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psychological warfare at the Golden Corral©

Sep 23, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With xenfoyel

psychological warfare at the Golden Corral©
3:00 PM
Arca - Knot
Arca Knot
&&&&& PAN 2020
3:03 PM
c0ncernn - Ricky Bobby
c0ncernn Ricky Bobby
Dariacore c0ncernn 2022
3:05 PM
Lotic - Bulletproof
Lotic Bulletproof
Power Tri Angle Records 2018
3:08 PM
BABii - Necta_pholo (V.5) [feat. Pholo]
BABii Necta_pholo (V.5) [feat. Pholo]
Screamer Gloo 2022
3:13 PM
Tirzah - Hips (feat. Loraine James) [Loraine James Remix]
Tirzah Hips (feat. Loraine James) [Loraine James Remix]
Highgrade Domino Recording Co 2022
3:16 PM
Sega Bodega - Daddy
Sega Bodega Daddy
Self*Care - EP
3:19 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:21 PM
Shygirl - Msry
Shygirl Msry
Msrynvr - Single Shygirl Ltd. 2017
3:25 PM
Mutants: Best of 1-4
3:27 PM
Gupi - Liftoff
Gupi Liftoff
You're It Gupi 2021
3:30 PM
NANORAY - Salmon Cannon
NANORAY Salmon Cannon
Zapper NANORAY 2021
3:34 PM
Danny L Harle - Take My Heart Away
Danny L Harle Take My Heart Away
Harlecore Mad Decent 2021
3:37 PM
Sfire - Sfire 7
Sfire Sfire 7
Sfire 6/7 - Single Ultramajic 2015
3:40 PM
Sophie - Hard
Sophie Hard
Hard - Single Numbers 2015
3:43 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:45 PM
Namasenda - Here
Namasenda Here
Hot_Babe_93 - EP NAMA 2017
3:48 PM
Deaton Chris Anthony - 1999 She
Deaton Chris Anthony 1999 She
BO Y Deaton Chris Anthony 2019
3:51 PM
DR. GABBA - Plasma
DR. GABBA Plasma
Planet Piano RAVESTATION 2022
3:55 PM
Hakushi Hasegawa - Doku
Hakushi Hasegawa Doku
Somoku Hodo - EP Musicmine 2018
3:58 PM
c0ncernn - Die In My Dream
c0ncernn Die In My Dream
Dariacore c0ncernn 2022
4:00 PM
DJ Kuroneko - Heartless
DJ Kuroneko Heartless
Kuroneko DJ Kuroneko 2020
4:03 PM
Vierre Cloud - moment
Vierre Cloud moment
moment - Single RCA Records Label 2019
4:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:07 PM
Golden Boy - Chaos Emeralds (Crystal Egg Zone)
Golden Boy Chaos Emeralds (Crystal Egg Zone)
Chao Garden Kitty on Fire Records 2020
4:09 PM
All Nigher, Vol. 6
4:11 PM
Christtt - Falling
Christtt Falling
Deep Dark Trench Christtt 2019
4:13 PM
DJ CAMGIRL - Unknown Displeasures
DJ CAMGIRL Unknown Displeasures
Problems PLUS100 Records 2016
4:14 PM
Windowshopping - Heaven (Wish U Were Here Mix)
Windowshopping Heaven (Wish U Were Here Mix)
Andromeda No Agreements 2022
4:16 PM
Sewerslvt - Looming.Sorrow.Descent
Sewerslvt Looming.Sorrow.Descent
Skitzofrenia Simulation SWRSLT 2021
4:21 PM
Goreshit - Black Is the New Black
Goreshit Black Is the New Black
Copyright Infringement EP Kitty on Fire Records 2019
4:25 PM
Machine Girl - Excruciating Deth
Machine Girl Excruciating Deth
Wlfgrl 1818199 Records DK2 2020
4:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:33 PM
Kensuke Ushio - 60311
Kensuke Ushio 60311
DEVILMAN crybaby (Original Soundtrack) Aniplex Inc. 2017
4:35 PM
DJ Sharpnel - Buddha Attachments
DJ Sharpnel Buddha Attachments R
内閣総理大臣賞 ~Hardcore Techno Pop~ 2011
4:40 PM
A. G. Cook - Stargon (Boys Noize Remix)
A. G. Cook Stargon (Boys Noize Remix)
Apple vs. 7G PC Music 2021
4:45 PM
Sophie - Infatuation (Lichtbogen Dreamin' Remix)
Sophie Infatuation (Lichtbogen Dreamin' Remix)
Oil of Every Pearl's (Un-Insides Non-Stop Remix Album) Transgressive 2019
4:50 PM
Björk - Pluto
Björk Pluto
Homogenic One Little Independent Records 1997
4:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:55 PM
Charli XCX - visions
Charli XCX visions
how i'm feeling now Atlantic Records UK 2020
Chat is archived.
nyctophiliac (host) 3:01:36 PM
hey everyone, i'm filling in for kat today!
nyctophiliac (host) 3:01:50 PM
super excited to be here, got a lot of great songs planned
Christine 3:04:12 PM
Hey DJ xenfoyel!
nyctophiliac (host) 3:04:32 PM
Hey Christine, great to see you again today!
gboss 3:05:18 PM
I would imagine it's difficult to follow a Coltrane show...
Christine 3:05:36 PM
Thanks for subbing for Kat. 🐈
nyctophiliac (host) 3:05:47 PM
very true gboss lol
nyctophiliac (host) 3:06:12 PM
and yes sad she couldn't make it but glad i get to be on air with everyone again :)
Christine 3:08:29 PM
We got to hear toe two days in a row thanks to your show yesterday and the inimitable Dave The Obscure this morning on The New Abnormal.
nyctophiliac (host) 3:08:54 PM
long live toe !!!
nyctophiliac (host) 3:09:21 PM
im gonna be doing a loooong dance set today, akin to the songs i played in the middle of my set yesterday
nyctophiliac (host) 3:14:16 PM
to everyone in the chat: are my sound levels good on air? It can be a bit hard to gauge with electronic music sometimes
Christine 3:23:32 PM
Your sound levels sounded OK to me. 🎚
nyctophiliac (host) 3:24:00 PM
ok great glad to hear it !
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:24:19 PM
Sounds fine. But yeah I have noticed a lot of electronic music has built in volumes maxed out to the point of distortion.
nyctophiliac (host) 3:25:16 PM
yeah that's what i was concerned about hah
nyctophiliac (host) 3:25:27 PM
glad you're here mr dave!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:26:59 PM
Glad to be here.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:36:17 PM
It’s a shame your icon here is such a small thumbnail. When I zoom in, I can see two faces, flowers, and other subtle things.
nyctophiliac (host) 3:38:05 PM
it's 2 3d scans of my face that i overlayed on top of a photo of a crackled CD !!
nyctophiliac (host) 3:38:32 PM
i probably have the original image on my twitter somewhere but who knows when i posted it owo
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:42:50 PM
Quite artistic. Reminds me of old Cocteau Twins LP covers.
nyctophiliac (host) 3:45:12 PM
ooh i can definitely see that
nyctophiliac (host) 3:45:39 PM
i should put some cocteau twins in my set next week hmmm
nyctophiliac (host) 3:45:45 PM
any requests?
Christine 3:46:08 PM
Cool @xenfoyel; I thought your avatar was album art, too.
nyctophiliac (host) 3:47:04 PM
haha i think i did originally make it in the style of an album cover! glad y'all caught on
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:51:43 PM
No requests. You’re doing fine without my input. 💿
nyctophiliac (host) 3:52:04 PM
alright im glad you trust me B)
Christine 3:52:14 PM
At first glance it reminded me of this gem:
nyctophiliac (host) 3:52:48 PM
ooh yeah i can definitely see that Christine
nyctophiliac (host) 3:52:55 PM
I like the fractured image look
rosasolis 3:57:27 PM
this show has been such a vibe to drive to omg
nyctophiliac (host) 3:58:33 PM
YESSSS im so glad
nyctophiliac (host) 3:58:47 PM
driving with music is the best part of driving
grady 4:08:21 PM
wow ... another xenfoyel broadcast ... we are truly blessed
grady 4:08:36 PM
why is my dj account not logged in ...
nyctophiliac (host) 4:08:51 PM
i pretend i do not see it
nyctophiliac (host) 4:08:59 PM
but i am glad u are here
Starman Super Deluxe 4:32:28 PM
Requesting Buddha Attachments from DJ shrapnel if at all possible lol
nyctophiliac (host) 4:33:01 PM
will do my best to add it in!
Starman Super Deluxe 4:34:06 PM
nyctophiliac (host) 4:35:42 PM
glad you're here starman!!
nyctophiliac (host) 4:39:39 PM
yoo starman this track is insane thanks for the rec!!
Starman Super Deluxe 4:40:09 PM
Glad to be here lol. Ty for the play!! Long time sharpnel fan lol
Matt-ain Lightning 4:40:13 PM
nyctophiliac (host) 4:40:55 PM
its party timeeeeee
Sara WPRB 4:48:58 PM
dropping in to say i have been loving this entire set
Sara WPRB 4:49:11 PM
dancing in da library...
nyctophiliac (host) 4:49:37 PM
thank u sara!! i am currently turning up while working on a knitting project here in the studio haha
Christine 4:51:29 PM
Good show, xenfoyel!
nyctophiliac (host) 4:51:50 PM
Glad you've enjoyed it all christine!
Christine 4:52:25 PM
💜 Björk
nyctophiliac (host) 4:52:45 PM
super excited for her new album releasing next week <3
nyctophiliac (host) 4:53:03 PM
will definitely be playing some tracks in the next few weeks on my show
Christine 4:53:18 PM
I look forward to it! 🍄