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Super Radio Show

Feb 4, 2023 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With tomm

fresh new packaging, same great taste

SRS #1

it begins

Super Radio Show
2:03 PM
Angelo Harmsworth - Igniting the Periphery
Angelo Harmsworth Igniting the Periphery
Singe Students Of Decay 2022
2:07 PM
Bill Nace - Les Echos (Piece for Tuba)
Bill Nace Les Echos (Piece for Tuba)
Through a Room Drag City 2022
2:12 PM
Cal Fish - In a Field
Cal Fish In a Field
Less Than Three Call Waitn 2022
2:16 PM
Giant Claw - Mir-Cam Online
Giant Claw Mir-Cam Online
Mirror Guide Orange Milk 2021
2:21 PM
Lucrecia Dalt - El Galatzó
Lucrecia Dalt El Galatzó
¡Ay! RVNG Intl. 2022
2:24 PM
Bentley Anderson - Part 2
Bentley Anderson Part 2
Scintil Trouble In Mind Records 2022
2:28 PM
Klein - Black Star
Klein Black Star
Star in the Hood Parkwuud Entertainment 2022
2:33 PM
Liturgy - Angel of Sovereignty
Liturgy Angel of Sovereignty
93696 Thrill Jockey Records 2023
2:35 PM
Henry Rozich - An Answer In the Family
Henry Rozich An Answer In the Family
An Answer In the Family - Single HR 2022
2:38 PM
Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis - The Dead
Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis The Dead
Invisible Cities II Karlrecords 2019
2:46 PM
Paradise Twin - Pegasus
Paradise Twin Pegasus
Paradise Twin - Single Friendship 2022
2:53 PM
どっかの誰か 誰かの何か Virgin Babylon Records 2018
3:03 PM
Slikback - trionstrap
Slikback trionstrap
3:03 PM
The Body & OAA - hired regard
The Body & OAA hired regard
Enemy of Love Thrill Jockey Records 2022
3:08 PM
Marlon DuBois - MEME (feat. Joeyy)
Marlon DuBois MEME (feat. Joeyy)
MEME (feat. Joeyy) - Single GreenShed 2022
3:15 PM
Second Woman - 400425Cc2
Second Woman 400425Cc2
Second Woman Spectrum Spools 2016
3:15 PM
The Dead C - Helen Said This
The Dead C Helen Said This
Trapdoor Fucking Exit 1990
3:25 PM
Huerco S. - Plonk VII
Huerco S. Plonk VII
Plonk Incienso 2022
3:28 PM
Oto Hiax - Thruft
Oto Hiax Thruft
S/T Editions Mego 2017
3:33 PM
Duma - Cannis
Duma Cannis
Cannis - Single Sub Pop Records 2021
3:34 PM
Dawuna - Parable I
Dawuna Parable I
Glass Lit Dream O___o? 2021
3:40 PM
Martina Bertoni - Your Sun
Martina Bertoni Your Sun
Hypnagogia Karlrecords 2022
3:46 PM
Fumu - Falling Into Flight
Fumu Falling Into Flight
Enter the Anima YOUTH 2022
3:51 PM
Dreamcrusher - Cathedral of Moths
Dreamcrusher Cathedral of Moths
Incinerator Fire Talk 2016
3:54 PM
Limp Pumpo - brampton fight
Limp Pumpo brampton fight
Chat is archived.
tom (host) 2:02:50 PM
hello hello!!!!! welcome to the new season~~~~~~~~~
tom (host) 2:02:54 PM
v excited to be back
Ossy Hyouka 2:11:07 PM
Hello and nice, especially these sounds from last thursday, before Flex Luthor came back to his original night schedule!
Ossy Hyouka 2:12:57 PM
The themes synced along with some ocean murky part in Majora's Mask, at night time, that same Thursday night, last week..
tom (host) 2:13:19 PM
hey ossy!! sounds like a great time..
Ossy Hyouka 2:14:34 PM
Yeah, fitting background music for Link in his zora form and he was fighting pirates and sea snakes!
Buck Wild 3:05:52 PM
Greetings ! Thanks for the jamz…. A bit of a surprise … the new schedule starting!
D ARemo 3:06:49 PM
i don't see SOTC any where on the new schedule
Buck Wild 3:06:53 PM
Is the previous DJ from the last schedule , Jerry , still on air ?
D ARemo 3:07:13 PM
i saw a tweet last week saying it was SOTC last show
D ARemo 3:07:33 PM
anyone have any info?
tom (host) 3:08:26 PM
hey yeah, im not sure what the situation is exactly, but i know jerry doesnt have a show this season
tom (host) 3:08:38 PM
it was voluntary, im not sure what happened though -- i might reach out on twitter
D ARemo 3:08:46 PM
wow the whole season
Maple Autumn 3:09:41 PM
what genre are these songs even
Maple Autumn 3:09:55 PM
I just threw this on in the car and im blown tf away
D ARemo 3:09:57 PM
Buck Wild 3:09:59 PM
Thanks for the info Tom ! Looking forward to ya show!
tom (host) 3:11:59 PM
yes no worries! i'll try to keep ppl lposted if i hear anything, i k now a lot jerry listeners will probably come to this show
tom (host) 3:12:23 PM
yo maple!! yeah im not rly sure....i stopped trying to have a genre show a while ago~~glad u are enjoying ))))
richard lyons 3:16:47 PM
Great show! Love the Dead C!
Maple Autumn 3:41:50 PM
goodass show dude
tom (host) 3:43:16 PM
ty ty my dude, hopefully u found some new stuff 2 listen 2
Ossy Hyouka 3:52:06 PM
Badass and mysterious ambience show, Tom!