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WPRB Princeton 103.3 FM

The Freeform Pathogen

Feb 8, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Mike Lupica

Freeform radio for creative weirdos and deskbound dreamers. A sonic one-stop for Acid Dub, Beardo Bhangra, Micro-Folk Turntablism, Krautdrone, Cambodian Synthwave, Glam Pop, Art-Damaged Metal, Electro-Stoner Jazz, Proto Soul-Punk, DIY Hip-Hop, Psychedelic EDM, Minimalist Power Violence, Pre-Hipster NYC Weirdcore, and Afro-Hillbilly Futurism. Up and down this goddam dial since 1992.

Stay in School, Kids.

Pictured: Yours truly, in my first (and so far only) appearance... in a pamphlet, circa 1999. If I remember correctly, this brochure (and many others like it) was distributed throughout New York state public school districts, probably for use in high school guidance counselor's offices. The photo was 100% staged, but that really is WPRB's old studio in Holder Hall you see in the background, buttressed by an impressive wall of carts.

Also: Nice 90s hair, dork. Wish I still had that Fluid t-shirt.


When you're done laughing, refresh this page to see the most recently-played songs, and come join us in the listener chat. You can find me on Mastodon here.

The Freeform Pathogen
8:01 PM
Algebra Suicide - Tuesday Tastes Good
Algebra Suicide Tuesday Tastes Good
The Secret Like Crazy Algebra Suicide 1987
8:07 PM
Death Valley Girls - Bliss Out
Death Valley Girls Bliss Out
Under the Spell of Joy Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
8:10 PM
Kikagaku Moyo - Dancing Blue
Kikagaku Moyo Dancing Blue N
Kumoyo Island Guruguru Brain 2022
8:16 PM
The Meatmen - Turbo Rock
The Meatmen Turbo Rock
Rock 'N' Roll Juggernaut Caroline 1986
8:21 PM
The Saints - Save Me
The Saints Save Me
Prehistoric Sounds Harvest 1978
8:24 PM
Lava La Rue - Magpie
Lava La Rue Magpie
Butter-Fly - EP Marathon Artists 2021
8:27 PM
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Balloon Man
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians Balloon Man
Globe Of Frogs A&M 1988
8:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:36 PM
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Electricide
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Electricide N
7" RAS / Greenway 2022
8:40 PM
Billy Nomates - Spite
Billy Nomates Spite N
Cacti Invada Records UK 2023
8:43 PM
Maajun - Houba
Maajun Houba N
Vivre La Mort Du Vieux Monde SouffleContinuu 2022
Orig. 1971
8:47 PM
Minami Deutsch - Whereabouts
Minami Deutsch Whereabouts N
Fortune Goodies Guruguru Brain 2022
8:52 PM
The Fall - Wrong Place, Right Time
The Fall Wrong Place, Right Time
I Am Kurious Oranj Beggars Banquet 1988
8:55 PM
Sleaford Mods - Nudge It (feat. Amy Taylor)
Sleaford Mods Nudge It (feat. Amy Taylor)
Spare Ribs Rough Trade 2021
8:58 PM
Libretto - Dirty Thangs
Libretto Dirty Thangs
Ill-Oet: The Last Element Dim Mak Records 2004
9:02 PM
Homeboy Sandman - Satellite
Homeboy Sandman Satellite N
Still Champion Mello Music Group 2022
9:05 PM
Desumanos - Neil Armstrong
Desumanos Neil Armstrong N
Desumanos Munster Records / Vampisoul 2022
9:07 PM
Link Wray and His Ray Men - Rumble
Link Wray and His Ray Men Rumble
7" Cadence 1958
9:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:20 PM
Space Sounds - Space Sounds
Space Sounds Space Sounds
Space Sounds (Flexi)
9:24 PM
Boards of Canada - Aquarius
Boards of Canada Aquarius
Music Has the Right to Children Warp Records 1998
9:30 PM
U.S. Girls - Futures Bet
U.S. Girls Futures Bet N
Bless This Mess 4AD 2023
9:35 PM
Dion & The Belmonts - (I Was) Born to Cry
Dion & The Belmonts (I Was) Born to Cry
Tav Falco's Wild & Exotic World of Musical Obscurities 2xLP V/A Stag-o-Lee 2014
9:37 PM
The Winston Brothers - Think
The Winston Brothers Think N
Drift Colemine Records 2022
9:42 PM
Reigning Sound - You're so Strange
Reigning Sound You're so Strange
Time Bomb High School In the Red Records 2002
9:45 PM
Ray Wylie Hubbard - Henhouse
Ray Wylie Hubbard Henhouse
The Grifter's Hymnal Bordello Records 2012
9:49 PM
ZZ Top - Waitin' for the Bus
ZZ Top Waitin' for the Bus
Tres Hombres Warner Records 1973
9:52 PM
Oxbow - The Geometry of Business
Oxbow The Geometry of Business
The Narcotic Story Ipecac Recordings 2007
9:56 PM
Martin Denny - Quiet Village
Martin Denny Quiet Village
Quiet Village: The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny Capitol Records 1959
9:59 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:12 PM
Jenny Mae - Junk (feat. Vibralux)
Jenny Mae Junk (feat. Vibralux)
What's Wrong With Me? Don Giovanni Records / Anyway Records 2021
10:15 PM
Big Blood - Anything Could Happen
Big Blood Anything Could Happen
Quarantunes Series No. 27 Feeding Tube Records 2021
A cover of the Clean
10:18 PM
Kilynn Lunsford - Where the Moon Waits
Kilynn Lunsford Where the Moon Waits N
Custodians of Human Succession Ever/Never Records LLC 2022
10:22 PM
Andreas Dorau & Die Bruderschaft der kleinen Sorgen - Demokratie
Andreas Dorau & Die Bruderschaft der kleinen Sorgen Demokratie
Demokratie Bureau B 1988
10:26 PM
The Langley Schools Music Project - God Only Knows
The Langley Schools Music Project God Only Knows
Innocence and Despair Bar/None Records 2001
10:29 PM
Robert Sotelo - Garden Ceremonial
Robert Sotelo Garden Ceremonial N
Indoors Upset The Rhythm 2022
10:32 PM
Neil Young - Journey Through the Past (Live)
Neil Young Journey Through the Past (Live)
Royce Hall 1971 (Live) Reprise 2021
10:35 PM
Emmanuelle Parrenin - Jacques
Emmanuelle Parrenin Jacques
Maison Rose Musea 2022
Orig. 1977
10:38 PM
Scone Cash Players - Night Ballads
Scone Cash Players Night Ballads N
Brooklyn to Brooklin Daptone Records 2022
10:42 PM
Karen Marks - Cold Café
Karen Marks Cold Café
Sky Girl V/A Efficient Space 2016
10:45 PM
Cheri Knight - Tips On Filmmaking
Cheri Knight Tips On Filmmaking N
American Rituals Freedom To Spend 2022
10:50 PM
Climax Golden Twins - Happy Valley
Climax Golden Twins Happy Valley N
Climax Golden Twins Fire Breathing Turtle 2023
10:53 PM
Maggie Björklund - Flow
Maggie Björklund Flow N
Imaginational Anthems Vol. XI: A Survey of Modern Pedal Steel V/A Tompkins Square 2023
Chat is archived.
Rofflestomp 8:01:11 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:01:14 PM
Oh I’m late
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:01:36 PM
Hi, DJ MikeLupica!
richard lyons 8:01:50 PM
Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc :)
Rofflestomp 8:01:57 PM
Free? All in!
Alan Pasnyk 8:03:15 PM
Not missin' this one...!!
Brian D 8:04:30 PM
Schenectady, New York mention. Radio radio radio...
Dennisons 8:04:53 PM
Is the Pirate ship-themed Radio station built?!?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:05:23 PM
Not yet, Dennisons, but progress is rolling down from the mountains like water!
Dennisons 8:06:23 PM
Brian D 8:07:14 PM
Anyone can have a pirate ship but a pirate barge is where it's at. The cat's spats of watercrafts
Dennisons 8:07:35 PM
There was a sea shanty themed restaurant in Stone Harbor with blue lit ships that blew my mind as a kid.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:08:26 PM
The running gag about WPRB's "Barge" studio is that we want to decorate it like a seafood restaurant. Tatty ol fishing net on the walls, barnacles, clam shells, etc.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:08:38 PM
I need to read the rest of that pamphlet! Such a cliffhanger! 😳
Rofflestomp 8:08:40 PM
Guinness is a part of us time or we are just wasting the fuck out of our time. But that's just me. :)
Rofflestomp 8:09:37 PM
This is not a waste!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:09:49 PM
I especially appreciate the pronunciation key for "announcers".
Marcus Watt 8:10:09 PM
It's not your fault that you appear in a pamphlet that recommends The Rush Limbaugh Show.
Mary Jones 8:10:53 PM
I really, really want the Barge to go all-out seafood restaurant themed. I might even cry if I get to see it then.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:10:59 PM
I know. A dubious honor, Marcus.
richard lyons 8:11:08 PM
It's the infamous "Brief 54"
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:11:27 PM
Ha! Everything about it has me Chuffed Bits #Brochure
Mike Lupica (host) 8:11:43 PM
Mary, I have been googling things like "seafood restaurant decorations + fire codes"
Jon Solomon 8:12:14 PM
Mary, can you get your hands on any Red Lobsteresque netting for the walls? Bonus if this is done under the cover of darkness.
Jon Solomon 8:12:44 PM
Dibs on calling my show Rusty Scupper 2.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:13:04 PM
Did someone from WPRB "liberate" the iconic welcome mat from the Route 1 Denny's in 1990-something, or is that just an awesome dream I am remembering?
Dennisons 8:13:14 PM
🥷 🥅🦞
Jon Solomon 8:13:32 PM
I "liberated" a Denny's coffee mug then.
Jon Solomon 8:14:04 PM
Somewhere there's a photo of two WPRB DJs with the Denny's waiter who would serve us all the time after shows holding all the swag we gave him on his last night working.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:14:05 PM
So many crimez. This is starting to feel like an Aldo Nova song.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:14:33 PM
The discussion I mean. Not the Kikagaku Moyo song.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:14:52 PM
Rofflestomp 8:15:04 PM
My relatives and Jon are not into the shelfish thing, but the Dennys' coffee. sure.
Jon Solomon 8:15:36 PM
One of them is Sean K Murphy. The other one is...probably Matt Robb?
Mary Jones 8:15:45 PM
@Jon I can definitely get some netting
Mike Lupica (host) 8:15:50 PM
Hmmm... both still employed.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:15:59 PM
Gotta be Marv R
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:16:02 PM
TAndy 8:16:10 PM
Banger alert
Jon Solomon 8:16:23 PM
Great question: Has Marvin been to a Denny's?
Mary Jones 8:16:57 PM
The walls will also need random wooden pulleys
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:17:01 PM
And busted out with exactly how many CRIMEZ?!?
Jon Solomon 8:17:05 PM
The issue from earlier was due to a MySQL machine that had an issue. Since resolved!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:17:09 PM
Question: Why on Earth am I playing the Meatmen? Answer: I don't know but I still know ALL of the words to this song. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:17:28 PM
Thanks Jon!
Ambrose Hughes 8:17:33 PM
Evenin' Mike! Pit cruisers!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:17:44 PM
TikTok it or it didn’t happen DJ MikeLupica
Mary Jones 8:17:52 PM
I didn’t know it was legal to play the Meatmen
Jon Solomon 8:18:13 PM
"I just did a nameserver config to re-organized your DNS records and an apache configuration."
Mike Lupica (host) 8:18:13 PM
It is in New Jersey. Murphy enshrined it.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:18:16 PM
Jon Solomon 8:18:28 PM
Second time The Meatmen have come up for me today.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:18:42 PM
richard lyons 8:19:05 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:19:12 PM
careful with word placement
Ambrose Hughes 8:19:32 PM
jimboo 8:19:48 PM
You MUST now, Sir, play " Fantasy" by Aldo Nova.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:19:53 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 8:20:04 PM
Jimbo, I totally have that record.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:20:13 PM
Or rather, my hesher wife does.
jimboo 8:20:37 PM
You conjured the demon earworm, now you must FEED it
Mike Lupica (host) 8:20:59 PM
There are many things I'd like to be remembered for, but "the guy who played the Meatmen and Aldo Nova in the same radio show" may or may not be one of them,
jimboo 8:21:22 PM
Stuff of LEGENDS
Rofflestomp 8:21:31 PM
Marvin Rosin? That man? He is Beyond and goes so many PLACES! I dunno, just sayin'
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:21:33 PM
👺 👂 🐛
jimboo 8:21:52 PM
Exactly MrM!
Jon Solomon 8:21:56 PM
Still looking for the Denny's photo, did find this one of me from the 1993 (?!) Xmas marathon (???!!!) -
Ossy 8:22:43 PM
Evening Mike
richard lyons 8:23:03 PM
Chris Bailey!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:23:28 PM
Hello Ossy and all others! Welcome one, welcome all!
Mary Jones 8:23:31 PM
I’ll bet that was the first Xmas marathon I heard
Ambrose Hughes 8:23:52 PM
Saints preserve us 🙏
Mary Jones 8:24:01 PM
I don’t think I knew enough to listen in 1992, though I brought the station that November
Rob from Maryland 8:24:52 PM
howdy everyone!
Mary Jones 8:25:01 PM
Found the station, stupid autocorrect
Ambrose Hughes 8:25:25 PM
Hi Rob!
richard lyons 8:25:37 PM
Mary, I thought you meant you bought it 🥳
DJPUP 8:28:26 PM
That was a fun trip through the Flickr photos, where was that Wawa??
Rob from Maryland 8:28:27 PM
Balloon Man!!
Rob from Maryland 8:28:38 PM
Hi Ambrose!
richard lyons 8:28:38 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 8:28:38 PM
richard lyons 8:28:43 PM
Jon Solomon 8:28:52 PM
Which Wawa?
Jon Solomon 8:29:00 PM
There used to be TWO WAWAS.
Mary Jones 8:29:01 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:29:50 PM
🤡 🎈 we all float down here
DJPUP 8:29:55 PM
DJPUP 8:30:09 PM
Town aint big enough for two whole wawas
sorry it's andrew 8:30:22 PM
good evening!
Rofflestomp 8:30:25 PM
@Mary Jones, I found my heart here in2012. It only has gotten insanely better in the last few years!.
Jon Solomon 8:30:51 PM
That's the Wawa that was replaced by the train station Wawa that some have said looks like "The Wawa at the 9/11 Memorial" or "The Apple Store Wawa."
Mike Lupica (host) 8:31:04 PM
DJPUP 8:31:31 PM
Ahhh wow that's quite the remodel
Mary Jones 8:31:50 PM
@Rofflestomp yes it has
DJPUP 8:31:59 PM
The Brutalist Wawa
Rofflestomp 8:38:03 PM
You are are an sincerely great presenter! Thank you.
Jon Solomon 8:38:04 PM
Be right back, someone wants to show me her student film...
Mike Lupica (host) 8:39:39 PM
Now that is a good mosh part.
Rofflestomp 8:40:23 PM
Jon, you have that sorta thing. LOL. Really, good for you! Good stuff.
Rofflestomp 8:41:02 PM
I hope they are also good shit!
Rofflestomp 8:41:19 PM
It's a call
Ambrose Hughes 8:42:04 PM
Rofflestomp 8:42:24 PM
I would put money on your call, BTW.
Rofflestomp 8:49:47 PM
Not English. Still rocks as fuck!
Rofflestomp 8:52:19 PM
Sorry to be such a bother, thank you Mike. Awesome stuff.
Chris Mohr 8:53:11 PM
Wrong station, right DJ!
Chris Mohr 8:53:36 PM
Mark E. Smith 5 years gone
Mike Lupica (host) 8:53:52 PM
Wait, is today the deathiversary??!
Rofflestomp 8:54:19 PM
Too many!
Chris Mohr 8:54:36 PM
No Jan. 24
Chris Mohr 8:54:46 PM
Close enough!
Chris Mohr 8:55:42 PM
Nice segue, DJ Mike
Mike Lupica (host) 8:56:05 PM
From one Mad Man of Manchester to another!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:56:38 PM
jimboo 8:56:55 PM
It got suddenly, magically loud in my house
Mike Lupica (host) 8:57:20 PM
That is the Magic Of Radio, Jimbo!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:57:40 PM
Either that or there's a tech problem here in the Starlite Lounge
Ambrose Hughes 8:58:11 PM
For all you Fall fans out there a bunch of past members have regrouped including original guitarist Martin Brahma and are calling themselves House Of All.
Rofflestomp 8:58:17 PM
Who is not here? Just a part of us? Don't know.
Rofflestomp 8:58:50 PM
Glad for their part.
Chris Mohr 8:59:09 PM
House of All sounds a lot like Blue Orchids, unsurprisingly (imho)
Ambrose Hughes 8:59:58 PM
@Chris, indeed.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:00:37 PM
Whoops. That wasn't actually a profanity edit, that was me yanking a cord out of the mixer by accident.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:00:49 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:01:03 PM
Apologies to Libretto
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:01:25 PM
I thought it was a #DramaticPause
Chris Mohr 9:01:38 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:02:07 PM
#RebrandIt! #PitCrewRule!
Rofflestomp 9:03:06 PM
FCC will ask the relevant questions. LOL Insane as they might be.
Ossy 9:06:02 PM
Chill sound
Alan Pasnyk 9:06:39 PM
Echo Guitar...
Mike Lupica (host) 9:06:52 PM
Rofflestomp 9:08:08 PM
Thanks for the pitcrew always Mike! Make my Day
Rofflestomp 9:08:47 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:09:34 PM
We live to serve, Roffle!
Rofflestomp 9:11:16 PM
And thanks for that sir!
Alan Pasnyk 9:11:52 PM
Neil pick up dem moon rocks...
Mary Jones 9:12:00 PM
It *should* sound like it’s playing on a busted jukebox, that’s part of the charm
Chris Mohr 9:12:19 PM
"I used to have this thing about Link Wray I used to play him every Saturday" - Mark E. Smith, "Neighbourhood of Infinity"
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:12:29 PM
I agree and concur
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:12:41 PM
with MaryJones MaryJones
Chris Mohr 9:13:06 PM
Angst, "Neil Armstrong"!!!
Chris Mohr 9:13:09 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:13:11 PM
Story time! Gather ‘round Erybody!
jimboo 9:14:03 PM
Oh that COUNTS
Rofflestomp 9:17:06 PM
We have all done things.
Rofflestomp 9:18:21 PM
I love them too!
Rofflestomp 9:19:48 PM
Silly us.
richard lyons 9:20:24 PM
lettuce pray
Alan Pasnyk 9:21:02 PM
Landing with only 20 sec of fuel left!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:21:18 PM
🚀🌕 📻 🎶 🎵
Colin 9:22:01 PM
Alan Pasnyk 9:22:05 PM
TAndy 9:22:49 PM
Rofflestomp 9:23:02 PM
@richard lyons Veggies are my vitamins. Oh wait, nope.
richard lyons 9:23:42 PM
Colin 9:24:59 PM
Colin 9:25:29 PM
nice! clever mix master dj!
richard lyons 9:25:59 PM
M87 is the most powerful known source of radio energy except Freeform Pathogen
Rofflestomp 9:27:06 PM
Shit in my freezer has me at issues. Thanks for understanding richard lyons! lol
Mike Lupica (host) 9:27:11 PM
Hahaha! I gotta turn that into a bumpersticker, Richard!
Colin 9:27:22 PM
m87 and the starlight lounge connected via a single radio wave dude
Alan Pasnyk 9:27:29 PM
Any radio signal above 100 Mhz. can go into deep space. WPRB = 103.3 Mhz
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:29:53 PM
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
TAndy 9:30:08 PM
The aliens first contact with earth is the Key of Dubya ID lolol
richard lyons 9:30:18 PM
60 10 yeah that's right
Rofflestomp 9:31:43 PM
Now can this signal go past the solar umbrella?
Rofflestomp 9:32:25 PM
Asking for a friend.
Ossy 9:36:06 PM
It can go in the trial galaxies, Rofflestomp
richard lyons 9:36:22 PM
Rofflestomp, I feel ya, I just emptied my freezer of veggies.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:36:27 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:36:39 PM
CLUE ❤️‍🔥
Commie Francis 9:36:50 PM
hello youths
Mike Lupica (host) 9:37:05 PM
Alan Pasnyk 9:37:06 PM
2 3 5 7 9 11 13 17 23 29 31 37 41 43 47 dem aliens we can Count! Ha!
Commie Francis 9:37:44 PM
yes greetings to all with positive dental outlooks
richard lyons 9:38:57 PM
heya Commie :)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:38:58 PM
Hi, DJ CommieFrancis!
Commie Francis 9:39:53 PM
h richard and mr. malcontent!
Dennisons 9:41:06 PM
That keyboard just took this to another level.
Alan Pasnyk 9:42:15 PM
@ Commie: A belated "Thank you" for your boat themed show, cause I lost power near the end of your show...
Commie Francis 9:43:28 PM
oh you're welcome! i guess the power of my boat show just blew out the power grid
Rofflestomp 9:44:03 PM
And look at these folks who do such homeworks! Thanks you silly monkeys who defy all trees with gravity with brains!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:45:06 PM
This song makes me wish I played piano so I could kick the stool over in this part.
Rofflestomp 9:45:45 PM
Fuck yeah!
Pete Trenham 9:45:47 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:46:00 PM
Also: I stole this Ray Wylie Hubbard song from DJ Krista, who played it last week. My first time hearing it, I laughed out loud three times, which Isn't Usually A Thing for me. But anyway, hat-tip Krista!
richard lyons 9:46:55 PM
Ambrose, I just read your post about The Fall regrouping into House Of All. Looking forward to hearing more of it!
richard lyons 9:48:33 PM
The Grifter's Hymnal
Mike Lupica (host) 9:49:02 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:50:17 PM
Richard Lyons, thanks for mentioning the post by Ambrose Hughes! I missed it! Cheers to each of youse!
Alan Pasnyk 9:50:17 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:50:36 PM
Alan Pasnyk 9:50:37 PM
Great album!
Rofflestomp 9:50:43 PM
When they give you whiskey free to tune up the piano you understands a Stephen Stills verse.
Rofflestomp 9:51:23 PM
This is that vibe.
Alan Pasnyk 9:51:24 PM
do it Z!
jimboo 9:51:54 PM
2 beards and a Beard in the houuuuuuuse
Mike Lupica (host) 9:52:21 PM
Stephen Stills remembers:
Chris Mohr 9:52:38 PM
I stepped away from the chat for a few minutes and I missed a crucial CRUCIAL YOUTH call and response. Sad!
jimboo 9:53:15 PM
two-fer wed-nes-day
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:53:22 PM
oh my buttt yes
Bud Burroughs 9:53:24 PM
No, you can't stop after Waitin' for the Bus!!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:53:35 PM
This is why you no longer get hall passes, Chris.
Rofflestomp 9:57:37 PM
Hey, Mike! I quit dopey Twits. Nice Thanks.
jimboo 9:58:27 PM
this music is for the birds
Ossy 9:59:06 PM
For the Eagles
jimboo 9:59:26 PM
says the guy who can't part with mad stacks of martin denny records acquired at thrift stores across the nation
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:59:33 PM
jimboo 10:00:00 PM
duckfarts, or fuckdarts?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:00:19 PM
u kno whut
jimboo 10:00:28 PM
it's 10 pee em, we can cuss now
Rofflestomp 10:01:29 PM
I have an attention span. I love being here. Fuch Math!
jimboo 10:01:56 PM
you can play Fantasy by Aldo Nova 12 times in a row if you want to
Colin 10:04:28 PM
i would look forward to that song swipe segment.
Rofflestomp 10:05:32 PM
So fuch matters, but then nothing fuch matters. All good.
Rofflestomp 10:06:22 PM
Divide by zero etc...
DSM 10:07:16 PM
yo doods
Rofflestomp 10:09:22 PM
I don't want to die because of nutbags. Way too many nukes. Rather launch music!
DSM 10:11:42 PM
Can The Barge have an actual Listener Lounge where I can eat a hoagie and shotgun a beer?
Alan Pasnyk 10:13:11 PM
@ Mike: Thanks for doing the Impossible!
Mary Jones 10:14:45 PM
This station means so much to me, and has for 30 years. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, it was a lifeline to a larger world. Keeping it going through the pandemic has been a Herculean effort on the part of you all, and I know I’m not alone in wanting to thank the station.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:14:50 PM
DSM, probably not, but there's a park nearby with a bench and one of those portable cig-butt receptacles. Seems proimising.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:16:16 PM
Well done and big cheers to DJ MikeLupica and all involved with the satellite location! And staying operational during extreme days! 🛰 🎶🎵
Mike Lupica (host) 10:16:24 PM
DSM 10:16:24 PM
I second Mary's sentiments.
Bud Burroughs 10:16:31 PM
I remember the first pre-recorded pandemic broadcast, then the first live broadcast, then the first in-studio broadcast... exciting times!
richard lyons 10:17:06 PM
This is amazing!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:17:25 PM
Bud, it's all going in the coffee table book someday!
Rofflestomp 10:17:56 PM
Robo was a GOD!
Rofflestomp 10:19:12 PM
Rather good one actually. Best of the best for quite a while.
Bud Burroughs 10:20:19 PM
I did, in fact, spend most of my day listening to Robo-DJ. It was still better than anything else on the dial.
DSM 10:20:33 PM
Been digging this Kilynn Lunsford stuff
Rofflestomp 10:20:45 PM
Programed by insanely smart folks.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:21:44 PM
DSM, yeah, me three! Super great record!
DSM 10:23:29 PM
Also @Mike, if you like your Dion gritty, you HAVE to check out his album Born to be with you, phil spector produced in the 70's and dirgey as fuck. A song about Dion kicking heroin is a highlight
Mike Lupica (host) 10:23:45 PM
Oh wow! MUST HEAR! Thanks for the tip!
TAndy 10:23:46 PM
the work meetings have finally concluded. Full attention to more important matters (WPRB) can finally be given
Mike Lupica (host) 10:24:05 PM
Right on, TAndy!
Colin 10:24:34 PM
i enjoyed the robo dj era, it was fun having no clue what was next.
Alan Pasnyk 10:26:02 PM
Musik to send tanks to Ukraine!
Bud Burroughs 10:26:30 PM
I did a lot of Shazaming during the robo months, and resorted to googling lyrics when that didn't work.
jimboo 10:27:23 PM
Same, Bud! Robo still does a respectable job daily at 6am!
TAndy 10:27:32 PM
I feel a bit grateful that I only started listening to the station after the robo era
Mike Lupica (host) 10:27:49 PM
RoboDJ gonna get put out of work by ChatGPT
Rofflestomp 10:28:06 PM
A smart folk with with a turntable or a decent knowledge of cool stuff! Those fuckers! Lucky us!
jimboo 10:28:22 PM
Ugh, I love the Langley kiddos
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:28:50 PM
Alan Pasnyk 10:28:59 PM
The saddest song that I ever heard was the one that WPRB played before going off the air for the night during the late 2009 or so years...
Mike Lupica (host) 10:29:28 PM
Alan: probably "Wind in the Rigging" by Young Marble Giants?
jimboo 10:30:08 PM
There's a collection of youth orchestras doing Sun Ra that is funnnnn
Alan Pasnyk 10:30:49 PM
@Mike: dunno, but after that the hiss of FM static...But Never Again!
Rofflestomp 10:31:24 PM
I totally remember Rocky and Bullwinkle and not even the long shit., but weird shit too.
Rofflestomp 10:31:50 PM
Before COVID
Rofflestomp 10:32:41 PM
This new era is excellent!
Alan Pasnyk 10:32:57 PM
Wow! Neil...Yes...
Mike Lupica (host) 10:33:55 PM
This Neil Vibe is my Favorite Neil Vibe
Alan Pasnyk 10:35:16 PM
@Mike: cause it comes from the heart so much
JoeyMono 10:35:17 PM
Hi Mike, Listening in from L.A.! Glad I caught your show this evening.
jimboo 10:35:39 PM
Time Fades fave Neil.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:36:00 PM
JoeyMono! Holy hell, it's been many years old pal!
TAndy 10:36:02 PM
Sweet, I'll be around there next week Joey 😎 spreading the good word of good radio
Pete Trenham 10:36:17 PM
I feel lame just chiming in to love that Neil Young song, but wow. That was great.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:37:08 PM
Pete, the whole record has that vibe. The Neil official bootleg series is too vast for me to keep up with, but that one is tops for sure.
Rofflestomp 10:37:13 PM
I just bought a baritone guitar and this sounds right on. Just sayin.
Rofflestomp 10:45:54 PM
Thanks for tonight's stuff Mike! Have a good night all!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:46:39 PM
Thanks Rofflestomp! Good hang tonight. Big pile of good stuff I didn't get to, but there's always next Wednesday.
jimboo 10:47:01 PM
Danelectro, Roffle? They made some fun, affordable ones a few decades back.
DSM 10:47:15 PM
Later Roffle
TAndy 10:48:05 PM
see ya rof
TAndy 10:48:09 PM
No one saw that.
Rofflestomp 10:50:15 PM
@jimboo, I went the cheap route, but I can do setup and fret dressing. Any guitar is awesome. Name brand is kinda silly these days.
Ossy 10:50:50 PM
N64 like music
TAndy 10:51:14 PM
DSM 10:51:48 PM
whut did you do TAndy?
DSM 10:51:58 PM
This last set been killer Mike
Alan Pasnyk 10:52:12 PM
@ Mike: Thanks for all the vibes tonight, Great show!
jimboo 10:53:24 PM
Nice, Roffle. Thanks Mike and gnight peeps!(⁠^⁠∇⁠^⁠)⁠ノ⁠♪
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:54:16 PM
DJ MikeLupica, another TopNotch Show! Many thanks! Big cheers! Kind regards to you, Sir!
TAndy 10:54:34 PM
Thanks Mike!
Li Maria 10:55:58 PM
Excellent show as always, DJ Mike! Thanks for making my nighttime workout more bearable
DSM 10:57:15 PM
Thanks a bunch! Toodles y'all!
Mary Jones 10:57:34 PM
Excellent show as always!
Rofflestomp 10:57:57 PM
Always so good Mike, sorry to over out, but I love you excellent people. Good night!
Ossy 10:58:17 PM
Awesome chill starlight, Mike!
TAndy 10:58:46 PM
Ossy 10:59:11 PM
Steamy.....(Plankton voice)
TAndy 10:59:35 PM
I saw that
Alan Pasnyk 11:00:21 PM
Ossy 11:00:56 PM
Yes, YES (Plankton voice)
TAndy 11:01:16 PM
warps into chat