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Not Truth, But Effect with KPC

Mar 23, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With KPC

Subbin' for Lizbot

New music from Frankie Rose, Gina Burch, Eyelids, Civic, etc.

Not Truth, But Effect with KPC
5:01 PM
Herman Hitson - Let the Gods Sing
Herman Hitson Let the Gods Sing
Let the Gods Sing Big Legal Mess Records 2022
5:03 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:10 PM
En Attendant Ana - Wonder
En Attendant Ana Wonder N
Principia Trouble In Mind Records 2023
5:12 PM
Miriam Makeba - Iphi ndilela
Miriam Makeba Iphi ndilela
Makeba! Reprise Records 1968
5:19 PM
Beach Bunny - Weeds
Beach Bunny Weeds
Emotional Creature Liberator Music / Mom+Pop 2022
5:22 PM
Frankie Rose - Molotov In Stereo
Frankie Rose Molotov In Stereo N
Love as Projection Slumberland Records LLC 2023
5:26 PM
Plates of Cake - Scraps of Love
Plates of Cake Scraps of Love
Got a Feeling That I Live Here Western Revisions 2022
5:29 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:37 PM
Civic - End of The Line
Civic End of The Line N
Taken By Force ATO Records 2023
5:39 PM
Louis Bellson, Shelly Manne, Willie Bobo, Paul Humphrey - Super Mellow
Louis Bellson, Shelly Manne, Willie Bobo, Paul Humphrey Super Mellow
The Drum Session Philips Records 1975
5:46 PM
Nick Nicely - Hilly Fields (1892)
Nick Nicely Hilly Fields (1892)
Elegant Daze: 1979-1986 Captured Tracks 2011
Originally released 1982
5:49 PM
shame - Adderall
shame Adderall N
Food for Worms Dead Oceans 2023
5:53 PM
Little Richard - Get Down With It
Little Richard Get Down With It
Okeh Rhythm & Blues V/A CBS Records 1982
Originally released 1967
5:56 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:05 PM
Eyelids - Colossal Waste of Light
Eyelids Colossal Waste of Light N
A Colossal Waste of Light Jealous Butcher Records 2023
6:07 PM
Kendra Morris - Ride On
Kendra Morris Ride On N
Babble [reissue] Karma Chief Records 2023
6:12 PM
Gina Birch - I Will Never Wear Stilettos
Gina Birch I Will Never Wear Stilettos N
I Play My Bass Loud Third Man Records LLC 2023
6:15 PM
Wolf People - All Returns, Pt. 2
Wolf People All Returns, Pt. 2
When the Fire Is Dead in the Grate - EP Jagjaguwar 2013
6:19 PM
The Move - Yellow Rainbow
The Move Yellow Rainbow
Move (2007 Remaster) Fly Records 2018
6:21 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:31 PM
Ladytron - California
Ladytron California N
Time's Arrow Cooking Vinyl Limited 2022
6:35 PM
Alphonze Mouzon - Funky Snakefoot
Alphonze Mouzon Funky Snakefoot
Funky Snakefoot Blue Note 1974
6:37 PM
The Orielles - The Instrument/Improvisation 001
The Orielles The Instrument/Improvisation 001
Tableau Heavenly Recordings 2022
6:50 PM
The Sadies - Cut up High and Dry
The Sadies Cut up High and Dry
Colder Streams Yep Roc Records 2022
6:53 PM
The Drin - Five and Dime Conjurers
The Drin Five and Dime Conjurers N
Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom Feel It Records 2023
6:55 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:04 PM
Chuck Berry - Thirteen Question Method
Chuck Berry Thirteen Question Method
New Juke Box Hits Chess 1961
7:05 PM
Les McCann - Go On and Cry
Les McCann Go On and Cry
Another Beginning Atlantic 1974
7:10 PM
Aldous Harding - Leathery Whip
Aldous Harding Leathery Whip
Warm Chris Flying Nun Records 2021
7:14 PM
The Orchids - I Don't Mean to Stare
The Orchids I Don't Mean to Stare
Dreaming Kind Skep Wax Records 2022
7:18 PM
Bill Kirchen - Shelly's Winter Love (feat. Nick Lowe & Paul Carrack)
Bill Kirchen Shelly's Winter Love (feat. Nick Lowe & Paul Carrack)
The Proper Years The Last Music Company 2020
Originally released 2010. Merle Haggard cover.
7:23 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:28 PM
Adrian Quesada - Alberto's Loop
Adrian Quesada Alberto's Loop
Jaguar Sound ATO Records 2022
7:30 PM
Caitlin Rose - Modern Dancing
Caitlin Rose Modern Dancing
CAZIMI Pearl Tower Records 2022
7:34 PM
Ron Sexsmith - When Our Love Was New
Ron Sexsmith When Our Love Was New N
The Vivian Line Cooking Vinyl UK 2023
7:36 PM
Susan Bear - Swimming Lessons
Susan Bear Swimming Lessons
Alter Lost Map Records 2022
7:39 PM
AJ & The Jiggawatts - Wrong step
AJ & The Jiggawatts Wrong step
"Karma Is A Bitch"/"Wrong Step" (7" single) Money Mouse Records 2021
7:43 PM
Ohio Martinez - Orange Slices
Ohio Martinez Orange Slices
Problem Child Ohio Martinez 2022
7:45 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:51 PM
Launder - Intake
Launder Intake
Happening Ghostly International 2022
7:55 PM
Danielle Ponder - Someone Like You
Danielle Ponder Someone Like You
Some of Us Are Brave Future Classic 2022
7:59 PM
Willis Jackson - After Hours
Willis Jackson After Hours
Loose... Prestige 1963
Chat is archived.
Brian D 5:04:09 PM
Hello KPC!
KPC (host) 5:04:22 PM
Hi Brian! Long time...
jimboo 5:05:05 PM
OMG prb royalty kpc
KPC (host) 5:05:19 PM
Number 6 5:07:22 PM
Greetings and salutations. According to the Magic Secret Decoder, there's 127 online KCP aholics presently.
Rofflestomp 5:08:32 PM
Wolf-pack of subs!
Number 6 5:08:32 PM
KPC aholics, I mean.
DSM 5:10:36 PM
Nice to hear that intro again! Hey KPC!
KPC (host) 5:10:40 PM
Oh boy 127 - so much fan!
KPC (host) 5:10:59 PM
Awww nostalgic!
DSM 5:12:07 PM
oh I like it's swing into sudden Michael Rother territory
Rofflestomp 5:12:49 PM
Holy guacamole, what my number, number 6?
KPC (host) 5:13:18 PM
I love that change
KPC (host) 5:13:58 PM
This album is so good
Rofflestomp 5:14:15 PM
KPC returns tour de force. ;)
KPC (host) 5:14:28 PM
KPC (host) 5:17:05 PM
The opening beats on this track are sample-worthy
KPC from the Future 5:19:08 PM
KPC! Great to hear you back!
KPC (host) 5:19:42 PM
Thank you Not Jimbo!
Rofflestomp 5:19:44 PM
Wait until the rest finish the commute. Love the new music exposure. Justifies an otherwise same old day in the big picture. First one to the opening bar gets the best samples for sure.
KPC from the Future 5:19:45 PM
Working the 'creaks' out w Miriam Makiba!
jimboo 5:21:03 PM
Dropping that Polly Pocket wisdom
KPC (host) 5:21:29 PM
Yes! Great song! Love that one change...
KPC (host) 5:21:41 PM
Also love "Not my problem"
Prime Afflick 5:22:44 PM
Thanks for the continued amazing music!!!! So far this show is everything I didn't know I needed to hear!!!
KPC (host) 5:23:17 PM
Excellent Prime! Thank you :)
Bud Burroughs 5:23:39 PM
Good to hear your voice again, KPC! And great tunes so far.
KPC (host) 5:23:46 PM
This new Frankie LP is super smooth & cool
KPC (host) 5:23:56 PM
Thanks Bud!!
KPC (host) 5:24:44 PM
She's now so far from Frankie & The Outs...
KPC (host) 5:27:27 PM
"....scraps of youtr love-AAAAAHVVVVEEE"
richard lyons :) 5:28:14 PM
Great show, KPC! Good to hear you again!
KPC (host) 5:28:38 PM
Thank you Richard!
KPC (host) 5:28:43 PM
KPC (host) 5:40:23 PM
Beastie did sample the beats on this one
KPC from the Future 5:40:30 PM
KPC - Don't be a stranger! Being stranger is our job!
richard lyons :) 5:41:45 PM
KPC (host) 5:42:28 PM
"....we're just a little stranger" I think we have a station ID with that
KPC (host) 5:42:53 PM
This is what 4 great drummers sound like at the same time
Number 6 5:42:56 PM
I can make the weird requests for Wevie Stonder and Home Lobotomy Kit.:)
Paul Belohlavek 5:44:01 PM
Can you please please play....dirt surfer by Thomas Francis takes his chances.......I think their sound cloud is TFTHC
KPC (host) 5:44:58 PM
@Paul Can't play off Soundcloud & don't have! Sorry!
Paul Belohlavek 5:48:14 PM
Can you play off band camp?
KPC (host) 5:49:04 PM
Not legally
Paul Belohlavek 5:50:38 PM
Gotcha...some times I find these Littles gems and want to share...but...thank you for laying out the perimeters 🖤🦷
KPC (host) 5:51:02 PM
Np! :)
Number 6 5:52:01 PM
Home Lobotomy Kit can be found on
KPC (host) 5:52:37 PM
Yeah I found them but I don't have any -- sorry!
KPC (host) 5:53:01 PM
Does that make sense?
KPC from the Future 5:53:11 PM
KPC in 2023: if you can read this keep DJ'ing in 2023. You will be so glad you did. 2027 is going to be a great year!
KPC (host) 5:53:49 PM
KPC (host) 5:53:55 PM
Me in the future
KPC (host) 5:55:38 PM
Little Richard doesn't need anything
KPC from the Future 5:56:17 PM
Yeah! I did do one kick-butt show on Mar 23!
Number 6 5:58:26 PM
Archive has a vast cache of music available for free download, in case anyone is interested.
KPC (host) 6:04:47 PM
Thanks Number 6! I am interested & will check it out!
KPC (host) 6:06:32 PM
[Sadly my setup doesn't allow me to stream]
KPC (host) 6:07:51 PM
[Which is why you hear that warm crackle of vinyl]
Number 6 6:07:53 PM
If you check my playlists for 11/23 & 11/30, I played a ton of groups that are on archive.
Number 6 6:08:35 PM
Scratches give me the willies, unfortunately.
KPC (host) 6:08:42 PM
KPC (host) 6:09:09 PM
Even when you're super itchy?
Number 6 6:10:46 PM
Yep, I even hate those fake scratches that can be sometimes found on CDs.
Number 6 6:12:09 PM
131 online jawns presently.
KPC (host) 6:12:22 PM
Aww I kinda like the opening sounds of Madonna's "Erotica"
KPC (host) 6:13:55 PM
I'm sure Madonna wore/wears stilletoes tho
KPC (host) 6:14:18 PM
Which I can't spell
Number 6 6:16:14 PM
Spellcheck no work?
KPC (host) 6:17:14 PM
If it did I didn't notice lol
KPC (host) 6:18:32 PM
I miss Wolf People :(
Number 6 6:20:08 PM
You playin' some good stuffs!
Shut Up Wesley 6:20:20 PM
Ironically - right now I’m looking at a 50+!year old piece of audio equipment- an S.A.E. 5000 impulse noise reduction system. Specifically designed to reduce clicks and pops from vinyl discs. (I am old)
KPC (host) 6:20:23 PM
Thank you! Glad you like!
KPC (host) 6:20:38 PM
LOL. I love the clicks & pops!
KPC (host) 6:21:05 PM
50 years old? Wow that must be a cool machine!
Number 6 6:21:26 PM
Excess noise is contamination to me.
Shut Up Wesley 6:21:35 PM
THE MOVE! Roy Wood is a genius.
KPC (host) 6:21:41 PM
Number 6 6:22:13 PM
Now they take the noise out digitally.
Andrew Gruen 6:23:17 PM
hey there! the triumphant return of kpc!
Number 6 6:23:26 PM
Paid big money? What am I missing?:)
Rofflestomp 6:25:04 PM
Bigger money
Number 6 6:25:15 PM
Being on WPRB is big money enough.
Rofflestomp 6:26:06 PM
No it's not silly! It's big good.
Rofflestomp 6:28:03 PM
Now tell us about your time machine Jacuzzi and I will be impressed..
Shut Up Wesley 6:28:39 PM
Note to self - check to see if the wife has any bear traps in the closet… 🐻
Rofflestomp 6:30:19 PM
Oh wait! The Stacks are the time machine jacuzzi!
KPC (host) 6:31:23 PM
Hi Andrew!
KPC (host) 6:31:35 PM
LOL yes, bear traps they are!!
KPC (host) 6:32:25 PM
Like Gina said!
Rofflestomp 6:32:26 PM
Can't bear that!
KPC (host) 6:32:54 PM
Rofflestomp 6:33:48 PM
Committed, It's far too late
Shut Up Wesley 6:33:50 PM
@KPC - If you’re playing “What Would Liz Bot Do” does that mean we should get out our DoublePlusGood Sparks Bingo cards?
KPC from the Future 6:33:52 PM
I just looked it up. Keep the 50 year S.A.E. Impulse. in 2026 you will sell it for $200,000 !!!!
KPC (host) 6:35:00 PM
Holy crap!
KPC (host) 6:35:07 PM
Big Money!!
KPC (host) 6:36:06 PM
Lizbot would hate me for admitting that "Let the monkey drive" is my favorite Sparks!
Rofflestomp 6:36:15 PM
Winnie the Pooh fucked up Leonardo DiCaprio. Cool movie
KPC from the Future 6:36:19 PM
You guys just wait till LizBot gets her upgrade! In 2028 is when she begins broadcasting FROM THE SKY!
Rofflestomp 6:38:54 PM
She signed with skynet? So Bot!
Rofflestomp 6:41:27 PM
No Sparks, no fire.
Shut Up Wesley 6:41:51 PM
Clavinet! Do the kids today know that the original Hohner D6 Clavinet had REAL strings in it that had to be tuned occasionally? And 2 long lipstick-tube magnetic pickups similar to a Danelectro guitar.
Li Maria 6:41:51 PM
Was driving through an area w/intermittent signal, and thought I heard...yes, I heard KPC's voice! Hello!
Number 6 6:42:07 PM
KPC (host) 6:42:50 PM
Hi Maria! Yes my voice! Long time no hear...
KPC (host) 6:43:25 PM
Whoa cool about the clavinet. Stevie Wonder knows all that I'm sure
Li Maria 6:43:59 PM
Great fill-in! Hope to hear you more regularly again in the near future. Now back on the road
KPC (host) 6:44:01 PM
I am content with the "Clavi" sound in my Yamaha PSR500M (c.1990)
KPC (host) 6:44:32 PM
Thanks Maria! Very nice of you to say! Enjoy the road!
Li Maria 6:46:33 PM
thanks :)
KPC (host) 6:48:11 PM
This song is a total space trip
Rofflestomp 6:50:46 PM
LOL, I have a KORG N5. Cool AF synth. Old school that is full functional. These things!
KPC (host) 6:51:28 PM
Yes I've some Korgs over the years -- too $$$ for me! But I wish!
KPC (host) 6:51:34 PM
Rofflestomp 6:52:07 PM
Yea, keeper for sure.
Rofflestomp 6:53:23 PM
I found mine in someones trash!
KPC (host) 6:53:41 PM
OMG that's amazing
KPC (host) 6:53:47 PM
So jealous
jimboo 6:54:05 PM
I gotta radio shack moog I just can't give up 🎹🎹🎹
KPC (host) 6:54:17 PM
Love that Realistic Radio Shack gear
KPC (host) 6:54:22 PM
Rofflestomp 6:54:48 PM
Go figure, they had no idea it needed an amp.
KPC (host) 6:55:17 PM
LOL. The mixing board I'm using right now is Radio Shack!
KPC (host) 6:55:46 PM
Doesn't it sound great?
Rofflestomp 6:57:35 PM
All the 80's sounds for me. Funny. too cool.
Rofflestomp 7:00:33 PM
I have just loved the mixing boards on cheap now. Very integrated. I don't snake no more. lol
KPC (host) 7:04:55 PM
I will be sad when this mixing board dies
Number 6 7:05:23 PM
The online numbers are copacetic at 140 presently.
KPC (host) 7:06:44 PM
Let me know when they're Copa Cabana
Rofflestomp 7:07:04 PM
Nah, mix is not going anywhere
KPC (host) 7:07:23 PM
It's getting old...can't remember just how old...
KPC (host) 7:07:31 PM
Maybe 15 years?
KPC (host) 7:08:43 PM
This song kicks butt
Rofflestomp 7:09:08 PM
Yea, I am producers are cool with that on returns.
Brian D 7:11:21 PM
KPC (host) 7:11:53 PM
Yea she so cool
KPC (host) 7:12:30 PM
Life & his leathery whip
Rofflestomp 7:12:58 PM
Sorry I am a dope often, or whatever. Opinion.
KPC (host) 7:13:28 PM
NO. You ARE dope!
KPC (host) 7:13:51 PM
Rofflestomp 7:17:40 PM
As if I wasted my time! Glad to be here.
Rofflestomp 7:18:13 PM
KPC (host) 7:20:10 PM
They do such a great job on this heartbreaker
Brian D 7:20:29 PM
Good collab here. Bill K picker extraordinaire
KPC (host) 7:20:39 PM
Master of the Telecaster!
Brian D 7:20:43 PM
Mr Hot Rod Lincoln
KPC (host) 7:21:06 PM
Cap'n Cody
TAndy 7:28:59 PM
Omg hey KPC, it's been a while
KPC (host) 7:29:14 PM
Hey TAndy!
KPC (host) 7:29:22 PM
Yes I've been long gone
KPC (host) 7:32:51 PM
Correction: Adrian plays drums in Black Pumas, duh
KPC (host) 7:34:38 PM
New Ron Sexsmith is a beauteous thing.
KPC (host) 7:37:05 PM
As is new Susan Bear >3
KPC (host) 7:37:14 PM
Formerly Suse
KPC (host) 7:37:18 PM
Formerly Good Dog
KPC (host) 7:38:22 PM
KPC (host) 7:38:26 PM
Did it wrong lol
TAndy 7:40:15 PM
Missed some new Civic earlier, didn't know they had a new release coming out!
KPC (host) 7:40:36 PM
Yes! It's excellent! Sorry you missed
TAndy 7:41:05 PM
No doubt I'll hear it in two weeks when CJ is back on the air lolol
KPC (host) 7:41:15 PM
LOL yes
KPC (host) 7:44:58 PM
song kills me
KPC (host) 7:45:11 PM
My fav song of 2022
Rofflestomp 7:46:47 PM
Wasting my time well with ear stuff is a gift from GOD and his/her associates. Dunno what. Works just fine.
Rofflestomp 7:49:36 PM
Strange day indeed..
richard lyons :) 7:51:09 PM
Great show, KPC! Thanks!
Rofflestomp 7:51:50 PM
Great show, thanks!
Number 6 7:52:03 PM
The final numbers are in: 120 online KPC heads currently.
KPC (host) 7:52:32 PM
Thanks everybody! All 120 copacabana heads! You are great! Thanks for the love!
TAndy 7:53:03 PM
Thank you KPC! Hope to hear you back on again for the Summer. But till then, peace out 😎
Rofflestomp 7:55:38 PM
Number 6 Alchemist!
Number 6 7:57:31 PM
A fine sit in for Lizbot, and as I am in wont to say, BCNU!
jimboo 7:57:40 PM