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WPRB News and Culture

Sep 16, 2022 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

News & Culture


News and Culture returns for the Fall season with four stories on beginnings – starts informed by faith, technology, crisis, and community.

Charlie Nuermberger and Henry Moses speak to art critic and writer Dean Kissick about the rise of AI-generated art, and what this new path could mean for artistry and creation in the digital age. Clara McWeeny and Izzy Jacobson explore how activism for reproductive rights has resurged since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and speak to those demonstrating for their bodily autonomy. Alan Plotz and Clara McWeeny learn more about the value of canvassing as a new election season begins – and the risks, benefits, and lessons of a campaign. And Adam Sanders speaks to religious leaders about the modern-day culture of cynicism we see all around us – and ask how we can change the narrative to find meaning and drive in our journey to improve the world.

** For more information about the AI image generation, visit

Reported, recorded, and produced by Charlie Nuermberger, Henry Moses, Clara McWeeny, Izzy Jacobson, Alan Plotz, and Adam Sanders. Directed and hosted by Adam Sanders.

WPRB News and Culture
5:00 PM
WPRB - WPRB News and Culture
WPRB WPRB News and Culture
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Adam from News and Culture (host) 4:56:38 PM
Welcome to News and Culture! We're super excited for this season of shows – hope you enjoy!