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Sep 28, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With PAX

Weekly slime!

SLOP 173


11:01 PM
Near Paris - Why Baby
Near Paris Why Baby
Near Paris Medical Records 2013
11:07 PM
Lucrecia Dalt - Atemporal
Lucrecia Dalt Atemporal N
Atemporal - Single PLANCHA 2022
11:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


11:12 PM
Diles que no me maten - 2021
Diles que no me maten 2021
La Vida De Alguien Más Discos Hipnosis 2021
11:18 PM
The Stupid Set - Basset
The Stupid Set Basset
Kiosque of Arrows 2 V/A Bureau B 2021
11:29 PM
Viola Renea - Polaris Line
Viola Renea Polaris Line
Syguiria Lady Strangelove Music 2020
11:34 PM
Troth - Komodo
Troth Komodo
Oak Corridor Knekelhuis 2021
11:38 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


11:40 PM
JJULIUS - Hjärtats Slag
JJULIUS Hjärtats Slag N
Vol. 2 Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox 2022
11:45 PM
Height/Dismay - Dusk
Height/Dismay Dusk N
Height/Dismay - Single Efficient Space 2022
11:47 PM
Betamax & Clive Bell - The Cylinder
Betamax & Clive Bell The Cylinder
Betamax vs Clive Bell Byrd Out 2021
11:51 PM
Betamax & Clive Bell - Luminosity Cuffs
Betamax & Clive Bell Luminosity Cuffs
Betamax vs Clive Bell Byrd Out 2021
11:56 PM
Influenza Prods. - Mémoire
Influenza Prods. Mémoire N
Mémoire Left Ear Records 2022
11:59 PM
Hydroplane - New Monotonic FM
Hydroplane New Monotonic FM N
Hydroplane Efficient Space 2022
12:02 AM
Bobby Would - Imaginary
Bobby Would Imaginary
Baby Low Company 2020
12:05 AM
Military Genius - Focus
Military Genius Focus
Deep Web Unheard Of Hope 2020
12:10 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


12:14 AM
Jonnine - Can You Get Me There
Jonnine Can You Get Me There
Blue Hills Boomkat Editions Documenting Sound 2021
12:18 AM
Jonnine - Blue Hills
Jonnine Blue Hills
Blue Hills Boomkat Editions Documenting Sound 2021
12:21 AM
Loopsel - Det Som Blir
Loopsel Det Som Blir
EP 2020
12:26 AM
Alpha Maid - DOGGY
Alpha Maid DOGGY
CHUCKLE - EP C.A.N.V.A.S. 2021
12:29 AM
Arv & Miljö - Växtlighet I Asfalt (Punkens Heliga Skrift)
Arv & Miljö Växtlighet I Asfalt (Punkens Heliga Skrift)
Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid Omlott 2018
12:30 AM
DANZINDAN-POJIDON [New Master Edition] ExT Recordings 2018
12:36 AM
Bianca Scout - U Will U Will U Will
Bianca Scout U Will U Will U Will N
Karaoke at the Slagheap Bianca Scout 2022
12:40 AM
Bianca Scout - Vera's Obit (feat. Chelsea b Chohan)
Bianca Scout Vera's Obit (feat. Chelsea b Chohan) N
Karaoke at the Slagheap Bianca Scout 2022
12:44 AM
Bianca Scout - U R Home
Bianca Scout U R Home
Voyager Jungle Gym Records 2020
12:45 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


12:47 AM
The Same - Hot & Cold
The Same Hot & Cold
Sync or Swim Freedom To Spend 2021
12:51 AM
Gianni Safred - Spheres
Gianni Safred Spheres
The Incredible Art of Gianni Safred MUSICA.IT / APM Music 2016
12:54 AM
SIDE QUEST Grime Stone 2021
12:56 AM
Clem - Witches Walk In Winter
Clem Witches Walk In Winter N
Songs From The Valley Grime Stone 2022
Chat is archived.
Xylo🦐TAndy 11:01:31 PM
Xyloslop time
Alex Mandarino 11:02:54 PM
made it home just in time
PAX (host) 11:03:21 PM
jimbeaux 11:05:53 PM
DxyloSprawnM 11:06:47 PM
I hope this one goes on for like 20 mins
DxyloSprawnM 11:07:30 PM
oh well
PAX (host) 11:07:39 PM
awww i should have looped it lol
Xylo🦐TAndy 11:07:42 PM
this song is dank and humid
PAX (host) 11:07:44 PM
my bad
DxyloSprawnM 11:08:32 PM
will be bandcampin' it!
DxyloSprawnM 11:08:53 PM
PAX (host) 11:09:33 PM
Elise Cube 11:10:24 PM
im here to slop
Elise Cube 11:10:28 PM
im ready to slop
Elise Cube 11:10:51 PM
yess chrono trigger
Ossy Hyouka 11:11:15 PM
Kicking back listening to the goddess of slop
PAX (host) 11:11:32 PM
yo elise!!
Ossy Hyouka 11:12:27 PM
Resting back with sweaty smelly feet after a long day, LOL
C🦐 lin 11:16:31 PM
very yes to this beat drop
Ossy Hyouka 11:17:29 PM
Nature and rnb soothlaxing
C🦐 lin 11:18:23 PM
also, i know i'm a week late, but i was had about an hour long drive just a TB was in full form last week, it may have been a top wprb moment for me.
Xylo🦐TAndy 11:19:42 PM
Colin my eyes went crossed reading that, but I'll drink to that broski
Elise Cube 11:19:50 PM
that show was pretty juicy i believe it
Ossy Hyouka 11:20:20 PM
That must be more of a joyful blast, listening to energy songs on the road. Last week of TB was so Rosasolis party awesome.
C🦐 lin 11:20:31 PM
lol, note to self. proof read yo shit.
Xylo🦐TAndy 11:21:02 PM
dont need a second xylo moment
Ossy Hyouka 11:21:07 PM
Elise - Juicy, like Mtume Juicy Fruit! 🥭🥝🍍🍎🍇🍅🍑🍊🔵
Elise Cube 11:21:30 PM
my cat and I are vibing to this track
Elise Cube 11:21:55 PM
yes ossy exactly
C🦐 lin 11:22:46 PM
results from my own science has proven, most cats prefer chill beats.
C🦐 lin 11:23:16 PM
but there is always that one😜
C🦐 lin 11:24:19 PM
btw, current chill beats are brilliant!
Elise Cube 11:33:25 PM
this rips
Jim Haku 11:35:27 PM
Oh this was reissued
Jim Haku 11:39:08 PM
Nice bassline
Ossy Hyouka 11:40:47 PM
And that Forest sound of Chrono Trigger. Fits with Nature Goddess, Viridi from Kid Icarus
Lucas Myers 11:41:04 PM
How are the baked goods?
Xylo🦐TAndy 11:41:10 PM
oh hell yeah jjulius
Jim Haku 11:46:56 PM
Double J in Swedish is actually a double Y(?)
PAX (host) 11:47:28 PM
oh this is incredible information
PAX (host) 11:47:57 PM
can't speak for jjulius but i do know the label is based in gothenburg!
Jim Haku 11:48:06 PM
Jim Haku 11:51:02 PM
Maybe it's "yay yay"
Xylo🦐TAndy 11:54:49 PM
didnt even realize the track changed, nice chill vibes
Xylo🦐TAndy 12:00:10 AM
Sounds like a Burial track a little bit here
C🦐 lin 12:19:33 AM
blue hills = yooooooooooo
C🦐 lin 12:19:54 AM
guitar ripppers!
C🦐 lin 12:21:18 AM
this might be the song i needed all week.
Triquelli 12:21:58 AM
Loopsel "Spiral" closer has same melody as "Greenfields" by The Brothers Four (from 1960)
Triquelli 12:22:50 AM
An homage if not a cover
Elise Cube 12:23:10 AM
loopselll <3
Ossy Hyouka 12:24:36 AM
So many I never at all heard of, and they instantly get you in the blue calming mood 💙
C🦐 lin 12:29:03 AM
we the listeners gladly wrap ourselves in all these guitar layers. its a wee bit chilly out there.
Xylo🦐TAndy 12:40:08 AM
this is so frightening <3
Elise Cube 12:40:16 AM
im so slopping right now
Xylo🦐TAndy 12:40:43 AM
you doing another halloween themed special next month?
PAX (host) 12:40:57 AM
Xylo🦐TAndy 12:42:17 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:42:19 AM
Yay the scary sounds and asmr
Xylo🦐TAndy 12:47:02 AM
Final 13 minutes, crying
Elise Cube 12:50:48 AM
thanks for the show!!
Elise Cube 12:53:24 AM
god this is incredible
Xylo🦐TAndy 12:54:48 AM
Thank you for the tunes tonight!
PAX (host) 12:56:33 AM
thank yall for comingggg
Ossy Hyouka 12:57:05 AM
Lucas Myers 12:59:59 AM
This was cool