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Lost in Time & Sludge

Dec 6, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With DJ Flex Luthor

Come vibe and groove to metal, doom, and fuzz. Open your soul to the void and embrace the sludge inside.


From the Place Been Erased

Lost in Time & Sludge
10:00 AM
Windhand - Red Cloud
Windhand Red Cloud Windhand
Eternal Return Relapse Records 2018
10:04 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:05 AM
Pallbearer - Heartless
Pallbearer Heartless Pallbearer
Heartless Nuclear Blast Entertainment 2017
10:13 AM
Sylvaine - Mono No Aware
Sylvaine Mono No Aware Sylvaine
Nova Season of Mist 2022
10:23 AM
Jambinai - From the Place Been Erased (feat. Sunwoojunga)
Jambinai From the Place Been Erased (feat. Sunwoojunga) N
Apparition - EP Bella Union 2022
10:29 AM
Messa - Dark Horse
Messa Dark Horse Messa
Close Svart Records 2022
10:36 AM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Hypertension
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Hypertension King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Laminated Denim - EP KGLW (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) 2022
10:51 AM
My Sleeping Karma - Mukti
My Sleeping Karma Mukti My Sleeping Karma N
Atma Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2022
10:59 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:01 AM
YOB - Our Raw Heart
YOB Our Raw Heart YOB
Our Raw Heart Relapse Records 2018
11:15 AM
White Ward - Leviathan
White Ward Leviathan White Ward
False Light Debemur Morti Productions 2022
11:29 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:32 AM
Harakiri for the Sky - Homecoming: Denied!
Harakiri for the Sky Homecoming: Denied! Harakiri for the Sky N
Aokigahara MMXXII AOP Records 2022
11:39 AM
Psychonaut - Violate Consensus Reality (feat. Chve & Stefanie Mannaerts)
Psychonaut Violate Consensus Reality (feat. Chve & Stefanie Mannaerts) Psychonaut N
Violate Consensus Reality Pelagic Records 2022
11:48 AM
Pijn & Conjurer - Endeavour
Pijn & Conjurer Endeavour
Curse These Metal Hands Church Road Records 2019
11:50 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:53 AM
Khemmis - House of Cadmus
Khemmis House of Cadmus Khemmis
Deceiver Nuclear Blast 2021
Chat is archived.
Flex Luthor (host) 10:00:56 AM
TAndy 10:01:25 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 10:01:59 AM
You made it!
TAndy 10:02:38 AM
A rude awakening from someone's fartbox civic woke me up at 6am, sleep is for the weak
Flex Luthor (host) 10:03:30 AM
must not sleep
Flex Luthor (host) 10:06:17 AM
I did manage to muster the energy to get a breakfast burrito though
Flex Luthor (host) 10:06:52 AM
and that is what is powering this sludgetrain today
TAndy 10:07:35 AM
i may mustard the energy to go on a walk in this cool dank outside
TAndy 10:07:43 AM
but probably not
Flex Luthor (host) 10:09:32 AM
venture forth into the rain
TAndy 10:11:21 AM
i could make the effort to go to the pantry i like going to, and grab a monster energy. nothing hits better on a walk than some cell shattering sludge and kidneystone juice
Chef Emeril Lagasse 10:12:54 AM
TAndy 10:13:05 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 10:14:01 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 10:14:06 AM
GueloLove 10:19:32 AM
my gma told me this morning the new word of 2022 is 'Goblin Mode' haahahhaha
GueloLove 10:19:53 AM
she wrote that in her daily journal xD
GueloLove 10:20:02 AM
and goodmorning yall
TAndy 10:20:37 AM
dude this Sylvaine is an adrenalin shot. Good morning Guelo
Flex Luthor (host) 10:20:43 AM
I saw that!! The world has embraced goblin mode
TAndy 10:20:52 AM
I was JUST going to say that. Goblin Mode >:)
Flex Luthor (host) 10:20:55 AM
we are all goblins now
TAndy 10:21:50 AM
I unfortunately do not have a fresh Costanza meme for today, so an old Jerry meme will have to do
TAndy 10:21:53 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 10:23:19 AM
jerry is accepted
TAndy 10:24:23 AM
°, )
Flex Luthor (host) 10:34:44 AM
TAndy 10:37:08 AM
jimboo 10:37:47 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 10:39:07 AM
TAndy 10:39:42 AM
jimboo 10:46:53 AM
Got a lizard in my gizzard real bad
jimboo 10:47:37 AM
Need a wizard to de-lizard my gizz. Anyone help?
Mike Lupica 10:48:08 AM
I think there's a 1-800 number for that.
Flex Luthor (host) 10:48:16 AM
don't I have the number for you!
Flex Luthor (host) 10:48:30 AM
ah Mike you're on the same wavelength as me
Mike Lupica 10:49:00 AM
It's the mold from the studio from five summers ago.
Flex Luthor (host) 10:49:27 AM
oh jeez
Flex Luthor (host) 10:49:53 AM
am I remembering correctly that there was also a rock solid piece of jello attached to the floor
Ossy Hyouka 10:51:29 AM
Time to s--s-s-s-s-s-sluuuuuuudddggggee (Yugioh opening reference)
Mike Lupica 10:52:00 AM
This past Saturday night, my neighbor (who is a Phishead) told me that many of his fellow Phish fanatics are getting very into KGATLW. Maybe this isn't news to anyone else, but I'm ot sure how to process this information.
Mike Lupica 10:52:14 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 10:52:25 AM
I am definitely not surprised
TAndy 10:52:27 AM
Mmmm... Phish and Gizzards
Flex Luthor (host) 10:53:23 AM
I could definitely see Phish fans get into how weird they are
Brian D 10:59:02 AM
Earl Scruggs and his magic fangers! And thumb
Flex Luthor (host) 11:02:17 AM
good tracks to practice with
Flex Luthor (host) 11:02:23 AM
get that thumb movin
TAndy 11:05:22 AM
The rain is misting and the ground is saturated, not a good idea for a walk right now. Instead I'm watching a video about The Most Brutal Ant, listening to this brutal music
Ossy Hyouka 11:06:54 AM
Gloomy gray silver skies and clouds are the best sunny days for me lol and with metal
Flex Luthor (host) 11:08:41 AM
dirge fit for a rainy day
TAndy 11:16:39 AM
This is so good
Flex Luthor (host) 11:16:59 AM
big rainy vibes
Ossy Hyouka 11:18:44 AM
Interesting of playing Majora's Mask and raining in Clock Town
Matthew Robinson 11:18:46 AM
sup Flex!
Matthew Robinson 11:19:00 AM
loving the show as always
Flex Luthor (host) 11:20:12 AM
glad to hear! hiya!
Brian D 11:20:17 AM
A throat lozenge for you sir perhaps?
Flex Luthor (host) 11:24:29 AM
the trumpet is smooth where his voice isn't
Ossy Hyouka 11:31:08 AM
Ossy Hyouka 11:32:00 AM
Has there been a teethmas before, lol?
TAndy 11:32:10 AM
Hell yeah harikiri
Flex Luthor (host) 11:32:22 AM
Just confirmed
TAndy 11:32:25 AM
Beginning to think ur the one who sent the teeth to the station hahaha
Flex Luthor (host) 11:32:53 AM
Flexmas is indeed the name haha
Those Looks 11:33:04 AM
Nice guitars! Loving the set!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:33:52 AM
thanks for listening!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:34:08 AM
Yuletider by Santa
Ossy Hyouka 11:34:16 AM
Must've been the teeth of Steve Harvey, Giada De Laurentiis or Sherri Shephard they sent in the mail, haha
Ossy Hyouka 11:36:36 AM
There's this one particular Xmas metal song of 12 days of Xmas they play every xmas season on other stations like B 101.1. Didn't grasp the name of the band, though
Flex Luthor (host) 11:37:02 AM
expect to be serenaded by Christopher Lee
Ossy Hyouka 11:38:13 AM
Yeah, I think that's it and a friend of mine is a fanatic of it
TAndy 11:38:16 AM
Hey flex you think we can hear metal by numbers during a future show?
Flex Luthor (host) 11:38:35 AM
wait idk what that is
Flex Luthor (host) 11:38:46 AM
Brian Posehn??
TAndy 11:38:50 AM
Ossy Hyouka 11:40:25 AM
Music best Castlevania and Final Fantasy
Flex Luthor (host) 11:40:53 AM
I am filing this away for the future
TAndy 11:42:04 AM
Hell yeah
TAndy 11:49:21 AM
This goes hard
Ossy Hyouka 11:50:00 AM
Goron stone rolling intense
Flex Luthor (host) 11:51:09 AM
it reminds me a lot of old Mastodon in how aggressive it is
TAndy 11:55:27 AM
Thanks for the music this morning
Flex Luthor (host) 11:56:09 AM
always happy to do so
Flex Luthor (host) 11:56:19 AM
thanks for tuning in!
Ossy Hyouka 11:58:16 AM
Like putting the heart into yugioh cards, heart of hot metal 🔥