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Desert Cruising

Nov 9, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

Shows archived at mixcloud. Follow me on facebook and instagram!

Ep. 213: 11/9/22

Listener memes are the best memes


Desert Cruising
3:02 PM
Ruff Majik - She's Still a Goth
Ruff Majik She's Still a Goth N
She's Still a Goth - Single 2022
3:06 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:12 PM
Dead Meadow - The Left Hand Path
Dead Meadow The Left Hand Path N
The Left Hand Path - Single Blues Funeral Recordings 2022
3:19 PM
Vitskär Süden - Shepherds on the Roadside
Vitskär Süden Shepherds on the Roadside N
Shepherds on the Roadside - Single Ripple Music 2022
3:27 PM
The Otolith - Sing No Coda
The Otolith Sing No Coda N
3:40 PM
Indus Valley Kings - ...And the Dead Shall Rise
Indus Valley Kings ...And the Dead Shall Rise N
...And the Dead Shall Rise - Single IVK Records 2022
3:48 PM
Godzilla In The Kitchen - The King of Monsters
Godzilla In The Kitchen The King of Monsters N
Exodus Argonauta Records 2022
3:54 PM
The Death Wheelers - Body Bag Boogie
The Death Wheelers Body Bag Boogie N
Mondo Trasho - Single 2022
3:57 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:08 PM
Elder - Endless Return
Elder Endless Return N
Innate Passage 2022
4:18 PM
LáGoon - Dead and Gone
LáGoon Dead and Gone N
Dead and Gone - Single Electric Valley Records 2022
4:23 PM
WARLUNG - Hypatia
Vulture's Paradise Heavy Psych Sounds 2022
4:28 PM
io audio recordings - Awaiting the Elliptical Drift
io audio recordings Awaiting the Elliptical Drift N
Awaiting the Elliptical Drift - Single 3578051 Records DK 2022
4:33 PM
Caustic Casanova - Anubis Rex
Caustic Casanova Anubis Rex N
Anubis Rex - Single Magnetic Eye Records 2022
4:37 PM
Astrosaur - The Deluge
Astrosaur The Deluge N
Portals Pelagic Records 2022
4:45 PM
Cowboys & Aliens - Find You Soon
Cowboys & Aliens Find You Soon N
Find You Soon - Single 2022
4:49 PM
Burning Sister - Acid Night Vision
Burning Sister Acid Night Vision N
Mile High Downer Rock Burning Sister 2022
4:56 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:58 PM
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Mr Medicine
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Mr Medicine N
Land of Sleeper 2022
Chat is archived.
gboss 3:03:25 PM
Ahoy, captain
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:08 PM
hey there!
gboss 3:05:04 PM
permission to come aboard?
Captain Ahab (host) 3:06:11 PM
Tomi Tyrrell 3:06:21 PM
lolol the meme
J 3:09:45 PM
Big thanks out to whomever suggested last week "Until The Light Takes Us" on Tubi. Very interesting documentary for those of us who missed the Black Metal era.
Dan Ruccia 3:09:46 PM
Internet Explorer became Edge at some point. No word on whether Outlook has been rebranded as Bono
gboss 3:09:54 PM
gboss 3:10:31 PM
Vanilla is a great and complex flavor and not at all "plain" :D
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:12:13 PM
Nice, J! It is a great doc 🤘
Captain Ahab (host) 3:13:09 PM
I forgot to announce the starting track lol
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:13:13 PM
A habitat of good graces = swell karma.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:14:07 PM
Howdy everyone
Captain Ahab (host) 3:14:11 PM
how are we doing
gboss 3:14:30 PM
I'm excited to know there's new Dead Meadow
Captain Ahab (host) 3:14:40 PM
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:15:38 PM
The left hand path! The occult - doom music connexion continues
Captain Ahab (host) 3:15:53 PM
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:17:27 PM
Reminds me of the theme to 28 Days Later ☣️
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:17:54 PM
@Matty - The harth is always bright and warm in hell. It's a trade off for sure.
J 3:18:37 PM
lol @Dan ...i just got the joke.
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:20:12 PM
Dead Meadow? I'm in the Stoned Meadow of Doom. Be right over.
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:20:27 PM
@J - nik of time from a cutting edge. :)
Jon "" Solomon 3:21:29 PM
Whoops, I was so busy adding up school board election results in my spreadsheet that I forgot to check in and say I was listening since you started...
Jon "" Solomon 3:22:06 PM
There was an ice cream place around here (Little Baby's?) that had a "plain" flavor.
Jon "" Solomon 3:22:24 PM
Also, Dan your joke about Internet Explorer deserves special commendation.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:22:28 PM
hey Jon! Nice one helping out with the school board, hope it went smoothly
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:22:31 PM
Any election deniers yet Jon?
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:23:48 PM
Just keeping track at home. :)
Jon "" Solomon 3:24:30 PM
Oh, I'm doing this for my own sanity. There are two different sets of results but it isn't clear you need to add the two totals (early / mail + day of) to get the most accurate results.
Dan Ruccia 3:24:31 PM
@J Also unknown is whether the next U2 album will be delivered directly to everyone's Zunes
Jon "" Solomon 3:24:46 PM
Straight To Pono.
Dan Ruccia 3:24:56 PM
(signs that you're approaching 40: making dumb jokes about mid-aughts technology)
Dan Ruccia 3:25:30 PM
Only if it's recorded at 7000 bits
Jon "" Solomon 3:25:56 PM
Roffle, it appears the three most, uh, extreme candidates in my area do not appear to have finished in the Top 3 but I am not sure how many votes remain to be counted.
Jon "" Solomon 3:26:33 PM
They're in the 8.39% to 11.38% range while the top three are 19.93% to 20.53%.
Jon "" Solomon 3:28:06 PM
21K overall votes, which is close to the town total in 2018. Back to metal!
Dan Ruccia 3:28:30 PM
I almost played something from this Otolith album on my show today
Captain Ahab (host) 3:28:37 PM
voting is metal
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:28:48 PM
All good. Thanks for doing the stuff there Jon! I hope it well for the good guys. :)
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:28:53 PM
Otolith -- intriguing word
Captain Ahab (host) 3:29:09 PM
nice Dan! I was SUPER into that BIG|BRAVE track you played earlier
Captain Ahab (host) 3:29:16 PM
will def check them out
Bud Burroughs 3:29:23 PM
Ok, I had to go back and look. Kudos on the fantastic/terrible joke Dan.
Bud Burroughs 3:29:43 PM
And thanks for helping preserve our tenuous democracy, Jon!
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:30:19 PM
I love when Negativland prank called U2's The Edge
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:32:36 PM
Anyone whose name suggests pointy bits get a pass in R&R.
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:35:45 PM
Kinda reminds me of Grayceon
Bud Burroughs 3:39:04 PM
Ooh, this is good!
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:40:18 PM
Check out Grayceon, @Bud, esp. Mothers Weavers Vultures
Bud Burroughs 3:42:08 PM
@Matty thanks for the tip
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:43:38 PM
@ahab are you gonna catch High on Fire/Municipal Waste on east coast?
Captain Ahab (host) 3:44:41 PM
Don't think so sadly, I get gack in January
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:45:10 PM
That's one thrashy lineup
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:45:49 PM
@Matty - JC WTF? Don't you have at least one friend in the mob? lol
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:47:35 PM
@Roffle well Joe Pesci likes a restaurant in town so sorta 😂
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:48:08 PM
I think that counts. :)
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:49:02 PM
I'm in the Dutch Mafia 🤫🌷🧀🐟
Captain Ahab (host) 3:49:56 PM
very tall and exceedingly friendly??
J 3:50:12 PM
I dig GITK - the Tool influence is a bit too apparent sometimes though.
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:50:27 PM
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:50:59 PM
Interesting point, @J
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:53:55 PM
@J - There certainly is a bunch of half-step Tool tomfoolery goings on.
J 3:54:42 PM
Yeah - it's good, and they are talented, but when you notice it, it's a little dissappointing.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:54:53 PM
tough crowd!
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:55:10 PM
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 3:55:21 PM
The bell cannot be unrung.
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:55:49 PM
Body Bag Boogie! Dark
J 3:55:53 PM
Lol...i'm trying to encourage them to find their own voice. :)
Matty pledged to WPRB 3:58:20 PM
@ahab a tough crowd is good practice for yer pedagogical future
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:00:07 PM
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:02:30 PM
dont forget your jumpah, love
Jon "" Solomon 4:02:52 PM
Tonight, the trilogy is complete!
Dan Ruccia 4:04:15 PM
(until you decide to make a prequel trilogy)
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:04:19 PM
Going out on a limb a teency weency, but the glitch tune, on a calm fall day can happen 10 times a day. I know, just sayin'....
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:04:58 PM
Lol Dan
Jon "" Solomon 4:05:44 PM
A trilogy that would only have been one radio show without so many listener suggestions, submissions and requests.
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:06:42 PM
Late to party but re comment on "...mid aughts technology..." I started watching that Swedish series The Playlist. I didn't know much about Spotify. Saw several scenes where people were rocking their old school Winamp minimized player in their cool Swedish architecture digs or glass walled offices. Interesting show so far. For not so related but not so far off adjacent reading check out the book "How Music Got Free". Divided into alternating chapters on 3 main stories...
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:06:49 PM
Professor Ahab said we have crystals in our ears
Andrew Gruen 4:06:59 PM! wasn't sure many people were still on there
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:07:57 PM
@Brian Winamp!!
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:08:20 PM
Winamp minimized player! lmao
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:08:58 PM
I listen to Elder's "Gemini" so much I forget they have so much else 😂
Captain Ahab (host) 4:09:50 PM
Andrew I've been on it since 2009! I've got so much great data there, love seeing my listening trends
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:10:00 PM
@roff dude I got some sweet new skins for my mini winamp
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:10:04 PM
1 the evolution of the mp3. 2 the piracy growth including "The Scene" and the uploading of cds smuggled out of the main pressing plant in NC & , Napster etc & other Euro/ UK file sharing people. 3 the music industry and their "dropping of the ball" etc. Very good read
Captain Ahab (host) 4:10:11 PM
Right Matty? Though I think Compendium was what really blew my mind
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:10:14 PM
I don't know where this tune is going, but I'm all in for the ticket!
Captain Ahab (host) 4:10:28 PM
or Lore rather
Dan Ruccia 4:11:32 PM
That book sounds fascinating, Brian
gboss 4:11:35 PM
winamp kicks the llama's ass
Andrew Gruen 4:11:37 PM
@capt - I signed up in 2005! It's so useful since I can never remember what I've been listening to lately!
Dan Ruccia 4:12:20 PM
Also sounds like it would pair well with Jonathan Sterne's book "MP3: The Meaning of a Format" which is just what the title suggests
gboss 4:12:29 PM
@Brian the mp3 was absolutely fascinating to me when it was still something that needed a command line interface and some know-how to encode
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:12:56 PM
I still use my Winamp build # 5.1.66 or something ha... it might even be build 5.666 now that i think of it. No joke. (No llamas were harmed ... Wesley Willis Forever!)
J 4:13:04 PM
LOL @gboss . Winamp was fun.
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:13:32 PM
I wonder if anyone has run Doom in Winamp
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:14:05 PM
@Dan - Let me guess, the .mp3 compact edition?
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:14:28 PM
I mean Doom the game
Captain Ahab (host) 4:14:54 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 4:15:03 PM
Does it DOOM?
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:15:06 PM
"How Music Got Free ...[long sub title here] " by Stephen Witt. ISBN 978-0-525-42661-5
Captain Ahab (host) 4:15:12 PM
that's a great youtube series by the way
Captain Ahab (host) 4:15:24 PM
Thanks Brian! I'll have to check out those books
Guelo 4:15:25 PM
Soo soo Good!!!
gboss 4:15:28 PM
mp3 came at a time when I was trying to get "bit perfect" 44.1/16bit transfers into my computer.... digital input (toslink/coax) was a BIG ask for a personal computer in the mid-late 1990's
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:15:55 PM
Someone got Doom running in a digital pregnancy pee test
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:16:25 PM
@Guelo Elder is unreal
Tomi Tyrrell 4:16:40 PM
ahhh there's the melotron
Jon "" Solomon 4:17:17 PM
This is a ripper indeed.
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:17:23 PM
The backstory on mp1, mp2, mp3 and eventually mp4 was really interesting. Had no idea. The little kid that didn't get picked for the team, the mp3, ended up famous and embraced by file sharers
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:18:11 PM
Interesting, @gboss
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:20:12 PM
Mp3 reminds me of Steve Albini listening painfully to an iPod
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:20:35 PM
@gboss - Then it got easy and Metallica chimed in to kill Napster. It was their purge day. I guess if you can kill off the library of Alexandria, why not?
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:22:53 PM
I think Cliff Burton would be horrified at what Metallica have become
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:23:42 PM
Other Swedish content (of course duh.. what radio show is this anyway? Ha) I binged the entire series "Clark" . Fun ride. About that career bank robber dude involved in the Stockholm Syndrome deal. Wild over the top series. "Based on truth and lies" as they say in beginning. Dir by Jonas Åkerlund who did a ton of music videos I see (and was a member of Bathory for a hot minute). Clark has crazy frantic filming. Goes from b&w too beautifully oversaturated full color at times
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:24:15 PM
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:25:08 PM
@Matty - IKR? I swore to never buy anything that puts so much as a penny in Metallica's pocket.
gboss 4:26:22 PM
I still generally avoided napster, but boy oh boy did I go to town on Oink and later on What.
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:26:43 PM
Lead actor (one of the Skarsgard kids) is eating potato pancakes in 1 scene and I just so want to make every shredded fried potato breakfast & otherwise dish now
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:26:57 PM
I did Napster and avoided LimeWire like the plague
Captain Ahab (host) 4:27:29 PM
ooooh limewire that takes me back
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:27:42 PM
In the series The Playlist basically every resident of Sweden in the 00s had the Pirate Bay in their home. Natl pride heh
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:27:48 PM
@Brian go to (potato) town!
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:28:29 PM
Ah, the Pirate Bay, online anarchy for awhile there
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:28:56 PM
Potato pancakes!
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:29:18 PM
There's this over the top dude playing the head of Sony "s Swedish division that keeps freaking out about Pirate Bay. Actor kinda looks like a younger Walter White/ Bryan Cranston
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:29:34 PM
Lars Ulrich will never, can never, be forgiven for the snare sound on St. Anger
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:30:15 PM
Ought to be right up there w water boarding that snare sound
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:31:56 PM
Preferably in a sound proof undisclosed location
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:31:57 PM
I tend to just keep the name of that band frozen in a state that is assoc w my teen mind hearing Kill 'em through Justice for the first time(s)
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:33:15 PM
Smart @Brian
Captain Ahab (host) 4:34:13 PM
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:34:21 PM
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:35:06 PM
That guitar sound is very Millissa from Screaming females to me.
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:35:08 PM
Nice one @ahab
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:36:12 PM
And the '86 tour opening up for Ozzy. Spectrum. Cliff had hair longer than his body it seemed. His head just constantly banged back & forth for the entire set (hair goes back to ankles... and hair flies over head down to boot toes... lather rinse repeat...)
J 4:36:22 PM
That snare sounds a bit like Soul Coughing's Ruby Vroom. Only it was entirely appropriate there.
Jon "" Solomon 4:36:51 PM
Yo, I love this.
Jon "" Solomon 4:37:00 PM
Bookmarked the record.
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:37:05 PM
Brian nice!! Cliff 'em all
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:37:13 PM
Read his book too , Soul Coughing guy M Doughty
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:37:27 PM
Great stories about the biz
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:38:03 PM
Ya that was a good one! Caustic Casanova
Captain Ahab (host) 4:38:47 PM
Glad you both enjoyed it!
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:39:33 PM
Learned about Soul Coughing from Cartoon Network. LOL
J 4:41:21 PM
@Roffle ? i'm curious - what did they do on CN?
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:41:31 PM
Just killin' it today Ahab! Nice
Captain Ahab (host) 4:42:42 PM
Thanks team, we can call this week's flavor rocky road rather than vanilla maybe
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:43:05 PM
Yeah, really cool set, expansive
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:43:44 PM
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:43:58 PM
Sorry, Devil's Rejects reference
Captain Ahab (host) 4:43:58 PM
that works too hahaha
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:44:12 PM
@J - There was a plug for the station and they played Circles with old cartoons repeating the backround. It was quite cool.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:44:50 PM
Any Samurai Jack fans in the crowd? That was my jam
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:44:50 PM
Red Fang did a great song for Fraggle Rock (!)
J 4:46:01 PM
Love Samurai Jack. My kids do too. We bought the set of DVDs.
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:46:09 PM
This one good too!
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:46:44 PM
@Ahab - O gosh yea! Back in the day the creator would actually email back and forth. Those days are gone. lol
Captain Ahab (host) 4:46:57 PM
Same J! I thought the way they ended it years later was perfect
J 4:47:03 PM
Cowboys & Aliens with new music is so great.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:47:54 PM
I think we discussed Genndy Tartakovsky on the show before
Captain Ahab (host) 4:48:14 PM
I remember Jon Solomon chiming in about the clone wars cartoons?
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:48:19 PM
I do recall.
Jon "" Solomon 4:48:23 PM
I believe so because I was a fan of his Clone Wars shorts. We own both DVD sets.
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:55:33 PM
Great show, Captain! Many thanks & wprb keep being awesome
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 4:56:06 PM
That was cool, thanks Capt'n!
gboss 4:56:26 PM
Thanks for the show, cap'n!
Matty pledged to WPRB 4:56:40 PM
Epic songs today
J 4:57:50 PM
Great show, Captain.
J 4:58:45 PM
Epic name
Captain Ahab (host) 4:58:54 PM
thanks for tuning in! catch you all again next week
Brian 'D' For Donor 4:59:21 PM
Seven pigs. A fine number of swine
Rofflestomp (Sonar Donor) 5:00:09 PM
OMG swine tuning...