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Feb 8, 2023 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Number 6

A potpourri of different genres with an emphasis on EDM, space and trance music.

In a pentode, no one can hear you screen.

V 162.0

12:01 PM
Cartas de Japón - Rucalen
Cartas de Japón Rucalen N
Rucalen 2023
12:10 PM
Joseph Decosimo - Bob Willis Stomp/Wild Goose Chase
Joseph Decosimo Bob Willis Stomp/Wild Goose Chase N
While You Were Slumbering Sleepy Cat 2022
12:13 PM
Innovations - Put a Little Away
Innovations Put a Little Away N
Seabird - Single MAG 2013
12:17 PM
Midi Bitch - Cosmic Reefer
Midi Bitch Cosmic Reefer N
ZEiTLOS 2023
12:23 PM
Manitou - Remembering That Afternoon Downtown
Manitou Remembering That Afternoon Downtown
All Points North SLOBOR Media 2007
12:34 PM
Cousin Silas - Deeper Resolution
Cousin Silas Deeper Resolution N
Silent Perspective
12:41 PM
Ojju - Waves of Freedom
Ojju Waves of Freedom
Waves of Freedom - Single Zahrawi Music 2022
12:48 PM
Humalien - Alien Soul
Humalien Alien Soul
12:55 PM
Arnaud Le Gamin - The Clark Kent Dilemma
Arnaud Le Gamin The Clark Kent Dilemma
The Clark Kent Dilemma languages music 2022
1:03 PM
The Adventures Of Ruby - S1 E30
The Adventures Of Ruby S1 E30
Ruby 1 ZBS.ORG
1:06 PM
Los York´s - Vete al Infierno
Los York´s Vete al Infierno N
67' MAG 2013
1:10 PM
Mojo's Cafe - S1 E2
Mojo's Cafe S1 E2
For Lost Dreamers ZBS.ORG
1:15 PM
Steve Roach - Fires Burning
Steve Roach Fires Burning
Fever Dreams II: Holding the Space Timeroom Editions 2004
1:24 PM
Volker Lankow - Quiet Your Mind
Volker Lankow Quiet Your Mind
Music For Boring Times Part 3
1:35 PM
Huron - Swerve
Huron Swerve N
1:43 PM
Nacht Plank - Sub Dans Afternoon Cofee Mix
Nacht Plank Sub Dans Afternoon Cofee Mix N
Music for Kettle
1:50 PM
Scott Lawlor - Sparkling With Fireflies
Scott Lawlor Sparkling With Fireflies
There Is No Road Through The Woods
1:56 PM
Eism - Manaslu Wins
Eism Manaslu Wins
2:02 PM
The Gigantic Legless Cauldrons - Part 1
The Gigantic Legless Cauldrons Part 1
2:35 PM
Palancar - 4/8/2006
Palancar 4/8/2006
Ambient Train Wreck Back Caialog V. 2
Chat is archived.
Number 6 (host) 12:03:10 PM
Welcome to the New Aquisitions Show.
Christine 𓅓 12:06:04 PM
🎴 Hi, Number 6
Number 6 (host) 12:07:21 PM
Hi Christine!
Christine 𓅓 12:09:30 PM
Hooray for new acquisitions!
Number 6 (host) 12:11:25 PM
Mostly all new songs.
Number 6 (host) 12:12:12 PM
Some used songs.:)
Rofflestomp 12:14:25 PM
Hiya Number 6! Hiya Christine!
Number 6 (host) 12:15:01 PM
Hi Roffle!
DSM 12:16:09 PM
Howdy Number 6, Roffle, Christine!
Christine 𓅓 12:16:15 PM
Hey Roffle ⚔️!
Christine 𓅓 12:16:25 PM
Hey DSM 🍩!
Rofflestomp 12:16:43 PM
I hope you got a good deal on those used songs. If not, I know a guy in north Jersey. 😉
DSM 12:16:50 PM
thought this was a Christine McVie rarity at first!
Rofflestomp 12:16:56 PM
Hey DSM!
Number 6 (host) 12:20:06 PM
Number 6 (host) 12:22:31 PM
My cousin Vinnie has some good used songs. You can come by and kick the tires on them any time!
Brian D 12:32:23 PM
Just what is needed for chill lunch break
Brian Nusspickel 12:40:24 PM
Yeah. Need this right now. Warm sun and im gone
Christine 𓅓 12:45:06 PM
Number 6 (host) 12:46:48 PM
Hi Brian!
Matthew Robinson 12:50:05 PM
alien soul be cleansing my soul
Matthew Robinson 12:50:25 PM
We're so lucky to have you Number 6
DSM 12:52:28 PM
👽 👽 👽
Number 6 (host) 12:56:48 PM
Hi Matt, thanks!
Brian Nusspickel 12:57:07 PM
Hello Number 6 (host)
Number 6 (host) 12:57:55 PM
Everyone is lucky to have WPRB!
DSM 1:04:12 PM
lol, that ID legit gonna freak out some little kid
Brian D 1:04:57 PM
RUBY kicks ass at the bar
Christine 𓅓 1:05:09 PM
b l e e p h o l e
Number 6 (host) 1:05:59 PM
Hi Brian D! I like the Western background music.
Brian D 1:07:02 PM
Outer space honky-tonk piano
Brian D 1:07:43 PM
The robot voices make it
Brian D 1:08:49 PM
Go to Heyyyyy what....
Brian D 1:11:52 PM
More ZBS greatness!
Gautham Kalva 1:14:11 PM
Mojo’s cafe reminds me of Joe Frank. Thanks @Number 6 for this.
Christine 𓅓 1:14:12 PM
🦇🦇🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇🔥
Number 6 (host) 1:14:43 PM
Hi Gautham!
Brian D 1:20:51 PM
Was that Laura Esterman also on the Mojo's Cafe voice acting ?
Number 6 (host) 1:21:34 PM
I'm not sure.
Brian D 1:22:55 PM
if not very similar.. very Joe Frank ish today indeed ... Ruby, Mojo then Steve Roach
Number 6 (host) 1:27:33 PM
A bit of a theme.
Brian D 1:28:00 PM
Aha i see and hear.... this one too
Number 6 (host) 1:40:58 PM
I made a theme without even knowing it!:)
Christine 𓅓 1:42:56 PM
Your subconscious had it all planned out, Number 6.
Number 6 (host) 1:44:01 PM
WPRB is serendipity.
Rob F 1:48:34 PM
This is so good
Number 6 (host) 1:49:21 PM
Hi Rob! Channeling Joe Frank!
Brian D 2:03:52 PM
The Long Zone
Number 6 (host) 2:05:34 PM
The name of this group is great!
Rofflestomp 2:15:15 PM
Their name is as big as these tunes. :)
Christine 𓅓 2:36:45 PM
Hey, it's palancar of Music With Space fame.
DSM 2:41:12 PM
Palancar sees daylight
Number 6 (host) 2:43:56 PM
Palancar has a lot of free albums on bandcamp.
Christine 𓅓 2:55:50 PM
Thank you, Number 6! 𓁮
Brian D 2:56:23 PM
Whoooooossshhhhh... great show Number 6!
DSM 2:58:22 PM
Thanks Number 6!
Christine 𓅓 2:59:23 PM
Watch our for Rovers in the sky a.k.a. spy balloons...
Rob F 3:00:01 PM
Thank you #6!
Number 6 (host) 3:00:43 PM
Thanks all! BCNU!