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Sep 30, 2022 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Readie Righteous

Thank you, Pharoah

Pharoah Sanders-3151.jpg | Pharoah Sanders live @ the Bimhui… | Flickr

6:00 PM
Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Small Faces Ogden's Nut Gone Flake Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones
Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Immediate Records 1968

Small Faces.... Sixties Mod Band .. | Small faces, Faces band, Mod ...

6:03 PM
Pharoah Sanders - Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt (Edit)
Pharoah Sanders Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt (Edit) Pharoah Sanders
Tauhid 1967

Pharoah Sanders - Tauhid - The Analog Vault

6:12 PM
Surya Botofasina - Beloved California Temple
Surya Botofasina Beloved California Temple N
Everyone's Children Spiritmuse Records 2022


6:17 PM
Barrio Lindo - Espuma De Mar
Barrio Lindo Espuma De Mar Barrio Lindo N
Espuma De Mar Shika Shika 2022
6:21 PM
Pharoah Sanders - Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah
Pharoah Sanders Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah Pharoah Sanders
Jewels of Thought Impulse! 1970

Pharoah Sanders - Musicians Photograph Galleries | MUSE VIEWS

6:35 PM
Set Break: Celebrating the master

Pharoah Sanders' 1975 Paris concert released for the first time | Jazz ...

6:44 PM
Pharoah Sanders - Colors
Pharoah Sanders Colors
Karma 1969

PHAROAH SANDERS Karma LP - Sklep internetowy

6:51 PM
Floating Points w/ Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Movement 7
Floating Points w/ Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra Movement 7
Promises 2021

Le saxophoniste Pharoah Sanders, légende du jazz, est mort à 81 ans ...

7:00 PM
Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders - Ptah, El Daoud
Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders Ptah, El Daoud Alice Coltrane
Ptah, El Daoud 1970

Celestial impulses: The sound of Pharoah Sanders in 10 records - The ...

7:14 PM
Idris Muhammad - St. M
Idris Muhammad St. M

Idris Muhammed - Kabsha | Upcoming Vinyl (September 4, 2020)

7:21 PM
Pharoah Sanders Quartet - The Bird Song
Pharoah Sanders Quartet The Bird Song Pharoah Sanders
Welcome to Love Timeless Records 1991

Pharoah Sanders - Welcome to Love (1991), 320 Kbps

7:32 PM
Set Break: Playing Pure Light

As Pharoah Sanders Tours the US, What Are the Origins of His 'Searching ...

7:32 PM
Maleem Mahmoud Ghania w Pharoah Sanders - La Allah Dayim Mioulenah
Maleem Mahmoud Ghania w Pharoah Sanders La Allah Dayim Mioulenah Maleem Mahmoud Ghania, Pharoah Sanders
Trance of Seven Colors Axiom 1994

Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders | In the Dark

This is Gnawa music - Moroccan and West African prayer & healing, performed by Maleem, his family, and Pharoah Sanders. Produced by Bill Laswell.

7:43 PM
Pharoah Sanders / DJ Jake Purdy - The Creator Has a Master Plan (Trip Hop Remix)
Pharoah Sanders / DJ Jake Purdy The Creator Has a Master Plan (Trip Hop Remix) Pharoah Sanders
Stolen Moments (Red Hot + Cool) V/A 1994

Stolen Moments (Red Hot + Cool) | Releases | DiscogsRed Hot Organization is a nonprofit fighting AIDS through pop culture; Red Hot + Cool is their Benefit Series. This trip hop remix is on the 2 CD set as a Bonus.

7:51 PM
Pharoah Sanders - Harvest Time
Pharoah Sanders Harvest Time
Pharoah India Navigation 1977

Harvest Time — Pharoah Sanders |

Chat is archived.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:59:35 PM
Welcome, all you Righteous ones! Let's bask in the pure light of Pharoah!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:08:53 PM
Happy Friday, Readie!
DSM all prawned out 6:08:55 PM
Basking! And eating. Hey Readie!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:09:26 PM
Hey DSM! Hi Addie- good to see you! All prawnwd out, eh?
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:10:17 PM
🎶I’m all out of prawns, I’m so lost without them🎶
Readie Righteous (host) 6:11:07 PM
Addie - yes! sounds familiar - what is that song again???
Alan Pasnyk 6:11:10 PM
Hey Readie! I just never get sick of hearing that theme song, even if it's from the FM..
Readie Righteous (host) 6:11:14 PM
Air Supply?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:11:26 PM
Hi Alan!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:12:03 PM
I know, I'll always love it!
Alan Pasnyk 6:13:06 PM
..and Hi to Addie S&S and DSM..
DSM all prawned out 6:13:16 PM
there was an intense Xyloprawn phase over the past week, ran it's course, now I'm all pawned out haha, just letting the other Xylo's know before I'm back to regular DSM. This probably makes no sense lol
Readie Righteous (host) 6:13:57 PM
Yes, DSM, I'm afraid I didn't get the prawn memo & directive from headquarters!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:14:59 PM
I thought this new track fit in nicely with Pharoah's vibe, what do you think?
Alan Pasnyk 6:16:10 PM
...was there a flute part in there a ways back??
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:16:48 PM
This is beautiful 💙💙
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:17:26 PM
Once a xylo, always a xylo, DSM.
Alan Pasnyk 6:17:30 PM
TAndy! Hi ! good to c u !!
DSM all prawned out 6:17:45 PM
Sounds very nice! Kinda reminds me Boredoms Sea Drum, but might have been just cuz they were heavy on the black keys of the piano. I love when only black keys are played!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:17:48 PM
@Alan- Pharoah was playing the piccolo in the 1st track..could that be what you heard?
Alan Pasnyk 6:18:19 PM
@ Readie: Yep! Loved it!!
DSM all prawned out 6:18:26 PM
My Xylo Brother in Prawn, TAndy hello!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:18:44 PM
Hello TAndy! Would love to know the etymology of the Xylo jawn!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:19:15 PM
Prawn Jawn
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:19:55 PM
Praise to Jawn 🙇
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:20:33 PM
Good evening Readie, Alan, and all!
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:23:13 PM
So Colin just threw in chat the fact that he was proofreading a client's paper recently, who somehow misspelled "xylophone" as "xyloprawn". Just reading that sent me into hysterics, and then chatter Matt immediately started to egg it on. I was inconsolable in my laughter 😔
Readie Righteous (host) 6:24:32 PM
AH! Thanks for the update! So it's a viral Prawn Jawn!
DSM all prawned out 6:25:33 PM
How did Xylo-Oyster evolve tho?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:26:57 PM
I could use some xylo on the half shell right now
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:27:35 PM
Haha! Christine asked Chef for some clams because the prawn were starting to expire, and thus smell. They will return before they cease forever though >:) (once more on Monday night and then no more)
DSM all prawned out 6:28:31 PM
Chef only has muddy-ass clams I believe
Readie Righteous (host) 6:28:54 PM
Ah, I see TAndy - this has been sitting for 4 days, then? Luckily, I have a cold with diminished olfactory capacity!
DSM all prawned out 6:31:26 PM
This is such a pleasant piece of music
Readie Righteous (host) 6:31:33 PM
My brother and I had oysters at the Yardley inn last week, and I must say...they were not very tasty. I prefer a good clamm anyday. What was it that Roman dude in Spartacus liked?
Christine 6:32:37 PM
Hi Readie...!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:32:55 PM
Hey Christine! Hope your evening is going well!
DSM all prawned out 6:32:58 PM
Matunuck Oyster Bar up in Rhode Island have some of the best and freshest oysters I've ever had, if you're ever up that way. And a great menu beyond oysters too
Christine 6:33:03 PM
Indeed, thank you to Pharoah Sanders. 💎
Readie Righteous (host) 6:33:30 PM
@DSM, I will make a note of it! Thanks!
DSM all prawned out 6:34:11 PM
The beach up there is cool too, cuz it faces south, so it's got a different vibe
DSM all prawned out 6:34:22 PM
Hey Christine!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:34:24 PM
@Christine, indeed, we need the bells of peace now more than ever!
Christine 6:34:55 PM
Oh good, people are discussing food. Hi DSM 🍩 TAndy 🦪 Alan🔭 Addie 🐍 🐍!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:35:01 PM
@DSM - never been to the beach in RI - stopped by one night on the way to Maine!
Christine 6:35:21 PM
🔔 of ✌️ ☮️ 🕊
Readie Righteous (host) 6:35:36 PM
Beautiful @Christine!
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:36:11 PM
Good evening Christine! The clam chat summoned you
Christine 6:36:46 PM
I was summoned by the muddy-ass clams!
Alan Pasnyk 6:37:52 PM
Hi Christine!!
Christine 6:39:27 PM
Hi Alan, have you been stargazing lately? 🔭 🌌
DSM all prawned out 6:39:46 PM
lol muddy-ass clams
Christine 6:40:18 PM
That's all from Chef Emeril. 🍳 😄
Alan Pasnyk 6:41:19 PM
@ Christine: Nope, but I did see the DART/Asteroid smash up on Monday night..
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:42:17 PM
I didn't even know that Princeton U had holdings in the energy sector! Huge news 😃
Ossy Hyouka 6:45:00 PM
Hi Readie!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:45:11 PM
@XyloT- Yes, That is HUUUUUge news!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:45:26 PM
Hi Ossy! Time to hydrate everyone!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:45:43 PM
Did you hear me sipping?
Christine 6:45:45 PM
What a huge step! I had seen some of the Divest Princeton signage on campus; very glad to hear this news, Readie! ♻️ ☀️ 🚲 🌱
Readie Righteous (host) 6:46:34 PM
@Christine! Indeed! It's been a couple of years since the activism started, but it was worth it!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:48:54 PM
And of course, the students led the way!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:49:13 PM
Green, indeed!
Ossy Hyouka 6:51:10 PM
Like Erykah Badu "Green Eyes"
Readie Righteous (host) 6:52:04 PM
Also, Green-Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf...
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:53:08 PM
I can never tire of hearing this song, or anything from this album. I would have loved to hear this in concert.
Alan Pasnyk 6:53:48 PM
These "Colors" are Purple and Blue and Pink what do you think??
Readie Righteous (host) 6:54:12 PM
Yes, TAndy - This is so transcendent! It would make a great soundtrack to star-gazing -- what do you think, @Alan?
Alan Pasnyk 6:54:55 PM
...and Violet, and the Sax is Yellow and Orange... Synesthesia..
Ossy Hyouka 6:55:16 PM
Something you'll hear on Sara's show
Xylo🦪TAndy 6:55:35 PM
This part with the whistling 😌💙
Alan Pasnyk 6:55:43 PM
@ Readie: Yes, Naked eye stargazing, just a recliner..not even Binocs..
Readie Righteous (host) 6:56:05 PM
@Alan - I was just going to say Synesthesia- great minds!!!
Christine 6:56:41 PM
There's a good sighting opportunity for the Int'l Space Station on Sunday night; but it may be too cloudy/rainy to see it. 🛰
Readie Righteous (host) 6:56:51 PM
Absolutely, @Alan! The tinkling of the music and the stars!
Alan Pasnyk 6:57:04 PM
..Lose the computer, lose all the tech's, they just get in the way sometime, just become One..
Christine 6:57:09 PM
These are the details for the Princeton area:
Readie Righteous (host) 6:57:53 PM
@Alan - so lovely - I'm with you...
Readie Righteous (host) 6:58:33 PM
Thanks, Christine for the intel! Perhaps Hurricane Ian will leave us alone by Sunday!
Alan Pasnyk 6:58:56 PM
@ Christine, Sorry the Princeton clear sky chart says Cloudy...
Christine 7:00:25 PM
Christine 7:01:23 PM
But helpful site @Alan!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:02:00 PM
Awww, Hopefully we'll have another opportunity to see it!
Brian D 7:02:32 PM
Loving this! All Pharoah all the time!
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:02:37 PM
Uggghhhhh these tracks with both Pharaoh and Alice are like magic. Two secret ingredients that make dreams happen. 💙💙💙💙💙
Alan Pasnyk 7:02:57 PM
...Don't worry Christine, It'll come around again :) meanwhile we need the rain in Doylestown..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:03:37 PM
Hi Brian D! Can't get enough! Been listening a lot this week!
Alan Pasnyk 7:04:27 PM
Amen Brian, Pharoah is Super chill needed for a Friday night ...yes..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:04:34 PM
Coming up, Pharoah with Idris! Another great combo!
Brian D 7:05:24 PM
2 back to back sunsets wow. Love this time o year
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:05:58 PM
I saw so many wonderful sunset photos on Reddit last night. Beautiful.
Brian D 7:06:04 PM
Blood purple peach pinks
Readie Righteous (host) 7:06:55 PM
I think this is my favorite season...still a bit of summer in there...and the color...
Christine 7:07:02 PM
The conditions must be right for sunset gorgeousness.
Brian D 7:07:09 PM
Had a nice walk for yesterday's sunset. Just right time
Alan Pasnyk 7:07:59 PM
Lots of Orange sunsets usually mean lot of dust in the upper atmosphere, Ian??
Readie Righteous (host) 7:08:00 PM
It's so nice to get outside in time to walk in the sunset, and then the gloaming...
Readie Righteous (host) 7:08:44 PM
Could be, @Alan...particulates of all sorts lead to beauty...a mixed blessing!
Alan Pasnyk 7:09:47 PM
I remember after Mount Pinatubo blew up we had lots of Orange sunsets..
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:09:55 PM
Yes, I think orange and especially pink hues indicate extra particulates like dust or pollution.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:10:41 PM
Remember the fires out west precipitating the weird glow of the sun?
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:11:28 PM
Alan Pasnyk 7:11:35 PM
Lots of dust in the air gave us some really black Lunar eclipses in the early 90's..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:11:53 PM
@XTA - I hope we don't have to watch them from our biospheres in future...:-(
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:12:38 PM
That also explains why winter sunsets are always so pretty. The cold air is denser and holds more particulates
Alan Pasnyk 7:13:09 PM
The lunar eclipses before the eruption were orangy dark, not black
Readie Righteous (host) 7:13:16 PM
I took a photo of the sun after some of those fires and the sun had a bright orange ring and a mango center!
Alan Pasnyk 7:14:49 PM
Winter is also a good time to see those sun dogs, need lots of high cirrus ice crystals, polaroid dark glasses seem to help.
Alan Pasnyk 7:16:48 PM
BTW, really liked that Coltrane/Sanders track.
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:17:46 PM
Idris Muhammad 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Readie Righteous (host) 7:17:54 PM
Glad you liked it, @Alan...some critics are less than enthusiastic about the Alic / Pharoah collabs, but I love them
Readie Righteous (host) 7:18:04 PM
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:18:52 PM
I don't see what's in those critics heads. Those collabs are beautiful
Readie Righteous (host) 7:19:18 PM
Ray Drummond on bass!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:19:42 PM
I agree wholeheartedly, @XTA!
jimbeaux 7:19:42 PM
Alan Pasnyk 7:19:46 PM
When I listen to music or look at art, I don't want to have it explained to me until afterward, the critics can wait..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:19:59 PM
Jimbeaux in the HOUSE!!! Hi Jimbeaux!
Alan Pasnyk 7:20:20 PM
JJJJJJJJJJimbeaux! Welcome!!
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:20:20 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:20:24 PM
@Alan, well said!
jimbeaux 7:20:58 PM
YeeeoooMy People🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Readie Righteous (host) 7:21:38 PM
Solo Pharoah!
Ossy Hyouka 7:21:39 PM
Critics like that are stinkest thing to reek the planet, lmao
Ossy Hyouka 7:22:00 PM
The jazz is feeling like Soul Pixar movie
Readie Righteous (host) 7:22:01 PM
I agree, Ossy!
Alan Pasnyk 7:22:48 PM
Oh WOW! In this Sax track you guys should really turn on the FM time delay in the next room like me OH WOW
Readie Righteous (host) 7:22:49 PM
Theatre of the mind, right, Ossy?!!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:23:16 PM
@Alan...I know how cool that is!
Ossy Hyouka 7:23:25 PM
Exactly, Readie!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:23:45 PM
Great minds, Ossy!
Alan Pasnyk 7:23:47 PM
It's like Sanders is on top of a Mountain!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:24:01 PM
So cool, Alan!
Alan Pasnyk 7:24:24 PM
RIP Sanders, and be Remembered Forever!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:24:48 PM
His memory, and his music, are a blessing!
Christine 7:25:56 PM
Hey Ossy! heyo jimbeaux
Alan Pasnyk 7:26:45 PM
@ Readie: A Blessing for sure..Lucky us, we can still Listen..
jimbeaux 7:32:50 PM
OMG was just thinking of Trance of Many Colors
Readie Righteous (host) 7:33:13 PM
Wow, Jimbeaux! Cool!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:33:31 PM
Great minds all up in this jawn tonight!!!
jimbeaux 7:33:54 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:34:35 PM
I could do this healing prayer chant all night!!
jimbeaux 7:34:54 PM
Ossy Hyouka 7:36:13 PM
Afro Africa 🌍
Readie Righteous (host) 7:37:42 PM
Healing power!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:38:21 PM
ulalating and transcending!
Ossy Hyouka 7:38:41 PM
I like that 3000 much! 💛💖💜
Alan Pasnyk 7:38:42 PM
Hi Ossy! The beat definitely makes it Afro, or at least I think so..
Ossy Hyouka 7:39:20 PM
Yeah Alan, reading it's from Morocco and West African origin
Christine 7:39:21 PM
Vibes of joy and healing. 💜
Readie Righteous (host) 7:40:08 PM
Yes, Ossy, West Africa- called Gnawa music
Alan Pasnyk 7:41:13 PM
I talked to a taxi driver from Morocco, he said they have some super clear skies and nights..Low humidity...clement weather..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:41:35 PM
Perfect for all-night trance!
Christine 7:41:49 PM
Sounds like great star-watching there. 🌠 👀
Alan Pasnyk 7:43:09 PM
@ Christine: Just take a copy of this track with you when you go :)
Christine 7:44:00 PM
Alan, when I was Ireland we passed through the Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve area. 🌌
Readie Righteous (host) 7:44:30 PM
@Christine, was it amazing?
Alan Pasnyk 7:45:09 PM
@ Christine: I'm so glad that we can still preserve at least something on this planet!
Christine 7:45:17 PM
I did see some beautiful night skies at times during my trip, but we passed through that Dark Sky Reserve during the day.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:45:39 PM
I hope to get there soon!
Alan Pasnyk 7:46:31 PM
@Christine: Best to plan your trip around New Moon, not too hard to do but makes a BIG difference..
Christine 7:46:57 PM
I learned that there are two Dark Sky reserves in Ireland, both in the west. The other is the Mayo Dark Sky Park. 🇮🇪
Christine 7:47:22 PM
Readie, I hope you do! I want to tag along and go back!
Christine 7:48:06 PM
@Alan, great advice. 🌑
Alan Pasnyk 7:49:56 PM
@ Christine: or get a 2 for 1, Bioluminescence in the ocean here...
Christine 7:51:51 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:51:58 PM
@Christine - I would love company!
Xylo🦪TAndy 7:52:02 PM
Thanks for the wonderful two hours of tunes, Readie 💙
Ossy Hyouka 7:52:15 PM
Stay serene and butter, Readie. Nothing beats the classics and great songs like Patty Jackson always says from Butter!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:52:19 PM
Thanks XTA, and all you beautiful people!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:52:38 PM
Thx, Ossy, it's always great to have you on board!
jimbeaux 7:53:07 PM
Thank you, O Righteous Ones🌺🌺🌺
Readie Righteous (host) 7:53:31 PM
Thx for stoppin' by, Jimbeaux!!!
Christine 7:53:47 PM
Thank you Readie, the Most Righteous. 🍁🍂 Beautiful show tonight!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:54:26 PM
Thank you, Christine, loved sharing it!
Alan Pasnyk 7:54:46 PM
Readie: Thanks for a Great show, and a Great tribute, and the best way to Chill on a Friday night. PEACE bcnu
Christine 7:54:49 PM
It was great to hang in the chat with everybody...! 🕊☮️
Readie Righteous (host) 7:55:20 PM
Thx, Alan, so great to see you!
Alan Pasnyk 7:56:01 PM
@ Christine: Super bright Jupiter in the south when the skies clear later in the week...
Alan Pasnyk 7:56:49 PM
....Late, about 11 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:58:05 PM
Stay tuned- I think Dana K. is up next!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:59:04 PM
Good night and have a great weekend everyone!
Alan Pasnyk 7:59:15 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:59:18 PM
Good night, Addie, thanks for coming!