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Am I the Drama?

Mar 21, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With wired academic

Join me each week as I attempt to create a perfect playlist for the most dramatic of cartoon villains. I will be blasting one song after another like the tired student that I am, finding ways to stay awake without fueling their coffee addiction.

Am I the Drama?
8:03 PM
Darth Vegas - Music for a Haitian Voodoo Priestess
Darth Vegas Music for a Haitian Voodoo Priestess Darth Vegas
Brainwashing for Dirty Minds Newmarket Music 2012
8:07 PM
Blut aus Nord - Mahagma
Blut aus Nord Mahagma Blut aus Nord
Hallucinogen Debemur Morti Productions 2019
8:13 PM
ARCTIC - Over Smoked
ARCTIC Over Smoked Arctic
Arctic - EP Outer Battery Records 2016
8:22 PM
Polyphia - Playing God
Polyphia Playing God Polyphia
Remember That You Will Die Rise Records 2022
8:25 PM
Waste of Space Orchestra - Vacuum Head
Waste of Space Orchestra Vacuum Head Waste of Space Orchestra
Syntheosis Svart Records 2019
8:30 PM
Xaon - In Pyrrhic Seas
Xaon In Pyrrhic Seas Xaon
The Lethean iMD-Xaon 2022
8:36 PM
Arjen A. Lucassen's Star One - Fate of Man
Arjen A. Lucassen's Star One Fate of Man
Revel In Time InsideOutMusic 2022
8:42 PM
Waste of Space Orchestra - Seeker's Reflection
Waste of Space Orchestra Seeker's Reflection Waste of Space Orchestra
Seeker's Reflection - Single Svart Records 2019
8:47 PM
Animals As Leaders - Gordian Naught
Animals As Leaders Gordian Naught Animals As Leaders
Parrhesia Sumerian Records 2022
8:52 PM
Walking Across Jupiter - Neil
Walking Across Jupiter Neil Walking Across Jupiter
Talk Walking Across Jupiter 2021
8:55 PM
Walking Across Jupiter - I Feel Your Breath
Walking Across Jupiter I Feel Your Breath Walking Across Jupiter
Scent Record Union 2013
8:59 PM
Rioghan - Reflection
Rioghan Reflection Rioghan
Different Kinds of Losses Inverse Records 2022
9:06 PM
Satyr - Picayune
Satyr Picayune Satyr
Locus 771016 Records DK2 2020
9:11 PM
Persefone - Katabasis
Persefone Katabasis Persefone
Metanoia Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2022
9:15 PM
Unprocessed - Avatar
Unprocessed Avatar Unprocessed
Artificial Void Long Branch Records 2019
9:21 PM
Cult of Luna - Cold Burn
Cult of Luna Cold Burn Cult of Luna
The Long Road North Metal Blade Records 2022
9:31 PM
vildhjarta - brännmärkt (instrumental)
vildhjarta brännmärkt (instrumental) vildhjarta
måsstaden under vatten (instrumental) [Digital album] Century Media 2021
9:37 PM
Ne Obliviscaris - And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope
Ne Obliviscaris And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope Ne Obliviscaris
Portal of I Welkin Records 2012
9:49 PM
Saturnian - Shadow of Prophecy
Saturnian Shadow of Prophecy Saturnian
Dimensions Indie Recordings 2012
9:55 PM
Acid Mammoth - Tusks of Doom
Acid Mammoth Tusks of Doom Acid Mammoth
Under Acid Hoof Heavy Psych Sounds 2019
10:01 PM
Hail Spirit Noir - I Mean You Harm
Hail Spirit Noir I Mean You Harm Hail Spirit Noir
Mayhem in Blue Dark Essence Records 2016
10:05 PM
Minsk - Embers
Minsk Embers Minsk
The Ritual Fires of Abandonment Relapse Records 2007
10:20 PM
Forming the Void - Onward through the Haze
Forming the Void Onward through the Haze Forming the Void
Reverie Ripple Music 2020
10:26 PM
Nebula - Witching Hour
Nebula Witching Hour Nebula
Holy Shit Heavy Psych Sounds 2019
10:30 PM
Gorilla Pulp - Warrior of the Sun
Gorilla Pulp Warrior of the Sun Gorilla Pulp
Warrior of the Sun - Single Retro Vox Records 2020
10:36 PM
Alter Bridge - Silver Tongue
Alter Bridge Silver Tongue Alter Bridge
Pawns & Kings Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2022
10:40 PM
The Devil Wears Prada - Salt
The Devil Wears Prada Salt The Devil Wears Prada
Color Decay Solid State Records 2022
10:44 PM
GOJIRA - Our Time Is Now
Our Time Is Now - Single Roadrunner Records 2022
10:49 PM
As Everything Unfolds - Ultraviolet
As Everything Unfolds Ultraviolet
10:53 PM
Arch Enemy - Handshake with Hell
Arch Enemy Handshake with Hell Arch Enemy
Deceivers Trooper Entertaiment 2022
11:00 PM
Shinedown - Planet Zero
Shinedown Planet Zero Shinedown
Planet Zero Atlantic Records 2022
Chat is archived.
TAndy 8:03:31 PM
Love this tune
Ossy 8:06:46 PM
TAndy 8:07:08 PM
Inci (host) 8:07:18 PM
Welcome welcome all!!! And thank you!!!
jimboo 8:19:33 PM
Jackie Chen 8:20:30 PM
Why is the host a literal raccoon
Inci (host) 8:20:53 PM
JAK! indeed it is a mystery
Rob F 8:23:26 PM
Heard twas Polyphia right away. Nice
Inci (host) 8:24:33 PM
I might be a little biased towards polyphia haha, I do like them a lot
Rob F 8:26:25 PM
They are playing local soon. Might be sold out
Inci (host) 8:29:06 PM
I KNOW I heard they were playing I think in the 1st of April but I can`t go to that so I might go for the Oct one
Inci (host) 8:30:06 PM
Was excited for it but hopefully the Oct ones will work out!
TAndy 8:32:39 PM
U have no idea how much I missed this
Ossy 8:34:59 PM
Sounds like Lost Time Sludge is on
Inci (host) 8:36:18 PM
oh yes DJ Flex Luthor is great!
Inci (host) 8:36:26 PM
Also, ME TOO I`m very happy that I`m back! I had compiled this playlist for an earlier show so I`ve been listening to the songs here for a while now
TAndy 8:38:26 PM
Holy shit this song 💣💣💣💣💣🌄
Ossy 8:39:11 PM
Yeah, his broadcast is metal fire, especially in the nights and his St Patrick Day show. Captain Ahab desert fire too
Guelo<3 8:45:24 PM
sheeeeeeesh! hvy
Inci (host) 8:46:30 PM
Oh yes I like them both though not have been able to listen to them as much recently! My show is usually instrumental heavy dramatic metal which resembles LTS a decent bit though I tend to go for more thematic stuff whenever I can with circus metal, jazz metal and or do hard rock prog rock occasionally
TAndy 8:56:18 PM
Djent theme 👁️👁️
Inci (host) 8:57:40 PM
Walking Across Jupiter songs imo are pretty much djent same with Animals as Leaders
TAndy 9:10:19 PM
TAndy 9:27:21 PM
Cult of Luna ALWAYS delivers
Inci (host) 9:32:12 PM
They are very good indeed!
Guelo<3 9:34:14 PM
yooooooo this one!!
Guelo<3 9:35:35 PM
oh wow cool separate instrumental and vocal album, thats awesome!
Inci (host) 9:36:31 PM
Yep! There are a couple of metal bands like vildhjarta such as Powerwolf that release the instrumentals which are just as good!
Elton Bong 9:46:14 PM
Great show Inci,, everything has rocked righteously, keep it coming!!
Inci (host) 9:46:49 PM
Thanks!! Glad you are enjoying it!
TAndy 9:53:13 PM
fave tune of the night rn
Inci (host) 9:56:32 PM
I have been playing that song in my computer on repeat haha
Inci (host) 9:56:50 PM
Shadow of Prophecy, that is
Jupiter Ding 10:00:00 PM
reading your show description and i wanna ask: what's your favorite cartoon villain?
Inci (host) 10:00:18 PM
Megamind by far
Inci (host) 10:00:27 PM
Or if it`s not movies, hmm
Inci (host) 10:00:56 PM
Mark Hamill`s Joker is very good
TAndy 10:02:14 PM
extremely good choice
Inci (host) 10:05:30 PM
both are very much inspirations for the show, though megamind more than others i had in mind
Ossy 10:05:54 PM
Amon from Legend of Korra and Slade from Teen Titans
Inci (host) 10:06:55 PM
OH Slade is VERY good
Ossy 10:07:01 PM
Megamind is the sht! 💙🔵. Like Syndrome from Incredibles
Inci (host) 10:07:16 PM
Ossy 10:07:26 PM
Slade also violently scary!
Ossy 10:07:52 PM
The way he haunted Robin, and only made himself visible to him and no one else
Inci (host) 10:08:35 PM
He is both extremely competent and manipulative and the way he haunted Robin was one of my fave parts of Teen Titans
Ossy 10:09:45 PM
Blackfire, Starfire's scary older sister, is badass too
Inci (host) 10:11:52 PM
Oh I don`t know much about her but she does seem like a badass yeah!
TAndy 10:12:53 PM
Amon and Syndrome are EXTREMELY good villains. hard for me to say whos my #1 tho
Ossy 10:13:01 PM
There's some Kids Next Door villains and an array of Disney villains
Ossy 10:13:43 PM
Let's kick this up a notch with anime villains like Team Rocket and Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho
Ossy 10:13:59 PM
And video game villains
Inci (host) 10:15:52 PM
Oh some anime villains are genuinely on another level of course, same with video game villains I think maybe because animation in TV/ in the west is very much catered to young audiences so not much complexity there -- though avatar the last airbender etc. does a REALLY good job with villains regardless
TAndy 10:15:58 PM
i cant think of any good cartoon villains but i can easily list off my favorite anime villain
Inci (host) 10:16:09 PM
Same with DC cartoon universe -- ooh which is it
TAndy 10:17:01 PM
Pain from Naruto, and in that same vein I guess Obito too. Pain had a more intimidating presence and VERY good design, but Obito was just a fucking boss till Madman Madara showed up
Inci (host) 10:21:23 PM
Good choice from what limited knowledge I have of Naruto! I have a couple some more cartoonish and funny some more serous but to be honest, I think it`s harder to choose when it comes to anime
Ossy 10:23:01 PM
Naraku from Inuyasha, Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter and Sailor Galaxie
Ossy 10:23:07 PM
Ossy 10:23:26 PM
And there's Frieza
TAndy 10:23:43 PM
Frieza, A++++++ villain there. Superb, excellent.
TAndy 10:24:06 PM
@Inci all you need to do is look at Pain's design to see how badass he is.
TAndy 10:24:24 PM
I think I just spoiled you with Obito lmao but the guy was a legit menace
Ossy 10:24:53 PM
Don't know too too much of Naruto, but Itachi goes literal fire and Orochimaru
TAndy 10:26:04 PM
I can't call Itachi a villain, an antagonist yeah 3. Orochimaru is excellent too, I keep forgetting about himn
Ossy 10:26:36 PM
Many DB villains - King Piccolo, Goku Black, Moro, Cooler, Cell, Super Buu, Broly and thought not really a villain, Beerus
Guelo<3 10:26:49 PM
...Yamori from Tokyo Ghoul. For some reason Orochimaru is a good guy in my brain
Ossy 10:27:12 PM
Ryoga from Ranma 1/2 is scary, lmao
Inci (host) 10:28:13 PM
Pain`s design is very good OH yamori is good -- I`ve recently started liking newer villains too like Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen
Ossy 10:28:58 PM
Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho, that's another badass...and King Dedede from Kirby anime
Guelo<3 10:29:43 PM
Griffith p much breaks the villain meter...
TAndy 10:31:06 PM
Guelo<3 10:31:30 PM
bro how could u even say that
TAndy 10:31:58 PM
Ossy 10:33:26 PM
Zant from Zelda Twilight Princess did nothing wrong, lmao, and Lysandre from Pokemon XYZ
Inci (host) 10:34:09 PM
Oh no opinions on this unfortunately, didn`t watch Berserk and or play any of the Pokemon games unfortunately
TAndy 10:34:41 PM
I read up to like the start of the most recent berserk arc then stopped for some reason. A little manga called Dungeon Meshi stole my interest
Ossy 10:34:57 PM
Inci - Cartoon villains? There's Powerpuff Girls villains like Mojo Jojo and Him
Inci (host) 10:35:13 PM
Inci (host) 10:35:38 PM
Him is definitely a playlist inspo I can tell you that
Ossy 10:35:54 PM
The demon is SCARY!! Scarier than Aku from Samurai Jack, lmao
Inci (host) 10:36:10 PM
This is true though Aku is also a good villain in his own right
Ossy 10:36:33 PM
Sedusa from PPG, another psycho and The Rowdy Ruff Boys
Inci (host) 10:36:59 PM
Now that I think about it, there are a lot of memorable villains in PPG
Ossy 10:37:17 PM
And many years later, Aku had 6 daughters and one fell in love for Jack
Inci (host) 10:37:23 PM
Most are a little comical more than malicious unlike anime video games etc but regardless
Guelo<3 10:37:27 PM
Aku is legendary. wow i forgot that characters name is literally 'him' haha
Inci (host) 10:37:34 PM
OH I did not know that about Aku
Ossy 10:37:49 PM
There's this most hated villain in PPG, named Richard Hardly
Ossy 10:38:22 PM
Inci (host) 10:38:53 PM
Haha I actually did not remember Hardly at all
Ossy 10:39:21 PM
Inci - Aku has daughters, in the 5th season and one prominent one, named Ashi becomes one of the main cast
Inci (host) 10:40:12 PM
Wow! I don`t think I watched that far then, might have just watched reruns, did not know that -- might watch the 5th season sometime
Ossy 10:40:14 PM
Yeah, he's hardly forgettable and the first part of his name is fitting to his character, basically an evil version of Dexter's dad, hahaha
Ossy 10:41:03 PM
Mandark from Dexter didn't make this chat, and kinda Kanker Sisters from Ed Edd n Eddy
Guelo<3 10:41:23 PM
king ramses curse for courage le cowardly doge. or that foot disease episode
TAndy 10:41:53 PM
nahh the best courage villain is benton tarentella
Inci (host) 10:42:03 PM
When you said King Ramses I thought of the Prince of Egypt villain haha I don`t know much about the courage villains gotta admit
Ossy 10:42:10 PM
The diabolical Katz as well, Eustace!
Ossy 10:43:08 PM
Scooby-Doo villains, join the party
Guelo<3 10:44:05 PM
Tom is the best villain for our greatest hero... Jerry (in sounds of the Caribbean we trust)
Ossy 10:44:50 PM
Wprb's Tomm and Selecta Jerry
Inci (host) 10:45:04 PM
I always thought of Tom as an anti hero honestly
Guelo<3 10:45:16 PM
this was fun... thnx for Tunes Inci. Peace yalls. Sleep time <3
TAndy 10:45:23 PM
gn guelo
Inci (host) 10:45:26 PM
Have a good night!
Ossy 10:46:21 PM
Adding some Disney villains- Jafar, Hades, Scar, Ursula, Maleficent, Lady Tremaine, Shan Yu, Gaston, Shere Kahn, Clayton etc etc
Ossy 10:46:33 PM
Nice night Guelo
Inci (host) 10:47:25 PM
Oooh Disney villains that are good are REALLY good -- I thought of Frollo
Inci (host) 10:47:53 PM
Frollo was a really good villain I hated him so much when I first watched Notre Dame haha
TAndy 10:48:04 PM
I've just been informed about the latest chapter of Boruto (I don't read or watch that) and I can now safely say that Momoshiki is an absolute MENACE. Beautiful.
Ossy 10:52:09 PM
I forgot of Frollo, that demon had no powers and made a horrible impact on Paris, especially burning down the city in looking for Esmarelda
Ossy 10:53:02 PM
Frollo makes Hans from Frozen, kindergarten art and crafts
Inci (host) 10:53:41 PM
TAndy 10:54:08 PM
Thank you for the show!
Inci (host) 10:54:43 PM
Thank you all for listening and for the engaging convo on villains! Made my day!!
Ossy 10:58:45 PM
You welcome as well the desert sludge, like antagonistic/anti hero goddesses from the Kid Icarus series like Viridi and Medusa
jimboo 10:59:27 PM
Super show...thanks!🌌🌌🌌
Inci (host) 11:00:22 PM
Thank you for listening! We can continue this discussion next time (I alternate so eveery two weeks!)