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Habitat Enrichment

Sep 22, 2022 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Krista

coyote field recordings

today's show is partially a meditation on Darude's "Sandstorm". Didn't plan it that way originally but fate took me there.

Habitat Enrichment
7:01 AM
Giorgio Moroder - Transformation Seduction
Giorgio Moroder Transformation Seduction
Cat People (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Geffen* 1982
7:03 AM
Edgar Froese - Ode to Granny A
Edgar Froese Ode to Granny A
Ages Virgin Records 1978
7:09 AM
The Flaming Souls - She's Gone
The Flaming Souls She's Gone
7:12 AM
Erland Cooper - Haar over Hamnavoe (feat. Bill Ryder-Jones) [Bill Ryder-Jones Rework]
Erland Cooper Haar over Hamnavoe (feat. Bill Ryder-Jones) [Bill Ryder-Jones Rework] N
Haar over Hamnavoe (feat. Bill Ryder-Jones) [Bill Ryder-Jones Rework] - Single Phases 2021
7:16 AM
Bill Callahan - Coyotes
Bill Callahan Coyotes N
YTI⅃AƎЯ Drag City 2022
7:22 AM
Ane Brun - All My Tears
Ane Brun All My Tears R
Rarities Balloon Ranger Recordings AB 2013
A request from Kristen for remembering John.
7:26 AM
Dominque Guiot - Speed Goa
Dominque Guiot Speed Goa
7:29 AM
Aasiva - Namu (feat. FxckMr)
Aasiva Namu (feat. FxckMr)
Namu (feat. FxckMr) - Single Pheromone Distribution / Fontana North 2021
7:31 AM
La Rissa - I Do Both Jay and Jane (Dinamyte Remix)
La Rissa I Do Both Jay and Jane (Dinamyte Remix)
I Do Both Jay and Jane (Remixes) Aureus 2001
7:39 AM
Le Castle Vania - Pray For My Enemies
Le Castle Vania Pray For My Enemies
Pray For My Enemies - Single Always Never 2020
7:43 AM
Corvad & Alisa Dolgunova - Khomus
Corvad & Alisa Dolgunova Khomus
Khomus - Single Cosmism Records 2021
7:47 AM
Candybar Planet - Dirttrack
Candybar Planet Dirttrack
32 Bitch Suburban Music Group 2013
7:57 AM
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around the Bend
Creedence Clearwater Revival Up Around the Bend
Cosmo's Factory Craft Recordings 2014
7:57 AM
Blitzen Trapper - Hot Freaks
Blitzen Trapper Hot Freaks Guided By Voices
Sing for Your Meat - A Tribute to Guided By Voices No More Fake Labels 2011
7:58 AM
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't - Moon River
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't Moon River
Individualized Shirts Orange Twin 2004
8:04 AM
The Pride Of Erin Ceili Band - Reels: The Rising Sun / Quinn's Favourite / Fred Finn's No. 2
The Pride Of Erin Ceili Band Reels: The Rising Sun / Quinn's Favourite / Fred Finn's No. 2
Pure Irish Céilí Arran Records 2011
8:07 AM
Folque - Dans, dans Olav Liljekrans
Folque Dans, dans Olav Liljekrans
Dans, Dans Olav Liljekrans Universal Music AS 1978
8:10 AM
The Jerry Cans - Swell (My Brother)
The Jerry Cans Swell (My Brother)
Echoes Pheromone Distribution / Fontana North 2020
8:15 AM
Guadalcanal Diary - Dead Eyes
Guadalcanal Diary Dead Eyes
Walking In the Shadow of the Big Man Rhino/Elektra 2005
8:20 AM
Ludacris - Llama Llama Red Pajama
Ludacris Llama Llama Red Pajama
8:23 AM
The Everly Brothers - Mention My Name In Sheboygan
The Everly Brothers Mention My Name In Sheboygan
Both Sides of an Evening Rhino/Warner Records 1961
8:24 AM
FINGERGAP - In the Dawn (Intro)
FINGERGAP In the Dawn (Intro) N
Shan Shan 160 SEEAHOLE 2022
8:25 AM
Julia Jacklin - Magic
Julia Jacklin Magic N
PRE PLEASURE Transgressive 2022
8:28 AM
Cheryl Ernst - Love Moan
Cheryl Ernst Love Moan
8:32 AM
Jonny Fritz - Chilidog Morning
Jonny Fritz Chilidog Morning
Sweet Creep ATO Records 2016
8:47 AM
Speed, Glue & Shinki - Song For An Angel
Speed, Glue & Shinki Song For An Angel
Speed, Glue & Shinki Start Entertainments Limited 2011
8:51 AM
honeyhoney - Back to You
honeyhoney Back to You
3 New Rounder 2015
8:54 AM
Waxahatchee - Be Good
Waxahatchee Be Good
American Weekend Don Giovanni Records 2012
8:57 AM
Tempranos - La Serpiente
Tempranos La Serpiente
Tempranos Planea Música 2014
9:02 AM
Architecture In Helsinki - That Beep
Architecture In Helsinki That Beep
Moment Bends Architecture In Helsinki 2011
9:05 AM
Darude - Sandstorm
Darude Sandstorm
Before the Storm 16 Inch Records 2000
9:09 AM
The Impalas - (Sorry) I Ran All the Way Home
The Impalas (Sorry) I Ran All the Way Home
Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home) Classic Records 2010
9:11 AM
Doris Troy - Someone Ain't Right
Doris Troy Someone Ain't Right
Just One Look Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group 2017
9:13 AM
Syn-Badd - Dream
Syn-Badd Dream
9:21 AM
Bantu Clan - Nini Juu Ya Mtu
Bantu Clan Nini Juu Ya Mtu
Highlife World Series: Uganda Highlife 2015
9:25 AM
Deastro - Leon's Tearful Scythe
Deastro Leon's Tearful Scythe N
Myocardial Necrosis Demos 2016 2022 Mutant Child 2022
9:38 AM
Marlon Williams - Soft Boys Make The Grade
Marlon Williams Soft Boys Make The Grade N
My Boy Dead Oceans 2022
9:41 AM
The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You
The Soft Boys I Wanna Destroy You
Chronolology (The Very Best of Robyn Hitchcock) Yep Roc Records 2011
9:44 AM
Overhang Party - Le Fantome de la Liberte
Overhang Party Le Fantome de la Liberte
Otherside Of Pataphysique Records 2000
9:55 AM
Ya Ya Choral - Xpress (Sludge Mix)
Ya Ya Choral Xpress (Sludge Mix)
He Said She Said (Buzzpop Demos 1995) Hyperbabble 2017
9:58 AM
Noname - Sunny Duet (feat. theMIND)
Noname Sunny Duet (feat. theMIND)
Telefone Noname 2016
Chat is archived.
Krista (host) 6:57:12 AM
good morning!
TAndy 7:03:47 AM
Good morning :)
Krista (host) 7:05:33 AM
Granny A must have been pretty awesome to get this song written for her.
TAndy 7:17:13 AM
Any grandma who's referred to as "Granny" is an automatic legend
Krista (host) 7:19:07 AM
I think you're right. My great-grandma was "Granny" and she was awesome. Her favorite saying was "Eat while you still can eat", followed by "Gott im Himmel!!!"
TAndy 7:19:43 AM
"Eat while you still can eat" is a motto I'll drink to
Krista (host) 7:21:18 AM
and eat to, hopefully
TAndy 7:24:09 AM
TAndy 7:33:35 AM
Hrrrrgh this jam
Christine 7:52:13 AM
DSM 7:52:40 AM
Christine 7:54:30 AM
Good morning Krista 🌞
Christine 7:55:18 AM
Morning DSM 🍩, TAndy 😎, and all!
DSM 7:56:36 AM
Morning Christine! Krista! taNDY!
Christine 7:56:43 AM
🚗 🚘 🚕 🚚 🛻 🚛 🚒 🚚 🛻
jimbeaux 7:57:49 AM
Yeooo Krista...CCR was perfect! Going to move some beehives thru a building up to a roof. Wish me luck!
Brian D 7:57:58 AM
Krista (host) 7:58:21 AM
You can do it, Jimbeaux.
jimbeaux 8:00:13 AM
Feelin the Chat Power. Let's goooooooooooooooo!
Christine 8:00:22 AM
G'morning Brian and jimbeaux...move those beehives up around the bend!
Krista (host) 8:00:39 AM
Good morning, all. Here's yet another Moon River. This one sounds like standing outside a practice room or empty temple and hearing someone stunting out on the organ. It feels like a private moment.
Brian D 8:01:33 AM
Summer teeth some aren't
TAndy 8:02:05 AM
I hit the road and everyone floods in! Good morning everyone
DSM 8:03:14 AM
The bees are gonna love the new view Jimbeaux
Christine 8:03:51 AM
I love that the public library will soon have a comnunity 3D printer, t-shirt screenprinter, kiln, laser cutter, etc.
Christine 8:04:45 AM
Ah, top o' the morning to ye ☘️
Krista (host) 8:05:12 AM
had to commemorate your vacation
TAndy 8:05:54 AM
Finally! Now I can have a book education on regards to Irish Folk while waiting for my bootleg New York Gnats shirts to be made.
Brian D 8:07:04 AM
Fiddles! Lovely
Krista (host) 8:07:12 AM
On the way to the library there is an excellent skeleton dance party over on Bonetown Road
Krista (host) 8:07:21 AM
I LOVE how hard NJ goes for Halloween
Christine 8:07:43 AM
I played a bodhràn (not well)
Brian D 8:08:36 AM
Pennsyltucky loves Hall of Ween too
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:08:54 AM
@Christine which library? BAM TO ALL
Krista (host) 8:09:17 AM
Hunterdon County Library, Flemington. Librarian said should be arriving in Jan or Feb
Brian D 8:09:29 AM
Have not walked through Lambertville in October in recent years. They do Halloween well esp on that one street near the canal
Brian D 8:11:03 AM
My old jobs' long commutes had some great dancing skeleton parties in the yards.
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:11:12 AM
Nice! I may or may not work in a public library in addition to my celebrity chef job, so I think that's souper cool
Krista (host) 8:13:35 AM
They've already started putting skeletons, creepy clowns, scythes and stuff out in Lambertville
Krista (host) 8:14:57 AM
Sorry I missed your show, Chef. My husband decided to make custard buns out of Kristina Cho's new cookbook Mooncakes and Milkbread so we didn't get out of the house in time
Christine 8:15:02 AM
BAM Chef 🍳! Krista was reporting that a local public library near her was acquiring all that great equipment.
Krista (host) 8:15:15 AM
DSM 8:15:32 AM
Lambertville has a Porch Fest Oct 1st iirc
Christine 8:16:13 AM
Cue mooncake emoji 🥮
Brian D 8:16:36 AM
Chef show was a hoot! POTATO CHIPS! O HOW MY MOUTH JUST DRIPS. Crunch crunch I don't want no lunch....
Lee Chandler 8:16:36 AM
Love the energy right now!
Christine 8:17:06 AM
PorchFest 10/1 in Lambertville? Fun!
DSM 8:17:44 AM
I want a mooncake
Brian D 8:17:54 AM
Plus Chef's band had songs in Polish and Slovak. Great way to spend a morning at the market
Christine 8:18:57 AM
Chef, when is your next gig? I want to be there and hear potato crisp music 🥔 🎶
Brian D 8:20:17 AM
Matt-ain Lightning 8:20:59 AM
The Boner Bar of Lambertville
TAndy 8:21:23 AM
The WHAT? 🤣
TAndy 8:21:35 AM
(fursday innit)
DSM 8:21:57 AM
Krista, good song about insects off a thoroughly entertaining album;
Brian D 8:22:49 AM
The Bonnie Lass of Larryville
Christine 8:23:04 AM
🦙🦙 👘
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:23:56 AM
Np @Krista! Those sound delish and BAM worthy! And thanks for the deets @Christine!
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:24:23 AM
Playing next at the Perkasie fall festival on Sunday 10/2 from 12-4
Wes Steenson 8:24:33 AM
I am here for more banjos on WPRB! 🪕
Brian D 8:25:08 AM
And the Bonnie Ship The Diamond (a WPRB classic station ID ... the Diamond is a ship me lads... For the Davis Strait we're bound ... The quay it is all garnished with bonnie lasses round... )
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:25:11 AM
And Brian YES thank you again, was great to meet you and serenade you with food songs
Christine 8:25:28 AM
OK great thank you Chef 🍤
Brian D 8:27:22 AM
The WPRB Chat All Star Band will one day perform a medley of all dj theme songs and station id bits.... one day... as in a full day long performance cuz it'll take that... maybe 2
Krista (host) 8:30:15 AM
food songs, you say? theme songs, you say? coming up is one of the contenders for my theme song. I've been fixing on it for...years now haha.
Christine 8:31:04 AM
There will be a chorus of station IDs followed by a anxiety dance when the "O 💩 " music plays...
Wes Steenson 8:33:06 AM
A Wah-Wah electric piano solo?! That’s something you don’t hear every day…
DSM 8:33:15 AM
The sun rises on another fine Chillidog Morning
Wes Steenson 8:35:00 AM
@Brian D If the WPRB Chat All Star Band needs a banjo player let me know. 🪕
Christine 8:35:01 AM
🌅 🌭 👵 🔪 🧅
Lee Chandler 8:35:26 AM
I see the set themes now. Is it a breakfast, lunch, dinner or a meats, pastries, snacks?
TAndy 8:39:30 AM
Grams?? This is AMERICA. We measure things in corn kernels or wagon wheels!
DSM 8:39:51 AM
Saw a massive rattle snake up at Sunfish Pond the other day, so big I didn't even know they could get that large, but saw the distinct rattles, so I know I wern't trippin
TAndy 8:41:13 AM
How many corn husks long was it, DSM?
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:41:30 AM
@christine np! @briand and @wes maybe we can convince the powers that wprBE that we should perform a set during one of the pledge drives on air...
TAndy 8:41:58 AM
Get Guelo in there too!
DSM 8:42:22 AM
TAndy, tbh I'd reckon 10? I have a video of it, almost stepped right on it!
DSM 8:42:50 AM
poor 'cadas
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:43:07 AM
@krista yes food songs! And we've been toying with the idea of an upcoming EP of just original food songs ... about going to a diner bc there was nothing else to do on a suburban night as a teenager, the life of being a dishwasher, eating wet pretzels from Wawa, a person/being named Hoagiemouth, etc... Keep an eye out ;;;))))
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:43:44 AM
and a song about the Perkasie farmers market of course
TAndy 8:44:59 AM
The pit viper drive-by 🥴
Christine 8:47:20 AM
Baby snakes...late at night is when they come out
Krista (host) 8:48:23 AM
Wes, if you have some banjo songs to request, shoot me an email at . Any other chatters with requests, also send em over. I'll be having a super busy couple of weeks so I LOVE requests to fill out the playlist
Christine 8:49:10 AM
@TAndy lol true. Americans measure the size of sinkholes in washing machines.
Krista (host) 8:49:11 AM
TAndy, this is MERICA we measure things in BIG MACS and EAGLES' TALONS
Lee Chandler 8:51:33 AM
We always wear snake gaiters whilst exploring our untamed land in WV.
Krista (host) 8:52:14 AM
When I visited the clovis archaeological site in New Mexico I wore snake boots.
Lee Chandler 8:52:50 AM
Those too!
Krista (host) 8:57:44 AM
Almost forgot my serpent song!
TAndy 8:59:32 AM
Your average school bus is 500,000 golf balls in internal storage. It takes 8 or 9 school busses to reach the length of a football field. Therefore a football field can hold around 4250000 golf balls in the shape of a school bus if one had such hubris to ever try that out.
Christine 9:00:56 AM
The more you know...🌈
TAndy 9:01:16 AM
Woah Desert Cruising in the morning 🤣
Lee Chandler 9:01:23 AM
In Jersey, using subs (fine...Hoagies..) is also a use of measurement. Perhaps a high school graduation requirement.
TAndy 9:01:47 AM
I call .hoagies. I wonder how many hoagies can fit in a desert cruiser...
Christine 9:01:54 AM
TAndy 9:05:45 AM
Krista (host) 9:06:00 AM
what beep? THIS BEEP
Christine 9:06:06 AM
Time to jam
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 9:11:20 AM
I've never considered the concept that Sandstorm is on an album...
Krista (host) 9:12:08 AM
seems like it just rose from the dust
Travis Jiorle 9:14:17 AM
Krista, you mentioned CroFab as a hospital treatment for copperhead bites. My wife worked on the ad campaign for CroFab, and I got to see cool photos and brochures on snakes. Good stuff.
Krista (host) 9:15:16 AM
developed by Venom Immunochemistry, Pharmacology and Emergency Response (VIPER) Institute
Krista (host) 9:15:44 AM
It's a modern miracle and thanks to everyone who worked on it, including your wife
Brian D 9:19:29 AM
Lantern flies invaded Ocean Grove
Brian D 9:21:14 AM
So so so many... just slow and barely able to move. Just trying to walk on hot sand and dying. Or smothering each other on the porch of the hotel. Too many . They just should not be around
Krista (host) 9:22:29 AM
They are such weird bugs. The way they slowly crawl up trees in a spiral.
Krista (host) 9:22:50 AM
The spiral tree traps seem effective, haven't caught much for other bugs thankfully
TAndy 9:27:22 AM
I saw a photo on Reddit of the sidewalk across from the Newark courthouse... Looks like someone just laid lanternfly print wallpaper on the ground
TAndy 9:41:16 AM
On the topic of that Russian mobilization... I found a video showing a time lapse of planes leaving after the announcement, mostly to visa free countries for people to escape the draft. It's a lot of planes.
Brian D 9:41:27 AM
Lee Chandler 9:42:00 AM
Perfect back to back!
Krista (host) 9:42:20 AM
I think he's referencing this song in "Soft Boys Make the Grade"
DSM 9:42:44 AM
I never realized the Circle Jerks version was a cover!
Lee Chandler 9:43:07 AM
Was thinking same.
Christine 9:43:23 AM
What a perfect follow-up 💯
Christine 9:44:18 AM
💜 Robyn "don't make tea in the microwave" Hitchcock
Krista (host) 9:46:49 AM
Yes, TAndy, I saw that "how to leave Russia" is one of the top google searches currently
Bud Burroughs 9:56:12 AM
Krista, I'm digging the new LOTR too! It isn't perfect, but it's totally worth watching.
Christine 9:58:47 AM
Thank you, Krista! ✨️
TAndy 9:59:40 AM
Thanks for the show 💙 have a good day everyone, I'll be felllallong asleep during Andi's shos
TAndy 9:59:49 AM
The typos attest to my droasines
Krista (host) 9:59:55 AM
Thank you, everyone.
Brian D 10:00:35 AM
Great show Krista