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Total Tobias

Feb 8, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With John Tobias

Total Tobias is mostly newish indie rock in many of its’ forms while genre hopping, decade hopping and language hopping sometimes all in one song

Black History Month special

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Highlighting new and emerging artists and classic tracks, too.


Total Tobias
10:01 AM
Sault - Spirit Call
Sault Spirit Call N
Earth Forever Living Originals 2022
10:03 AM
Loraine James - Building Something Beautiful for Me (Holy Presence of Joan D'arc)
Loraine James Building Something Beautiful for Me (Holy Presence of Joan D'arc)
Building Something Beautiful for Me Phantom Limb 2022


10:05 AM
Arlo Parks - Weightless
Arlo Parks Weightless N
My Soft Machine 2023


10:09 AM
flowerovlove - Out For The Weekend
flowerovlove Out For The Weekend N
A Mosh Pit In The Clouds - EP flowerovlove 2022


10:13 AM
Vagabon - Carpenter
Vagabon Carpenter N
Carpenter - Single Nonesuch 2023


10:18 AM
Mint Green - Body Language
Mint Green Body Language N
All Girls Go to Heaven Pure Noise Records 2022


10:21 AM
Jean Dawson - 0-HEROES*
Jean Dawson 0-HEROES*
CHAOS NOW* Handwritten Records 2022


10:24 AM
Juanita Euka - Mboka Moko
Juanita Euka Mboka Moko
Mabanzo Strut 2022
10:28 AM
The Nu'rons - Hurry up Tomorrow
The Nu'rons Hurry up Tomorrow
Hurry up Tomorrow - Single Star Corner Records
10:36 AM
Oceanator - Stuck
Oceanator Stuck
Nothing's Ever Fine Polyvinyl Records 2022


10:39 AM
misery EKKSTACY under exclusive license to UnitedMasters 2022


10:42 AM
Fousheé - bored
Fousheé bored N
softCORE Trackmasters Entertainment/RCA Records 2022

63d6c9814fdaf.jpegRadio edit

10:44 AM
Radkey - Better Than This
Radkey Better Than This
Better Than This - Single Little Man Records 2022


10:49 AM
Lil Yachty - running out of time
Lil Yachty running out of time N
Let’s Start Here. 2023


10:53 AM
Kelela - Contact
Kelela Contact N
Raven Warp Records 2023
10:57 AM
MorMor - Far Apart
MorMor Far Apart N
Semblance Don't Guess 2022
11:02 AM
Zulu - Where I'm From
Zulu Where I'm From N
Where I'm From - Single Flatspot Records 2023


11:04 AM
Action/Adventure - Autopilot
Action/Adventure Autopilot N
Imposter Syndrome Pure Noise Records 2022
11:08 AM
John Lee Hooker - I Need Some Money
John Lee Hooker I Need Some Money
Vee-Jay Records
11:10 AM
Jadu Heart - Derealisation
Jadu Heart Derealisation N
Derealised VLF Records 2022



11:19 AM
The Bell Rays - Black Lightning
The Bell Rays Black Lightning
Black Lightning Cobraside 2022


11:22 AM
Baba Ali - Burn Me Out
Baba Ali Burn Me Out N
Laugh Like a Bomb Memphis Industries 2023
11:23 AM
Cautious Clay - Puffer
Cautious Clay Puffer
Thin Ice on the Cake - EP Cautious Clay 2022


11:26 AM
Thanya Iyer - Slow Burn
Thanya Iyer Slow Burn
Rest - EP Topshelf Records 2022


11:31 AM
Baby Got Back Talk - Model Minority
Baby Got Back Talk Model Minority
Existential Shred - EP Wiretap Records 2022


11:33 AM
Blunt Bangs - Hot Potato
Blunt Bangs Hot Potato
Proper Smoker Ernest Jenning Record Co. 2021
11:38 AM
Enumclaw - 10th and J 2
Enumclaw 10th and J 2
Save the Baby Luminelle Recordings 2022
11:41 AM
Star Feminine Band - Woman Stand Up
Star Feminine Band Woman Stand Up
In Paris Born Bad Records 2022
11:46 AM
Special Interest - Cherry Blue Intention
Special Interest Cherry Blue Intention N
Endure Rough Trade 2022
11:50 AM
Leyla McCalla - Dodinin
Leyla McCalla Dodinin
Breaking the Thermometer Anti/Epitaph 2022


11:53 AM
SAIAH - ihateyouandyouhatemetoo
SAIAH ihateyouandyouhatemetoo N
ihateyouandyouhatemetoo - Single 2023
11:56 AM
Afrorack - Osc
Afrorack Osc
Afrorack Hakuna Kulala 2022
Chat is archived.
John Tobias (host) 9:59:49 AM
Hello rock and rollers
Jen Duvak 10:30:02 AM
GueloLove 10:30:07 AM
rollin and rockin!
Brian D 10:34:47 AM
Big ol soulful tune from Nu'rons wow
John Tobias (host) 10:38:19 AM
Was glad when I found that one
John Tobias (host) 10:45:10 AM
Thanks GL and Jen
Brian D 11:17:21 AM
Super gazey that last one from Jadu Heart
John Tobias (host) 11:23:14 AM
Yeah, their whole album is in that vein
Rob F 11:27:04 AM
Hi John, really enjoying the show today
Christine 𓅓 11:27:07 AM
Loved that Baba Ali track. They're new to me; thanks for the introduction, John!
John Tobias (host) 11:31:12 AM
Thanks Rob
John Tobias (host) 11:31:36 AM
That’s my hours of research paying off
John Tobias (host) 11:31:51 AM
Last comment was to Christine
Christine 𓅓 11:37:02 AM
It's paying off big time
John Tobias (host) 11:37:21 AM
Christine 𓅓 11:41:06 AM
I'm reading that Baba Ali is related to Fela Kuti by marriage on his father's side, and his father would take him to see Femi Kuti play in NYC.
John Tobias (host) 11:44:58 AM
You’re doing my job for me
Rob F 11:48:27 AM
I think someone played one of those Nigerian artist recently. Sounded quite interetsting
John Tobias (host) 11:51:58 AM
RF, it’s possible. Most our DJs play great stuff from all over
Jen Duvak 11:52:22 AM
Really enjoyed yer show today, John! been the perfect accompaniment to my plant work 🌿😊thank you!
Christine 𓅓 11:56:20 AM
This playlist 💯 Thanks, John
John Tobias (host) 11:59:38 AM
Thanks Jen,Christine and the listening masses
Brian D 11:59:53 AM
Good tunes today!
John Tobias (host) 12:00:04 PM
Thanks Brian
John Tobias (host) 12:00:35 PM
I think this one has potential for transition to next show