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Tomorrow is an Octopus

Nov 30, 2022 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Dan Ruccia

Cephalopod dance parties for the apocalypse. Show archives on Mixcloud.

Things Get Too Inertial

Tomorrow is an Octopus
12:02 PM
The Tubes - Telecide
The Tubes Telecide
Remote Control (Expanded Edition) A&M 1979
12:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:13 PM
Francis Bebey - Oraison Fali
Francis Bebey Oraison Fali
Guitare d'une autre rime Ozileka 1975
12:17 PM
Ig Henneman, Jaimie Branch, Anne La Berge - Stevens' Dog
Ig Henneman, Jaimie Branch, Anne La Berge Stevens' Dog
Dropping Stuff And Other Folk Songs Relative Pitch 2019
12:22 PM
Paul Zukofsky - Sonata for Solo Violin - III. Zart und anmutig, durchaus ruhig
Paul Zukofsky Sonata for Solo Violin - III. Zart und anmutig, durchaus ruhig
Artur Schnabel: Dance and Secret; Joy and Peace; Sonata for Solo Violin CP2 1996
Composed in 1919
12:35 PM
Billy Bang - Chan Chan
Billy Bang Chan Chan
Prayer for Peace TUM Records 2010
Buena Vista Social Club cover
12:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:46 PM
black midi - 27 Questions
black midi 27 Questions
Hellfire Rough Trade 2022
12:52 PM
The Otolith - Dispirit
The Otolith Dispirit N
Folium Lumina Blues Funeral 2022
1:03 PM
Seb Martel - Blue Suede Shoes
Seb Martel Blue Suede Shoes N
Saturn 63 InFiné 2022
Carl Perkins cover
1:07 PM
Uranium Club - Michael's Soliloquy
Uranium Club Michael's Soliloquy
The Cosmo Cleaners Static Shock 2019
1:15 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:20 PM
Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music
Meredith Monk Dolmen Music
Dolmen Music ECM New Series 1981
Happy 80th! (11/20)
1:43 PM
Meredith Monk - Burn
Meredith Monk Burn
Songs Of Ascension ECM New Series 2011
1:47 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:52 PM
Lingua Ignota - The Sacred Linament of Judgment
Lingua Ignota The Sacred Linament of Judgment
Sinner Get Ready Sargent House 2021
1:57 PM
The Louvin Brothers - Are You Afraid to Die
The Louvin Brothers Are You Afraid to Die
Satan Is Real Capitol 1959
2:00 PM
Lingua Ignota - Pennsylvania Furnace
Lingua Ignota Pennsylvania Furnace
Sinner Get Ready Sargent House 2021
2:05 PM
Diamanda Galás - O Death
Diamanda Galás O Death
All the Way Intravenal Sound Operations 2016
2:16 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:20 PM
Psychic Temple - Planet Caravan (feat. Jeff Parker)
Psychic Temple Planet Caravan (feat. Jeff Parker) N
Plays Planet Caravan BIG EGO 2022
Black Sabbath cover
2:36 PM
Technical Space Composer's Crew - Boat Woman Song
Technical Space Composer's Crew Boat Woman Song
Canaxis 5 Music Factory 1969
2:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:57 PM
The Messthetics - Quantum Path
The Messthetics Quantum Path
The Messthetics Dischord Records 2018
Chat is archived.
richard lyons 12:03:28 PM
Fireplace is tuned in
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:03:29 PM
Hello hello hello. Chat is open
richard lyons 12:03:51 PM
hello, Dan
Brian D 12:06:05 PM
JimBOCTO-pus 12:07:09 PM
They will have to update this song to Youtubeicide!
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:07:31 PM
JimBOCTO-pus 12:08:17 PM
The youTUBES!
JimBOCTO-pus 12:09:24 PM
Streamacide= FUNNY!
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:11:34 PM
The US Iran game probably took a year off my life
Matthew Robinson 12:14:04 PM
xD xD
Jon Solomon 12:14:35 PM
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:16:39 PM
Hey Matthew and Jon!
Jon Solomon 12:17:55 PM
It is very gross out here in New Jersey, which is also perfect radio weather.
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:21:43 PM
Today's show is, on the balance, on the contemplative side, so hopefully it'll work for gross weather. It's also gross in NC today, too
Rofflestomp 12:34:04 PM
So loving the drive-by pizzicatto Dan.
Brian D 12:36:31 PM
Aha the Cuban tune that is 1st track on Buena Vista Social Club
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:36:42 PM
They are the best kind of drive-bys
Rofflestomp 12:36:47 PM
OMG radio weather! LMAO at that one!
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:37:18 PM
@Brian Yeah! There's a story that goes with this particular cover that you'll hear when I start talking in a minute
Brian D 12:39:38 PM
De Alto Cedro voy para Marcané. Llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí.
Rofflestomp 12:40:57 PM
Playing melody on bongo!?! Lovely!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 12:48:28 PM
Zukofsky’s description is roughly: tender and graceful, calm throughout.
Rofflestomp 12:52:50 PM
You are cool rare air ǝʌɐꓷ! :)
Rofflestomp 12:56:10 PM
Violins are unstopable today Dan! Rather cool.
Dan Ruccia (host) 12:58:28 PM
I once heard the lead singer from Metal Urbain quip "They play with violins; we play with violence." Today, is definitely mostly the former
Brian D 12:59:30 PM
Reminds me of the F-d Up celebration you had on the shows while back
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:00:37 PM
That's true! Both this and the black midi certainly channel different sides of Fd Up
Rofflestomp 1:01:32 PM
My friend had a sweatshirt from when she was on the lacrosse team in college that said, "Woman's lacrosse, Elegant violence"
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:05:23 PM
Brian D 1:09:52 PM
This is fun
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:12:29 PM
It certainly tickles the eardrum like Tito Puento and his conga
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:13:11 PM
It feels like a perfect pairing for the new Cool Greenhouse album
richard lyons 1:13:36 PM
Yes, indeed
Rofflestomp 1:13:50 PM
I love a just go nutz tune!
Brian D 1:16:02 PM
That's who I was thinking of! Cool Greenhouse. That and throw in Dry Cleaning in the mix too
Rofflestomp 1:19:29 PM
When you are God King Dan, can I finally get that flying jet-pack?
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:19:45 PM
I'll take it under consideration
Rofflestomp 1:20:12 PM
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:20:26 PM
But I think jetpacks for all could be a plank on my platform
Rofflestomp 1:21:20 PM
I vote! Hope is ever in the air. :)
Matthew Robinson 1:22:59 PM
the first voice of the two reminds me of midnight in a perfect world from DJ shadow
Matthew Robinson 1:23:26 PM
now it's all changed.. but .. made me think it was some sort of original sample
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:24:20 PM
That wouldn't surprise me if it were!
Matthew Robinson 1:25:21 PM
Matthew Robinson 1:25:38 PM
wow.. pulled this one out of my @$$
Dan Ruccia (host) 1:26:01 PM
Well done! That's a heck of a group of samples, too
Matthew Robinson 1:26:29 PM
so cool Dan, thanks for planting the seed!
Matthew Robinson 1:27:03 PM
haha sheesh.. 8 samples is a lot.. wouldn't put it past him though.. he's a legend!
Brian D 1:30:27 PM
Loving this!
Rofflestomp 1:32:11 PM
Double stop a cello! Oh yea!
Lee Chandler 1:33:48 PM
Additionally, I'd like a Gyrocopter option.
Rofflestomp 1:36:18 PM
@Lee Chandler, that is the number 1 landing technique every helicopter pilot needs!
Rofflestomp 1:41:09 PM
Yoko Ono eat your heart out!
Safe as Mok 1:58:39 PM
A white sport coat ...and a pink carnation
Lee Chandler 1:58:52 PM
Ira & Charlie! Yay!
Rofflestomp 2:16:33 PM
Gotta jam off for a while, but man, awesome stuff Dan! Thank you so much for putting this together! Just f-in wonderful!
Dan Ruccia (host) 2:17:45 PM
Thanks for stopping by, Roffle!
Dan Ruccia (host) 2:20:32 PM
You aren't ready for the journey that is this Planet Caravan cover
Brian D 2:24:53 PM
Sabbath! As we travel ... into the universe.....
Safe as Mok 2:54:11 PM
phew. Quite a journey
Bud Burroughs 2:56:11 PM
Cool vibe today! I need to listen to more Lingua Ignota.
richard lyons 2:56:46 PM
Stellar show, meester! Thanks!
Brian D 2:57:48 PM
what a ride Dan! Thanks
Dan Ruccia (host) 2:58:54 PM
Thanks for hanging with me through whatever free-floating space this week's show created! And Bud, it's definitely worth spending time with Lingua Ignota
Matthew Robinson 3:00:20 PM
thanks Dan!