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Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry

Dec 10, 2022 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Selecta Jerry

Playing the finest in Reggae music New and Old, from Roots & Culture to Conscious Dancehall, to Oldies & Lovers Rock, to Riddims and Dub!

December Skanking


Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry
3:04 PM
Milton Henry - No Dreams
Milton Henry No Dreams
Who Do You Think I Am? Wackies 1985


3:08 PM
Misty In Roots - Ireation
Misty In Roots Ireation
Roots Controller Real World Records 2002


3:13 PM
Midnite - Breathing Scrolls
Midnite Breathing Scrolls
Ainshant Maps Afrikan Roots Lab 2004


3:17 PM
Milton Henry - Rastaman Beware/Beware Dub
Milton Henry Rastaman Beware/Beware Dub
Branches and Leaves (Showcase Album) Iroko Records 2013
3:24 PM
Mikey Dub - Dub Calling
Mikey Dub Dub Calling N
Dub Calling - Single Dubliminal Soundsystem 2022
3:28 PM
Cocoa Tea - Christmas Is Coming
Cocoa Tea Christmas Is Coming
Rocking Dolly Ras Records 1991


3:31 PM
Mikey General - Only Jah Know
Mikey General Only Jah Know N
Only Jah Know / Born to Be Free - Single Poor Man's Friend Records 2022
3:36 PM
Ini Kamoze - Clown Talking
Ini Kamoze Clown Talking
Shocking Out Ras Records 1988


3:41 PM
Half Pint - Freedom Fighter
Half Pint Freedom Fighter
12" Bam Bam Records 1985


3:47 PM
Johnny Clarke - Enter Into His Gates With Praise
Johnny Clarke Enter Into His Gates With Praise
Soul Jazz Records Presents Bunny Lee: Dreads Enter the Gates With Praise (The Mighty Striker Shoots the Hits!) V/A Soul Jazz Records 2019


3:50 PM
Johnny Clarke - Joshua's Words
Johnny Clarke Joshua's Words
Creation Rebel VP Records 2018
3:53 PM
Vin Gordon & The Aggrovators - Magnum Force
Vin Gordon & The Aggrovators Magnum Force
Soul Jazz Records Presents Bunny Lee: Dreads Enter the Gates With Praise (The Mighty Striker Shoots the Hits!) V/A Soul Jazz 2019


3:56 PM
Barrington Levy & Trinity - Flash Your Dread
Barrington Levy & Trinity Flash Your Dread
Yard Style Christmas V/A VP Records 1998


4:04 PM
Aswad - Drum and Bass Line
Aswad Drum and Bass Line
Not Satisfied CBS 1982
4:09 PM
Joe Yorke - Lane Walking (feat. Mike Wiley)
Joe Yorke Lane Walking (feat. Mike Wiley) N
Noise and Emptiness Rhythm Steady 2022
4:12 PM
Burning Spear - Red, Gold and Green/Workshop
Burning Spear Red, Gold and Green/Workshop
Marcus Garvey/Garvey's Ghost: 100th Anniversary Island Records 1987


4:18 PM
Bucky Jo - Conquerer Sound mix
Bucky Jo Conquerer Sound mix N
No Shimmings Buzwakk 2022


4:21 PM
Jalifa - Hear Ye
Jalifa Hear Ye
Incient Ras Zion High Productions 2022
4:25 PM
Donovan KingJay - Rod Of Correction/Dub Of Correction
Donovan KingJay Rod Of Correction/Dub Of Correction N
Single SolarDub Records 2022


4:32 PM
Queen Omega & Lions Flow - See You Down
Queen Omega & Lions Flow See You Down N
See You Down - Single Baco Records 2022
4:36 PM
Gentleman - What Them a Go Do
Gentleman What Them a Go Do N
Mad World Jugglerz 2022
4:40 PM
Dr. Charty, Docta G & Yehoud I - Give Up Badness/Badness Of Dub
Dr. Charty, Docta G & Yehoud I Give Up Badness/Badness Of Dub N
Strike Out #2 - EP Bat Records 2022


4:48 PM
Chronixx - Santa Claus, Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto?
Chronixx Santa Claus, Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto?
Crime Free Christmas V/A Mountain Music 2016
4:52 PM
Little Hero - Gunz in the Street (feat. P-Zed)
Little Hero Gunz in the Street (feat. P-Zed) N
El Yahweh Riddim V/A Giddimani Records 2022
4:56 PM
Tony Prophit - Gun Hawk
Tony Prophit Gun Hawk N
Single Tony Prophit Music 2022
5:01 PM
Green Lion Crew - Skillful (feat. Iotosh)
Green Lion Crew Skillful (feat. Iotosh) N
Riddim Full of Culture Ineffable Records 2022
5:04 PM
Milton Henry - Rastafari Cannot Die/Branches & Leaves Dub
Milton Henry Rastafari Cannot Die/Branches & Leaves Dub
Branches and Leaves (Showcase Album) Iroko Records 2013


5:11 PM
Jacob Miller - On the Twelve Day of Ismas
Jacob Miller On the Twelve Day of Ismas
Natty Christmas VP Records 2007
5:14 PM
Twiggi & Sadiki - Merry Christmas
Twiggi & Sadiki Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas - Single Skinny Bwoy Records 2015
5:17 PM
The Heptones - Sea of Love
The Heptones Sea of Love
On Top Studio One 1968
5:20 PM
Dub Sheperds & Jolly Joseph - Fever/Fever Dub
Dub Sheperds & Jolly Joseph Fever/Fever Dub N
Strike Out #2 Bat Records 2022


5:29 PM
Soulmedic - True Self
Soulmedic True Self N
True Self - Single Jah Kebra Music 2022
5:33 PM
Lila Iké - Dinero
Lila Iké Dinero N
Dinero - Single In.Digg.Nation Collective/Six Course Music/RCA Records 2022
5:36 PM
Danakil & Ondubground - Life Goes On feat. Manjul & Natty Jean
Danakil & Ondubground Life Goes On feat. Manjul & Natty Jean N
Danakil meets Ondubground Part. 2 Baco Records 2022


5:40 PM
Manudigital - Strictly That Style ft. Dapatch (Marcus Visionary remix)
Manudigital Strictly That Style ft. Dapatch (Marcus Visionary remix) N
Single X Ray productions 2022


5:45 PM
Roots Revival Riddim Force - Karma (feat. Peter Youthman)
Roots Revival Riddim Force Karma (feat. Peter Youthman) N
Karma (feat. Peter Youthman) - Single Tribe 84 Records 2022
5:53 PM
Simma & Natty Campbell - For the Win
Simma & Natty Campbell For the Win N
For the Win - Single Superchip 2022


5:58 PM
Honorebel - Ghetto Christmas
Honorebel Ghetto Christmas
Ghetto Christmas - Single Phantom Music Group 2018
Chat is archived.
Selecta Jerry (host) 2:58:28 PM
Greetings and Dubutations to one and all Rock and Come In !
gboss 3:02:10 PM
Big up, Selecta!
Newtown Bike Works 3:05:50 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:05:50 PM
wind up yer waist and nice up the place
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:06:29 PM
NBW did you send me the General Trees 45 that came?
Newtown Bike Works 3:07:02 PM
We wish.
Jarret Mitchell 3:07:10 PM
🔊🔊🔊what’s up selecta !!! Big up SOTC fam!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:07:37 PM
hahaha I got a mystery package and remember saying you sent me something
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:07:53 PM
now I have two mysteries
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:08:15 PM
no dreams Jarret
Sean Babin 3:08:28 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:09:20 PM
Gboss & Seanie B in the same chat room look out!
Pat Bonser 3:09:39 PM
I wake up this morning with this rhythm going through my head! The rhythm that Selecta Jerry nice up the place with! Stormy day in Tahoe today so I man just cool out! Blame it on the rain!
Buck Wild 3:10:08 PM
Up the Big Selecta!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:10:17 PM
Big Up PAT @!!!!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:10:27 PM
So glad to have you live today
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:10:37 PM
Buck Wild Respect due
Newtown Bike Works 3:10:52 PM
We had sent you an invitation to our holiday parade party in Newtown, held last week. We couldn't find an email address for you, so we sent it to sales.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:11:17 PM
pffffff never got it so sorry
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:11:26 PM
Sean Babin 3:11:52 PM
hes got that ol skool email
Newtown Bike Works 3:11:56 PM
Next year! But stop in any time!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:12:21 PM
run some tunes in the shop
Newtown Bike Works 3:13:02 PM
Already are! Best tunes every week come on Saturdays.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:13:12 PM
old school but never fails me
Newtown Bike Works 3:13:56 PM
Maybe we could request King Yellowman's Hill and Gully Rider? Loosely bike related?
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:14:04 PM
I hope Santa Buys lots of bikes this christmas NBW Family
Newtown Bike Works 3:14:44 PM
He's our best customer
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:15:00 PM
Natty Claus
Pat Bonser 3:15:36 PM
What’s that ninja bike song?
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:16:14 PM
yeah pat that request got my mind running for reggae bycycle tunes
M Geismayr 3:18:26 PM
Seasons greetings, Selecta Jerry! And all!
M Geismayr 3:18:51 PM
I dont always chime in but I'm always listening!
DubNP 3:19:34 PM
Thanks and praise Selecta
MissyC 3:19:51 PM
Mungo’s hifi Bike Rider 😁
Pat Bonser 3:20:03 PM
Tanya stephens big ninja bike
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:20:03 PM
silver lion greetings
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:20:18 PM
Dub NP big up
Newtown Bike Works 3:21:08 PM
Missy C...nice
MissyC 3:21:15 PM
Greetings Selecta and reggae family
Newtown Bike Works 3:21:23 PM
There's always Copper Cat's Bicycle
MissyC 3:25:58 PM
Dub always calling me
Newtown Bike Works 3:28:53 PM
Drippy sounds from Mikey Dub
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:30:25 PM
Greetings Missy C!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:30:58 PM
If you don't have 5 cent Jah Bless The I
Chris Sonnenschein 3:31:55 PM
Ras & Roll 🙏🔥🦁🇯🇲🖤❤️🇪🇹💛💚🇻🇺
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:32:29 PM
Hey Chris Ras & Roll Indeed
Chris Sonnenschein 3:32:59 PM
World Cup 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Chris Sonnenschein 3:33:24 PM
Blazin and Blarin
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:33:45 PM
yes i
Chris Sonnenschein 3:36:37 PM
Selecta Jerry: Any ting with flutes 😎
Chris Sonnenschein 3:37:36 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:37:58 PM
ah man played pablo moses last week with massive flute part
Chris Sonnenschein 3:38:40 PM
or that Bkack Uhuru track
Chris Sonnenschein 3:38:56 PM
wailers civer
Pat Bonser 3:39:16 PM
Rasta know the clown is talking!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:40:32 PM
Pat Bonser 3:41:12 PM
Was that Junior Marvin’s Stratocaster!?
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:41:48 PM
Pat Bonser 3:43:50 PM
The solo on clown is talking
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:44:14 PM
don't think so
Pat Bonser 3:44:58 PM
Who was INI’s backing band? I guess I could look it up on that track. On it.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:45:24 PM
shocking out was his first album without sly and robbie
MissyC 3:50:32 PM
And still going strong - Johnny Clarke’s set in Birmingham UK this year was great
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:51:07 PM
these words were spoken by Missy C!!!
Pat Bonser 3:52:08 PM
That was Danny Brownie on guitar with the late great Tyrone Downie on keyboards. Yeah I got that in Junior high ‘88 so those tracks always bring back memories!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:52:35 PM
yes Pat I bought that album on cassette back then
MissyC 3:54:50 PM
Love Vin Gordon 🎶
Pat Bonser 3:54:52 PM
Yes it was a cassette! And like you said a couple weeks ago, Tyrone Downie had his hands in a lot more than just the Wailers
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:55:38 PM
I bought it an reggae shop in virgina beach on my honeymoon so remember it like it was yesterday
Jarret Mitchell 3:56:33 PM
Aggrovators rocking it
DSM 3:58:04 PM
hell yeah
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:58:06 PM
cb400 is a bike....motorbike lol
DSM 4:00:18 PM
Lovin' this. Happy day Selecta and all
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:00:40 PM
Hey dsm! Thanks for checking in
Jarret Mitchell 4:03:30 PM
Yus! Keep that dial on WPRB
Jarret Mitchell 4:03:55 PM
We’ve been listening to Jon Solomon almost 2 decades now.
Joe L AbsoluteAuto 4:04:13 PM
BIG UPS SELECTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DSM 4:04:25 PM
Big Ups!
MissyC 4:04:51 PM
riddim in there 🎶
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:06:34 PM
Yo Yo YO Joe!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:07:34 PM
dub plates in the morning
Pat Bonser 4:07:42 PM
MissyC I love this rhythm!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:08:18 PM
dub plates that you make you feel fine
MissyC 4:08:46 PM
Pat Bonser 4:09:04 PM
Make you rock and turn your body line to the drum and the baseline!
GueloLove 4:16:36 PM
Jim Olbrich 4:17:55 PM
Salutations Selecta!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:20:32 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:21:21 PM
hey hey Jim welcome in
Sean Babin 4:22:12 PM
spliff haffi bun
Pat Bonser 4:22:20 PM
120 here but always 420! Big up!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:22:33 PM
Ossy Hyouka 4:22:51 PM
Jalifa ❤💛💚🤎🖤❤💛💚🤎🖤
Sean Babin 4:23:14 PM
Hail HIM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:23:33 PM
ossy large up
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:24:11 PM
hail h.i.m.
Ossy Hyouka 4:24:43 PM
Oh yeah 🔥🔥🔥
Pat Bonser 4:24:49 PM
Sean Babin in the house!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:26:50 PM
watch it Pat Sean has the rod of correction
MissyC 4:29:32 PM
Got Peter Tosh singing in my head - where you gonna run
Pat Bonser 4:29:43 PM
The stick of correction! At least we know his son Trevor holds the stick of correction!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:30:12 PM
stick glove and pads
Jarret Mitchell 4:31:41 PM
Sean Babin 4:31:52 PM
crazy gents
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:33:35 PM
Ossy Hyouka 4:34:39 PM
The gloves, LOL
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:35:37 PM
no let nobody see you down
jimboo 4:38:00 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:38:18 PM
J I M B O O !
jimboo 4:39:07 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:39:13 PM
apologies my crossfader is giving me issue today. Looks like time for maintenance
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:39:39 PM
nothing like that glitching mid show
jimboo 4:40:42 PM
have to remember to take your crossfader into jiffy lube every 50,000 revolutions
Sean Babin 4:40:43 PM
never noticed during my dub. prob had some fx going lol
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:41:18 PM
so true jimbo and send wprb the bill
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:41:45 PM
give up the badness booooOOOOOM
Rob F 4:44:08 PM
Loving the dub
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:44:51 PM
please turn this up
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:45:07 PM
robby fabulous big up
Rob F 4:46:02 PM
Big up to you Selecta
Sean Babin 4:47:52 PM
please flip this one!!!!!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:50:33 PM
is it because we have no chimney ?
Witty 4:50:52 PM
Shoutout from Belmar Beach! Sounds of the Caribbean is appointment radio!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:51:19 PM
Wow nice Thank You Witty!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:51:24 PM
welcome in
Witty 4:51:53 PM
Thank you!
Kevin Kaiser 4:53:59 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:54:14 PM
Greetings Kevin K
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:54:26 PM
how was the alpha step show ?
Kevin Kaiser 4:55:55 PM
So good I literally felt the vibes
Kevin Kaiser 4:56:30 PM
House of Roots has an astonishing soundsystem
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:57:04 PM
good bass thumping in your chest?
Kevin Kaiser 4:57:40 PM
Whole body massage
gboss 4:58:51 PM
deoxit fader lube
gboss 4:58:58 PM
Richard from Rocky Hill 4:59:01 PM
@Selecta Jerry (host) I'm an irregular listener, but when I do tune in (especially in my car) I regularly receive enjoyment and education. Thank for another outstanding Sounds of the Caribbean this afternoon.
Kevin Kaiser 4:59:26 PM
I was probably 25 the last time I danced 5 hours. That's a long time ago now.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:59:35 PM
give thanks for those kind words Richard
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:01:10 PM
means a lot I know you listen to the station a lot So thanks for checking out sounds when you can
Richard from Rocky Hill 5:02:29 PM
@ Selecta Jerry (host) My pleasure!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:06:14 PM
Sean who is in the chat today was there too
Sean Babin 5:08:31 PM
yes I! Vibes!!!
Kevin Kaiser 5:12:57 PM
@Sean I'm sure I saw you there
Ossy Hyouka 5:14:27 PM
12 days of SOTC
Kevin Kaiser 5:14:40 PM
This is truly an original Christmas chune
Sean Babin 5:14:55 PM
i was the other guy in the house of roots shirt
Kevin Kaiser 5:14:56 PM
Kevin Kaiser 5:16:14 PM
"the other guy" Ha! I was the guy dancing for five hours in the DUBPL8 shirt
MissyC 5:18:14 PM
Yayy - original too 🎶
Jarret Mitchell 5:19:03 PM
Heptones coming with my new fav version of Sea Of Love
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:19:24 PM
you know it missy c
Jarret Mitchell 5:22:32 PM
Reggae fever
MissyC 5:22:35 PM
You gonna play the original of this one too 😁 bassline in this
Sean Babin 5:23:11 PM
fire right Missy?
Pat Bonser 5:23:14 PM
So many good fever songs!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:23:23 PM
falsetto sweetness
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:23:36 PM
gonna dub it instead
Pat Bonser 5:23:46 PM
Selecta Jerry sound is a fever!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:24:44 PM
MissyC 5:24:56 PM
Dubbin it’s good
Kevin Kaiser 5:27:10 PM
Dubbing you PRB
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:32:09 PM
steady up the road or hill
MissyC 5:34:15 PM
Woahhhh booooom
Ossy Hyouka 5:35:24 PM
I saw on Lila Ike is going to have a concert with Burna Boy, sometime later this month on her IG page
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:35:50 PM
saw that too in JA i tink?
Rob F 5:36:20 PM
Yeah Ey Ey
Pat Bonser 5:36:38 PM
She has one of the sweetest voices in reggae right now!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:37:27 PM
she was very nice in person too
Ossy Hyouka 5:37:53 PM
Beautiful voice like rnb legend Phyllis Hyman!
Kevin Kaiser 5:39:13 PM
@Ossy What you think of SZA?
Ossy Hyouka 5:40:12 PM
Awesome Selecta, sweet as Aaliyah, which one person I know of met her in person and she was genuine too like Lila
Ossy Hyouka 5:40:58 PM
Kevin- SZA, nothing significant much, since I don't closely follow her, but she's okay. What of you?
jimboo 5:41:47 PM
my speakers are crying
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:41:54 PM
mi lion
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:42:09 PM
thats what we like jimboo
Kevin Kaiser 5:42:47 PM
Haven't listened enough yet, but I liked her performance on Saturday Night Live
MissyC 5:44:02 PM
What a version!
jimboo 5:44:03 PM
this is intense breakbeat dubbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Ossy Hyouka 5:44:27 PM
Nice Kevin! Speaking of SNL, I saw Megan Stallion performing on there, last year with activist Tamika Mallory's speech in the background
Ossy Hyouka 5:44:42 PM
Jim - Like Rosasolis!
jimboo 5:45:39 PM
right on ossy!
Ossy Hyouka 5:46:44 PM
Keep the speakers blasting and N64 systeming ⚪🟢🔴🔵🟣🟡
MissyC 5:46:51 PM
Wicked bass
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:47:08 PM
think bout your karma
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:47:55 PM
wicked man think bout your karma
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:48:12 PM
everyman is your brother
Pat Bonser 5:51:33 PM
Thank you for another amazing show Selecta Jerry, and we already know who wins the World Cup, scientist!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:51:50 PM
ossy you asked for some video game vibes you ready?
Ossy Hyouka 5:53:32 PM
More than new years days, Selecta!
gboss 5:53:36 PM
Thanks once again, Selecta!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:53:39 PM
wprb for the win!
gboss 5:53:44 PM
great show
Pat Bonser 5:54:04 PM
Those Atari jams a few years ago were amazing!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:54:26 PM
yeah that was jahtari
Ossy Hyouka 5:54:28 PM
And Donkey Kong 64 like beats
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:54:38 PM
frogger beats
Ossy Hyouka 5:54:58 PM
Pacman sounds
Pat Bonser 5:55:03 PM
And yes WPRB wins the World Cup! Selecta Jerry with the winning goaaaaaaasaal!
jimboo 5:56:11 PM
Thank you Selectaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/⁠ᐠ⁠。⁠ꞈ⁠。⁠ᐟ⁠\/⁠ᐠ⁠。⁠ꞈ⁠。⁠ᐟ⁠\
Ossy Hyouka 5:56:14 PM
And wprb will win the Paris 2024 Olympics
Rob F 5:57:05 PM
Excellent show. Thanks!
Rob F 5:57:17 PM
I'm going to have to listen to this one again.
Kevin Kaiser 5:57:38 PM
Winner winner Ital dinner
Jarret Mitchell 5:57:43 PM
Chip Chune
Kevin Kaiser 5:58:12 PM
Big up SOTC fam and Selecta Jerry
MissyC 5:58:12 PM
Thanks Selecta - blessings family from snowy northern England - keep the tunes playing 🎶
jimboo 5:59:00 PM
Ty for the froggae!🐸
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:59:02 PM
thanks to everyone for roping in
Ossy Hyouka 5:59:03 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:59:20 PM
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:59:33 PM
Respect Everytime !