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Desert Cruising

Mar 29, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 234: 3/29/23

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Desert Cruising
3:02 PM
Wolfnaut - G.T.R.
Wolfnaut G.T.R. N
G.T.R. - Single 2023
3:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:10 PM
Isaak - Except
Isaak Except N
Except Heavy Psych Sounds 2023
3:14 PM
Gnome - Ambrosius
Gnome Ambrosius
King Polderrecords 2022
3:20 PM
Edena Gardens - Veil
Edena Gardens Veil N
Veil - EP 2023
3:32 PM
Khan - Eyes, Lungs, Arms & Mind
Khan Eyes, Lungs, Arms & Mind N
Creatures 2023
3:39 PM
Stone Of Duna - Stygian Slumber
Stone Of Duna Stygian Slumber N
Stygian Slumber - Single Fett Gung Records 2023
3:47 PM
William Tyler & The Impossible Truth - Area Code 601
William Tyler & The Impossible Truth Area Code 601 N
Secret Stratosphere 2023
3:56 PM
Trevor's Head - Call of the Deep
Trevor's Head Call of the Deep N
Call of the Deep - Single 2023
3:59 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:08 PM
Blume - All Out Of...
Blume All Out Of... N
All Out Of... - Single 2023
4:16 PM
Fu Manchu - Over Blower
Fu Manchu Over Blower N
Fu30, Pt.3 - Single At The Dojo Records 2023
4:20 PM
Mount Hush - Celestial Eyes
Mount Hush Celestial Eyes N
Celestial Eyes - Single 2023
4:27 PM
Destronomer - Bin Diver (Radio Edit)
Destronomer Bin Diver (Radio Edit) N
The Two Horns 3272931 Records DK 2023
4:35 PM
Spirit Adrift - Death Won't Stop Me
Spirit Adrift Death Won't Stop Me N
Death Won't Stop Me - Single 2023
4:39 PM
Black Rainbows - Superhero Dopeproof
Black Rainbows Superhero Dopeproof N
Superskull 2023
4:45 PM
Firebreather - The Beast
Firebreather The Beast N
The Beast - Single 2023
4:48 PM
Estoner - Asfaltplaneet
Estoner Asfaltplaneet N
Asfaltplaneet - Single 2023
4:54 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:58 PM
The Great Machine - Funrider
The Great Machine Funrider N
Funrider - Single 2023
Chat is archived.
Mätt Såbbåth 3:00:40 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:02:14 PM
Time for music!
Jon Solomon 3:02:31 PM
Music? I'm a fan.
Jäsön 3:05:21 PM
I remember GTR from the 80's.
Mätt Såbbåth 3:05:48 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 3:08:41 PM
Unlucky Charms is a dope movie
Mätt Såbbåth 3:09:11 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:13:17 PM
How we all doin
Mätt Såbbåth 3:16:19 PM
(Bayonne accent) Fukn doin'.
Jon Solomon 3:17:12 PM
I'm going to say "decent."
Mätt Såbbåth 3:17:40 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 3:19:20 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:20:42 PM
I'll take decent!
Jon Solomon 3:23:14 PM
Yeah, been a wild seven days between cruises.
Mätt Såbbåth 3:25:14 PM
Yer wild, man, wild.
Brian D 3:28:09 PM
Rob Pullan 3:28:17 PM
Where can I find this Edena Gardens track online? It's awesome.
Mätt Såbbåth 3:28:45 PM
Floyd, man, Floyd
Jäsön 3:29:25 PM
That Gnome album is really good.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:29:27 PM
I think direct from the label is your best bet:
Captain Ahab (host) 3:30:06 PM
There's an mp3 option there too
Rob Pullan 3:33:11 PM
Thanks Captain. I'm not seeing this particular track but I'll keep diving.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:33:44 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:34:20 PM
My bad, didn't notice that this single wasn't listed. This new link is the one
Rob Pullan 3:35:20 PM
Nice one. Thanks. Loving this Khan too. Always enjoy your show but normally I'm driving so don't get chance to tell you that.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:36:08 PM
My pleasure, and thank you!
Brian D 3:42:05 PM
Ya loved the Edena-Khan back 2 back there
Chris McHugh 3:42:40 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:43:35 PM
Aye aye
Brian D 3:48:59 PM
This Tyler does it all
Chris McHugh 3:50:37 PM
Devil Went Down to Glastonbury
Jon Solomon 3:50:59 PM
Wow, didn't realize the new William Tyler sounded like this sounds.
Jon Solomon 3:51:28 PM
I was listening to an interview with the director of a film he did the score for before your show.
Rob Pullan 3:51:51 PM
Brian D 3:52:05 PM
Love that "Fall Safe" track of his from the lp "Goes West". Acoustic jig-like instrumental
Brian D 3:53:08 PM
Rob Pullan 3:53:51 PM
Hooked on Classics does acid.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:54:21 PM
Oh nice Jon, which film?
Jon Solomon 3:54:33 PM
First Cow.
Jon Solomon 3:54:47 PM
Jon Solomon 3:55:08 PM
Very nice score, nothing like this ripper however.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:55:08 PM
looks interesting
Rob Pullan 3:56:33 PM
Rob from Maryland 4:00:14 PM
Hello everyone! Jon, I looked at your short 3:54 comment way too quickly and thought that it said "Fish Crow". Obviously I always have birds & birding on the brain
Rob Pullan 4:02:07 PM
I'm still recovering from the insane drumming during that Trevor's Head track
Rob from Maryland 4:02:09 PM
In my defense, there was a Fish Crow on my block when I took my trash and recycling to the curb a couple of minutes before I tuned in
Jäsön 4:04:04 PM
"riff-tastic"...that works.
Mätt Såbbåth 4:17:25 PM
(dune buggy flies off sand dune)
Francis 4:18:21 PM
New Fu?? Awesome!
Captain Ahab (host) 4:18:23 PM
cow bells flying
Jon Solomon 4:19:23 PM
Had to pick up my parents from the train station and my dad thought the start of this song (or perhaps the end of the prior tune) was someone's ringtone.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:19:44 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 4:20:39 PM
I caught blue tile fever and the only cure is cowbell
Rob Pullan 4:21:30 PM
Slight change of pace there ......
Mätt Såbbåth 4:23:30 PM
Wooden Shjips-kinda DC show today
Rob Pullan 4:24:49 PM
Spaced out. A lot. Wonderful stuff
Mätt Såbbåth 4:28:54 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 4:30:03 PM
Strangely reminiscent of Shudder to Think
Mätt Såbbåth 4:34:58 PM
Rob Pullan 4:35:11 PM
You just keep these awesome tunes coming at us. Thank you.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:35:31 PM
That's what I'm here for!
Jäsön 4:35:58 PM
Lol @Matt
Francis 4:40:05 PM
woa! Shudder to think!. Saw them at the old 930 club many moons ago
Captain Ahab (host) 4:40:26 PM
Spirit Adrift? NICE
Mätt Såbbåth 4:42:11 PM
Ossy 4:43:57 PM
Spring break sounds
Rob F 4:45:06 PM
Hey Captain. I was listening earlier in the car until I got out of range. Great music
Captain Ahab (host) 4:45:27 PM
Thanks Rob!
Mätt Såbbåth 4:46:29 PM
Beast it
Mätt Såbbåth 4:52:01 PM
Estoner playing with Stöner LOL
Mätt Såbbåth 4:52:59 PM
Playing Stoner Witch
Rob Pullan 4:54:11 PM
Epic stuff.
Mätt Såbbåth 4:54:44 PM
Jäsön 4:58:28 PM
Great show, Captain.
Mätt Såbbåth 4:58:58 PM
fanks Capn
Captain Ahab (host) 4:59:02 PM
Cheers friends, great having you along on the ride
Jäsön 4:59:03 PM
Not to be confused with That Awesome Machine
Jon Solomon 4:59:11 PM
Thanks as always, Cap. Lots of sounds I need to learn more about on my own time!
Rob Pullan 4:59:13 PM
Agreed. Great show.
Chris McHugh 4:59:52 PM
Great show