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Running Redlights

Dec 23, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Jen

Bringing some high energy to the brunch hour, Fridays at 10am ET this fall. Refresh the playlist page to see updated song info, and please do say hi in the chat! Let's boogie.

The holiday warmup show!

Running Redlights
10:00 AM
Shizuka - 兆し
Shizuka 兆し N
狂気の真珠 (Lunatic Pearl) An'archives 2022
10:04 AM
Set Break
10:04 AM
There Were Wires - Gasp
There Were Wires Gasp
Somnambulists Iodine Recordings 2003
10:14 AM
Bob Mould - The Ocean (World Cafe Session)
Bob Mould The Ocean (World Cafe Session)
The Ocean - Single Merge Records 2022
10:17 AM
Beige Banquet - Elasticated
Beige Banquet Elasticated
S/T - EP Just Step Sideways 2021
10:20 AM
The Gibson Bros. - Big Pine Boogie
The Gibson Bros. Big Pine Boogie
Big Pine Boogie Okra Records 1987


10:22 AM
Heavy Mother - Monkeys and Goats
Heavy Mother Monkeys and Goats N
This Time Around Feel It Records 2022
10:28 AM
Set Break
10:28 AM
Leatherface - Never Say Goodbye
Leatherface Never Say Goodbye
The Stormy Petrel Big Ugly Fish 2010
10:31 AM
Duncan Redmonds - Dreamlike
Duncan Redmonds Dreamlike
Bubble And Squeak: Collaborations 2004-2008 Boss Tuneage 2009


10:33 AM
The Meanies - Dark Side of My Mind
The Meanies Dark Side of My Mind
Televolution Empty Records 1994
10:35 AM
Gibby Haynes and His Problem - Woo
Gibby Haynes and His Problem Woo
Gibby Haynes and His Problem (Bonus Remixes) Surfdog Records 2007
10:38 AM
Crafty 893 - Don’t Miss
Crafty 893 Don’t Miss N
Boot It Tru Thoughts 2022
10:40 AM
Marriages - Ride in My Place
Marriages Ride in My Place
Kitsune - EP Sargent House 2012
10:46 AM
Set Break
10:46 AM
Animals and Men - Nag Nag Nag
Animals and Men Nag Nag Nag
Where Are All Your Friends? Radstock Records 2016


10:50 AM
Cole - The Open Sea
Cole The Open Sea
How the Crow Came to Be Black MoodFood Records 1996


10:54 AM
Big Blood - Anything Could Happen
Big Blood Anything Could Happen
Quarantunes Series No. 27 Feeding Tube Records 2021


10:56 AM
The Electric Prunes - Get Me to the World On Time
The Electric Prunes Get Me to the World On Time
Electric Prunes Rhino/Warner Records 1967
10:59 AM
The Blessed Cassettes - Miss You Miss Mew
The Blessed Cassettes Miss You Miss Mew
Errors and Omissions Reverse Engine 2017
11:01 AM
The Fleshtones - Alex Trebek
The Fleshtones Alex Trebek
Face of the Screaming Werewolf Yep Roc Records 2021
11:07 AM
Set Break
11:07 AM
Dry Cleaning - Hot Penny Day
Dry Cleaning Hot Penny Day N
Stumpwork 4AD 2022
11:11 AM
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt - How To Cook a Wolf
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt How To Cook a Wolf
Made Out of Sound Palilalia 2021
11:13 AM
God Is an Astronaut - Adrift (Live)
God Is an Astronaut Adrift (Live)
Live @ Opium Dublin s/r 2021
11:20 AM
NoMeansNo - This Story Must Be Told
NoMeansNo This Story Must Be Told
Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie Alternative Tentacles 1998


11:26 AM
Phil & The Tiles - Health / Body
Phil & The Tiles Health / Body
Phil & The Tiles - EP Anti-Fade 2022
11:28 AM
J. Robbins - Skeleton Coast
J. Robbins Skeleton Coast
Un-Becoming Dischord Records 2019
11:36 AM
Set Break
11:36 AM
The Fall - Squid Law
The Fall Squid Law
Seminal Live Beggars Banquet 1989


11:39 AM
Sneaks - 3 am in France
Sneaks 3 am in France N
The Eva EP Merge 2022
11:42 AM
The Paranoyds - Lizzie
The Paranoyds Lizzie N
Talk Talk Talk Third Man Records LLC 2022
11:44 AM
Cotton Jones - Glorylight and Christie
Cotton Jones Glorylight and Christie
Tall Hours In the Glowstream Suicide Squeeze Records 2010
11:48 AM
The Fugitives - You Can't Blame That on Me
The Fugitives You Can't Blame That on Me
7" Fenton Records 1966


11:51 AM
The Gizmos - That's Cool
The Gizmos That's Cool
The Studio Recordings (1976-1977) Gulcher 2000
11:55 AM
Set Break
11:55 AM
Pitchblende - Lacquer Box
Pitchblende Lacquer Box
7" Land Speed Records 1992


Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon 10:01:37 AM
Mostly in spirit but I'm here!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:01:50 AM
Welcome to you!
jimboo 10:02:23 AM
Jon has achieved vapor status
jimboo 10:02:52 AM
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 10:03:06 AM
Morning all
Jen Redlights (host) 10:03:14 AM
Here we go! Good morning!
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 10:03:31 AM
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 10:04:06 AM
It's snowing in Washington DC
Brian D 10:04:07 AM
Hello Friday folk
Lee Chandler 10:04:37 AM
Hello all!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:05:06 AM
Hello, everyone! Happy snow day!
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 10:05:07 AM
Also the temperatures are about to start their plunge to the west of town
Rofflestomp 10:10:26 AM
Well that beats an alarm clock. :)
Jen Redlights (host) 10:11:00 AM
Ooooh I hope you’re saying this woke you up…
Jen Redlights (host) 10:11:17 AM
(And not the cold)
Lee Chandler 10:11:44 AM
Sounds like the temperatures are ready to rumble.
Rofflestomp 10:12:10 AM
Your hopes would be correctly addressed.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:12:24 AM
jimboo 10:12:47 AM
Heavy jammmmmmmmmieees
Rofflestomp 10:13:27 AM
43 degrees is on the run for sure though. :)
Jen Redlights (host) 10:14:03 AM
Wear mittens!
Rofflestomp 10:14:49 AM
Looking for my fleece cape as we listen.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:15:26 AM
Please tell me you run in costume
Rofflestomp 10:16:41 AM
It does tend to warm me up oalong the way if I run, that's for sure.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:17:46 AM
Rofflestomp 10:17:58 AM
And I have diabolical mischief to get to and a costume always helps me focus.
Brian D 10:19:02 AM
Beige Banquet like like.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:19:14 AM
I’m thinking about how jogging in costume might take my mind off the idea that I’m jogging
Jen Redlights (host) 10:19:21 AM
Cool, Brian!
Rofflestomp 10:19:41 AM
Concur with Brian.
Brian D 10:19:54 AM
Whooshing rain and wind up 'gainst the windows
Jen Redlights (host) 10:21:19 AM
Rofflestomp 10:21:45 AM
If your jogging is akin to fleeing a superhero, then your mind is free to persue the runners high.
Lee Chandler 10:22:12 AM
Rockin' in the office today & losing my mind! As in the tunes are hitting my senses perfectly.
Rofflestomp 10:22:15 AM
More of a cruel drizzle here at the moment.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:22:55 AM
Outstanding, Lee! Glad to help!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:25:07 AM
Though sorry you have to work. Shouldn’t today be a day of rest? Or at least jogging in foul weather.
Rofflestomp 10:30:02 AM
Oh wow Brian, that whooshing wind and rain just became a thing. lol
Lee Chandler 10:30:36 AM
I show up, but work doesn't get my best. They only get the required flair.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:31:40 AM
Hahahaha WPRB pin of course
Rofflestomp 10:32:57 AM
And matching tie and handkerchief. :)
Brian D 10:33:47 AM
Oh Mould was from World Cafe eh... a rare cross pollinization from that other station (even though there are no other stations...)
Brian D 10:35:02 AM
Contractual Obligation Tie & Handkerchief.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:35:16 AM
We respect all those who are doing the real radio!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:35:30 AM
But of course stand alone ;)
Rofflestomp 10:35:56 AM
That other station is the ghost of a once great station. Shame, but there it is.
Brian D 10:35:57 AM
Like the cheese we stand alone
Brian D 10:36:15 AM
Quivering or melting at times
Jen Redlights (host) 10:36:35 AM
Brian D 10:37:58 AM
Ya i liked to tune in mid to late 80s even early early 90s when they had the multi format shows throughout the day and night... Joe Frank radio plays sometimes syndicated on the late nights
Lee Chandler 10:38:06 AM
Please include a western tie.
Rofflestomp 10:40:09 AM
If you gots the boots, a bolo tie is apropos.
Lee Chandler 10:43:43 AM
Not a big fan of the bolo, but love the western tie (well, to collect & put on the wall). And I got the boots. Dozens. Bit of a weakness.
Rofflestomp 10:46:57 AM
@Brian, yes indeed. I would be listening to Sleepy Hollow on a Saturday back in the day, but the station ID's and red levels for dumb promos stuff in the midst of a half dream just puts it out of my ability to even listen anymore.
Brian D 10:48:05 AM
A good wooden tie completes the ensemble
Rofflestomp 10:50:00 AM
Now that is one hellofa 'knot' to tie
Rofflestomp 10:50:45 AM
Or it come with a knot. Hmmm...
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 10:51:21 AM
The sun is shining as the temperature continues to drop. We had snow about an hour ago!
lawnshark025 10:52:50 AM
omg I love cole
lawnshark025 10:52:59 AM
idea of city is one of my favorite 90s records
Jen Redlights (host) 10:53:16 AM
I have never met a soul who KNOWS Cole. Wow!
lawnshark025 10:53:16 AM
never thought I’d hear them on the radio
Jen Redlights (host) 10:53:34 AM
Awesome, lawnshark!
lawnshark025 10:54:40 AM
I’m in the 90s post-hardcore / indie / math rabbit hole and I can’t escape
Brian D 10:54:54 AM
Great take on this Clean
lawnshark025 10:54:56 AM
have a great rest of your show!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:55:07 AM
Thanks a ton for chiming in!
Brian D 10:55:14 AM
Aha Big Blood
Commie Francis ☭ 10:55:21 AM
Brian D 10:55:30 AM
Love them. Keeping it in the family
sorry it's andrew 10:55:35 AM
hi jen and crew
Commie Francis ☭ 10:57:30 AM
I love that version
sorry it's andrew 10:58:01 AM
it's so uplifting
Jen Redlights (host) 10:58:29 AM
It’s the sweetest. Hi, Commie!
Brian D 10:58:36 AM
Soaring harmonies well done
Lee Chandler 11:02:56 AM
One of my fav guitar sounds.
Rofflestomp 11:03:30 AM
OMG the Fleshtones are still on earth!
gboss 11:03:45 AM
Happy Friday, Jen!
Rofflestomp 11:04:18 AM
@Lee if that is not a Rickenbacker I don't know what is.
Brian D 11:04:20 AM
Great retro 12 string elec gtr and organ. Forgot about that Alex T tribute... he lives on in the Longmont Potion Castle pranks
Brian D 11:07:28 AM
Big Blood has some great stuff on the Free Music Archive.
Brian D 11:07:38 AM
And for sale too ha
Rofflestomp 11:10:05 AM
Oh wow, happy ears. Smiling to and fro each.
Brian D 11:10:56 AM
Dry Cleaning is just one o my fave faves of past few years wprb discoveries
Brian D 11:12:32 AM
C.C. & B.O. getting their trout masks out
Jen Redlights (host) 11:14:29 AM
Rofflestomp, fleshtones will not die! Hi, gboss!
Lee Chandler 11:17:34 AM
They can't die. They were teenage zombies. Ok, maybe just sang about them.
Brian D 11:19:51 AM
This is a great ride. Heard this or another from this performance on wprb before (God is an Astronaut live)
Jen Redlights (host) 11:21:31 AM
If you ever get a chance to see them do their thing live, definitely do it! It’s mesmerizing.
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 11:24:22 AM
@Jen, thanks for playing the Dry Cleaning song. My wife is also listening to your show and loves that band
Jen Redlights (host) 11:24:32 AM
Anytime! That record is addicting.
Rofflestomp 11:32:15 AM
Going to need another credit card to go Bandcamping with at this rate!
sorry it's andrew 11:32:58 AM
I'm seeing j robbins and soulside in march!!
Brian D 11:33:53 AM
You play bands from Melbourne on the show now? Cool
Christine 𓅓 11:36:29 AM
Christine 𓅓 11:36:56 AM
🦑 📜
Jen Redlights (host) 11:37:25 AM
Brian hahahahaahaha
Jen Redlights (host) 11:37:42 AM
Nice, Andrew! It’s going to be terrific!
Christine 𓅓 11:42:53 AM
Sounding great, Jen
Jen Redlights (host) 11:45:04 AM
Thanks, Christine! Glad you’re here!
Rofflestomp 11:52:16 AM
Superb show Jen! Thanks for this. Have a great Christmas!
Jen Redlights (host) 11:52:57 AM
Thanks for being here!! Happy holidays!
Rob from Maryland 🦀 🇺🇦 🌻 🇮🇷 11:54:14 AM
Happy Holidays everyone! Stay warm! Thanks for the great spins, Jen!
Christine 𓅓 11:54:27 AM
Thanks Jen & happy holidays, all!
Lee Chandler 11:54:47 AM
Thanks Jen!
gboss 11:55:47 AM
Thanks, Jen!
Jen Redlights (host) 11:56:28 AM
Woooo see you in a day for Jon’s 25-hour holiday bonanza!
sorry it's andrew 12:02:32 PM
thanks jen!