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❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀

Dec 26, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With rosasolis dream

˄̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛ hyperreal oneiric and wistful tunes from retrofuturist bitcrushed vaporware -- flooding the simulated lacunae of your imagined second life with absurdly ethereal polyglottic soundscapes courtesy of your local amnesic brainrot angel ✧*♡ᑕू✧ ✶ཹ։❀ ፧ ੈ



🎁.*✲゚。⋆ ₍₍꜂₍(❅࿉˖⁺‧₊˚♡˚₊‧⁺˖❅)₎꜄₎₎ 🌬☁️👸👑❄♡︎ɞ༺ˎˊ˗


❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀
8:00 PM
Mainliner - Last Tsukisasaru
Mainliner Last Tsukisasaru
Kamikaze 2022


8:13 PM
Charles Mingus - Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Charles Mingus Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Blues & Roots Rhino Atlantic


8:19 PM
Kuumba-Toudie Heath - Maulana
Kuumba-Toudie Heath Maulana
Kawaida 1970


8:31 PM
Wha-ha-ha - On The Floor
Wha-ha-ha On The Floor
死ぬ時は別 Better Days 1981


8:39 PM
Loraine James - Enfield, Always
Loraine James Enfield, Always N
Building Something Beautiful for Me Phantom Limb 2022


8:45 PM
Tibor Szemzo - Snapshot From the Island
Tibor Szemzo Snapshot From the Island
Snapshot From the Island 1988


8:49 PM
Jon Hassell - Empire IV
Jon Hassell Empire IV
Aka / Darbari / Java One Up 1983


8:52 PM
Popol Vuh - In den Gärten Pharaos (excerpt)
Popol Vuh In den Gärten Pharaos (excerpt)
In den Gärten Pharaos 1971


8:59 PM
テレビ体験 - 星の秋
テレビ体験 星の秋
Y. 2089 Tokyo Exchange 2014


9:00 PM
Pat Metheny - Watercolors
Pat Metheny Watercolors
Watercolors ECM Records 1977


9:07 PM
Roy Montgomery - She Waits On Temple IV
Roy Montgomery She Waits On Temple IV
Temple IV Kranky 1995


9:16 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


9:23 PM
Skip Skip Ben Ben - 愛的幻覺 一部曲 Illusion of Love pt.1
Skip Skip Ben Ben 愛的幻覺 一部曲 Illusion of Love pt.1
鏡​中​鏡 Mirror in Mirror 2015


9:29 PM
Heavenly - Cool Guitar Boy
Heavenly Cool Guitar Boy
Heavenly vs. Satan Sarah Records 1991


9:32 PM
Travesía - En Este Momento
Travesía En Este Momento
Ni un Minuto Más de Dolor Ayui 1983


9:33 PM
Gäelle - Falling
Gäelle Falling
Transient Naked Music Recordings 2004


9:38 PM
pitcher56 - Dewy Roses
pitcher56 Dewy Roses
Her Abiding Memory TKO new music corporation 2008


9:43 PM
Michael Gettel - Whalesong
Michael Gettel Whalesong
San Juan Suite / San Juan Suite II Narada 1988


9:48 PM
Seefeel - Fracture
Seefeel Fracture
Succour Warp Records 1995


9:53 PM
Pan Sonic - Rahina II
Pan Sonic Rahina II
Kesto (234.48:4) Mute 1997


9:56 PM
Yikii - 残酷安眠曲 cruelty lullaby
Yikii 残酷安眠曲 cruelty lullaby
Yikii – Flower's Grave​・​花​之​墓 2019


9:59 PM
小池玉緒 [Tamao Koike] - 鏡の中の十月
小池玉緒 [Tamao Koike] 鏡の中の十月
Automne dans un miroir / 鏡の中の十月 (Kagami no Naka no Zyugatsu) 1983


10:04 PM
Tabloid - Her Skin
Tabloid Her Skin
Inland 2012


10:11 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:20 PM
Red Velvet - 러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)
Red Velvet 러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)
러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette) 2016


10:23 PM
Tommy Cash - X-RAY
Tommy Cash X-RAY
X-RAY - Single Platoon 2018


10:28 PM


10:35 PM
Acounta - 社区派对 Cumnudity December 27th mix (excerpt)
Acounta 社区派对 Cumnudity December 27th mix (excerpt)
社区派对 Cumnudity December 27th mix 2020


10:44 PM
Neil Landstrumm - Shuttlecock
Neil Landstrumm Shuttlecock
Brown By August Peacefrog Records 1995


10:47 PM
Tuning Circuits - We Rule The World
Tuning Circuits We Rule The World
30 Minutes Of My Life, A Trip Through The Audio Spectrum


10:50 PM


10:53 PM
D.J. Lomas - Jungle Vs Techno Tape 1
D.J. Lomas Jungle Vs Techno Tape 1
Jungle Vs Techno 1993


10:58 PM
Leroy - starbucks employee vs. niche twitter personality @c0ncernn
Leroy starbucks employee vs. niche twitter personality @c0ncernn
Dariacore 2: Enter Here, Hell to the Left 2021


Chat is archived.
TAndy 8:01:30 PM
i love the sudden upend from serenity into HIGH RISE
rosasolis (host) 8:01:50 PM
hi tandy!! like me walking from the warm to the cold this weekend
TAndy 8:02:23 PM
Nekogrrrll 8:03:15 PM
TAndy 8:03:49 PM
TAndy 8:04:00 PM
i keep saying eepy now thanks nekogrrrrlllll
rosasolis (host) 8:04:36 PM
Nekogrrrll 8:06:10 PM
tandy why are u such an eepcicle???
Andrew WestCoast 8:07:49 PM
Hey East Coasters. How's the weather out there?
TAndy 8:08:12 PM
Cold but not as cold as it was over the weekend
TAndy 8:08:24 PM
im eeby deeby
Andrew WestCoast 8:08:36 PM
Just be glad you're not in Buffalo
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:08:48 PM
Andrew WestCoast, how's the weather where *you* are? I saw that it was 80 degrees in Claremont/Pomona this afternoon
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:09:04 PM
All our eepsicles have melted tbh
TAndy 8:09:12 PM
the bills are #1 in their division, i'd be happy un buffalo
Andrew WestCoast 8:09:26 PM
SoCal is the picture of perfection right now
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:09:36 PM
Today's low (17) was almost the same as Saturday's high (19) in my town!
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:09:50 PM
It actually got above freezing today
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:10:11 PM
The average high is supposed to be like 47 on this date
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:10:54 PM
Andrew WC, we're all coming to visit
TAndy 8:11:13 PM
i'll be there in 7 weeks, god willing
Andrew WestCoast 8:11:39 PM
YES! By all means. Would love to meet you all.
Jiano Briggs 8:11:58 PM
Happy end of 2022 y’all 🙂🙂
TAndy 8:13:07 PM
there better not be a freak winter storm on my date of departure, i'll be so fkn mad
rosasolis (host) 8:14:04 PM
hi andrew, rob, and jiano!! happy end of 2022 wishes to you all too :)
sean burns 8:16:14 PM
I was just trying to come up with a handle for this show, and I took a look at your description at the top of the feed. Explains it perfectly
rosasolis (host) 8:17:37 PM
hii sean! so glad to hear that.. was wondering if it was time for a new one 😅
Andrew WestCoast 8:17:39 PM
Was Santa good to everyone this year? I got some fine Irish whiskey.
TAndy 8:18:39 PM
i got eagles merch
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:19:03 PM
Hi everyone!!
rosasolis (host) 8:19:24 PM
i got a new kettle for yerba mate
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:19:24 PM
@Rosasolis, I was listening to Axolotes Mexicanos this afternoon
TAndy 8:19:30 PM
hey rob, andrewwc, sean, and jiano
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:19:44 PM
I got some chocolate for Christmas
rosasolis (host) 8:19:59 PM
ooh!! they make me think of summer which is why i like listening to them in winter :)
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:21:08 PM
@Rosaolis, Axolotes? I can see that. I listened to some other Spanish indie stuff too, and Rosalía
Nekogrrrll 8:22:29 PM
i got some crocs in too big of a size for my teeny feet :((
Nekogrrrll 8:23:27 PM
and i caught cold for the first time in like 3 years. how does everyone fight the sickies???
rosasolis (host) 8:23:30 PM
Rosalía is so much fun!!
rosasolis (host) 8:23:44 PM
omg u sleep more
Andrew WestCoast 8:25:05 PM
Yes, sleep. Even if you have to take something to get there.
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:25:28 PM
Sleep indeed with/for colds
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:29:03 PM
Speaking of cold weather, right now it is -11F, with 32 mph winds and wind chill of -42F, at the evocatively named town of Deadhorse, Alaska (on the north slope).
Nekogrrrll 8:29:10 PM
the amount of tylenol PM ive taken in the AM these past few days...been constantly eepy for the past 48 hours
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:30:19 PM
@Nekogrrrll, I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you get better real soon. Bad colds like that suck royally
Nekogrrrll 8:32:09 PM
thank you Rob :) appreciate you!
Nekogrrrll 8:32:37 PM
i'm slurping some ramen and it feels warm and good. what did everyone have for dinner??
rosasolis (host) 8:32:53 PM
Andrew WestCoast 8:33:13 PM
I'm about to have Indian food w/ my family
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:33:26 PM
We had miso soup with tofu and salad for dinner
Andrew WestCoast 8:33:38 PM
Chicken vindaloo specifically
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:33:50 PM
And then we set the kitchen on fire
TAndy 8:33:54 PM
this track is so nifty
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 8:34:08 PM
Just kidding! My wife spilled some of the soup though
TAndy 8:34:11 PM
i had a popeyes chicken sandwich like the psycho i am
TAndy 8:35:51 PM
i find that the most effective cold cure is to do the cinnamon challenge but with kratom powder instead and then doing an epic mannequin challenge for 23 minutes and 20 seconds, followed by a fortnite dance of my choosing until at least two sweat drops fall from my nose
Ossy Hyouka 8:36:27 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:37:32 PM
hii ossy!! ☆ and omg i havent had popeyes in probs a decade
Nekogrrrll 8:37:41 PM
this kinda sounds like minions
rosasolis (host) 8:38:06 PM
TAndy 8:38:09 PM
ohi ossy\
rosasolis (host) 8:38:11 PM
ur banned from the chat
Nekogrrrll 8:38:27 PM
tell me im wrong rosasolis
rosasolis (host) 8:38:38 PM
not u making fun of a japanese group
Ossy Hyouka 8:38:44 PM
And nice digital art of presumably you Rosa, in the purple room sitting on the floor and the computer
Ossy Hyouka 8:38:51 PM
Hi Tandy!
Nekogrrrll 8:38:51 PM
TAndy 8:38:51 PM
i just realized thats a lady on the paint thingy
TAndy 8:39:48 PM
god i could not imagine haveing to live as a painters thingy, what a painful existence
rosasolis (host) 8:42:15 PM
ossy i recently started playing majoras mask again.. v good. and u mean the palette tandy
Nekogrrrll 8:45:06 PM
rosa can u play some music that will heal my headache :
TAndy 8:45:29 PM
painters pallete!!
Ossy Hyouka 8:45:46 PM
Rosa - Oh awesome, I was playing some of that, especially during Flex Luthor's show and last stopped at a beach with a Zora's spirit. Christmas yesterday, was showing my cousin Twilight Princess, while he's a Breath of The Wild fan
Ossy Hyouka 8:46:30 PM
I'm always forced to go back to Day 1 and fight the main bosses again, lol
Ossy Hyouka 8:47:15 PM
Also, nearing the climax of Super Mario Galaxy
rosasolis (host) 8:47:33 PM
@neko okieee what do you want?? and ooh i love the stone temple
Nekogrrrll 8:49:07 PM
someone tell flex luthor he has a great dj name
Ossy Hyouka 8:49:07 PM
Temple of Time(Twilight Princess) for me, so far! Though too many scary lizard monsters that look like this
Ossy Hyouka 8:49:42 PM
TAndy 8:49:44 PM
if im awake i'll tell dj flex lutoor that dj flec luthor has a great name
Nekogrrrll 8:49:58 PM
im sneebly rn
TAndy 8:50:07 PM
no more new words omgomg
Ossy Hyouka 8:50:34 PM
In Majora's Mask, like Snowhead Temple, especially for the weather right now.
Nekogrrrll 8:51:04 PM
im about to add a ton of new words to the oxford's english dictionary
TAndy 8:53:23 PM
ackshually im a websters man
rosasolis (host) 8:56:39 PM
sneebly ass weather
Nekogrrrll 8:58:48 PM
can someone come and make me some chibben nooble soob
TAndy 8:59:12 PM
this is so good
Ossy Hyouka 8:59:53 PM
scamelly weather outside is frigid frightening
jimboo 9:00:30 PM
I am warshing awaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy🌊🌊🌊
TAndy 9:01:53 PM
hey jimboo. loving how chill the show is tonight
Nekogrrrll 9:02:11 PM
this is so nice
rosasolis (host) 9:02:15 PM
hiii jimboo!! dreamin of coastlines lately..
Ossy Hyouka 9:03:12 PM
And think of songs of Smokey Robinson
TAndy 9:05:53 PM
this one is putting me in a really happy place
rosasolis (host) 9:10:48 PM
(◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
Nekogrrrll 9:11:18 PM
loving the show tonight. perfect for my little aching head
Nekogrrrll 9:11:29 PM
almost as if you knew, rosasolis!!
rosasolis (host) 9:12:50 PM
lovely little coincidencee
TAndy 9:19:03 PM
Ossy Hyouka 9:34:18 PM
TAndy 9:39:20 PM
ughhhh i wish it was summer rn
rosasolis (host) 9:40:22 PM
at least spring
Ossy Hyouka 9:40:53 PM
Summer and spring energy of Sade, Didi and Goapele
jimboo 9:46:33 PM
The whales are speaking to meeeeeeeeeeeeee
rosasolis (host) 9:47:40 PM
🐋🐋🐋 i must see one
Ossy Hyouka 9:48:00 PM
Reminds me of Free Willy and Shamu the scary orca
Ossy Hyouka 9:48:12 PM
Dolphin vibes too
jimboo 9:48:18 PM
TAndy 9:48:21 PM
I'm seriously fading rn
h1ro-Protagonist 9:52:24 PM
OoOoO my. I'm loving these BoC vibes
h1ro-Protagonist 9:53:19 PM
btw, what a transition from the whalesong
jimboo 9:54:01 PM
This is outta control...
rosasolis (host) 9:54:16 PM
hii hiro!! thanks & nice to see you, i can def hear the BoC
Nekogrrrll 9:54:25 PM
oh no LOL
Ossy Hyouka 9:54:34 PM
So much, that went to Beach Bowl Galaxy in Mario Galaxy!
rosasolis (host) 9:55:38 PM
the dolphins and whales got me going crazy, and omg i love beach bowl galaxy
rosasolis (host) 9:55:52 PM
@neko omg stop u need to wake up a little
Jiano Briggs 9:57:55 PM
What about the rizz galaxy
Ossy Hyouka 9:57:58 PM
So summery, except racing against Cosmic Mario with that ear splitting too high pitched Donald Duck like voice, lmao
Ossy Hyouka 9:58:42 PM
Makes you "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" like Dory!
h1ro-Protagonist 10:00:49 PM
@rosasolis, It's been a while since I've been on chat. I've been a total lurker and just listening in
h1ro-Protagonist 10:03:32 PM
This set is my designated 👂 bleach after Jon Solomon's 25 hour marathon 🥴
rosasolis (host) 10:04:12 PM
thats totally fine too 😊 ooh i caught jon's show for a bit and its always fun to find new christmas songs... and @ossy i really need to play that again..
Andrew Pantry 10:09:17 PM
hello rd!
Nekogrrrll 10:09:19 PM
i need to rest. she goes to bed, she eepy. goodnight notebookers!!
TAndy 10:09:56 PM
I'm legit gonna fall asleep lmao
Ossy Hyouka 10:10:28 PM
He's annoying to beat, Rosa, being too fast for Mario!
Andrew Pantry 10:10:56 PM
good night neko
TAndy 10:11:41 PM
Excellent selections tonight rosasolis dream, really great wrap up for the post Christmas feeling
rosasolis (host) 10:12:22 PM
hii andrew!! good evening ☆ and yayy tandy! i was a little confused about the vibe but it felt right
Ossy Hyouka 10:12:36 PM
And putting blue / turquoise lights in the room
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 10:14:07 PM
Have a great week everyone, and happy new year!
Jiano Briggs 10:15:10 PM
This whole show slaps! It’s been bussin fr 💀 W rizzy no kizzy 🧢 thanks for a drippy year Rosa. Next year will hit different on god.
TAndy 10:18:52 PM
TAndy 10:19:02 PM
Good night Rob!
Ossy Hyouka 10:21:07 PM
Sleep warm by the heater, Rob
rosasolis (host) 10:21:36 PM
goodnight nekogrrl and rob!! and ji you gave me a heartattack
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 10:24:29 PM
Thanks Ossy. The low here will/should be 23F, a few degrees warmer than last night, so I don't think I'll sleep by the heater
TAndy 10:25:29 PM
Not the donk 💀
Ossy Hyouka 10:26:18 PM
Nice to hear and you welcome, Rob!
h1ro-Protagonist 10:26:22 PM
The music video for this song is bonkers lol
Ossy Hyouka 10:27:07 PM
Donk like New Donk City ruled by Mayor songstress Pauline in Super Mario Odyssey
h1ro-Protagonist 10:29:51 PM
Yaaaaas! love me some Zebra Katz
Ossy Hyouka 10:29:59 PM
TAndy 10:30:02 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:30:50 PM
Sarah (Ed Edd n Eddy): You're in trouble, I'm telling!
Andrew WestCoast 10:31:20 PM
Woops, are you going to get a letter from the FCC?
TAndy 10:33:35 PM
South Park rules; once it's past 10PM stuff is allowed as long as it isn't in reference to anything biological
Andrew WestCoast 10:34:11 PM
Or put on double secret probation
rosasolis (host) 10:34:29 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:35:04 PM
Don't be sad :(
h1ro-Protagonist 10:35:35 PM
I'd be surprised if mommy FCC does anything. Highly doubt the late night listeners even care to even complain.
TAndy 10:35:38 PM
I mean, I've heard worse during the daytime when more people are actually listening on other stations lmao
TAndy 10:36:38 PM
That time when an NFL player was mic'd up and dropped an f bomb when nickelodeon was simulcasting the game 😭
h1ro-Protagonist 10:37:51 PM
Welp, Rosasolis you did mention that you were gonna get everyone PUMPED! That's one way 😂
Ossy Hyouka 10:38:22 PM
Some idiot one time called in on Steve Harvey's radio wdas morning show, to accuse him and his friends of being so called self hating and one sided political racists . 😂😂😂
Jiano Briggs 10:38:23 PM
FCC is goofy ahh no cap
Ossy Hyouka 10:38:59 PM
Of course Uncle Steve took care of him, after hearing his "bold" voicemail, LOOOOOOL
rosasolis (host) 10:39:19 PM
well as long as we are alllll having fun
Andrew WestCoast 10:39:36 PM
Good thing Nekogrrrll signed off. She’d be all caps right now
TAndy 10:39:53 PM
Nekogrrrll would be scratching up the chat rn
TAndy 10:40:16 PM
This is so good rn
Ossy Hyouka 10:40:28 PM
Yeah, FCC on mainstream radio is weird and hypocrisy. They don't allow shout outs of other people from other radio stations, without warning.
Ossy Hyouka 10:41:10 PM
My friend's music, he plays in his gym for his clients/friends!
TAndy 10:47:56 PM
This music has me no longer eepy
h1ro-Protagonist 10:50:09 PM
these beeps and boops get me going.
TAndy 10:55:47 PM
Thank u for the music! See u next year ;)
Jiano Briggs 10:58:28 PM
Jiano Briggs 10:58:37 PM
Happy new year y’all
Ossy Hyouka 10:58:58 PM
May the luma stars,shine bright on you on new years day! 🌟⭐
Jiano Briggs 10:58:59 PM
rosasolis (host) 10:59:08 PM
happy new years everyone!! <3
Ossy Hyouka 10:59:28 PM
Time to Jump Up, Don't Be Scared!
Jiano Briggs 10:59:48 PM
h1ro-Protagonist 11:00:05 PM
Appreciate the lovely songs throughout this year 💖💘💘 You made my WPRB dreams of 2022
rosasolis (host) 11:01:04 PM