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New Music Hour

Jan 2, 2023 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Lizbot

New Music Hour with Lizbot

New Music Hour, hosted by Lizbot, subbing for Classy Murmur

New Music Hour
5:03 PM
Big Joanie - Confident Man
Big Joanie Confident Man N
Back Home Daydream Library 2022
British punk trio of Stephanie Phillips (guitar and vocals), Estella Adeyeri (bass guitar and vocals), and Chardine Taylor-Stone (drums and vocals). 2nd full-length album
5:07 PM
Taken By Trees - Say You Don’t Mind
Taken By Trees Say You Don’t Mind N
Another Year - EP Rough Trade 2022
solo project of Victoria Bergsman, former lead singer for the Concretes.
5:10 PM
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Cornelius - Thatness and Thereness - Cornelius Remodel
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Cornelius Thatness and Thereness - Cornelius Remodel N
A Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto - To the Moon and Back V/A Milan 2022
released November 30th, 2022 . A tribute to innovator Japanese composer, synthesist, pianist, singer, record producer and actor Ryuichi Sakamoto of Yellow Magic Orchestra with a cover by Japanes musician and producer Cornelius, AKA Keigo Oyamada, covering a track from his 1980 solo album B-2 Unit
5:12 PM
Szun Waves - Exploding Upwards
Szun Waves Exploding Upwards N
Earth Patterns The Leaf Label 2022
3rd album by British band composed of electronic producer Luke Abbott, Laurence Pike of PVT on drums and Jack Wyllie of Portico Quartet on saxophone. The band combines elements of spiritual and experimental jazz with electronic music.
5:17 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:17 PM
Jenny Hval - Buffy
Jenny Hval Buffy N
Buffy - Single 4AD 2022
Norwegian singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, and novelist.
5:20 PM
Spoon - Astral Jacket
Spoon Astral Jacket N
Lucifer On the Moon Matador 2022
A dub remix album of songs from Spoon's 10th album, Lucifer on the Sofa, released earlier in 2022. This dub remix came out at the end of 2022.This track is remixed by English dub record producer Adrian Sherwood.
5:24 PM
Settled Arrows - Pink Trees
Settled Arrows Pink Trees N
Pink Trees - Single 2022
Settled Arrows (aka Empress Mars) is a Philadelphia-based recording artist, vocalist, musician, composer and performer, here accompanied by Roger A. Martinez on upright bass, viola, engineering, mixing, mastering and Alize Francheska Rozsnyai: "choir of ecstasy"
5:28 PM
Weyes Blood - Children of the Empire
Weyes Blood Children of the Empire Natalie Mering N
And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow Sub Pop Records 2022
Doylestown's own Natalie Mering, who is touring for her 5th studio album now, and coming to Philly this winter!
5:30 PM
Marta Mist - Godspeed, Little Doodle
Marta Mist Godspeed, Little Doodle N
Eyes Like Pools Sounds In Silence 2022
Bradford, UK-based, bringing self-atmospheric ambient/drone/post-rock
5:36 PM
Anthony Tan - Sublime Subliminal Sublimate
Anthony Tan Sublime Subliminal Sublimate N
Susurrus genseng 2023
Anthony Tan is an experimental composer, improvising pianist, and electronic musician based on Vancouver Island, Canada.
5:40 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:40 PM
Sneaks - Boxed In
Sneaks Boxed In
The Eva EP Merge 2022
5:41 PM
Om Unit - I'm the Queen
Om Unit I'm the Queen N
I'm the Queen 2023
drum and bass single from bristol, edit of Rhythm and Sound's "Queen in Her Empire"
5:47 PM
Homeboy Sandman - Today
Homeboy Sandman Today R N
Still Champion Mello Music Group 2022
11th album from rapper Homeboy Sandman, AKA Angel Del Villar II of Elmhurst, Queens
5:51 PM
Horse Lords - Mess Mend
Horse Lords Mess Mend N
Comradely Objects RVNG Intl. 2022
avant-garde rock band from Baltimore featuring Andrew Bernstein (saxophone/percussion), Max Eilbacher (bass/electronics), Owen Gardner (guitar), and Sam Haberman (drums). This is their 5th album.
5:55 PM
Aiko el grupo - Sexo Fender (Cenicero)
Aiko el grupo Sexo Fender (Cenicero) N
Sexo Fender (Cenicero) - Single Elefant 2022
Punk from Madrid. 3rd single from what is going to be their 2nd album, imminent in 2023.
5:57 PM
Sneaks - Dream
Sneaks Dream
The Eva EP Merge 2022
5:59 PM
Los Yorks - Esperando
Los Yorks Esperando N
67 Munster
Reissue of Peruvian garage. surfy & dancy. Los Yorks were one of Peru's leading rock & roll bands of the 1960s and '70s
Chat is archived.
Lizbot (host) 5:00:36 PM
Hello Hello! This is Lizbot hosting the New Music Hour today, filling for Classy Murmur
richard lyons 5:03:23 PM
Happy New Year, Lizbot! 🎉🎊💥
Lizbot (host) 5:03:58 PM
Hi Richard Lyons! Happy 2023!
Lizbot (host) 5:05:39 PM
@Richard - I hope you had a great NYE/New Year's Day! I stayed in and watched Noah Baumbach's White Noise while nursing my cold. It was a good evening!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:07:33 PM
Happy new year! Psyched for a lil bonus bot!
Shut Up Wesley 5:09:48 PM
Happy New Year, Ms Bot!
Lizbot (host) 5:10:26 PM
Hello Addie! Thx! I'm having fun!
Arlene Machiavelli 5:10:41 PM
happy new year! how funny, i also stayed in and watched White Noise while getting over a cold!
Lizbot (host) 5:10:55 PM
Hello Wesley! Happy January 2nd! I wrote 2023 for the first time today!
Lizbot (host) 5:11:25 PM
Hello Arlene Machiavelli! What did you think of it? It's been a long time since I read that book!
richard lyons 5:12:53 PM
We had a quiet NYE. What do you think of White Noise? Haven't seen it yet. Hope you are feeling better, Lizbot!
Arlene Machiavelli 5:16:02 PM
I thought they did a nice job with it, and the acting was great! I read the book so long ago I only remembered a few parts but my partner knows the book well and he liked it too :)
Lizbot (host) 5:17:38 PM
@Richard Lyons - I really enjoyed it
Lizbot (host) 5:18:43 PM
@Arlene Machiavelli - Same! My husband had also read the book ages ago. We both remembered bits and pieces and the overall gist. I really like Baumbach and I love Greta Gerwig. The LCD Soundsystem song and supermarket choreography was GREAT!
Ambrose Hughes 5:23:13 PM
Hello Lizbot! Happy New Year! Like this remix.
Lizbot (host) 5:25:11 PM
Hello Ambrose! Glad you like it!
Lizbot (host) 5:27:23 PM
New Year's Eve -specific content!
Ambrose Hughes 5:32:13 PM
Would like to see this ladie.
Lizbot (host) 5:33:09 PM
@Ambrose - She's coming to Union Transfer soon!
Lizbot (host) 5:33:39 PM
@Ambrose - And I am MOST LIKELY giving away tickets to said show on Doubleplusgood with Lizbot at a later date!
Ambrose Hughes 5:34:23 PM
TAndy 5:34:53 PM
Oh hey
Lizbot (host) 5:35:32 PM
Hello TAndy! Happy 2023!
TAndy 5:36:05 PM
The same to you Liz Bot! This piece is really lovely
Lizbot (host) 5:40:36 PM
haha, oh man, I literally just snorted on the mic. I blame this cold!
George Korein 5:50:10 PM
Homeboy Sandman!
Lizbot (host) 5:50:32 PM
Hi George! Yes! Indeed!
George Korein 5:50:42 PM
or as he calls himself for short "Boy Sand"
Lizbot (host) 5:51:00 PM
@George - haha, the Homeboy Sandman beacon drew you in!
Lizbot (host) 5:51:22 PM
This song is rowdy
TAndy 5:52:11 PM
Om Unit!! So happy to heard them on the station💙
Lizbot (host) 5:54:50 PM
@TAndy - Yay!
George Korein 5:55:54 PM
nice segue
TAndy 5:56:25 PM
Thank you for the show Lizbot, hope you feel 100% very soon!
Lizbot (host) 5:56:54 PM
Thanks, TAndy! See you here on Thursday, I hope! I am ALSO Subbing this Friday from 3-5 pm!
Lizbot (host) 6:00:28 PM
Thanks for hanging out for this little surprise niblet of a show today! Catch me on Thursday from 5-8 PM for another episode of Doubleplusgood with Lizbot! And I will be subbing on Friday from 3-5 PM as well!