:25 PM
@Ossy - Yes, and yet they were the ultimate gods to the Mayans - representing life, death, fertility and power. Also they drew blood and water as snakes
Ossy 6:01:30 PM
Wow, again! Plus in Prince of Egypt, Moses's staff turns into a snake and his staff generated blood to prevent Egyptian soldiers from getting to the Hebrew people, moreover.
Andrew Gruen 6:01:33 PM
hey lizbot!
Andrew Gruen 6:02:04 PM
i wish i could go to the night of 1000 kates but I'll be seeing robyn hitchcock that night!
Lizbot (host) 6:02:09 PM
Hi Andrew!
Lizbot (host) 6:04:07 PM
@Andrew - At Bowery Ballroom, right? I saw that and I love Robyn but I can't miss Kates and also am HOPING that I'll somehow manage to sneak away near the beginning of the show to catch Richard Dawson (who I believe has never played Philly before!) at Johnny Brenda's, since he's opening so I probably won't miss many of the Kate covers if I sneak away to JB's briefly.,,
Ossy 6:05:12 PM
Love to listen to music under the water, from that Space Girl sound. Plus, listen to that in a rainbow changing light space, on slow fading motion, along with that.
Lizbot (host) 6:05:19 PM
Settled Arrows, who I've played on this show, is opening for Night of 1000 Kates, and I want to see that too though, so I'm torn! There are so many shows this spring!
Lizbot (host) 6:06:45 PM
@Ossy - Yes to all that rainbow noise. Add some mezcal and coffee and Im good to go!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:07:08 PM
Oops, got distracted. Just catching up…you get any cool pics of snake carvings, Lizbot?
Andrew Gruen 6:07:25 PM
I'm actually on the train to go see richard dawson in Brooklyn right now 🙂
Ossy 6:08:10 PM
Save our Place 💚🟢🍀
Lizbot (host) 6:09:17 PM
@Andrew Gruen - Oh man! Well you know where I am and why that wasn't an option for me! SO it's Settled Arrows over at Union Transfer...then book it over to Johnny Brenda's for Dawson, then right back to Union Transfer!
Lizbot (host) 6:09:27 PM
@Addie - ooooh yes, SO many!
Lizbot (host) 6:12:22 PM
@Andrew - Have fun! I HOPE he does both Jogging and Black Triangle b/c those are my favorites. I feel like Black Triangle is like if Richard Dreyfus' character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind truly just was insane and alienated his family making mashed potato models of space ships while only he could see the aliens
Lizbot (host) 6:12:33 PM
@OSsy - I'll try!
Number 6 6:13:44 PM
Steady as she goes with 133 online listeners.
Lizbot (host) 6:15:04 PM
@Addie - I posted a buncha photos of the many carved sneks! Snakes popping outta the head of a decapitated man was one of the more memorable pictographs of human sacrifice. The snakes = blood. Snake columns held up parts of the temples and along the edges of the massive pitz court at chichen itza
Andrew Gruen 6:15:27 PM
Definitely hoping to hear Jogging and Heart Emoji! and to top it off it's my 50th birthday!
Lizbot (host) 6:15:44 PM
I love the bouncy playfulness of Miharu Koshi! I wish I could see her live
Lizbot (host) 6:16:15 PM
@Andrew - Yes! Heart Emoji is so good too! That's the other in my top three! Happy 50th!
Lizbot (host) 6:17:29 PM
@Andrew - I decorated my Christmas tree last year to the album Henki, the collaboration between Dawson and Circle
Lizbot (host) 6:17:55 PM
haha, a little more dial tone in there
Ossy 6:18:20 PM
Heard something like this on Ameena's show
DSM 6:25:12 PM
I was playing disc golf yesterday and when I went to pick up my disc after a throw, it was surrounded by 4 sneks with one of them under the disc with it's little head popping out mouth agape all "henk off fren!" They were very cute, 3 babies and mother I'm guessing
Lizbot (host) 6:29:51 PM
@Ossy - I loved Ameena's show!
Ossy 6:31:48 PM
That time of Ameena was on Laborwave 2021, exciting day and night, I had!!!!
Lizbot (host) 6:31:56 PM
@DSM - oh wow! I think the all the discs are belong to snek now! I don't mind the little garter snakes. Wasn't a fan of the terciopelos in the jungle!
Rofflestomp 6:32:50 PM
Ossy 6:33:12 PM
And called her, even though it was the first ever time hearing her shows!
DSM 6:33:13 PM
Helllll yeah Roffle!!!!!!
Ossy 6:33:25 PM
Lizbot (host) 6:34:25 PM
@Ossy - true!
Lizbot (host) 6:34:42 PM
@Ossy - I love Laborwave! Looking forward to Laborwave 2023!
Lizbot (host) 6:34:57 PM
@Ossy - Speaking of summery vibes!
Lizbot (host) 6:35:28 PM
@Rofflestomp & DSM - I had to pick up my phone 10 minutes ago to hear that news!
Ossy 6:35:58 PM
In Jan 2021, after the 6th, Selecta Jerry made a roast on Donny, when his Twitter got deleted in saying "Tune in to SOTC Selecta from Twitter to check in.....unlike some people(Trump)" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rofflestomp 6:38:09 PM
@Lizbot, Same here. I hope this trend continues. :)
Lizbot (host) 6:40:09 PM
@Rofflestomp - let's hope so!
Lizbot (host) 6:41:52 PM
@Ossy - ha!
DSM 6:45:00 PM
That Feminine Complex was great!
Lizbot (host) 6:46:18 PM
@DSM - I love that song and I feel that band is grossly underknown/underappreciated!
DSM 6:48:20 PM
Yeah that was my first time hearing them!
Lizbot (host) 6:50:23 PM
@DSM - Happy to introduce you to their music! Two high school girls from Nashville!
Lizbot (host) 6:57:54 PM
this is music for a procession of snakes
Lizbot (host) 7:02:56 PM
oooh, nice sunset out the window right now!
DSM 7:06:52 PM
that ripping cut and paste style guitar work on that Adrian Belew was rad
Number 6 7:07:25 PM
We now have 117 online listeners going into the last hour.
Lizbot (host) 7:10:36 PM
@DSM - I love that Side Two album. Saw him play that live at the World Cafe with Eric Slick in 2005 or 06
Lizbot (host) 7:10:44 PM
@Number 6 - nice
Lizbot (host) 7:11:25 PM
@DSM - I saw Below at Ardmore Music Hall shortly before the pandemic and he came back to that venue a few weeks ago to play songs from Remain In Light
Lizbot (host) 7:15:16 PM
This "I" album by Mag Fields is another album I remember the show very distinctly. I had already seen The Magnetic Fields several times at that point, but this time it was a benefit for a radio station that never came to be - UPenn was trying to revive an all-student/community format station as an alternative to XPN and managed to book The Magnetic Fields with Andrew Bird opening (first time I saw him perform and he knocked it outta the park) in April of 2004...Jesus, almost 19 years ago!
Mary Jones 7:15:59 PM
Hello! I’m a refugee from the Phillies losing opening game.
Lizbot (host) 7:16:06 PM
It was one of the earlier shows I went to with my boyfriend/now husband and it was a gorgeous early spring night
Lizbot (host) 7:16:15 PM
Hi Mary! oh no
Lizbot (host) 7:16:30 PM
@Mary - I don't do sports so much, so I had no idea that was even going on!
Mary Jones 7:16:33 PM
Ah! Lizbot, I’m sure I’ve told you, Dennis and I were also at that show as an early date!
Mary Jones 7:16:53 PM
@Lizbot yeah, it was a classic Phillies collapse.
Lizbot (host) 7:17:19 PM
@Mary - haha, oof
DSM 7:17:25 PM
Oh wow, had no idea Adrian Belew played with all the bands it (wiki) lists him having played with, incredible!
Lizbot (host) 7:17:40 PM
@Mary - Ack! I have a vague memory of you telling me that! I love that!
Lizbot (host) 7:18:56 PM
@DSM - Yup! He was playing with Zappa when Bowie saw him perform and sorta snatched him away to play in his band instead. Zappa supposedly exchanged some nasty words with Bowie over that! He also played on Laurie Anderson's Home of the Brave concert film/album
Lizbot (host) 7:19:43 PM
@DSM - He acts all bitter in the recent King Crimson doc, but its kinda all in good fun! He felt he shouldn't have been replaced but that's the name of the game with KC! He wasn't the first vocalist and he wouldn't be the last!
Lizbot (host) 7:20:33 PM
@Mary - I will probably hear all about it from my major Phillies fan friend, who was likely at the game!
Mary Jones 7:21:20 PM
@Lizbot oh no, please tell me they live in Texas and didn’t travel all the way there for that!
Lizbot (host) 7:21:46 PM
@Mary - I am officially behind on MVM for the first time in a long time because I saved My Dinner with Andre for the plane ride to Mexico but then ended up only listening to music on both plane rides there and back
Lizbot (host) 7:22:16 PM
@Mary - Shows how much I know about pro sports! I assumed this was a home game!
Mary Jones 7:23:06 PM
@Lizbot eh, voice alone can be tough on a plane. Tonight we release and episode on Willow, which I rather enjoyed!
Lizbot (host) 7:23:10 PM
@Mary - I have gotten caught up in the drama and excitement of Phillies World Series and I generally wish them well, but I don't follow anything going on with them or any philly team unless it's in my face and hard to ignore!
Lizbot (host) 7:23:55 PM
@Mary - Looking forward to it! Yeah, there was so much white noise on the plane and my earbud headphones were sounding tinny. I wished I had packed noise-cancelling headphones but they take up too much space!
Rofflestomp 7:24:00 PM
I spoke for a bit with Belew back in time and he said KC was definitely over. I987. LOL It was not after all then. Who know the future?
Mary Jones 7:24:15 PM
@Lizbot given how the Phillies frequently are, you don’t need the heartbreak of following sports, you’re better off
Lizbot (host) 7:26:43 PM
@Rofflestomp - haha, yeah I think he couldn't envision it without him! I like Disclipine, but I honestly prefer Belew solo work, both before and after his Crimson tenure, over his KC work. Not to say I prefer Belew solo over all KC because that's definitely not the case!
Lizbot (host) 7:28:26 PM
@DSM & @Rofflestomp - I think one of the cool things about Belew is that, not only did he play on Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, Bowie, Crimson, and Zappa and many others, but he also rose to fame relatively late, and every time I see him live he seems like he's genuinely having a great time
Rofflestomp 7:28:58 PM
@Lizbot. Yeah, a mixed bag of faves for sure.
Lizbot (host) 7:30:38 PM
@Roffle / DSM - Also I HIGHLY recommend the new Crimson doc! I fatigue on music docs and there are frankly so many I could do without, quality of band aside, but this one is truly a pleasure and also spends a good deal of quality time with Bill Rieflin in his final months
Rofflestomp 7:31:46 PM
When I met him he was touring with his childhood friends "The Bears". I got to hang with them for a bit. Nice guys. I will definitely check that out.
DSM 7:32:52 PM
I do have to check the KC doc out and I still haven't seen the Sparks one either!
Lizbot (host) 7:33:02 PM
@Mary - I saw Willow in a mall movie theater in South Jersey when I was 10 and I haven't seen it since, so I'm curious to revisit that one...but I remember not caring much for it at the time. I had and have always had a strong aversion to Val Kilmer
Lizbot (host) 7:34:09 PM
@DSM - See Sparks Brothers for sure, (and then see them live at The Keswick June 28th!) but I like the Crimson doc even more, and that's saying a lot coming from me!
Ossy 7:34:30 PM
Chilling sounds
Mary Jones 7:34:39 PM
@Lizbot if you don’t like Kilmer, you won’t enjoy the movie, but watching it in 2023, I found it had a charm that a lot of fantasy is lacking these days.
Rofflestomp 7:35:25 PM
Lol, Trumping Sparks around here is quite a statement!
Ossy 7:35:52 PM
Those sparkles gotta be smelly
Ossy 7:35:56 PM
Lizbot (host) 7:36:03 PM
@DSM - Obviously Sparks will always be one of my all-time favorite bands, and I feel like Edgar Wright did right by them (esp as a first-time documentarian) but greatness of the Mael brothers aside, it wasn't the kind of music doc that really sticks with me. Def a bit too many random celebrity testimonials in that one!
Lizbot (host) 7:37:02 PM
@DSM - I DID appreciate that they spent more time on the influence of their film fanatic dad, who died when they were young. EW dug deep and found some nice footage and history on their dad
Lizbot (host) 7:37:14 PM
@Ossy - hah!
Lizbot (host) 7:37:27 PM
@Ossy - Smelly sparkles are their own thing!
Lizbot (host) 7:38:07 PM
@Rofflestomp - My hyper pop and prog sensabilities at war! No, but really it's not about the bands as much as the docs
Lizbot (host) 7:39:00 PM
@Mary - Okay, I am WILLING to give it another try...but something really gets under my skin about him!
DSM 7:39:22 PM
Sparks at Keswick!? I really gotta get back on the pulse, looks like tix are $389 at this point yikes!
Lizbot (host) 7:39:40 PM
@Mary - I similarly disliked Legend, even though I liked a lot of other fantasy, esp The Never-ending Story! legend straight-up gave me nightmares
Lizbot (host) 7:40:00 PM
@DSM - yeah, they're all second-hand at this point. They sold quickly months ago
DSM 7:40:21 PM
Would be so cool to see them thre
DSM 7:40:26 PM
Rofflestomp 7:40:29 PM
Childhood memories of the sent of sparklers! I can certainly understand the appreciation of good production value. :)
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:41:06 PM
I have a weird obsession with Legend, Lizbot! One of my perpetual favorites
Mary Jones 7:42:21 PM
@Lizbot oh boy—we are definitely covering Legend at some point!
richard lyons :) 7:42:23 PM
checking in with a greeting to all! great sounds, Lizbot!
Ossy 7:42:53 PM
Retro8bit soundtrack of this beautiful "smelly sparkle good" blue day!
Lizbot (host) 7:45:56 PM
Hi Richard Lyons!
Lizbot (host) 7:46:09 PM
@Richard Lyons - Thanks! Good to see you here!
Lizbot (host) 7:46:38 PM
@Addie - Man, maybe I need to revisit that one too, but it messed with me! I had nightmares from it!
Lizbot (host) 7:47:13 PM
@DSM - At this point Sparks could play a larger venue and I'm kinda surprised they'll be at the Keswick but I welcome a change of venue for them
Lizbot (host) 7:47:35 PM
@Ossy - haha, I KNEW you'd appreciate Kind of Bloop!
Lizbot (host) 7:48:11 PM
@Ossy - I get every ridiculous 8-bit cover album I can get my hands on
Lizbot (host) 7:49:03 PM
@Mary Jones / Addie - Lord Darkness was just a bit too damned scary!
Ossy 7:49:07 PM
Like that sub DJ Milky Way girl, last year!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:49:09 PM
Mind you, I haven’t watched it in maybe 15 years at this point? But I bet it holds up. It IS creepy though. Especially the part with the masked dancer.
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:49:47 PM
Can’t beat the Tangerine Dream soundtrack though.
Lizbot (host) 7:50:17 PM
@Ossy - ha, yes! She had a thing for Transformers!
Lizbot (host) 7:50:30 PM
@Ossy - I can see my old hotel Down amongst the smells...of sparklers
Lizbot (host) 7:51:30 PM
@Addie - yeah, it did unpleasant things to my 7 year-old brain! My older brother wanted to see it and teased me for being scared
Rofflestomp 7:51:52 PM
Thanks for tunes and chat Lizbot. Gonna be celebrating INDICTMENT DAY during the outro. section. :)
Ossy 7:52:28 PM
Milky's unexpected show last year in Jan was AAMAZUNG!
Lizbot (host) 7:52:49 PM
@Rofflestomp - Thanks for hanging and listening, Roffle! Yes! I HOPE this leads to some real consequences!
DSM 7:53:56 PM
Thanks Lizbot! Have a great night everyone!
jimboo 7:54:00 PM
BOT! 🤖
Rofflestomp 7:54:04 PM
🤞 🖖
Lizbot (host) 7:54:09 PM
@Addie - Tangerine Dream were busy scoring so many movies at that time. I'm partial to their score for Miracle Mile. @Mary - Are you & Dennis gonna cover Miracle Mile??!
Lizbot (host) 7:54:15 PM
Hi jimboo!!
Lizbot (host) 7:54:54 PM
@Mary - If you haven't seen Miracle Mile, I'd interested on yr take on that one. Quintessential 80s nuclear panic movie.
Number 6 7:55:26 PM
The final online tally is 121 members.
DSM 7:55:55 PM
Miracle Mile is indeed great
richard lyons :) 7:56:17 PM
Thanks for the show! Love Vic Chesnutt!
Mary Jones 7:56:33 PM
@Lizbot I did see that in college in the fall of 1999 for a class on apocalyptic fiction—can’t cover it for the podcast, but I thought it was fantastic. Haven’t seen it since though and should do a rewatch.
Lizbot (host) 7:56:41 PM
BONUS I just remembered from a few years back!: George was posting something about Miracle Mile on his FB wall and its director, Steve De Jarnatt, responded!! He had no idea that could happen, but it turns out his uncle, who is a boom mic guy in LA, has worked with and it friend with De Jarnatt
Mary Jones 7:56:53 PM
Dennis has not seen it!
Lizbot (host) 7:56:56 PM
Thanks, Richard Lyons!
Lizbot (host) 7:57:06 PM
@DSM - For real!
Number 6 7:58:00 PM
Thanks for the tunes, BCNU!
Lizbot (host) 7:58:33 PM
@MAry - Dang! That would've been a good one! Lots to discuss! I still love the couple in the gym Anthony Edwards teams up with briefly
Ossy 7:58:39 PM
Sparkling smells and colorful broadcast today Liz, tell Milky Way, I said hi and have a great weekend!
Lizbot (host) 7:58:45 PM
@Mary - Save for Dennis Vs the Movies!
Lizbot (host) 7:59:04 PM
Thanks Ossy! I hope you have a great weekend as well!
Mary Jones 7:59:52 PM
Some day I want to do Dennis Vs the Movies month
Lizbot (host) 8:00:23 PM
@Mary - That movie had a profound effect on George, largely because he was told an incorrect spoiler so went into it thinking something very different would happen!
Lizbot (host) 8:00:37 PM
@Mary - Yes!!!
Lizbot (host) 8:01:06 PM
@Mary - What month is the most Dennis-y? March, since it's his birthday month??
Mary Jones 8:01:24 PM
That’s a good question! We “”
Lizbot (host) 8:01:31 PM
@Mary - I will tell you the story some other time, but George even has Miracle Mile inspired art
Mary Jones 8:01:39 PM
We’ll have to figure that out. Maybe March next year?
Lizbot (host) 8:01:53 PM
And that art also weirdly incorporates Ambler, PA
Lizbot (host) 8:02:15 PM
@Mary - Do it! You can start a list now! I
Lizbot (host) 8:02:38 PM
@Mary - I'm sure you have already thought a few good ones he hasn't seen that you have!