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Flat Circle Radio Hour

Mar 23, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With DJ Pup

What's new and what isn't baked into a sonic muffin. Building bridges across era, genre, and national borders to illustrate the common humanity we all enjoy in music. Blend of experimental sounds from genres like Post-Punk, Electronic, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Ambient, and Folk.

Flat Circle Radio Hour
10:01 AM
TEEN PRIME - Cherry Kiss
TEEN PRIME Cherry Kiss N
No. 7 Self Release 2023
10:09 AM
Snitsh Pitsh - Motion Feast
Snitsh Pitsh Motion Feast N
Snitsh Pitsh Of Bits & Pieces 2023
10:12 AM
Nikmis - Folds and Creases
Nikmis Folds and Creases N
Depends on Much Third Kind Records 2023
10:17 AM
Andy Stott - Damage
Andy Stott Damage
Faith In Strangers Modern Love 2014
10:22 AM
Wayne Shorter - Playground
Wayne Shorter Playground
Schizophrenia Blue Note 1969
10:30 AM
Nat Birchall - Dervish
Nat Birchall Dervish
Cosmic Language Jazzman 2018
10:37 AM
Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Baah - Funk
Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Baah Funk
Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Baah Jet Records 1973
10:42 AM
Meiko Kaji - Onna Somuki Uta
Meiko Kaji Onna Somuki Uta N
Hajiki Uta We Want Sounds 1973
10:46 AM
Not Waving & Romance - Tears of Gold
Not Waving & Romance Tears of Gold N
Eyes of Fate Ecstatic Recordings 2021
10:53 AM
Charles Persip & The Jazz Statesmen - The Champ (A Suite In Six Movements)
Charles Persip & The Jazz Statesmen The Champ (A Suite In Six Movements)
Charles Persip and the Jazz Statesmen Bethlehem Records 1961
11:03 AM
Ave Sangria - La Fora
Ave Sangria La Fora
Ave Sangria Tres Selos 1974
11:06 AM
Michael J. Blood - OHLANDO
Michael J. Blood OHLANDO
AS IS 2 B Real Records 2020
11:13 AM
Afrorack - African Drum machine
Afrorack African Drum machine
Afrorack Hakuna Kulala 2022
11:16 AM
Dadalus & Bikarus - Voran
Dadalus & Bikarus Voran N
Kraus is the Limit Subject to Restriction Discs 2023
11:21 AM
Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Hobbits
Joel Vandroogenbroeck Hobbits
Images of Flutes in Nature Cenacolo 1978
11:26 AM
Alex Rodriguez - Quetepe
Alex Rodriguez Quetepe N
Busqueda Vampi Soul 1978
11:33 AM
Nelson Angelo - Sonho de um Sambista
Nelson Angelo Sonho de um Sambista
Sonho de um Sambista Eldorado 1979
11:36 AM
Rezzett - Hala
Rezzett Hala
Rezzett LP The Trilogy Tapes 2018
11:44 AM
Sergeant - Soon the Tears in My Eyes Will Be Blinding and Blessing at the Same Time
Sergeant Soon the Tears in My Eyes Will Be Blinding and Blessing at the Same Time N
Sergeant Stroom 2023
11:49 AM
Yosuke Tokunaga - Qua drants
Yosuke Tokunaga Qua drants N
8 Quadrants VAAGNER 2023
11:56 AM
DJ |~~~~~~ - Mariuscrit
DJ |~~~~~~ Mariuscrit N
DJ |~~~~~~ / The Dictaphone - Split EP V/A Fabliau 2023
Chat is archived.
DJ Pup (host) 9:58:20 AM
Thank you for the great show Krista, and good morning to all in the chat! :)
TAndy 10:00:55 AM
Guelo<3 10:03:17 AM
yeah Krista was killin today. Time to become flat and circular :)
TAndy 10:14:02 AM
Music to do laundry to
DJ Pup (host) 10:14:12 AM
tumble tunes
TAndy 10:14:27 AM
Music to launder money to 😌
DJ Pup (host) 10:15:23 AM
Alternate universe Brian Eno
TAndy 10:19:48 AM
This is gonna be another wishlist show
DJ Pup (host) 10:21:03 AM
*Jiminy Cricket voice* When you wish upon a list
TAndy 10:22:36 AM
TAndy 10:29:08 AM
Oh boy time to watch one piece videos while listening to the flat circle, I almost forgot
DJ Pup (host) 10:29:58 AM
if youre watching them with the radio on does it count as an amv
TAndy 10:33:16 AM
Nah it's theories and a chapter reaction
TAndy 10:33:57 AM
$img one piece crazy good this week
DJ Pup (host) 10:34:16 AM
Its got to be near 1100 chapters by now right
DJ Pup (host) 10:34:44 AM
I remember it hitting 1000 chapters a year or two ago
TAndy 10:35:00 AM
1079 is hitting. Scanlations came out last evening because there's so much hype
TAndy 10:35:19 AM
Chapter went trending on Twitter ever since the one single sentence of spoilers on Sundae
DJ Pup (host) 10:36:38 AM
Twitter's a dangerous place as a manga fan, I've had some things spoiled throughout my time on there
TAndy 10:38:33 AM
Same here, I don't even remember what I got spoiled on once but I was upset
DJ Pup (host) 10:38:50 AM
I'll avoid logging on for some chapters, some people post screenshots within an hour of it being live and its like c'mon I'm at work right now I can't read it yet
DJ Pup (host) 10:39:26 AM
I've had things from Golden Kamuy spoiled, also Chainsaw Man
esoterica! 10:41:32 AM
digging this...
esoterica! 10:41:46 AM
hey pup
DJ Pup (host) 10:42:28 AM
hey esoterica! mornin'
TAndy 10:42:52 AM
Good morning Esoterica :)
TAndy 10:45:00 AM
I'm proud to announce that this current song broke my second general music playlist on YouTube and I'm now on my third
TAndy 10:45:10 AM
10,001 songs saved! 😁
DJ Pup (host) 10:45:33 AM
woah! quite the collection you've got going
TAndy 10:46:34 AM
Every song I like on the station goes there. Along with a playlist for the show I heard it from. And sometimes an additional playlist if the song reminds me of a specific season or a playlist for night drives, rainy days, what have you.
TAndy 10:46:51 AM
I'm so peculiar about it despite never ever having time to listen to any of it 😭
esoterica! 10:48:04 AM
good morning, TAndy, dj pup, et al. BTW, I have a cold, so Deirdre is filling in12-3 pm
esoterica! 10:48:30 AM
nice segue between pup and deirdre...great music ahead
DJ Pup (host) 10:48:30 AM
The beauty of a library is sharing the resource to others after you, so even if you don't get time to listen to it all, as long as others can access it too then the curation had an impact
DJ Pup (host) 10:48:58 AM
Going to be quite a Thursday morning/afternoon, feel better man!
TAndy 10:49:04 AM
Oh my god in going to miss that fill in show that I know I'm going to love 😭😭😭😭😭
esoterica! 10:49:20 AM
TAndy 10:50:31 AM
First I miss the Sonic Bloom every Thursday and now this LOL. You gonna do another themed show this summer? Loved hearing your show on my days off last summer 😌
Ossy 10:51:00 AM
Morning Pup
DJ Pup (host) 10:51:15 AM
Mornin' Ossy!
esoterica! 10:51:22 AM
me, TAndy? you mean like filmscape? idk, maybe?:)
esoterica! 10:51:35 AM
mornin', os
Brian D 10:53:38 AM
Reebop Kwaku Baah was a member of Traffic and Can. Great percussionist
Ossy 10:54:18 AM
And morning Es!
TAndy 10:54:23 AM
Ill keep an eye out anyway! Feel better Es 😤
DJ Pup (host) 10:54:26 AM
That's a nice musical CV to have
Brian D 10:55:02 AM
Low Spark.. Fantasy Factory era of Traffic
esoterica! 10:58:05 AM
thanks, TAndy. appreciate the well wishes. yes, keep an eye out. i's love to do a themed show.
esoterica! 10:58:15 AM
Lee Chandler 11:00:04 AM
Will miss you today eso. Feel better!
TAndy 11:02:46 AM
TAndy 11:02:52 AM
Close enough
esoterica! 11:03:42 AM
thx, lee. you are in good hands with deirdre.
esoterica! 11:03:56 AM
i love this song, pup!
DJ Pup (host) 11:04:03 AM
Indeed, deirdre's shows are great!
DJ Pup (host) 11:05:02 AM
It's a recent discovery for me, big fan of it too now
Ossy 11:05:09 AM
esoterica! 11:05:48 AM
actually, i need to clarify! you just introduced is song to me and it is cool! thx, pup
esoterica! 11:06:00 AM
this (can't type)
DJ Pup (host) 11:07:18 AM
Ohh nice haha same
TAndy 11:07:31 AM
I've heard this exact melody in an early techno track 👁️👁️
Tyler B 11:14:00 AM
Out driving around so I can't away to chat, but the show is phenomenal today
Tyler B 11:14:12 AM
Stay to chat*
DJ Pup (host) 11:14:29 AM
Thanks Tyler glad you're enjoying it!
DJ Pup (host) 11:14:45 AM
Good luck out on the roadways
Christine 𓅓 11:16:53 AM
This darkwave vibe right now 🖤 🦇
DJ Pup (host) 11:17:52 AM
Mornin' Christine! Glad you're digging it
Christine 𓅓 11:20:30 AM
Pristine sounds, DJ Pup ✨️ Morning!
esoterica! 11:21:00 AM
this is amazing!!
TAndy 11:21:50 AM
Shire music :)
Christine 𓅓 11:22:05 AM
With cowbell!
Colin 11:22:39 AM
samwise on the cowbell!
Christine 𓅓 11:23:19 AM
C'mon baby, don't fear the Shire...
TAndy 11:23:30 AM
Ok I'm gonna head off chat so I can focus on catching some Z's. See you all later, tell Deirdre that I said hi!
DJ Pup (host) 11:23:55 AM
Have a good one TAndy thanks for hanging out
Colin 11:25:47 AM
now I want second breakfast
esoterica! 11:30:34 AM
ha, colin!
DJ Pup (host) 11:31:33 AM
Was slow to that joke, I think I missed elevenses
esoterica! 11:31:46 AM
two towers is good, dark
Christine 𓅓 11:34:23 AM
Christine 𓅓 11:34:40 AM
delayed joke reaction
Colin 11:35:38 AM
in my head i'm remaking the chats smokeo with elevensies.
Colin 11:39:21 AM
love crunchiness of this track
DJ Pup (host) 11:40:32 AM
Big fan of Rezzett's tones
Colin 11:42:01 AM
I added this to my list for that point when I'm actually not listening to wprb (or kdu, or fmu) to explore further.
DJ Pup (host) 11:46:35 AM
Christine 𓅓 11:54:47 AM
A quality playlist...thank you, DJ Pup 🐶 🎧
esoterica! 11:55:41 AM
thx, pup!
DJ Pup (host) 11:55:56 AM
Thanks for tuning in everyone!
Guelo<3 11:55:58 AM
wowo over already. <3
Ossy 11:56:31 AM
Nice broadcast Pup!
DJ Pup (host) 11:56:55 AM
You're in good hands with Deirdre's show coming up! Have a great week everyone
Colin 11:58:26 AM
oh snap, no bloomin sonics! deirdre is a good fill in for sure.