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Desert Cruising

Oct 12, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 210: 10/12/22

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Desert Cruising
3:03 PM
Steel Beans - Molotov Cocktail Lounge
Steel Beans Molotov Cocktail Lounge N
Molotov Cocktail Lounge - Single 2022
3:06 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:12 PM
Ruby the Hatchet - Deceiver
Ruby the Hatchet Deceiver N
Deceiver - Single 2022
3:18 PM
The Grand Mal - Rule My Soul
The Grand Mal Rule My Soul N
Rule My Soul - Single 2022
3:23 PM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Iron Lung
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Iron Lung N
Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava 2022
3:32 PM
SlugWeed - Crowed
SlugWeed Crowed N
Crowed (Sea Eyes) - EP 2022
3:48 PM
Lore City - Animate
Lore City Animate N
Under Way - Single 2022
3:54 PM
Into The Fuzz - Chrononaut
Into The Fuzz Chrononaut N
Darkness of the Sun Into The Fuzz 2022
4:00 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:11 PM
Tars - Rheya
Tars Rheya N
I Was Haunted By the Idea That I Remembered Her Wrong 2022
4:16 PM
Moon Tooth - Alpha Howl
Moon Tooth Alpha Howl N
Phototroph Pure Noise Records 2022
4:19 PM
Gavran - Dvorac
Gavran Dvorac N
Indistinct Beacon 2022
4:29 PM
Goat - Do the Dance
Goat Do the Dance N
Single 2022
4:32 PM
Sativa Root - Black Mass Mountain
Sativa Root Black Mass Mountain N
S/T 2022
4:44 PM
Lydsyn & Uffe Lorenzen - Hymne Til Kroppen
Lydsyn & Uffe Lorenzen Hymne Til Kroppen N
Lydsyn 2022
4:50 PM
Half Gramme of Soma - Mind Game
Half Gramme of Soma Mind Game N
Slip Through the Cracks 2022
4:54 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:59 PM
MoonFuzz - Golden Girl
MoonFuzz Golden Girl N
Golden Girl - Single 2022
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon 3:02:05 PM
Oh thank goodness.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:02:15 PM
Jon Solomon 3:02:57 PM
Order is restored. (I had to miss last week's show during my fast.)
Captain Ahab (host) 3:03:54 PM
Aaahaha yes welcome back!
Brian D 3:03:57 PM
And so it begins
Dan Ruccia 3:03:59 PM
Good thing power level isn't below 9000
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:03 PM
I agree, thank goodness it is Wednesday
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:32 PM
8999? NEXT
Dan Ruccia 3:07:41 PM
Yom Kippur
Jon Solomon 3:09:47 PM
Yep. Went without food / drink from Tuesday at sundown to Wednesday at sundown, ate some pasta and drove straight to see Pavement. My power level was decidedly below 9000.
Matt 3:10:32 PM
Play some Jewdriver
Captain Ahab (host) 3:13:15 PM
aaah right, how calendrically unawares of me
Matt 3:16:17 PM
The calendarically unaware historian
Jon Solomon 3:16:49 PM
On Yom Kippur my Fitbit told me I slept for 18 hours. Guess "lying on the couch while thinking about food" counts as sleeping.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:18:02 PM
haha, oh fitbit
Captain Ahab (host) 3:19:02 PM
i had a coughing fit the other night, still getting over this throat thing, and my fitbit thought i was exercising because my heartrate was so high
Brian D 3:19:35 PM
.... face is cracked from smiling ... (expected that Celebration Day lyric for a second there what with the long synth note intro ha)
Jon Solomon 3:19:42 PM
My favorite was a person who hit their step goal reaching for the last french fry.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:20:35 PM
every bit counts!
Jon Solomon 3:20:37 PM
Also it was on Yom Kippur that during a contemplative morning walk a GOOSE BIT ME.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:20:51 PM
Brian D 3:21:04 PM
Comedian Kathleen Madigan has a great bit about Fit Bit counting reaching for her wine glass as "steps"
Matt 3:21:08 PM
Geese are assholes
Captain Ahab (host) 3:21:14 PM
Did it hurt? I expect to hear the story during your show
Brian D 3:21:25 PM
She's a hoot
Jon Solomon 3:21:32 PM
Yep. There's someone in my neighborhood clearly keeping two geese at pets. He let them out and one ran right for me, chomped on my right shoe. Thank goodness geese don't have teeth!
Jon Solomon 3:21:54 PM
The Canada Geese near me just hiss at you, if that.
Brian D 3:22:53 PM
Gotta be a sign. Good luck in some culture. Goose bite prophecy
unoclay 3:24:44 PM
we need to stop playing or discussing giz
Matt 3:26:16 PM
Dave Grohl & King Giz overexposure
Brian D 3:26:33 PM
King Ghizz just delivering the good goods once again. Love. Saw another one dropped. Experimental motorik beat pieces. 2 tracks at 15 mins each or something
Buck Wild 3:26:39 PM
Brian D 3:27:13 PM
This one just has some lovely soulful funky goods
Captain Ahab (host) 3:28:00 PM
lol sorry unoclay
unoclay 3:28:06 PM
please everyone agree, we've told enough of our friends about them. phl is sold out and i dont have a ticket!! (could trade a ticket to the sold out DC show if anyone has an extra Philly)(
Captain Ahab (host) 3:29:46 PM
hahaha fair enough
Matt 3:31:35 PM
We need to pay Dave Grohl to hibernate and stay away like they did Mariah Carey
Jon Solomon 3:33:44 PM
Cap, this is my first show with the new version of Audio Hijack. Fingers crossed!
Jon Solomon 3:34:13 PM
I also got a note that the bug I reported in Mixxx was fixed so I might dare to also upgrade that soon (but not tonight).
Captain Ahab (host) 3:34:38 PM
oooo good luck! I've had no problems thankfully, knock on wood
Jason DiVirgilio 3:34:41 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:35:12 PM
also that's great news about teh bug, nice to contribute that way
Captain Ahab (host) 3:36:12 PM
today is the first day of the new wifi at home and it seems to be solid so I'm pleased
Matt 3:36:18 PM
I've never had slugweed, lotsa dirt/ditchweed tho
Jon Solomon 3:36:57 PM
Yeah, not glitches (to this point and no point further) with your wifi. No jinxes!
Matt 3:42:18 PM
Glitches in the matrix
Matt 3:43:52 PM
Matt 3:46:00 PM
Speaking of fitbit, I dont have one but I have a Black Flag tattoo that glows when cops are near
Captain Ahab (host) 3:48:15 PM
like frodo's sword hahahaha
Matt 3:49:35 PM
The OG animated LotR is punk rock
Richard Lyons (1) 3:51:08 PM
Great show, Captain Ahab!
Richard Lyons (1) 3:51:29 PM
Sorry to hear about your goosing, Jon.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:51:52 PM
Thanks Richard!
Dan Ruccia 3:56:10 PM
That Lore City track got a rare "I like that, Dad" from my not-assistant DJ in the other room
Captain Ahab (host) 3:56:52 PM
Jon Solomon 3:57:09 PM
My kid tried to make the rest of her carpool listen to WPRB on the drive to school Monday but was told by a peer the jazz was "too quiet."
Dan Ruccia 3:59:44 PM
Clearly we weren't playing whatever the hell this is that apparently the kids these days like?
Matt 3:59:48 PM
Time for Naked City jazz, Jon
Matt 4:04:15 PM
Louis Cole! ClownC0re 🤡
Brian D 4:06:09 PM
I was seized by Grand Mal. Bumper sticker in-a-propes?
Matt 4:06:37 PM
Love it, Brian
Matt 4:07:09 PM
There's a doc about Tourrette's called Twitch & Shout
Jon Solomon 4:07:25 PM
You can also go to! Got a car donation earlier this week.
Matt 4:15:15 PM
Matt 4:15:45 PM
Not to be confused with The Sword's 'Freya'
Jason DiVirgilio 4:19:08 PM
I may have started creating a Word Cloud of band/song names from the aforementioned genres played on this show. But I feel I need more/better data.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:24:30 PM
Would love to see that haha
Jon Solomon 4:29:59 PM
You're going to end up with a cloud center that reads something like King Bong & The Wolf Weed.
Dan Ruccia 4:30:39 PM
That's King Goat Bong, Jon
Captain Ahab (host) 4:30:47 PM
for sure, I think wizard would end up in there too though so King Bong & The Wolf Weed Wizard
Captain Ahab (host) 4:31:00 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 4:31:17 PM
lol Dan fair enough
Jon Solomon 4:51:05 PM
Real good show this week, Cap! Glad I could be here for it.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:52:12 PM
Thanks Jon! Glad to have you back, looking forward to tuning in to yours in a bit
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 4:52:31 PM
Hello Captain Ahab and everyone
Captain Ahab (host) 4:52:39 PM
hey Rob!
Jon Solomon 4:52:53 PM
I'll try and tell the goose story early since it is later where you are...
Mike Tropiano 4:52:55 PM
Thanks for the fun music. It made the work I've been doing this afternoon a more bearable chore. Have a great week!
Jason DiVirgilio 4:54:12 PM
Ditto @Mike - i'm always working (trying) while listening and the afternoon flys by.
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 4:54:45 PM
Captain, I like the meme on today's playlist (country music chasing the metalhead)
Mike Tropiano 4:55:12 PM
These two hours sure did fly...I'd get so much more done if the show were longer!
Matt 4:57:30 PM
Lol Jon Bong Wolf
Brian D 4:57:46 PM
Soma big part of Aldous Huxley book Brave New World
Brian D 4:58:46 PM
If you lift the mask in the meme you'll see it's really Hank III
Matt 4:59:16 PM
Love Hank 3 🤘
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 4:59:26 PM
I love "Phototroph" as an album name
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 5:00:05 PM
You have powers I lack, Brian D
Brian D 5:00:08 PM
All I've got is a Phototroph!
Brian D 5:00:41 PM
Kidding about the Hank
Captain Ahab (host) 5:00:48 PM
thanks team! lost track of time and that track got cut off more than id like