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Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry

Sep 17, 2022 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Selecta Jerry

Playing the finest in Reggae music from Roots & Culture to Conscious Dancehall, Oldies, Lovers Rock, Riddims and Dub!

Saturday Skankin'


Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry
3:02 PM
Black Uhuru - Sun is Shining/Sun Is Shining Dub
Black Uhuru Sun is Shining/Sun Is Shining Dub N
Taxi Trax Tabou1/Taxi 2022


3:08 PM
Lacksley Castell - Government Man
Lacksley Castell Government Man
Morning Glory Negus Roots 1982
3:12 PM
Johnny Clarke - Warrior
Johnny Clarke Warrior
Truth & Rights Observer Style V/A Heartbeat Records 1994
3:17 PM
Barrington Levy - Robin Hood
Barrington Levy Robin Hood
Junjo Presents Heavyweight Dub Champion Greensleeves Records 2016
3:20 PM
Roots Radics - Upper Cut
Roots Radics Upper Cut
Junjo Presents Heavyweight Dub Champion Greensleeves Records 2016
3:25 PM
Dean Fraser & Ernie Ranglin - Sam-Fi
Dean Fraser & Ernie Ranglin Sam-Fi
Two Colors Tad's Record 2022
3:30 PM
Anthony John - Live up Now
Anthony John Live up Now N
Tropical Life Reality Sound 2022
3:34 PM
Garnet Silk - Bless Me
Garnet Silk Bless Me
Reggae Anthology: Music Is the Rod VP Records 2005
3:37 PM
Everton Blender - Just Wanna Be
Everton Blender Just Wanna Be
A Piece of the Blender: The Singles Heartbeat Records 1996
3:42 PM
Peter Tosh - Babylon Queendom
Peter Tosh Babylon Queendom
Equal Rights (Legacy Edition) Columbia/Legacy 1977


3:46 PM
Don Carlos & Gold - In Pieces
Don Carlos & Gold In Pieces
Raving Tonight Ras Records 1983


3:49 PM
John Clarke - Babylon Spanking
John Clarke Babylon Spanking
Visions of John Clarke Wackies 1979
3:53 PM
Keith & Tex - Modern Slavery
Keith & Tex Modern Slavery N
One Life To Live Sound Of Thunder 2022


3:56 PM
Michael Prophet - Rootsman Time
Michael Prophet Rootsman Time
Know The Right Prophet 1981


3:59 PM
Patrick Andy - Got To Give Some Help
Patrick Andy Got To Give Some Help N
Living in Mount Zion Pressure Sounds 2022
4:03 PM
Patrick Andy & Yabby You - Got To Give Some Help Dub
Patrick Andy & Yabby You Got To Give Some Help Dub N
Living in Mount Zion Pressure Sounds 2022
4:09 PM
Sonya Spence - Talk Love
Sonya Spence Talk Love
Reggae Songbirds: 17 Great Tracks From The Highnote Label V/A Heartbeat Records 1996


4:13 PM
Still Cool - Angel of Love
Still Cool Angel of Love
Still Cool Deeper Knowledge 2016
4:20 PM
Sylford Walker - Deuteronomy
Sylford Walker Deuteronomy
Run It Red V/A Blood & Fire 2005


4:26 PM
The 18th Parallel & Fred Locks - The System Is A Fraud
The 18th Parallel & Fred Locks The System Is A Fraud N
The System Is A Fraud - Single Fruits Records 2022
4:30 PM
Daniel John & Lions Flow - Don't Run (Zion I Matic Riddim)
Daniel John & Lions Flow Don't Run (Zion I Matic Riddim) N
Don't Run (Zion I Matic Riddim) - Single Evidence 2022
4:35 PM
Dahvid Slur - Cyah Kill Rasta (feat. Jo Mersa Marley)
Dahvid Slur Cyah Kill Rasta (feat. Jo Mersa Marley) N
New Age Rockaz - EP Marily Gustus Music 2022
4:39 PM
Tippa Irie - Gwaan Dweet
Tippa Irie Gwaan Dweet N
I'm an African Tippa Irie Music 2022
4:43 PM
Protoje - Late at Night (feat. Lila Iké)
Protoje Late at Night (feat. Lila Iké) N
Third Time's the Charm Indignation Collective/RCA 2022


4:47 PM
Bugle feat. Dexta Daps - Saddest Day
Bugle feat. Dexta Daps Saddest Day N
Toxicity (Deluxe) Evidence Music 2022
4:51 PM
Hollie Cook - Happy Hour
Hollie Cook Happy Hour N
Happy Hour Merge Records 2022
4:56 PM
Lila Iké - Wanted
Lila Iké Wanted N
Wanted - Single In.Digg.Nation Collective/Six Course Music/RCA Records 2022
5:01 PM
Israel Starr - Spread The Love Around
Israel Starr Spread The Love Around N
Keepers of the Flame BlessUp Music 2022
5:05 PM
Dennis Brown - Sitting and Watching
Dennis Brown Sitting and Watching
Love & Hate: The Best of Dennis Brown VP Records 2005
5:08 PM
Tanya Stephens - Not Today
Tanya Stephens Not Today N
Some Kinda Madness Tad’s Record / Jr. Tads 2022
5:13 PM
Horace Andy - Try Love
Horace Andy Try Love
Midnight Rocker On-U Sound 2022
5:16 PM
Horace Andy - Come After Midnight
Horace Andy Come After Midnight N
Midnight Scorchers On-U Sound 2022
5:20 PM
Israel Starr - Keepers of the Flame (Bonus Track Tiki Taane Dub Mix)
Israel Starr Keepers of the Flame (Bonus Track Tiki Taane Dub Mix) N
Keepers of the Flame BlessUp Music 2022
5:25 PM
Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Black Uhuru Guess Who's Coming to Dinner N
Taxi Trax Tabou1/Taxi 2022
5:31 PM
Alborosie & Reggaeville - Chase Babylon Away (Ganjaville Riddim)
Alborosie & Reggaeville Chase Babylon Away (Ganjaville Riddim) N
Chase Babylon Away (Ganjaville Riddim) - Single Oneness Records 2022
5:35 PM
Black-Am-I - Mr Hurry Come Up
Black-Am-I Mr Hurry Come Up N
Mr Hurry Come Up - Single Ghetto Youths International 2022
5:39 PM
Gentleman - Over The Hills
Gentleman Over The Hills N
Over The Hills - Single Gentleman 2022
5:41 PM
Capleton, Lion D, Bizzarri & Livity Band - Warning
Capleton, Lion D, Bizzarri & Livity Band Warning
All In This Together Bizzarri Prod 2022
5:44 PM
Jesse Royal - Life's Sweet
Jesse Royal Life's Sweet
Lily of da Valley Easy Star 2017
5:49 PM
Protoje - Self Defense
Protoje Self Defense
In Search Of Lost Time In.Digg.Nation Collective/Six Course Music/RCA Records 2020
5:52 PM
King Kong & Little Lion Sound - Morning
King Kong & Little Lion Sound Morning N
Morning - Single Evidence Music 2022
5:54 PM
Horace Andy - Cuss Cuss
Horace Andy Cuss Cuss
Cuss Cuss Riddim Weton-Wesgram 2001


5:56 PM
Joseph Cotton - Wicked Running
Joseph Cotton Wicked Running
Single Education 2002


Chat is archived.
Selecta Jerry (host) 2:58:17 PM
Greetings & Dubutatons to one and all! Rock and come in Bad mind stay far
D ARemo 3:01:12 PM
❤️NE L💛VE 💚
D ARemo 3:01:49 PM
gboss 3:01:49 PM
oh man, AM I EVER ready for some saturday skankin'!
D ARemo 3:02:00 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:02:42 PM
A A Remo love the colors you sporting
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:02:56 PM
Gboss you back home
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:03:03 PM
Jim Olbrich 3:04:28 PM
Big ups Selecta Jerry. Greetings.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:05:49 PM
Greetings Jim!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:05:55 PM
You good?
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:07:03 PM
sly and robbie like no other
Jim Olbrich 3:08:01 PM
All good! Enjoying the beautiful Saturday!
gboss 3:08:41 PM
back home and exhausted!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:09:01 PM
i bet man thats no easy journey
DSM 3:10:27 PM
Good afternoon Selecta Jerry and everyone!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:10:42 PM
hey dsm welcome
gboss 3:11:39 PM
Had past eps of SotC to pass the time of the plane. Also, not really reggae related but they had the film "The Torch" available and I watched that. In terms of passing on a musical tradition to the next generation, its relevant though. Great film. Now, back to skankin'
Steve Volaric 3:13:05 PM
Big ups Selecta Jerry!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:13:17 PM
some of them say dem a warrior
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:13:37 PM
Big Up Steve! Thanks for popping in
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:16:16 PM
we nah follow
Jarret Mitchell 3:18:27 PM
Big up Selecta Jerry! We are Rockin here in Yardley as I and I would say
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:18:52 PM
So glad Jarret! Big up the family for me
D ARemo 3:19:54 PM
D ARemo 3:20:37 PM
MissyC 3:24:39 PM
Johnny Clarke - big tune 🎶
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:29:19 PM
Missy C Greetings!
Leslie 3:29:50 PM
Greetings from the Green Mountain State!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:31:40 PM
Leslie and her semi new knee! Big up
Xehl Uggae 3:31:46 PM
Greetings from pemberton NJ
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:32:28 PM
hey Xehl! long time no see my friend
Leslie 3:35:23 PM
🦵🏼 resting up now so I can full on skank tomorrow at Protoje, Lilia Ike & Jesse Royal. Loved seeing your video of the Philly show.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:36:34 PM
you will be full on skanking what a show
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:37:15 PM
Lila 1 hour Jesse 1 Hour 10 min. break. Protoje about 1 hour 20 min
Leslie 3:37:47 PM
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 3:38:02 PM
Leslie 3:38:30 PM
So excited to see Lila Ike for the 1st time.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:38:35 PM
Bam Bam Chef Big uop yourself
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:38:58 PM
she was fab. I had the chance to meet her afterward. So humble
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:40:01 PM
did a wicked jingle for me
Leslie 3:40:20 PM
Henry Annand 3:41:24 PM
Henry Annand 3:41:46 PM
I can't find my CD... that is one of the best
Henry Annand 3:42:08 PM
Thanks you playing the legend Everton Blenda
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:42:20 PM
Yeah Man Love EB
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:42:32 PM
Thanks for tuning in Henry
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:45:49 PM
pure fire
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:51:01 PM
Babylon Spanking on WPRB
D ARemo 3:52:17 PM
D ARemo 3:52:23 PM
D ARemo 3:59:37 PM
1-2-3 o'clock 4 o'clock rock
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 4:01:19 PM
Can I get a big up/big bam to Brian D for coming to me and my friends gig today??
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:02:22 PM
of course chef
M Geismayr 4:05:41 PM
Greetings Selecta!
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 4:08:40 PM
D ARemo 4:08:46 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:10:23 PM
Silver Lion ! Greetings man
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:11:49 PM
Lets Talk Love .....Live love
Ossy Hyouka 4:16:27 PM
You checked in to the SOTC Hotel (rnb legendary singer, Keith Sweat voice) 🎵🏝
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:17:31 PM
hiya ossy Greetings
Ossy Hyouka 4:17:40 PM
Much gratitude Selecta, for playing one of my faves, Sonya Spence's "Talk Love"!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:18:13 PM
you know that one?
Ossy Hyouka 4:18:24 PM
Ossy Hyouka 4:19:02 PM
Oh yeah, from SOTC 2021!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:20:51 PM
ahhh nice glad it made a dent
Kevin Kaiser 4:21:05 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:21:26 PM
Hey Hey K.K.
Kevin Kaiser 4:21:53 PM
Was listening in the car for a bit
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:22:15 PM
Car is a great place to listen to music
Kevin Kaiser 4:23:02 PM
I can def boost the bass there
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:23:30 PM
yes sir wind up the bass !
Kevin Kaiser 4:24:56 PM
Feel the vibes
Ossy Hyouka 4:25:54 PM
Like Marie Coke, Kevin
Ossy Hyouka 4:26:25 PM
Feel The Vibes 🟠🔴🟣⚪🟢⚫🟡🔵🟤
Ossy Hyouka 4:27:07 PM
Yeah Selecta, which in turn made an impact on friends sharing Sonya Spence on repeat, LOL
Ossy Hyouka 4:27:25 PM
and family
Kevin Kaiser 4:27:30 PM
You know it Ossy
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:28:18 PM
So cool Ossy spread it all around
Kevin Kaiser 4:30:25 PM
Wow, really needed this dose today
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:31:53 PM
same kevin. gottsta to have it
Kevin Kaiser 4:32:24 PM
After two procedures to remove a kidney stone, having a stent for a month, catching Covid, having the stent removed…
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:32:35 PM
don't run the stop signs and stay woke at all times
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:33:32 PM
when you see the flashlight is when it all goes down
Kevin Kaiser 4:35:25 PM
Cut your hair for a job: I actually did cut my dreads for a job. It was desperate times. Not proud of that, but I made it a ceremony.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:36:25 PM
So hope you can past all the health struggles behind you kev. Come back stronger than ever
Kevin Kaiser 4:43:09 PM
Where everyone at?
Ossy Hyouka 4:43:59 PM
Josiah Marley kinda sounded like Tems, which thought at first
Joe L AbsoluteAuto 4:44:01 PM
BIG UPS SELECTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MissyC 4:44:37 PM
Gorgeous tune
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:44:43 PM
Big up Joe! Hail up the crew for me
Kevin Kaiser 4:44:53 PM
MissyC 4:45:54 PM
Hey Selecta - Midnight Scorcher on orange vinyl just arrived in the post 😃
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:46:31 PM
thought my black vinyl would be here today :(
Lioness J 4:47:09 PM
Love this track so much 🔥🔥🔥
Lioness J 4:47:48 PM
Greetings Selecta J and SOTC fam ✌️
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:48:12 PM
Hi Julia Big Up yourself and the fam
Kevin Kaiser 4:48:30 PM
Chat is heating up🔥🔥🔥
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:49:05 PM
you called em out kev
Lioness J 4:49:18 PM
Big ups Selecta been listening for a while
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:50:20 PM
saddest day of my life when she left me with a broken heart
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:50:30 PM
yeah mon!
Ossy Hyouka 4:52:36 PM
Hi Julia and fire last song!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:53:31 PM
the sharks are out at happy hour
Kevin Kaiser 4:56:31 PM
That Hollie Cook got my spouse’s approval!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:57:01 PM
such a great tune with amazing production work
Lioness J 4:57:04 PM
Hey Ossy 🙌
Ossy Hyouka 4:57:24 PM
Lila is natural to have her at Princeton University 🧡. She must do a collab with H.E.R, Koffee or Tems!
Lioness J 4:57:38 PM
Lila says you’re number one Selecta I have to agree
Kevin Kaiser 4:58:02 PM
Selecta Jerry Wanted
Kevin Kaiser 4:58:14 PM
This a jam
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:58:39 PM
i thanked her so much for that jingle she was so nice
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:58:59 PM
i told her how much all of the wprb listeners love her music
Ossy Hyouka 4:59:29 PM
I figured more it was at the concert, since you attended her concert and met her there!
D ARemo 5:00:21 PM
Lioness J 5:01:13 PM
We do love her music she is such a talent with the most beautiful voice
Lioness J 5:01:41 PM
I have seen her live she is absolute fire
Ossy Hyouka 5:01:59 PM
More famous peeps, I encountered rnb singer Chrisette Michelle at this past Willingboro Jazz Festival, she smiled at me, as I gave her congrats and recording her performance!
Lioness J 5:02:00 PM
Not met her backstage though Selecta
Ossy Hyouka 5:02:43 PM
Awesome Julia, to still be in the same place with Lila!
Kevin Kaiser 5:02:50 PM
Nice, Ossy!
Ossy Hyouka 5:04:35 PM
Legendary moment on my birthday weekend and even met and chatted with another famous singer named William Lodge(born and raised in Willingboro), despite never hearing him before on that same day, to tell him his jazz and rnb rocks and giving thanks, he was humble, Kevin!
Lioness J 5:05:31 PM
Dennis ❤️
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:06:23 PM
wooooooo ohhhhhh
Lioness J 5:06:31 PM
Stand strong
Lioness J 5:06:52 PM
Sing it Selecta
Ossy Hyouka 5:07:15 PM
Like the golden time of day, Frankly Beverely and Maze says! 🟡💛☀️
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:07:22 PM
hahahaha Big Up Lioness J you caught me
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:08:19 PM
name the riddim?
Lioness J 5:10:09 PM
Oh I don’t know the riddim
Lioness J 5:10:20 PM
Need MissyC
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:10:32 PM
i bet kevin knows this one
Lulu Nyeusi 5:11:48 PM
Same song.
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:12:01 PM
Yes Winner Winner !!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:12:12 PM
big up lulu
Ossy Hyouka 5:12:17 PM
And Queen Vee, Julia!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:12:27 PM
you win 50,000 reggae points
Lulu Nyeusi 5:13:40 PM
Big up my Selector.
Kevin Kaiser 5:14:24 PM
Oh I was too slow on the draw
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:14:26 PM
all good in your part of the world?
MissyC 5:14:49 PM
Wicked 🌪️💫
Ossy Hyouka 5:15:02 PM
Now for grand prize of 200,000 reggae points! (Samuel L Jackson voice as Coach Carter making his basketball team doing many pushups and runs LOL)
Lioness J 5:15:16 PM
Congrats Lulu 🎉
Rob F 5:15:20 PM
Greetings all
LA Guelo 5:15:39 PM
<3<3<3 YO YO YO <3<3<3
Lulu Nyeusi 5:15:53 PM
Yes we are good the summer weather is cooling off a bit, it was only 103F today.
Lioness J 5:16:15 PM
Horace Andy album is phenomenal
Lioness J 5:16:46 PM
Hey Rob F 🙌
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:17:03 PM
midnight scorchers in the house
Lioness J 5:17:17 PM
Version 👌
Rob F 5:18:17 PM
Hi Julia, hope all is well
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:19:38 PM
Rob Fabulous inna the place
MissyC 5:20:03 PM
I’ve had red and clear vinyl but orange is a first 😃
Rob F 5:21:16 PM
@Selecta Jerry - I remember recording cool radio shows on cassette tape too
Lioness J 5:25:24 PM
Shout ouuuuuut!!!😁
Ossy Hyouka 5:25:31 PM
Big Up like reggae singer Ravyon 🔴🟡🟢⚫
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:27:33 PM
making me hungry
Lioness J 5:29:30 PM
Better make it ital if natty dreadlock coming for dinner
LA Guelo 5:29:59 PM
those delayed toms ohyess :)
MissyC 5:30:00 PM
💃🏼 this takes me back
MissyC 5:30:23 PM
Other album’s on red 😆
Ossy Hyouka 5:30:43 PM
So hungry that I can watch youtube vlogger Mark Wiens's cuisine trip in Jamaica!
LA Guelo 5:31:37 PM
Mark Wiens was in NJ recenty Ossy! did you see?
Lioness J 5:31:52 PM
Yes this is a groove
Ossy Hyouka 5:32:08 PM
LA Guelo 5:33:31 PM
He was following Anthony Bourdain's trail... oh it was 11 months ago ;P
MissyC 5:33:46 PM
@Rob I still have a drawer full of old tapes and a deck to play em all on… sound quality is fantastic after all the years
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:36:32 PM
Guelo Welcome I did not see you come through
Ossy Hyouka 5:39:01 PM
Oh a long while ago, that'll be awesome though if Wiens was in the Delaware trip state area
Ossy Hyouka 5:39:10 PM
Tri state*
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:42:25 PM
fire burn
MissyC 5:42:32 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:42:38 PM
burning on a high
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:43:04 PM
fire man a burn a burn a burn
D ARemo 5:44:07 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:44:11 PM
MissyC 5:44:18 PM
What a tune 🔥
Lioness J 5:44:34 PM
Burns every Saturday 🔥🔥🔥
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:46:04 PM
so humbled I am blessed for you all to be here
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:46:12 PM
thank you
MissyC 5:47:26 PM
We thank you Selecta for hours of wicked tunes every week 🙏
Lioness J 5:50:29 PM
Big Protoje track 💣 💣 💣
MissyC 5:50:34 PM
Confess I’m a latecomer to protoje - but wowww
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:51:11 PM
Ossy Hyouka 5:52:17 PM
Knew it was Protoje!
DSM 5:52:38 PM
Thanks for another wonderful afternoon of great music Selecta.
Lioness J 5:52:49 PM
He’s brilliant love Protoje
Kevin Kaiser 5:52:59 PM
I’m still here.
Lioness J 5:53:21 PM
Kevin Kaiser 5:53:31 PM
Another Saturday afternoon well spent
Kevin Kaiser 5:53:56 PM
Big up Selecta Jerry and the SOTC fam
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:54:56 PM
cuss cuss everywhere we go
Lioness J 5:55:22 PM
Big tunes until the very end
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:55:29 PM
what am i to do with the other 15 songs we did not get to?
MissyC 5:55:52 PM
Oh myyy this riddimmm this tune 🎶
Lioness J 5:56:06 PM
Cuss cuss we don’t like it
Kevin Kaiser 5:56:30 PM
Bring them to the afterparty Selecta!
Lioness J 5:56:32 PM
MissyC 5:56:40 PM
Stay on air another hour or more Jerry 😁
Kevin Kaiser 5:57:05 PM
We need an SOTC afterparty space
Lioness J 5:57:17 PM
Always leaves us wanting more
MissyC 5:57:35 PM
After party yay….. where 😃
Lioness J 5:57:58 PM
Thank you Selecta 🙏
Lioness J 5:58:15 PM
Blessings all 🙏
Kevin Kaiser 5:58:22 PM
Good question MissyC
Kevin Kaiser 5:58:34 PM
MissyC 5:58:35 PM
Blessings everyone…. 🎶
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:58:47 PM
pod up at 1800 4 plus hours
Ossy Hyouka 5:59:13 PM
Lioness J 5:59:43 PM
Downloading pod asap
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:59:45 PM
give thanks everyone1
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:59:51 PM
MissyC 6:00:25 PM
Yiu got a blues lined up for us Selecta?
Selecta Jerry (host) 6:00:48 PM
wha dat?
MissyC 6:01:41 PM
House party after the show closes 🎶
Selecta Jerry (host) 6:01:51 PM
ahhh yes take it with you LOL