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The Freeform Pathogen

Sep 28, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Mike Lupica

Freeform radio for creative weirdos and deskbound dreamers. A sonic one-stop for Acid Dub, Beardo Bhangra, Micro-Folk Turntablism, Krautdrone, Cambodian Synthwave, Glam Pop, Art-Damaged Metal, Electro-Stoner Jazz, Proto Soul-Punk, DIY Hip-Hop, Psychedelic EDM, Minimalist Power Violence, Pre-Hipster NYC Weirdcore, and Afro-Hillbilly Futurism. Up and down this goddam dial since 1992.



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The Freeform Pathogen
8:00 PM
The Boys - You Can't Hurt a Memory
The Boys You Can't Hurt a Memory
To Hell with the Boys Safari Records 1979
8:10 PM
Moreish Idols - When the River Runs Dry
Moreish Idols When the River Runs Dry N
Float - EP Speedy Wunderground / [PIAS] 2022
8:14 PM
Sad Lovers & Giants - Imagination
Sad Lovers & Giants Imagination
E-mail from Eternity Anagram Records 1996
Orig. 1981
8:20 PM
Shelagh Mcdonald - Mirage
Shelagh Mcdonald Mirage
Album B&C Records 1970
8:24 PM
The Ex - Huriyet
The Ex Huriyet
30 (30 Years of The Ex) Ex Records 2010
8:29 PM
Lava La Rue - Don't Come Back
Lava La Rue Don't Come Back N
Hi-Fidelity - EP Marathon Artists 2022
8:33 PM
Shilpa Ray - Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp
Shilpa Ray Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp
Last Year's Savage Northern Spy 2015
8:35 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:42 PM
Television Personalities - We Will Be Your Gurus
Television Personalities We Will Be Your Gurus
Closer To God 2xLP Fire Records 1993
8:47 PM
Al Valdez - Aprieta
Al Valdez Aprieta
14 MAGnificos Bailables V/A Vampisoul 2022
8:49 PM
Quivers - If Only
Quivers If Only N
7" Bada Bing! 2022
Lucinda Williams cover on the flipside
8:52 PM
The Speaking Canaries - Menopause Diaries
The Speaking Canaries Menopause Diaries
Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story Scat 2003
8:57 PM
Gogol Bordello - Blueprint
Gogol Bordello Blueprint
SOLIDARITINE Cooking Vinyl Limited 2022
Fugazi cover?!?
9:00 PM
Mission of Burma - Peking Spring
Mission of Burma Peking Spring
Mission of Burma EP Taang! Records 1988
9:05 PM
Sampa the Great - Imposter Syndrome (feat. James Sakala)
Sampa the Great Imposter Syndrome (feat. James Sakala) N
As Above, So Below Loma Vista Recordings 2022
9:09 PM
The Rammellzee - When Hell Freezes Over
The Rammellzee When Hell Freezes Over
The Bi-Conicals of the Rammellzee Gomma 2004
9:15 PM
V-3 - Psychic Dance Hall
V-3 Psychic Dance Hall
Psychic Dance Hall Ropeburn 1991
9:19 PM
The Sweet - Into the Night
The Sweet Into the Night
Desolation Boulevard Capitol 1973
9:23 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:31 PM
Odin - Judgement Day
Odin Judgement Day
Bound for Hell on the Sunset Strip 2xLP 1991
9:35 PM
Bob Seger - Bo Diddley
Bob Seger Bo Diddley
Smokin' O.P.'s Reprise 1972
9:41 PM
Scone Cash Players - Golden State
Scone Cash Players Golden State N
Brooklyn to Brooklin Daptone Records 2022
9:45 PM
Seb Martel - Albert Premier
Seb Martel Albert Premier N
Saturn 63 InFiné 2022
9:48 PM
The Slits - Earthbeat
The Slits Earthbeat
7" CBS 1981
9:52 PM
Myriam Gendron - Poor Girl Blues
Myriam Gendron Poor Girl Blues
Ma délire - Songs of love, lost & found Feeding Tube 2021
9:57 PM
Townes Van Zandt - Where I Lead Me
Townes Van Zandt Where I Lead Me
Delta Momma Blues Poppy Records 1971
10:00 PM
The Starlite Desperation - The Gold Rush
The Starlite Desperation The Gold Rush
Go Kill Mice Flapping Jet Records 1999
10:05 PM
The Rolling Stones - Torn and Frayed
The Rolling Stones Torn and Frayed
Exile On Main Street Rolling Stones 1972
10:15 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:16 PM
Hildegard Knef - Holiday Time (Remastered)
Hildegard Knef Holiday Time (Remastered)
From Here On It Got Rough - The Best of Her English Recordings EastWest Germany 2006
10:20 PM
Esper Star - Boys of Summer
Esper Star Boys of Summer
After Dark 4 V/A Italians Do It Better 2022
Don Henley cover
10:25 PM
J Dilla - So Far to Go (feat. Common & D'Angelo)
J Dilla So Far to Go (feat. Common & D'Angelo)
The Shining BBE Music 2006
10:30 PM
Comité Hypnotisé - Death by Flute
Comité Hypnotisé Death by Flute N
Hiking the Trails of Mount Muzak Cortizona 2022
10:33 PM
Carina - Skets & Stoners
Carina Skets & Stoners N
Spaceout! ep Don't Sleep Music 2022
10:36 PM
ShrapKnel - Ghost Kitchen (feat. Curly Castro & PremRock)
ShrapKnel Ghost Kitchen (feat. Curly Castro & PremRock) N
Metal Lung Backwoodz Studioz 2022
10:39 PM
Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin - Lobbo
Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin Lobbo N
Ali Dead Oceans 2022
10:44 PM
Nilüfer Yanya - Rid of Me
Nilüfer Yanya Rid of Me N
(Digital Single) ATO 2022
PJ Harvey cover
10:46 PM
Stevie Nicks - For What It's Worth
Stevie Nicks For What It's Worth N
(Digital Single) 2022
Stephen Stills/Buffalo Springfield cover
10:52 PM
Beth Orton - Friday Night
Beth Orton Friday Night N
Weather Alive Partisan Records / Liberator Music 2022
Chat is archived.
Richard Lyons (1) 8:01:18 PM
Uh oh
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:01:21 PM
Hi Persepolis gif. And hi Mike!
Richard Lyons (1) 8:01:52 PM
my memory
Rob from Prawny Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 8:02:00 PM
This is The Boys?
Ambrose Hughes 8:02:20 PM
Is that a Disney Johnny Ramona Cartoon!?!
Ambrose Hughes 8:02:36 PM
Ambrose Hughes 8:02:56 PM
Hello Mike!
Commie Francis 8:02:59 PM
Christine 8:03:00 PM
Wednesdays lol...who came up with that gem?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:03:39 PM
Christine 8:03:45 PM
Dave Morris 8:03:52 PM
What if Mike is also replaced by lizards, turn on the webcam and blink twice if you are not a lizard
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:03:54 PM
The Boys are back
Richard Lyons (1) 8:04:18 PM
I need a new cocktail
Commie Francis 8:04:24 PM
crucial grifters reference
Commie Francis 8:04:39 PM
it's lizards all the way down
DxyloSprawnM 8:04:44 PM
beer cracked, tuxedo on
Christine 8:05:06 PM
Tidy up after you use the rice cooker. Don't clean it, just stow it.
Commie Francis 8:05:27 PM
i just nestle it back into the hoosier
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:05:49 PM
I'm waiting on pizza to get here
Mike Lupica (host) 8:05:59 PM
Howdy friends!
Christine 8:06:13 PM
TAndy, you are the Kizza Ping 🍕
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:06:29 PM
DxyloSprawnM 8:06:35 PM
I just ate, but I'm still envious of TAndy rn
Richard Lyons (1) 8:06:37 PM
shrimp cocktail
Mike Lupica (host) 8:06:40 PM
Definitely no lizards up in here, but since the garage door was propped open all day I can make no promises w/r to chipmunks or squirrels.
Christine 8:06:41 PM
Hey Mike! What an auspicious beginning 💯
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:06:45 PM
Missed an opportunity to get a shrimp white pizza 😔 smh
Mike Lupica (host) 8:07:17 PM
You know who else loves this Boys song? Factorial, that's who.
Jim-Dork-Bo 8:07:57 PM
Coming in Strong in Dorkadelphia
DxyloSprawnM 8:07:57 PM
TAndy, the Sampi pie at Porta in Asbury Park is fiiiiiine
DxyloSprawnM 8:08:05 PM
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:08:19 PM
If I ever go back out there now that it's cool I'll have to get that
Mike Lupica (host) 8:08:20 PM
(Hands up, who was just googling "Sampi Pie")
Rob from Prawny Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 8:08:28 PM
This is a good song. I'm not at all familiar with The Boys though
Commie Francis 8:08:53 PM
the boys are fantastic, this is atypical of them but also great!
Brian D 8:08:58 PM
Noysh shtart Mike!
Commie Francis 8:09:07 PM
whenever i do songs about parks i will play their song brickfield nights
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:09:08 PM
I haven't heard of them either, but still. The Boys are back.
Rob from Prawny Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 8:09:15 PM
I figured it was atypical, and like I said, it's a good song
Christine 8:09:24 PM
This is the part where everyone sways with lighters lit
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:09:32 PM
(no work meetings to distract me from the show tonight, vaccine kicked my ass last night and half of today)
Rob from Prawny Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 8:09:40 PM
@Christine, indeed!!
Jim-Dork-Bo 8:10:00 PM
Will be hooking up my dorky Home Depot outdoor mini speaker to accompany the ride over to the gal's house!
DxyloSprawnM 8:10:05 PM
piano guy def kicked the bench back and is playing with his feet
Mike Lupica (host) 8:10:15 PM
Ambrose Hughes 8:10:35 PM
Speaking of lizards, anybody in here got tix to see King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizard???
Brian D 8:10:39 PM
Commie that show was pumping aces! Cranked car then home radios. So many good sounds and languages
Mike Lupica (host) 8:11:32 PM
Ambrose, I'm almost certain that WPRB's CJ is following them around on tour selling merch in the parking lot every night.
Christine 8:11:51 PM
@Bo, no. Do you? 👑 🦎 🧙‍♂️
Brian D 8:11:52 PM
That Chumba Betty Windsor song is the cat's spats. Heard it a few weeks ago as well
Jim-Dork-Bo 8:11:59 PM
Commie ROK! A special treat tonight!
Commie Francis 8:12:34 PM
thanks Brian!
Commie Francis 8:13:00 PM
i'm currently trying to trim the last 15 minutes of music to make my wfmu show doable in an hour.
Commie Francis 8:13:08 PM
those were the 1981 show REJECTS
Mike Lupica (host) 8:13:17 PM
Wait, did I miss a memo?
Commie Francis 8:13:48 PM
i am doing the radio row thing next month
Jim-Dork-Bo 8:13:49 PM
@ Christine My cheap FM radio doesn't get the PrrrBeeb in Valley Forge Pa. Gotta do the phone
Commie Francis 8:14:01 PM
all songs with women singing from continental europe from 1981
Mike Lupica (host) 8:14:08 PM
Radio Row?
Commie Francis 8:14:15 PM
it's a guest dj thing on sundays
Mike Lupica (host) 8:15:38 PM
Yes! Radio Row. Pretty sure that was Olivia's idea, so good on her for bringin' in the home team.
Jim-Dork-Bo 8:16:37 PM
Howabout a WPRB ID: Darth Vader: "Luke, come to the DORKside...."
Ambrose Hughes 8:16:37 PM
@Mike, no doubt CJ will be in the general vicinity!
Christine 8:17:06 PM
jimbeaux ☺️
Ambrose Hughes 8:17:28 PM
@Christine, sadly no, no tix this time around!
Brian D 8:18:12 PM
6th & 7th grade tune!
Commie Francis 8:18:25 PM
yeah olivia is the person in charge of it! we didn't quite overlap at wprb so it's been nice to make her acquaintance!
Christine 8:18:52 PM
My sister is a huge Sad Lovers & Giants fan; I just alerted her.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:19:09 PM
OK Wednesdorks, here's the first challenge of the night: The Sad Lovers and Giants song is from a 1996 Best Of collection called "Email from Eternity" (the song itself is actually from '81.) Was the term "email" really in the lexicon in 1996? That seems ... too early, but then again, my brain is dying.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:19:44 PM
Christine, awesome!
Ossy Hyouka 8:20:00 PM
Hello rainbow lights sparkle the woosa Wednesday, Metrodorks (Tighten from Megamind voice) LOL
Brian D 8:20:02 PM
96 yup sounds legitee
Dave Morris 8:20:24 PM
By '96 I had already made like three websites but then I was/am a dork
Mike Lupica (host) 8:20:26 PM
I guess we had AOL and Earthlink then, right?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:21:01 PM
WEDNESdork, you mean.
Brian D 8:21:39 PM
Wednesdweebs unite. You've got Mell. And Pell
Dave Morris 8:21:42 PM
that too
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:21:57 PM
Wednesday Wrecking Crew
Rob from Prawny Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 8:22:38 PM
@Commie, thanks again for playing Mydolls. They were an accidental discovery from my short trip to Houston in the early 80s. I very much love many of their songs.
Rob from Prawny Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦐 🇮🇷 8:23:11 PM
I agree with Brian D, email was totally part of (my) lexicon in 1996
Mike Lupica (host) 8:24:16 PM
I think I moved from Hoboken to Jersey City in 1996, so yeah, that makes sense. Definitely had an Earthlink account then.
Dave Morris 8:25:34 PM
By '96 we were only two years away from the pinnacle of internet-related human achievement, ie the release of Trick Daddy's 1998 album www.thug.com https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Www.thug.com
Christine 8:25:42 PM
Love "Huriyet". What a awesome song!
jimbeaux 8:26:21 PM
Shelagh take a bow, that was amazing!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:26:24 PM
Christine, seeing Kat from the Ex do this live is one of the greatest live music experiences available on Earth!
Christine 8:27:08 PM
That must have been incredible.
Ambrose Hughes 8:30:00 PM
The Ex @ The Church, Philadelphia prob 2010 is hands down one my all time greatest experiences!
Christine 8:30:19 PM
Jim-Dork-Bo 8:30:23 PM
Wow The Ex!
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:30:38 PM
Dis STANKY ass bass. Jam 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Ossy Hyouka 8:30:46 PM
Mike - Pathodork(Kevin voice from Ed Edd n Eddy) blahaha
DxyloSprawnM 8:33:11 PM
Costanza bass face fo sho
Commie Francis 8:33:34 PM
i think it was in 1995 when teenage me got kicked out of a friendly's in NW CT where i was drinking endless refills of coffee with my scuzzy friends because a huge party of people came in all excited. we asked one fo them what they were celebrating and he said "have you ever heard of the information superhighway? we figured out a way to make money from it"
Mike Lupica (host) 8:33:37 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:35:44 PM
DxyloSprawnM 8:37:21 PM
could do spoken word style vox
Dave Morris 8:38:55 PM
Commie was one of those people Al Gore
DxyloSprawnM 8:39:25 PM
Vashti popped up on a Animal Collective EP
Richard Lyons (1) 8:41:27 PM
dinosaur memory
Richard Lyons (1) 8:42:31 PM
Richard Lyons (1) 8:43:42 PM
There it is. TP
Ossy Hyouka 8:44:39 PM
Like a certain Hoenn grass lizard https://www.google.com/search?q=sceptile+ash&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwij8tzP4rj6AhXkn3IEHbTEBbwQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=sceptile+ash&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMgYIABAeEAUyBggAEB4QCDIGCAAQHhAIOgcIABCxAxBDOgQIABBDOgUIABCiBFDiD1jHFmCAI2gAcAB4AIABvwGIAZUEkgEDNC4xmAEAoAEBwAEB&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=KOo0Y6O-GeS_ytMPtImX4As&bih=751&biw=412&client=ms-android-tmus-us-revc&prmd=isvn
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:45:08 PM
Big love to the dickface in the CR-V who pulled out in front and cut me off just to drive 15 in a 30 😤
Xylo🦐TAndy 8:45:31 PM
Gotta love PA drivers
C🦐 lin 8:46:09 PM
from pa, agrees with tandy
Ossy Hyouka 8:47:02 PM
Drivers like that get on my last nerve, as much the tailgating from behind, jumping on the road as if they can make incoming cars and NEVER putting on their turn signals
C🦐 lin 8:48:24 PM
oh yeah, dig this slightly slower version than the one we are used too.
C🦐 lin 8:49:13 PM
my first bass teacher started me off with the song, first lesson!
Brian D 8:49:15 PM
Only time I was in Vegas was early 1999. Lo key wedding, 5-6 people at one of those kitcsh chapels. Stayed in Excalibur, connected to Luxor a pyramid shape building w/elevators that move on angles (your body gets thrown a different way by the force fun). Blackjack dealer at 1 of those told us (often) about how he had (inflated number) of internet companies and had made (inflated number) of dollars. And the dealer gig there, is that cover? Just for fun? Ahhh the pre bubble days....
Ambrose Hughes 8:49:17 PM
Ambrose Hughes 8:51:21 PM
Quivering all over!😍
DxyloSprawnM 8:52:10 PM
I just Bada Binged
Mike Lupica (host) 8:52:33 PM
To be followed by the "Bada Boom"
C🦐 lin 8:52:39 PM
bri & commie, that information super hiway is truly paved in gold
DxyloSprawnM 8:52:52 PM
Jon Solomon 8:56:32 PM
Well, I made it to my driveway but Thee Speaking Canaries are keeping me here…
Mike Lupica (host) 8:57:00 PM
A good song to park to!
Jon Solomon 8:57:24 PM
When I saw Carolee they covered this!
C🦐 lin 8:57:29 PM
my Floridian friend just sent me a video of the transformer exploding and i said in my head, baba boom!
DxyloSprawnM 8:57:38 PM
I think it was indeed on Rolling Stone's top 100 songs to park to
C🦐 lin 8:58:40 PM
its been a day of good covers on wprb today.
DxyloSprawnM 8:58:42 PM
lol Colin.
C🦐 lin 8:59:09 PM
that bauhaus cover during desert cruising for example.
Marcus Watt 9:00:14 PM
Not a ton of Fugazi covers out there.
C🦐 lin 9:02:06 PM
i played blueprint with a band for a bit back there. it was a fun song to play and sing.
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:05:38 PM
this pizza is a straight up 5/5. disappointed, their sicilian and tomato pies are better even with with garlic overdoses
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:05:46 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:06:05 PM
Brian D 9:06:06 PM
Gif is a lo fi version of bringing back memory of the Kinks Come Dancing video.
Brian D 9:06:37 PM
A 1982 song (not 1981)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:06:39 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:07:12 PM
Delayed Reactions 👎👎👎
Ossy Hyouka 9:07:46 PM
Aye Princess Sampa 🌍 ❤💛💚. The first time I heard of her is from her "Energy" on WPRB, a few years back.
Christine 9:09:39 PM
Greetings, MrMalcontent 💀!
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:09:44 PM
heya mrm
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:10:13 PM
Hi, Christine!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:10:33 PM
HeyOoo, taNDY!
Brian D 9:10:45 PM
Burma always makes me smile. They did the reunion just right. Kick axe strong reunion albums and tours. Then just quietly said goodbye again.
DxyloSprawnM 9:11:03 PM
This giving me a craving for Tans Am's Future World
DxyloSprawnM 9:12:05 PM
Ossy Hyouka 9:12:24 PM
And nearing the aura of Halloween season 🧡💜🖤🤍
Mike Lupica (host) 9:13:17 PM
I too enjoyed the Burma reunion, Brian. Though I can't help but feel like that opened the door for a whole lotta really underwhelming reunions. (I quite going after being really disappointed by the Soft Boys reunion in the early naughty aughties.)
Mike Lupica (host) 9:13:27 PM
Wait, did I have email then?
Christine 9:14:17 PM
You had "e-mail" but not email, I think.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:14:40 PM
Ahh yes.
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:15:33 PM
[You've got mail!]
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:16:32 PM
Oooh that tempo change. I think this calls for another Jam 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Ossy Hyouka 9:16:57 PM
That reminds me of the famous email game, Monk-E-Mail of getting the chimpanzee to say whatever you type in different voices LOOOL
C🦐 lin 9:17:06 PM
Ossy Hyouka 9:17:36 PM
Dance hall feels more of a dance floor 80s vibe!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:17:37 PM
V-3 really channeling Destroy All Monsters here...
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:18:53 PM
Good point Ossy. I always found it interesting how a lot of things people associate with the 90s are carry-overs from the 80s.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:20:09 PM
1880s and 1890s
DxyloSprawnM 9:21:05 PM
Hell yeah!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:21:28 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:22:13 PM
what does mine say???
Ossy Hyouka 9:22:23 PM
Indeed Tandy, shows the 80s was a fun natural fun decade to carry into the 90s
Christine 9:23:22 PM
The 1980s lasted until 1993, it seems.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:24:02 PM
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:24:02 PM
So I'm technically an 80s baby? :)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:24:18 PM
1780s baby
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:24:32 PM
where my 80BC babies at
Rofflestomp 9:25:51 PM
Mission of Burma, fucking wonderful, I dunno, makes me happy in some way?
Ossy Hyouka 9:26:11 PM
Where's my 2000s stars at? (in the singing voice of 702, LMAO)
Brian D 9:27:51 PM
B52s album Cosmic Thing with the big hits. Came out in 1989. Seems so 90s though
Brian D 9:28:12 PM
I like that 1989 year. Good year.
Ossy Hyouka 9:29:27 PM
I originally thought of Amy Grant's 1990s "Baby, Baby" was 1980s.
Rofflestomp 9:31:18 PM
Brian D, I used to hang out with a girl in community college in '89 who did pottery and turned me on to to the B52's thanks to her gay brother. Joyful folks.
Dave Morris 9:32:01 PM
1989, the number, another summer
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:32:52 PM
Oh that was DJ MrsLupica❣️
Andrew Gruen 9:33:49 PM
1989 was a year of many bangers
Ossy Hyouka 9:34:21 PM
1989, where a lovely song like Alyson Williams's "Just Call My Name" blooms 🌹 ❤
Ossy Hyouka 9:34:42 PM
Also the year of Disney's Little Mermaid!
jimbeaux 9:35:04 PM
O D I N \m/
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:35:25 PM
yeaux jimbeaux
jimbeaux 9:35:49 PM
Yeauuu xyloprOn
Dave Morris 9:36:56 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:37:31 PM
As DJ Food puts it: "88 was Great, but 89 was Mine"
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:37:33 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:37:51 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:38:02 PM
This is a cool-ass song to walk into a room to.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:38:30 PM
C🦐 lin 9:38:44 PM
gonna test mike's theory, brb
Rofflestomp 9:39:03 PM
Strut if me not mistaken'
Mike Lupica (host) 9:39:04 PM
(Note that it helps if there are other people in the room.)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:39:06 PM
My STRUT was TopNotch!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:39:22 PM
(People fainted)
Mike Lupica (host) 9:39:26 PM
Glide in your stride, dip in your hip, etc. etc.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:39:32 PM
Ossy Hyouka 9:39:51 PM
80s Footloose and Girls Just Wanna Have Fum ❤🔥
Mike Lupica (host) 9:39:54 PM
Rofflestomp 9:39:54 PM
Owning it!
Ossy Hyouka 9:39:56 PM
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:40:00 PM
I wwalked in, with a solid strut, fists balled up, but the ghosts in my apartment just laughed at me.
jimbeaux 9:40:07 PM
My cat was really taken aback with my proud, funky re-entry into the room I had only recently vacated.
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:40:25 PM
Gotta walk like this: https://c.tenor.com/brlIhh4QroIAAAAM/venom-treasure-island.gif
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:41:27 PM
I’ve started to levitate🕴
Rofflestomp 9:42:10 PM
-ᎷяM and a fair wind...lol
Rofflestomp 9:42:32 PM
Bones and all..
C🦐 lin 9:42:32 PM
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:42:36 PM
MrM I think anyone would faint if they saw a walking skellyton
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:42:50 PM
LOL C🦐lin
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:43:28 PM
This new F0NK has me adding a twirl up hure!! 🌀
Xylo🦐TAndy 9:44:00 PM
C🦐lin is the prawn behind this operation
C🦐 lin 9:44:39 PM
mrm, how mollusky of you🌀
Rofflestomp 9:45:20 PM
And there we are, down with funky. Dichotomy over again.
Rofflestomp 9:48:10 PM
Oh shit, Mike just added another song to my endless playlist.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:49:27 PM
Finally watched that Slits documentary this week. Thought it was great!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:49:42 PM
Where is it??
Mike Lupica (host) 9:49:49 PM
I think it's on Prime?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:49:54 PM
Rofflestomp 9:49:56 PM
Slits can dance!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:50:03 PM
Can't recall where I stumbled into it.
Christine 9:51:27 PM
I have to check out that documentary. Thanks for mentioning it!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:51:54 PM
It was great. Viv is the coolest. Also highly recommend her book!
Rofflestomp 9:53:19 PM
And my friends wonder why I gotta take time out out for this? Self apparent.
C🦐 lin 9:53:33 PM
totally gonna watch me the slits doc tomorrow. didn't even know it existed!!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:54:47 PM
I am around a year late to it, but this Myriam Gendron record is GODHEAD. Lots more from this in the coming weeks.
Jim Haku 9:55:28 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:55:59 PM
Jim Haku! Welcome!
Rofflestomp 9:58:03 PM
You do a bunch o'years just fine Mike. Hi Jim!
jimbeaux 9:58:22 PM
Richard Lyons (1) 9:59:20 PM
DOG bless us
Ambrose Hughes 9:59:28 PM
One of the greatest!
Gautham Kalva 9:59:33 PM
My fave TVZ song, thanks for this Mike..
Christine 9:59:34 PM
Yep! Here To Be Heard: The Story of the Slits is available on Prime.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:02:21 PM
ACES! Thanks, Christine and DJ MikeLupica!
Rofflestomp 10:03:12 PM
Christine, brutal.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:03:21 PM
Guud Stuffs 🎵🎶
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:03:51 PM
C🦐 lin 10:04:51 PM
mrm's reactions are delayed because he is further away in time from us.
Rofflestomp 10:04:52 PM
This song is why guitar is awesome!
Jim Haku 10:05:34 PM
Good instrument.
C🦐 lin 10:05:47 PM
roffle, mike has been dropping some good guitar all night, he's in a mood ig
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:06:22 PM
Thank you, Colin! Also, I’m busy this day! 🥴
Rofflestomp 10:06:56 PM
Really changed the world for ears. Mike is a carpet bomber sometimes.
Pete Trenham 10:07:01 PM
All sorts of surprises tonight! Keep em coming
Mike Lupica (host) 10:07:15 PM
Christine 10:07:49 PM
The Stones were mentioned earlier tonight when Commie played the new Alien Nosejob track: "Beatles vs. Stones."
Jim Haku 10:08:33 PM
The lute not nearly as versatile.
Rofflestomp 10:08:38 PM
Tops of the rooftops is a thing.
C🦐 lin 10:11:10 PM
christine, my money in that match is one the stones.
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:11:44 PM
But Colin, beetles can roll stones
Christine 10:13:28 PM
💩🪲 ?
jimbeaux 10:13:31 PM
Beatles Vs. Stones? The KINKS always slide in for the win!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:13:35 PM
Mmmm, popcorn 🍿. What kind??
Rofflestomp 10:14:00 PM
"Dance with the girl that brung ya" Is just killing me. OMG! Too funny!
C🦐 lin 10:14:19 PM
tandy, the rolling dung bundles! jersey's best beatles songs played like the stones cover band?
C🦐 lin 10:15:11 PM
jim, now that some class action wwe moves by the kinks, and that is why they are fan favs!
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:16:30 PM
lolol Christine
Jim Haku 10:17:29 PM
Slits doc is good to pair w/ the Go-go's one cause only one of those groups was heavy into drugs, interesting.
Christine 10:17:30 PM
C🦐lin, that could be a great idea.
C🦐 lin 10:18:42 PM
Dave Morris 10:18:43 PM
Wow Hildegard Knef, what a discovery
Mike Lupica (host) 10:19:05 PM
Dave, she is AWESOME!
Dave Morris 10:19:06 PM
Germany's answer to Gil Scott Heron
Mike Lupica (host) 10:19:12 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:19:56 PM
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:21:34 PM
oh this is really nice
Rofflestomp 10:22:00 PM
Cover on over.
Commie Francis ☭ 10:22:05 PM
Oh no i missed ODIN
Mike Lupica (host) 10:22:21 PM
Christine 10:22:23 PM
Wow, creepy, whisper-goth Boys of Summer 💀
Commie Francis ☭ 10:22:31 PM
Let that be a lesson to never ever miss a moment of wprb
C🦐 lin 10:22:31 PM
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:23:08 PM
C🦐 lin 10:23:26 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:23:26 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:23:45 PM
I am still partial to Puff Tube's absolutely brain-frying cover of Boys of Summer, but this was cool too.
DxyloSprawnM 10:24:04 PM
Rofflestomp 10:24:23 PM
@Christine, Whisper-goth Boys of Summer is too funny.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:24:27 PM
In that sort of emo-porny way that the young people are into.
Commie Francis ☭ 10:24:30 PM
I just watched the slits documentary too, bill put it on. Weird.
Christine 10:25:09 PM
Such a fun song!
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:25:22 PM
J DILLA <3333333
Ossy Hyouka 10:29:32 PM
Pass the rnb, with Common and D'Angelo!
Ossy Hyouka 10:30:57 PM
Wow, I faintly remember this cool song, very long ago!
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:32:16 PM
this is sick as hell
C🦐 lin 10:34:37 PM
pile on that sick!!
Rofflestomp 10:35:00 PM
@ossy, Just finished my Dalessandro's. (:
Christine 10:40:46 PM
This guitar 💜
Mike Lupica (host) 10:42:13 PM
I know, right? Super gorgeous.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:42:39 PM
Nice New Noises!!! Cheers, DJ MikeLupica!!!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:43:05 PM
Still got some eyebrow-raisers for the last fifteen minutes.
C🦐 lin 10:43:48 PM
Rofflestomp 10:44:36 PM
Time is a mutherfucker on it's good days.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:45:02 PM
Final Fifteen Mins?!? Outrageous!?! 😿
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:45:33 PM
Rofflestomp 10:45:44 PM
Thanks Mike, good helps my day.
C🦐 lin 10:46:40 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:47:18 PM
At first I was like, "bah, no one should really be covering this song", but then I checked and saw that Nilufer Yanya was born two years AFTER PJ Harvey released her version of this song. Roffle, what was that you were just saying about time?
Ambrose Hughes 10:47:55 PM
NICE cover!
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:48:34 PM
This too! Very nic
Andrew Gruen 10:48:51 PM
Dave Morris 10:49:00 PM
This show is full of Smokin' O.P.s (they are uniformly smokin')
Rofflestomp 10:50:41 PM
Time makes it come round again and again Mike. Dunno why, all in though. Thanks.
C🦐 lin 10:50:42 PM
I love that last saturday at my mom's 82nd birthday dinner there was a cover duo in the other room that spawned a good conversation of stevie nicks covers. and now here we are.
Andrew Gruen 10:50:44 PM
Stevie sounds good for 74
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:51:04 PM
STEVIE NICKS ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:52:04 PM
More twirling 💃
Ambrose Hughes 10:52:12 PM
Christine 10:52:37 PM
Sun Ra 🪐
jimbeaux 10:53:14 PM
Ladies and gentlemen...COOLIO has left the planet :(
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:53:26 PM
Christine 10:53:29 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:54:11 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:54:11 PM
Dave Morris 10:54:12 PM
59 is no age
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:54:19 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:54:43 PM
And no, not prepared, so tribute tracks will have to wait until next week. RIP Coolio
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:54:56 PM
RIP Coolio
Christine 10:55:18 PM
Beth Orton has a new album? 💜 Excellent.
C🦐 lin 10:55:37 PM
godspeed coolio
Dave Morris 10:56:05 PM
may his voyage to the other side be fantastic
C🦐 lin 10:56:31 PM
christine, it is great to hear the vets still churning out the hits!
DxyloSprawnM 10:56:37 PM
that's sad indeed. Thanks for another one Mike. Good night xyloprawns
Christine 10:57:12 PM
Tonight's playlist really covered a lot of ground. Thanks, DJ Mike Lupica 💯 Great hanging in the Listener Lounge™️ with everybody!
C🦐 lin 10:57:13 PM
DSM, shellin
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:57:14 PM
DJ MikeLupica! Many thanks for another GEM of a Show! Big cheers and kind regards to you!
Xylo🦐TAndy 10:57:34 PM
What he said
Dave Morris 10:57:48 PM
Top notch show, Mike! Thank you
Ambrose Hughes 10:57:56 PM
Thank you DJ Mike for another gem! ✌
Rofflestomp 10:58:22 PM
Beth Orton... So worth a touch. Wow, we just go.
Jim Haku 10:58:25 PM
Jim Haku 10:59:47 PM
He was hanging w/ Juggalos last I checked prob not a health nut.
Ossy Hyouka 10:59:52 PM
Rnb aesthetic!
Ambrose Hughes 10:59:53 PM
G'night good people!🙏
Jim Haku 11:00:15 PM
good show
Mike Lupica (host) 11:00:35 PM
Peas out, y'all. Take care of yourselves and take care of eachother.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 11:00:53 PM
Awww, FLORIDA ❤️‍🩹 all people over there, even the gross ones 💗
Rofflestomp 11:01:35 PM
Love U 2!