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Diving into the Wreck (❁ ˵◡ ‿ ◡˵)

Dec 23, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With rosasolis dream

subbing for isabel two days bf christmas!! dreams of sea and water falling over snowwind landscapes.. finding old new age albums and a mixture of pleasant glitchy electronics.. with some ambient house and drones to lull us asleep



💦 \͜.·˚꒰(ཽ͡乂ᵕ̥͡乂ཽ)꒱➳༻❀ ☕ ❀༺➳ˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊


Diving into the Wreck (❁ ˵◡ ‿ ◡˵)
3:01 PM
Stereolab - Stomach Worm
Stereolab Stomach Worm
Peng! Too Pure 1992


3:12 PM
Minako Yoshida - Ai Ha Kanata
Minako Yoshida Ai Ha Kanata


3:16 PM
Heavy Vegetable - Couch
Heavy Vegetable Couch
The Amazing Undersea Adventures of Aqua Kitty and Friends 1994


3:19 PM
Seefeel - Industrious
Seefeel Industrious
Quique (Redux Edition) Too Pure 2007


3:25 PM
Sora - traces
Sora traces
re.sort p*dis 2018


3:27 PM
Pram - Sea Swells and Distant Squalls
Pram Sea Swells and Distant Squalls
Sargasso Sea Too Pure 1995


3:33 PM
Bloodz Boi, Claire Rousay & More Eaze - 阴天 - Overcast
Bloodz Boi, Claire Rousay & More Eaze 阴天 - Overcast N
a crying poem 2022


3:36 PM
Bola Sete - Vira Mundo Penba
Bola Sete Vira Mundo Penba
Ocean 1975


3:39 PM
김뜻돌 [Meaningful Stone] - 꿈에서 걸려온 전화
김뜻돌 [Meaningful Stone] 꿈에서 걸려온 전화
꿈에서 걸려온 전화 (A Call From My Dream) 2020


3:44 PM
Anna Lily - Neighborhood Escape Plan
Anna Lily Neighborhood Escape Plan N
District Butterfly - EP lj girl 2022


3:45 PM
Suzanne Ciani - The Third Wave - Love In the Waves
Suzanne Ciani The Third Wave - Love In the Waves
Seven Waves Seventh Wave 1982


3:50 PM
Steve Kindler and Teja Bell - Kaimana
Steve Kindler and Teja Bell Kaimana
Dolphin Smiles 1987


3:55 PM
Don Harriss - Shell Game
Don Harriss Shell Game
Shell Game 1990


4:01 PM
t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - 昇天
t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 昇天
永遠の愛 (Eien no ai) 2015


4:07 PM
James Ferraro - Unknown Visitors
James Ferraro Unknown Visitors


4:18 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------



by 仮想夢プラザ

4:26 PM
Lone - Temples
Lone Temples
Ambivert Tools, Vol. 3 - Single R&S Records 2018


4:33 PM
VAPERROR - Super Megaenergizing Powerup
VAPERROR Super Megaenergizing Powerup
Saccharine Synergy PLUS100 Records 2020


4:36 PM
Naked Flames - The O
Naked Flames The O
247 365 No Agreements 2021


4:42 PM
Now Or Never​.​.​. - EP No Agreements 2021


4:46 PM
dream dolphin - Angelic Conversation
dream dolphin Angelic Conversation
月の癒し, 海の魔法


4:50 PM
DJ Metatron aka Traumprinz - Traumprinz - There Will Be XTC
DJ Metatron aka Traumprinz Traumprinz - There Will Be XTC
This Is Not (Giegling Mix 07) 2015


4:53 PM
The Avalanches - With My Baby
The Avalanches With My Baby
Since I Left You


4:56 PM
Andrés - New For U
Andrés New For U
New For U 2012


Chat is archived.
rosasolis (host) 3:05:05 PM
helloooo listeners
Rofflestomp 3:07:31 PM
So, hello. Nice amped up carry for sure dear.
Jiano Briggs 3:09:48 PM
Happy snowy Friday y’all 🙂
Rofflestomp 3:11:54 PM
The sun is demanding equal time, but it's hours are numbered here either way it seems Jiano.
rosasolis (host) 3:13:32 PM
hi roffle and ji!! the weather is confusing me but im doing my best to get in the xmas spirit :)
Rofflestomp 3:17:44 PM
Jam your jam rosasolis, that always works. Spirit follows, seems to know the way any who.
Rofflestomp 3:19:02 PM
This Heavy Vegetable hits a friendly nerv though.
Rofflestomp 3:19:49 PM
rosasolis (host) 3:20:33 PM
it just has been such a blur!! and i agree its like a lovely mix of math rock and indie pop 🙂
Rofflestomp 3:23:20 PM
I disagreed with math teachers before and I will again, but it's hard to argue with fingers in time.
Rofflestomp 3:25:12 PM
And Indie is a vehicle I can't get enough of.
rosasolis (host) 3:26:39 PM
math was never kind to me eitherr! and ooh we'll have some nice indie on the way soon
Rofflestomp 3:28:50 PM
Cool! A soul couch is always nice and always welcome.
DSM 3:33:45 PM
Oh helllllo! Bonus Notebook is indeed a xmas treat
rosasolis (host) 3:34:24 PM
a soul couch sounds v comfy rn.. and hii dsm!! welcomee
DSM 3:35:33 PM
Sending virtual 🍪 and ☕
rosasolis (host) 3:37:41 PM
was craving some hot choco (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
Rofflestomp 3:40:01 PM
OMG, this is great!
rosasolis (host) 3:41:50 PM
(✿◕‿◕) agreeeed
Jiano Briggs 3:47:15 PM
Minecraft snow biome type beat
rosasolis (host) 3:47:47 PM
damnn i neva played
Jiano Briggs 3:48:17 PM
You crazy for that one
TAndy 3:48:24 PM
Some ungodly force woke me up just 3 hours into my sleep ahead of a 36 hour day. At least I'm here to listen to This though
rosasolis (host) 3:49:01 PM
hii tandy! omg i hope u get to eep more
TAndy 3:49:14 PM
I doubt I will lol but I'll live
rosasolis (host) 3:50:18 PM
sending over all our collective energy here at the station to u
Rofflestomp 3:50:20 PM
If I hold my hand up to the sun it still fells warm. Jibes with this.
DSM 3:51:05 PM
This is insanely soothing
rosasolis (host) 3:52:13 PM
was in need of some solar / water comforting
TAndy 3:52:57 PM
I don't wanna miss the rest of this hahah
rosasolis (host) 3:54:43 PM
Readie 3:58:41 PM
Hi rosasolis - this is so beautiful! Love this set!
TAndy 3:59:23 PM
Hey Readie 💙 can't wait for your show later
rosasolis (host) 3:59:29 PM
hii readie!! 😊 thank you so much! hope ur having a lovely friday
Rofflestomp 3:59:36 PM
I agree with Readie, this has just been awesome!
Readie 3:59:47 PM
Hi TAndy - thank you!
TAndy 4:00:27 PM
If we were seeing real snow and not just icemageddon tonight, the music would be even more appropriate!
Readie 4:00:44 PM
@rosasolis - yes, ans as I finished up my last grocery shopping trip before Christmas--I walked out to a beautiful snowstorm!!
Readie 4:01:32 PM
Now the sun came out!
rosasolis (host) 4:02:22 PM
oo0h here no snow yet just hellish winds and a brisk sunset!
TAndy 4:02:41 PM
Ughhhh coming out with the telepath 💙💙💙💙💙
Rofflestomp 4:03:08 PM
@Readie, It was sideways when I went out. Loved it, and yeh the sun is claiming terf.
Readie 4:03:34 PM
Hi Roffle - and the temp is dropping 50 degrees...00000weeeee!!!
Rofflestomp 4:04:32 PM
@Readie, Right? Crazy wild is the wind.
Readie 4:05:06 PM
Yes , Roffle- blustery!!!!
rosasolis (host) 4:05:15 PM
there go my evening plansss with the wind
Rofflestomp 4:07:34 PM
@rosasolis, it will be back round. Calm and happy on it's whims. Cool for chimes though. :)
TAndy 4:07:45 PM
I'm in my basement so I can't tell about the wind. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't lose power. And still get mail delivery.
Rofflestomp 4:08:24 PM
Total segue for Readie. :)
rosasolis (host) 4:09:23 PM
yea def.. and i am enjoying this sunset rn! however cold it is
Rofflestomp 4:10:10 PM
Geez TAndy! Unless you live in Alberta you are good to go.
TAndy 4:11:16 PM
It seems like our place lost power at like 4am last night for some ungodly reason, when I came home from work the clocks were reset and the heat didn't turn on since it missed the timer
TAndy 4:11:43 PM
I am an eepcicle
DSM 4:11:59 PM
Classic haunted house behavior TAndy, watch out
Rofflestomp 4:12:49 PM
I own blankets TAndy, lots of them for that reason alone. The ya never know reason. :)
Readie 4:12:56 PM
I can see a little bit of the sunset, @rosasolis, and it is really pretty!
Rofflestomp 4:14:27 PM
Cloud painting is on the rise in west Philly too Readie.
TAndy 4:14:28 PM
Gimme watercolor sunsets
rosasolis (host) 4:14:29 PM
eepcicle 😭 and ooh i cant imagine how pretty those sights are roffle/ readie!
Readie 4:15:22 PM
Yes, the clouds are looking cool
Rofflestomp 4:16:05 PM
Dare a window rosasolis!
Readie 4:17:17 PM
Watercolors, indeed, TAndy!
rosasolis (host) 4:17:34 PM
ooh sunset collage... im dreaming of far away warmth
TAndy 4:19:46 PM
I'm dreaming of vacation
Rofflestomp 4:22:42 PM
The clouds are the lightest of Rosesa, pale rose.
Rofflestomp 4:25:36 PM
The sun now refuses. Grey is the growing master.
Jiano Briggs 4:25:46 PM
Jiano Briggs 4:25:52 PM
Gawd damn
Jiano Briggs 4:26:13 PM
Bros OG
rosasolis (host) 4:27:25 PM
love that color Rosesa, and omg it took me a second to figure out what u were talking about ji
Readie 4:30:46 PM
Lots of pinks and purples still visible over central Jersey!
Rofflestomp 4:31:26 PM
Water colors. Clouds are water.
Rofflestomp 4:34:35 PM
I wish I had the cones in my eye to see purples. So jealous! lol
Rofflestomp 4:35:21 PM
Girls see cool stuff.
rosasolis (host) 4:36:59 PM
lovee purple sunsets
Rob F 4:39:02 PM
this is intense
TAndy 4:39:22 PM
Extremely good
Rofflestomp 4:39:42 PM
I saw the sky once that was bright lavender. I want to go back there!
rosasolis (host) 4:39:48 PM
hii rob! intense to ward off the cold :)
Rob F 4:40:32 PM
Good idea - I like it
Colin 4:45:34 PM
Great selections dj rosasolis! I’m out in the cold doing stuff, but my car is cozy and warm.
rosasolis (host) 4:48:53 PM
hii colin! glad to hear that youre warm ◡ ‿ ◡
TAndy 4:49:08 PM
Getting eepy again. Hoping I can get an extra hour or two of sleep in, see yall later.
TAndy 4:49:26 PM
Whoever introduced "eepy" to my vocabulary will pay.
rosasolis (host) 4:49:38 PM
nekogrrl and her crimes... eep well!! good luck :)
Rofflestomp 4:53:49 PM
I really enjoyed the show rosasolis. Thank you. I hope the rest of this holiday stuff is really good for you. ✌️ Best to you and yours.
rosasolis (host) 4:54:40 PM
ty roffle!! hope u have a lovely holiday 🙂
Richard from Rocky Hill 4:54:43 PM
@ rosasolis (host) I've been paddling on the surface today with errands instead of diving right into the wreck ... but as always there's been lots of treasures -- and not sunken! Thanks! And Happy Holidays and a Healthy & Safe 2023 to All ...
Jiano Briggs 4:55:14 PM
Avalanches goated 🧊 😤
rosasolis (host) 4:55:22 PM
hii richard! thank you sm for tuning in!! happy holidays ❁
rosasolis (host) 4:55:32 PM
ji i kno its been a min
DSM 4:56:50 PM
Thanks Rosasolis!! Stay cozy everyone!
Readie 4:57:38 PM
Thanks for a great show, rosasolis!
rosasolis (host) 4:58:02 PM
thanks for listening dsm, readie and all! have a lovely holiday <3
Jiano Briggs 4:59:20 PM
Happy Holdiays y’all 😵‍💫
Readie 4:59:27 PM
Thx for the shout, rosasolis - happy holidays!
Jiano Briggs 4:59:38 PM
Amazing show as always rosaaa
rosasolis (host) 4:59:58 PM
<3 <3 <3