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Tomorrow is an Octopus

Feb 6, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Dan Ruccia

Cephalopod dance parties for the apocalypse.

The Dan/Dan Revolution

Tomorrow is an Octopus
10:01 AM
The Skull Defekts - Gospel of the Skull
The Skull Defekts Gospel of the Skull
Peer Amid (feat. Daniel Higgs) Thrill Jockey 2011
10:06 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Background music: Bitchin Bajas - Bajascillators

10:10 AM
Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Daniel
Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Daniel
The Brave and the Bold Overcoat 2006
Elton John cover
10:15 AM
Destroyer - Song for America
Destroyer Song for America
Kaputt Merge Records 2011
10:19 AM
Mitski - Dan the Dancer
Mitski Dan the Dancer
Puberty 2 Dead Oceans 2016
10:21 AM
Danny Denial - Am I Cool Enough For Your Love
Danny Denial Am I Cool Enough For Your Love
Exitos Varios [Variety Hits] V/A Union of Musicians and Allied Workers 2020
10:26 AM
The Soft Pink Truth - Let There Be Ebola Frost
The Soft Pink Truth Let There Be Ebola Frost
Why Do the Heathen Rage? Thrill Jockey 2014
An cover
10:31 AM
Venetian Snares & Daniel Lanois - Mothors Pressroll P131
Venetian Snares & Daniel Lanois Mothors Pressroll P131
Venetian Snares X Daniel Lanois Timesig 2018
10:34 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:39 AM
DOOM - Gazzillion Ear
DOOM Gazzillion Ear
Born Like This Lex Records 2009
10:43 AM
Deltron 3030 - Mastermind
Deltron 3030 Mastermind
Deltron 3030 75 Ark 2000
10:46 AM
Caribou - Sun
Caribou Sun
Swim People Eating Fruit Records 2010
10:52 AM
The Bug - Jah War (feat. Flowdan)
The Bug Jah War (feat. Flowdan)
London Zoo Ninja Tune 2008
10:55 AM
Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny
Danny Brown Ain't It Funny
Atrocity Exhibition Warp Records 2016
10:58 AM
Oneohtrix Point Never - Ezra
Oneohtrix Point Never Ezra
Garden of Delete Warp Records 2015
11:02 AM
Dan Friel - Break Room
Dan Friel Break Room
Factoryland Thrill Jockey Records 2022
11:05 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:10 AM
Sun City Girls - Dan and Ross
Sun City Girls Dan and Ross
Dante's Disneyland Inferno Abduction 1996
11:11 AM
Daniel Johnston - A Little Bit of Soap
Daniel Johnston A Little Bit of Soap
Respect Eternal Yip Eye Music 2009
11:14 AM
Neil Young - Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
Neil Young Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
Tonight's the Night Reprise 1975
11:17 AM
Fleetwood Mac - Danny's Chant
Fleetwood Mac Danny's Chant
Bare Trees Rhino/Warner Records 1972
11:20 AM
Johnny Cash - Nasty Dan
Johnny Cash Nasty Dan
The Johnny Cash Children's Album Columbia/Legacy 1975
11:22 AM
Daniel Bachman - Rappahannock River Rag
Daniel Bachman Rappahannock River Rag
Lonesome Weary Blues Three Lobed Auxiliary 2022
Jack Rose cover
11:25 AM
Dan Trueman - Upham Down
Dan Trueman Upham Down
Fifty Five Many Arrows Music 2021
11:29 AM
Bessie Jones - Walk Daniel
Bessie Jones Walk Daniel
Get in Union Global Jukebox 2020
11:32 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:35 AM
Dan Melchior und das Menace - Sang Froid
Dan Melchior und das Menace Sang Froid
Thankyou Very Much S.S. Records 2009
11:38 AM
The Gories - I'll Go
The Gories I'll Go
I Know You Be Houserockin' Crypt Records 1991
11:41 AM
Home Blitz - Hey!
Home Blitz Hey!
Home Blitz Gulcher 2007
11:43 AM
Dan Deacon - Sheathed Wings
Dan Deacon Sheathed Wings
Gliss Riffer Domino Recording Co 2015
11:47 AM
Danielson - Bloodbook On the Halfshell
Danielson Bloodbook On the Halfshell
Ships Secretly Canadian 2006
11:52 AM
Television Personalities - 14th Floor
Television Personalities 14th Floor
Part Time Punks (The Very Best of Television Personalities) Fire Records 2003
11:54 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:57 AM
The Fall - Hip Priest (Peel Session 31/3/81)
The Fall Hip Priest (Peel Session 31/3/81)
The Complete Peel Sessions, 1978-2004 Castle Music 2005
Chat is archived.
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:00:47 AM
Yo yo yo. Are y'all ready for Monday to be an Octopus???
Mike Lupica 10:02:44 AM
TAndy 10:09:05 AM
Mike Lupica 10:09:20 AM
Dan Dan Noodles
richard lyons 10:14:47 AM
Brian D 10:16:46 AM
Destroyer! Love Dan Bejar
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:20:54 AM
It was so hard picking just one Dan Bejar song. Almost went with one of his New Pornos tunes
Gautham Kalva 10:25:01 AM
@Dan Ruccia - while we’re on the Dan’s set- was wondering if you know Dan Bern? You might like his sing Jerusalem.
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:26:31 AM
Hey Gautham! I don't know Dan Bern. Will have to check it out
Brian D 10:30:15 AM
ABBA reunion album from 2021 has a song titled Keep an Eye on Dan. Just remembered... heard it on Dan Buskirk's show that year.
Brian D 10:35:17 AM
Dan Bern doing Jerusalem at the Philly Folk Fest in late 1990s was a big EYE OPENING highlight. Wow. Funny guy. Laughed like crazy during his set. Did not hear about him for a while then noticed he wrote or co wrote some songs from the Dewey Cox Walk Hard movie
Brian D 10:37:07 AM
Another great Daniel Lanois project i loved was Black Dub. Trixie Whitley on vocals. Really liked the sound they got on that one time only lp.
Brian D 10:38:33 AM
I believe AC Newman said it "BAY-har" when he mentioned Dan Bejar on stage. Seems to be confirmed on online sources , interviews, intros etc
Brian D 10:39:42 AM
Yeah definitely BAY-har now that I read more. Father is Spanish
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:40:02 AM
Ahhh. Excellent. Now we know!
Brian D 10:40:26 AM
Reminders of Mickey Sprawl show w the DOOM!
Matthew Robinson 10:41:06 AM
love DOOM in the morning
Matthew Robinson 10:41:27 AM
TAndy 10:41:59 AM
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:42:11 AM
The greatest of all musical Daniels
Matthew Robinson 10:43:26 AM
that's a great observation 2nd best musical Dan ;)
Matthew Robinson 10:43:44 AM
3030 yes yes yes
richard lyons 10:44:48 AM
And Yes!!
TAndy 10:45:05 AM
You're the best, Dan.
Mike Lupica 10:45:40 AM
Nice Aphrodite's Child sample right there!
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:49:46 AM
I always wondered what that sample was. A good one!
TAndy 10:49:49 AM
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:50:53 AM
I was doing a clean out of my records recently and this one was briefly on the chopping block until I remembered that it is, in fact, awesome
TAndy 10:51:36 AM
I can't believe you would ever consider putting Caribou on The chopping block. The only time that's permissible is if it's the bed of winter and that's the only food you have
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:51:54 AM
I know. It was silly and I was being overzealous
TAndy 10:51:56 AM
Incomprehensible 🤣
TAndy 10:52:32 AM
TAndy 10:52:48 AM
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:53:32 AM
I bet he only lets his mom call him that
TAndy 10:53:34 AM
TAndy 10:54:07 AM
I came from a thing where somebody on Twitter called him that and he thought it was the funniest thing
Dan Ruccia (host) 10:54:25 AM
TAndy 10:55:48 AM
One of the best grime voices in the biz
Brian D 10:58:52 AM
Gremlins repped
TAndy 10:58:52 AM
That might have been the best station ID I ever heard
TAndy 10:59:15 AM
Not the Hull Kogan gremlins 🤣
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:04:23 AM
All goblins are secretly Dans
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:04:46 AM
But not all Dans are goblins
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:05:20 AM
There are no Dans in Goblin, however
TAndy 11:11:48 AM
Dan sounds like my kind of guy
Mok like an Egyptian 11:13:47 AM
Happy birthday Bob Marley!
richard lyons 11:14:24 AM
Such a good Daniel Johnson rendition!
Matthew Robinson 11:14:24 AM
i guess this is thie 3rd best musical dan..
Matthew Robinson 11:14:35 AM
Johnston is so precious
Brian D 11:14:45 AM
Danny Whitten!
Matthew Robinson 11:15:25 AM
omg sorry.. just noticing all the musical dans now haha
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:15:26 AM
Almost played the Crazy Horse version of this, but this version is so much more fun
Mok like an Egyptian 11:22:07 AM
Dan Fogelberg?
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:25:13 AM
Oh yeah, forgot about him. I'll be honest that I don't really know his stuff (beyond whatever showed up on classic rock radio in the late 90s)
Mok like an Egyptian 11:26:56 AM
lol ...Danny and The Juniors.
Christine 𓅓 11:30:28 AM
Daniels dans le playlist ce matin 💯
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:36:26 AM
Hey Christine!
fr1dayafternoon 11:39:37 AM
Really dug that Dan Melchior. Not familiar that album, I’ll have to check that one out.
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:40:32 AM
One of my favorites of his Das Menace albums. Not sure if it's in print physically, but I know it's on Bandcamp
Christine 𓅓 11:41:50 AM
Hey Dan...Sounding good!
fr1dayafternoon 11:42:29 AM
Christmas for the Crowd is the only one from Das Menace I have. Constantly finding albums of his I haven’t heard yet, but that’s Melchior.
fr1dayafternoon 11:46:49 AM
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:47:04 AM
There are like 4 or 5 more Das Menace albums, so you are in for a treat!
richard lyons 11:56:04 AM
Damn good Dan show! Thanks!
Christine 𓅓 11:56:23 AM
Cheers, Dan
Christine 𓅓 11:56:55 AM
We're dan-dan-dancin'!
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:57:42 AM
Thanks for listening y'all! Hooray for the new schedule!
Mike Lupica 11:58:20 AM
Happy birthday, Greg Lyon! (Sorry, that's my muscle memory reflex for this song.)
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:58:39 AM
Dan Ruccia (host) 11:59:26 AM
I was actually in the room for that (us getting a musical telegram to sing this song for Greg on his birthday in 2003 (?). The musical telegram guy was dressed as a clown. It was incredible.)
Mike Lupica 11:59:42 AM
For reference: https://www.wprbhistory.org/singing-telegram-does-hip-priest-by-the-fall/
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 12:00:02 PM
So glad there was no Danny Bonnaducci
Christine 𓅓 12:00:10 PM
TAndy 12:00:23 PM
Thanks Dan!
TAndy 12:02:04 PM
Oh my god Mike