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Diving into the Wreck

Jan 6, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Lizbot



Diving into the Wreck
3:02 PM
Laurice - Dark Side of Your Face
Laurice Dark Side of Your Face
Best of Laurice, Vol. 2 Mighty Mouth Music 2015
Welsh-Canadian recording artist, composer, writer and singer. He was voted Male Dance Music Artist of the year for two consecutive years in Canada. He records in both the disco and smooth jazz genres.
3:06 PM
Rare Bird - Beautiful Scarlet
Rare Bird Beautiful Scarlet
Rare Bird Charisma 1970
3:12 PM
The Kinks - A Well Respected Man
The Kinks A Well Respected Man
Well Respected Kinks Pye 1966
3:15 PM
Sparks - Music That You Can Dance To
Sparks Music That You Can Dance To
Music That You Can Dance To MCA 1986
3:19 PM
King Missile - When She Closed Her Eyes
King Missile When She Closed Her Eyes John S. Hall
They Shimmy Disc 1990
3:21 PM
Ween - I'll Be Your Jonny On the Spot
Ween I'll Be Your Jonny On the Spot
The Mollusk Elektra Records 1997
Recorded in Holgate, Long Beach Island, NJ!
3:23 PM
Sudan Archives - Selfish Soul
Sudan Archives Selfish Soul
Selfish Soul - Single Stones Throw Records 2022
3:25 PM
OCDJ - guess what?
OCDJ guess what?
Hooray! Wildfire Wildfire Records 2007
3:28 PM
Tones On Tail - Go! (Club Mix)
Tones On Tail Go! (Club Mix)
Everything! Beggars Banquet 1984
3:32 PM
Tones On Tail - Slender Fungus
Tones On Tail Slender Fungus
Pop Beggars Banquet 1984
3:36 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Lizbot roves aimlessly in the hills of Burbank, and all appears speckled

3:41 PM
King Missile - Cheesecake Truck
King Missile Cheesecake Truck
Mystical Shit Shimmydisc 1990
3:42 PM
The Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance
The Pointer Sisters Neutron Dance
Break Out RCA Records Label 1982
R.I.P. Anita Pointer
3:47 PM
The's - Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon)
The's Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon)
Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon) - Single Third Man Records 2011
Garage rock'n'roll band from Tokyo, Japan. Initially formed in 1986 as a quartet by sisters Sachiko (Drums) and Yoshiko "Ronnie" Fujiyama (Vocals) along with Rico (Guitar), and Yoshie (Bass).
3:49 PM
The Frogs - She Was a Mortal
The Frogs She Was a Mortal
The Frogs Mokai 1988
3:51 PM
King Missile - As I Walked Thru Queens
King Missile As I Walked Thru Queens
They Shimmy Disc 1990
3:55 PM
Silver Jews - Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed
Silver Jews Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed David Berman
Tanglewood Numbers Drag City Records 2005
Even ponies get depressed. Grass in the pasture is sharper than a bayonet.
3:58 PM
The Feelies - Raised Eyebrows
The Feelies Raised Eyebrows
Crazy Rhythms Stiff 1980
4:00 PM
Chemicals Made From Dirt - Chemicals Made From Dirt
Chemicals Made From Dirt Chemicals Made From Dirt
Ike Hyped2Death 2000
4:02 PM
The Frogs - And So You're the King
The Frogs And So You're the King
The Frogs Mokai Records 1988
4:04 PM
Sema 4 - Up Down Around
Sema 4 Up Down Around
Up Down Around EP Pollen Records 1979
4:08 PM
Karel Fialka - The Eyes Have It
Karel Fialka The Eyes Have It Karel Fialka
Still Life Sanctuary Records 1980
Electro artist and poet, born in Bengal, India to a Czech father & Scottish mother.
4:13 PM
Sparks - Change
Sparks Change
Music That You Can Dance To MCA 1986
4:17 PM
Cristina - Drive My Car (Single Version)
Cristina Drive My Car (Single Version)
Drive My Car Ze Records 1980
B-side: Don't Be Greedy . A Harvard drop-out and daughter of a French psychoanalyst and an American illustrator-novelist-playwright
4:20 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot speaks

4:25 PM
Zeehas; 12 Wait - Digital d'Artagnan
Zeehas; 12 Wait Digital d'Artagnan
To the Maxxxxxxx
4:28 PM
The Scrotum Poles - Pick the Cat's Eyes Out
The Scrotum Poles Pick the Cat's Eyes Out
Revelation 7" One Tone 1980
4:31 PM
The Frogs - Funhouse
The Frogs Funhouse
The Frogs Mokai 1988
4:33 PM
The Beach Boys - Do You Wanna Dance?
The Beach Boys Do You Wanna Dance?
The Beach Boys Today! Capitol Records 1965
4:35 PM
The Aislers Set - Languor In the Balcony
The Aislers Set Languor In the Balcony
How I Learned to Write Backwards Suicide Squeeze Records 2003
4:37 PM
The Fall - Why Are People Grudgeful?
The Fall Why Are People Grudgeful?
The Infotainment Scan Permanent Records 1993
4:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:45 PM
Magazine - A Song from Under the Floorboards
Magazine A Song from Under the Floorboards
Play Virgin 1980
4:49 PM
Cheer-Accident - Like Something to Resemble
Cheer-Accident Like Something to Resemble
Chicago XX Cuneiform Records 2020
4:53 PM
Acid Coco - Mundo de Mentira
Acid Coco Mundo de Mentira
Camino Al Mar El Palmas 2022
with El Dragón Criollo, Paulo Olarte
4:56 PM
Rats - Rats Revenge Part 1
Rats Rats Revenge Part 1
The Rat's Revenge Black Cat 1965
Watch out, there's RETS!
4:59 PM
Dr. John - Right Place Wrong Time
Dr. John Right Place Wrong Time
In the Right Place ATCO 1973
Chat is archived.
Lizbot (host) 3:01:07 PM
hello again!
Brian D 3:01:14 PM
Diving wreck ain't no dreck.
DSM 3:02:42 PM
Lizbot, what are youuuuu doing here? (my best Californians voice)
Lizbot (host) 3:03:16 PM
Hi Brian D! Truth. I am diving into shipwrecks and making sonic reefs of them, sorta
Lizbot (host) 3:03:51 PM
Hi DSM! hahah, I love those Californians sketches. Immediate Fred Armisen voice and blonde wig memories
DSM 3:04:19 PM
they make me lol everytime
DSM 3:04:23 PM
Lizbot (host) 3:04:28 PM
@DSM - I agreed to sub a bunch this week cuz this week is kinda slow for me. I was on Monday, Thursday on my usual time, and today. Robot Invasion
Mike Lupica 3:05:20 PM
Stephen Higgins 3:05:38 PM
Hi Liz, nice to hear your voice on a Friday afternoon.
Mike Lupica 3:06:02 PM
I still say that Adele could top the charts again if she covered this Laurice song,
Lizbot (host) 3:06:10 PM
Hi Mike! Ha. Yeah, I think of you for this song and for Jim Pepper's Witchi Tia To, amongst others.
Lizbot (host) 3:06:21 PM
Hi Stephen Higgins!
Mike Lupica 3:06:35 PM
I am flattered by the associations!
Lizbot (host) 3:06:57 PM
@Mike - I believe you saw the same record fair Laurice performance as I!
Lizbot (host) 3:07:41 PM
@Mike - That'd be an instant hit, I bet!
Brian D 3:08:22 PM
Okay like to get to diving into the wreck, yer gonna wanna take Sepulveda to the 10 to the 110 to the 101....
Lizbot (host) 3:08:42 PM
@Mike - I am contemplating playing another Mike track...maybe some Orville Peck or Sudan Archives...
Lizbot (host) 3:10:19 PM
@Brian D - I am having driving in L.A. PTSD! I got so incredibly lost in the valley when dropping George off at a recording session pre-GPS in 2005 and NO ONE was on the sidewalk to give directions. Ghost town
Lizbot (host) 3:11:53 PM
@Brian D - God, now I remember...It was in Burbank and no humans apparently walk there
Lizbot (host) 3:13:27 PM
@Stephen Higgins - Let's see if I accidentally start saying "You're listening to Doubleplusgood...". So far so good.
Brian D 3:14:12 PM
A well bespectacled man about town
Mike Constantine 3:14:58 PM
we are getting older...
Readie 3:15:17 PM
Well, well well! what a nice surprise! Greetings, Lizbot! I'm stoked you're passing the baton to me today at 5 pm!! Wooo!
Lizbot (host) 3:15:21 PM
@Brian D - A well-speckled egg--man
Lizbot (host) 3:15:39 PM
Hello Mike Constantine! everything looks speckled to me
Stephen Higgins 3:15:52 PM
I think I've been listening to Doubleplusgood for something like 15 years!
Mike Constantine 3:16:10 PM
Readie 3:16:14 PM
Dag! Missed Laurice!
Lizbot (host) 3:16:15 PM
Hi Readie! Friday Sisters today! I was just wondering earlier if it was gonna be you or News & Culture at 5
Readie 3:17:08 PM
For January it's me at 5! Great to see you, my radio sister! 💛
Lizbot (host) 3:17:16 PM
@Stephen Higgins - Nice! I'm glad you've stuck around! It's my 21st year here, and I went to 21 Nights Sparks Fest in London in 2008...see, everything can be tied to Sparks by one connection!
Mike Constantine 3:18:14 PM
Wow...21 years,,,seems like yesterday
Lizbot (host) 3:18:17 PM
@Readie - I'm glad you came here to tell me that so I can announce you just before 5!
Lizbot (host) 3:18:36 PM
Loving the BIG DRUM SOUND on this song
Readie 3:20:17 PM
@Lizbot - thanks - you are so kind! 🤗
Readie 3:20:57 PM
@Lizbot- Plus - the tunes are choice!
Lizbot (host) 3:21:12 PM
@Mike Constantine / Brian D - I may be in denial about needing glasses full-time!
Brian D 3:22:39 PM
Shimmy Disc to Elektra. Chevy w a Mopar cam
Lizbot (host) 3:23:16 PM
@Readie - Thanks! I am looking forward to listening to Recherche as I tidy up the loose ends of saving my files and whatnot post-show, and then listening as long as the teen will permit me to in the kitchen during dinner! She is pro-WPRB a lot of of the time, but she is a teen and one can never predict her tempestuous whims
Lizbot (host) 3:23:24 PM
@Mike - Here we go.
Brian D 3:23:33 PM
Scott Thompson paraphrased "I got big drums cuz I drum, right? "
Lizbot (host) 3:24:29 PM
@Brian D - And it was 1986, so reverb got real gated and big!
richard lyons 3:24:29 PM
Hi Lizbot! What a killer set!!!!
Lizbot (host) 3:24:37 PM
Hi Richard Lyons! Thanks!
Readie 3:25:23 PM
@Lizbot- sending greetings to the teenbot... today - tribute to some we lost in late 2022 - and a Terry Hall/Specials set!
Readie 3:26:35 PM
Sudan Archives AND Mister Softee 🖤 🤍!
Lizbot (host) 3:26:46 PM
This song's lyrics could generate its own playlist: French vanilla (the band), Honey by Ohio Players, and Syrup by Dry Rib
Lizbot (host) 3:27:16 PM
Goody Gumdrops by 1910 Fruitgum Company
Readie 3:27:31 PM
Lizbot (host) 3:28:03 PM
@Readie - The founder of Mr. Softie is from my hometown! There used to be a fleet of Mr. Softee trucks a few minutes from my parents' house
Readie 3:29:03 PM
@Lizbot- cool! Softee was prominent in Scranton too on my street all summer!
Mike Lupica 3:29:14 PM
Sorry! I wandered away from the chat, but I am lovin' this set, and holy shit, Tones on Tail!
Lizbot (host) 3:30:10 PM
Was thinking of this song cuz I am considering showing the kid Grosse Pointe Blank. She is fond of Cusack
Lizbot (host) 3:30:49 PM
@Mike - Thanks! I might indulge in more Tones on Tail today!
Readie 3:31:17 PM
Hi Mike, richard, Brian D, et alia!
Lizbot (host) 3:31:24 PM
@Readie - The Mr. Softee jingle was supreme. Some knock-off trucks played Turkey In the Straw and to that I say FIE!
Readie 3:32:13 PM
@Lizbot - totally AGREE!
Lizbot (host) 3:33:16 PM
@Mike - Also some indirect Holgate, LBI content today, by way of Ween/The Mollusk
Lizbot (host) 3:34:57 PM
It just occurred to me that this song's lyrics are extremely Robyn Hitchcock in writing style, and subject matter. The delivery is of course very un-Hitchcock
Mike Constantine 3:36:51 PM
Mayor Rizzo, eh?
Brian D 3:37:02 PM
Ya i could see Robyn doing that in his solo acoustic shows. And the Rizzo crumb bum speech too
Brian D 3:37:55 PM
Oh, crumb-bunnies... I've dropped me knitting again
Brian D 3:43:01 PM
Career advice from King Missile
Lizbot (host) 3:43:51 PM
@Brian D - John S. Hall is still performing live around NYC and almost came to Philly shortly before the pandemic. I want him to come to Philly already
Lizbot (host) 3:44:21 PM
@Mike Constantine / Brian D - Rizzo also breaks the cameraman's camera during that interview!
Carlos Ramone 3:44:43 PM
Why am I hearing Neutron dance?
Lizbot (host) 3:45:22 PM
Hi Carlos Ramone - Because I'm just burning, doing the Neutron dance. And also Anita Pointer died this week
Mike Constantine 3:45:31 PM
Ohhh yeah....I've seen the video.....I'll never forgive him for closing the Electric Factory
Mike Lupica 3:46:15 PM
I am also just burning, doing the neutron dance,
Brian D 3:46:21 PM
Where was the original Electric Factory location again?
Mike Constantine 3:46:32 PM
I'm so happy
Mike Lupica 3:46:40 PM
When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to be burning, doing the neutron dance. And yet, here we are.
Carlos Ramone 3:46:42 PM
Ok. King missile was over by time I left car and got hooked up inside
Mike Constantine 3:46:57 PM
Arch st
Brian D 3:48:10 PM
Aha. Thanks. Read some about that incarnation. Went to the opening of the other one in 97 or so.
Lizbot (host) 3:48:16 PM
Sho-Jo-Ji/The Hungry raccoon desires shiny disks of meat and John S. Hall's cheesecakes
Mike Constantine 3:48:46 PM
It was a converted tire warehouse
Brian D 3:48:49 PM
And shimmy discs
Lizbot (host) 3:49:13 PM
@Carlos Ramone - Ah!
Lizbot (host) 3:50:00 PM
@Brian D - Shiny shimmying discs of meat! Yum!
Lizbot (host) 3:51:14 PM
@Mike Lupica - haha, I was reminded of the Neutron Dance back in mid-September when I saw a Giggle the Ozone performance at a bird sanctuary in Fairmount Park and they played a truly demented cover of Neutron Dance!
Lizbot (host) 3:53:28 PM
@Mike Constantine - haha, yeah I will never forgive Rizzo for a lot of things, but man, that video is just...you couldn't make that stuff up! Whenever anyone moves to Philly from another part of the country and isn't familiar with Rizzo, I just refer them to that video!
Mike Constantine 3:55:42 PM
Required watching
Lizbot (host) 3:56:18 PM
It's the WAY Berman sings "dePRESSED" with almost cheerful relish that gets me every time I hear this song
Dale Alice 3:57:23 PM
that bmore club track was so so good! any other old bmore tracks you recommend?? also didnt know the mr softee song was banned but i knew they were in legal trouble about the rights lolol
Readie 3:57:56 PM
the way he hits that final "d" in depresseD
Lizbot (host) 3:58:09 PM
@Mike Constantine - I will never get used to calling The Electric Factory "Franklin Music Hall". Boooooring! As if there aren't enough things named after Ben Franklin in Philly! Electric Factory was already an homage to him
Lizbot (host) 3:59:35 PM
Hi Dale Alice! I was sit talking about how my hometown banned the Mr Softee trucks banned them playing the jingle under a noise pollution ordinance
Lizbot (host) 4:01:45 PM
@Readie - For real! David Berman had a way of being deeply earnest and deeply funny at the same time
Brian D 4:01:50 PM
The 2nd Electric Factory is the one that's called Franklin Music Hall now aha
Readie 4:02:51 PM
@Lizbot-I appreciate that...I'll have to dive deeper into the Silver Jews canon...
Mike Tropiano 4:03:01 PM
There's a Far Side comic that has a prehistoric caveman pointing at the "Prehistoric Periodic Table". It has only one entry, "De" - Dert.
Lizbot (host) 4:04:05 PM
The dude who sings that last song, Chemicals Made from Dirt, from the band of the same name, Doug Milman, called my show many years ago and it turns out he is a scientist now, befitting the lyrics of that song!
Lizbot (host) 4:04:19 PM
Hi Mike Tropiano! Ha!
Lizbot (host) 4:06:32 PM
There is a metal level drum fill in there!
Lizbot (host) 4:07:12 PM
@Readie - And don't forget Purple Mountains.
Mike Tropiano 4:08:21 PM
Hi Lizbot. Been enjoying your show for many years. I found the panel, if this works.
Mike Tropiano 4:08:26 PM
Readie 4:08:30 PM
Ah yes @Lizbot! TY!
Lizbot (host) 4:08:58 PM
and MEAT! Slender fungus-y discs of shimmery shiny meat
Lizbot (host) 4:09:34 PM
@Mike Tropiano - Thanks for listening all those years!
Lizbot (host) 4:10:58 PM
@Mike Tropiano - ah, nice! I have a 14 year-old and as is tradition, we have the Far Side collections sitting out for her to peruse like I did growing up, along with Calvin and Hobbes and I buncha other comics. Always fun to return to the Far Side. Did you ever hear about the "Cow Tools" controversy?
Readie 4:11:59 PM
Another poet here with impeccable diction!
Brian D 4:12:20 PM
I'd love to replace my B. Kliban books. He was the greatest. The crazy uncle of the Far Side
Carlos Ramone 4:13:49 PM
@ Liz..daughter and son in law visiting over holidays .came home from work and found them with all the Calvin and Hobbes books out and having beers. Great way to pass the day
Brian D 4:15:43 PM
And the author of the "won't get far on foot..." etc comics. Those were great too. The subject of the Joaqin P movie
Danosaur 4:17:42 PM
Hi, Lizbot! Enjoying the show
Lizbot (host) 4:18:04 PM
Hi Danosaur! Thanks for listening!
Mike Tropiano 4:18:26 PM
No what are the Cow Tools? Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite (with Far Side and Bloom County) I miss them.
Carlos Ramone 4:18:27 PM
Nothing to read but a big fan of Sergio Aragones from MAD fame
Mike Tropiano 4:18:57 PM
Mad was great. I subscribed when I was still in grade school.
Mike Tropiano 4:20:03 PM
And I guess never grew out of a childish sense of hu,or.
Lizbot (host) 4:20:09 PM
This vibraphone solo makes me happy!
Danosaur 4:24:00 PM
Does anyone else find it a bit strange that one of The Frogs died by drowning?
Carlos Ramone 4:25:21 PM
I thought it..wasn’t going to say it
Lizbot (host) 4:27:20 PM
Oh man, forgot to mention on mic that one of the members of Zeehas 12: wait, Dylan Sparrow, was responsible for that oddball cover of Pointer Sisters' Neutron Dance I saw live in September with his band Giggle the Ozone!
Lizbot (host) 4:29:00 PM
@Danosaur - never thought about it...but I guess they weren't so amphibious after all. When I think of that tragedy, I think of how folk singer and daughter of Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger, Kristie MacColl, also drowned
Lizbot (host) 4:29:59 PM
@Mike Tropiano - I have a friend who still has all her old copies on MAD in her bathroom! My husband occasionally refers to movie titles spoofs he saw in MAD Magazine 30 years ago
Danosaur 4:30:57 PM
Still have some of those old Mad movie parody titles in my head too.
Lizbot (host) 4:31:22 PM
I'm making this show extra amphibious
Lizbot (host) 4:32:02 PM
@Danosaur - Yeah, I think those are what stuck in everyone's collective memory more than anything else in that magazine!
Lizbot (host) 4:33:00 PM
@Carlos Ramone - My kid is into a singer named Lemon Demon who had a good song about Bill Watterson's stalker, just called "Bill Watterson"
Carlos Ramone 4:33:42 PM
Will look it up after show!!
Number 6 4:34:02 PM
Greetings and salutations, everyone!
Lizbot (host) 4:34:03 PM
@Carlos - He's got some other fun songs too. I have played him a couple times
Lizbot (host) 4:34:16 PM
Greetings, Number 6!
Mike Constantine 4:34:49 PM
Who is number 1????????
Danosaur 4:34:51 PM
Be seeing you, Number 6
DSM 4:36:05 PM
This one always makes me pump up the volume!
Lizbot (host) 4:36:06 PM
@Mike Constantine - The Prisoner is on my list of shows I wanna revisit with my teen!
Lizbot (host) 4:36:25 PM
@DSM - YES! I am glad I saw these guys open for Belle & Sebastian a million years ago
Mike Constantine 4:36:26 PM
Wise...it's brill
Danosaur 4:36:50 PM
It's a unique show for sure
DSM 4:36:52 PM
Lol i meant the beach boys but
Lizbot (host) 4:37:03 PM
@Brian D - Oh yeah, I remember seeing ads for He won't get far on foot. I like J Phoenix, but never saw that one
Lizbot (host) 4:38:13 PM
Why? Why? was Mark grudgeful?
Mike Constantine 4:38:18 PM
Best to watch some episodes of Secret Agent Man (DangerMan) first
Lizbot (host) 4:38:37 PM
Real Friday vibes, like some Mark E. Smith is about to happen to us all
Lizbot (host) 4:39:14 PM
@Mike Constantine - The real issue is getting my Gen Z teen to not simply look up the friggin ending of the show online!
Lizbot (host) 4:39:53 PM
@Brian D - I gotta check out more B. Kliban!
Mike Constantine 4:40:10 PM
Oh yeah....gotta build up to that
Mike Tropiano 4:41:36 PM
I too have all my old Mads in a box somewhere, along with some Mad paperbacks. Just the drawings of the movie/tv parodies were hilarious. An early parody that I alwayts remember was 'Basebrawl", altering the game to make it more exciting. Baserunners keep their bats to trash the opposing team as they ran the bases, land mines in the outfield.
Carlos Ramone 4:43:20 PM
@ Liz…just listened to Bill Watterson song..sounds like it could have been done by Atom + His Package
Lee Chandler 4:43:43 PM
Just a fun time!
DSM 4:43:52 PM
In my mind, it’s 2x➕Good 🤫
Carlos Ramone 4:44:33 PM
@ mike…I always thought that a “ battle of the bands” with baseball bats would be more fun
Lizbot (host) 4:45:31 PM
mmm, goooooey fretless bass
Lizbot (host) 4:45:45 PM
Hi Lee Chandler!
Lizbot (host) 4:47:04 PM
@Carlos Ramone - Yeah, a lot of Lemon Demon's songs have an Atom & His Package humor and vibe, but definitely slicker production. I love A&HP but haven't managed to get the kid into it. Adam Goren actually teaches math to kids my kids age at a school not far from me!
Lizbot (host) 4:47:37 PM
@DSM - in mine too, evidently!
Lizbot (host) 4:48:30 PM
@DSM - Ah, Yes, both Beach Boys' and Ramones' version of Do You Wanna Dance instigate a volume pumping in this household
DSM 4:49:36 PM
Also, i had just collected some weekend beer and got back in the car to “Sometimes a Pony” and that made me pump the volume and the gas as well
Mike Constantine 4:49:58 PM
Thought that was the Nazz for a second
Richard from Rocky Hill 4:50:02 PM
@ Lizbot (host) Thanks for a super sub. I checked out the Cristina album Doll in the Box Station. She's a subversive HOOT! Listen to her beyond crazy great cover of "Is That All There Is?"
DSM 4:50:17 PM
That whole album is such a banger which is weird to say for a Silver Jews album.
Carlos Ramone 4:50:37 PM
Do you wanna dance? ascend is a highlight of R R High School
Bud Burroughs 4:51:11 PM
Hello Lizbot, the world can always use more Lizbot and more Cheer-Accident!
Lizbot (host) 4:51:33 PM
Hi Richard from Rocky Hill! Yeah, Cristina is awesome! Love the peeps on late 70s ZE Records!
Lizbot (host) 4:52:22 PM
Hi Bud Burroughs! Truth! Not enough Cheer-Accident in the world AT ALL. Most underrated band and they've been around for nearly 40 years!
Lizbot (host) 4:53:13 PM
@Carlos Ramone - ANOTHER movie I wanna show the kid! I just revisited Rock and Roll High School this summer. God, what fun! I am gonna play a song in the next 8 minutes that calls to mind the scene with the test subject mice!
Michael Y 4:53:24 PM
Wow this is great, like The Who meets New Pornographers
Brian D 4:54:10 PM
Wolf moon rising...
Bud Burroughs 4:54:21 PM
I can't decide which side of Cheer-Ax I like best, the avant-prog, or the perfect power pop songs.
Michael Y 4:55:20 PM
Range is not a bad thing!
Lizbot (host) 4:55:43 PM
Hi Michael Y - Yeah, Cheer-Accident is a gem! Half their music is pop and half is prog. They stay at my house when they come to Philly! They are always up to ridiculous shenanigans live, including a stunt they've pulled annually in their hometown of Chicago for many years where they played a "locked groove" with deadpan expressions for HOURS outside in a traffic circle
Bud Burroughs 4:55:49 PM
Indeed, Michael Y
Carlos Ramone 4:55:57 PM
@ Liz..my niece works in a HS lunchroom. I always ask her about Tuesday Surprise and Brown Apple Betty
Readie 4:56:37 PM
Thanks for a great show, Lizbot!
Shut Up Wesley 4:56:37 PM
Hi @LizBot! Forgot you were subbing today. Hope everything is fine in your Yellow Submarine! I see you got your minimum requirement of SPARKS in today. Speaking of MAD - Schklitza! Floppa-Dap! Sproinnggg! Tika-tika-tika-tika…
Brian D 4:56:43 PM
The Chicago twenty lp title prank is great shenans too
Danosaur 4:57:07 PM
Thanks for all the fun music!
Lizbot (host) 4:57:09 PM
I love that little "boink" muttered in this song!
Brian D 4:57:17 PM
Good time LizBot. Happy weekend to all! Readie approaches... in the sights...
Michael Y 4:57:44 PM
Hilarious, need to catch them next time they come around
Lizbot (host) 4:58:07 PM
You will dislike us...VEHEMENTLY!
Lizbot (host) 4:58:18 PM
Hi Wes!
Lizbot (host) 4:58:29 PM
Thanks, Readie!
Lizbot (host) 4:58:49 PM
@Brian D - the Chicago 20 title is EPIC
Number 6 4:58:52 PM
Thanx for another good show. BCNU!
Shut Up Wesley 4:59:16 PM
Lizbot (host) 4:59:40 PM
Thanks for listening, all!
Mike Tropiano 4:59:46 PM
Thanks Lizbot. Lotsa fun today!
Readie 4:59:46 PM
YAY! Thanks for the baton, Lizbot!
Carlos Ramone 4:59:58 PM
Great show..nice surprise on a dreary Friday pm
Lizbot (host) 5:00:08 PM
@Wesley - I got in a good dose of Sparks for the weekend!
Lizbot (host) 5:00:29 PM
@Carlos Ramone - That was my aim! I was fed up with the rainy weather! Glad it worked!
Shut Up Wesley 5:00:37 PM
I demand to see Dr John’s medical certification.
Carlos Ramone 5:00:51 PM
And OZ too!!
Lizbot (host) 5:01:49 PM
@Wesley - Ha! I wandered into a public park as a teenaged, Cooper River Park, and stumbled upon a free Dr. John show! So I saw him the one time