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Follow the Train

Aug 27, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With CJ

A show with more variety than Big Smoke's Cluckin' Bell order

S05E10 - Is the season almost over already?

Follow the Train
11:00 PM
Set Break: Intro - Big Smoke's Order
11:03 PM
Thee Oh Sees - Overthrown
Thee Oh Sees Overthrown Thee Oh Sees
Smote Reverser Castle Face 2018
11:05 PM
Boris - Ibitsu
Boris Ibitsu Boris
Akuma No Uta Third Man Records LLC 2019
11:09 PM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Self-Immolate
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Self-Immolate King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Infest the Rats' Nest ATO Records 2019
11:13 PM
Drive Like Jehu - Golden Brown
Drive Like Jehu Golden Brown Drive Like Jehu
Yank Crime (Bonus Track Version) Swami 2002
11:16 PM
Hot Snakes - Braintrust
Hot Snakes Braintrust Hot Snakes
Audit in Progress Sub Pop Records 2018
11:18 PM
METZ - Cellophane
METZ Cellophane METZ
Strange Peace Sub Pop Records 2017
11:22 PM
Thee Oh Sees - Wax Face
Thee Oh Sees Wax Face Thee Oh Sees
Putrifiers II In The Red 2012
11:26 PM
ORB - The Space Between the Planets
ORB The Space Between the Planets ORB
The Space Between Flightless Records under exclusive license to ATO Records, LLC. 2018
11:32 PM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
11:34 PM
Meatbodies - Gyre
Meatbodies Gyre Meatbodies
Alice In The Red 2017
11:41 PM
The Dead Pirates - Flo
The Dead Pirates Flo The Dead Pirates
Highmare Dirty Melody 2016
11:44 PM
Meatbodies - Mountain
Meatbodies Mountain Meatbodies
Meatbodies In The Red 2014
11:48 PM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Superbug
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Superbug King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Infest the Rats' Nest ATO Records 2019
11:55 PM
The Physics House Band - Incident On 3rd
The Physics House Band Incident On 3rd The Physics House Band
Incident On 3rd Unearthly Vision 2021
11:58 PM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break - Halfway Point!
12:01 AM
Thank You Scientist - Soul Diver
Thank You Scientist Soul Diver Thank You Scientist
Plague Accommodations - EP THANK YOU SCIENTIST 2021
12:09 AM
Thank You Scientist - Feed the Horses
Thank You Scientist Feed the Horses Thank You Scientist
Maps of Non - Existent Places THANK YOU SCIENTIST 2014
12:15 AM
The Physics House Band - Drug Store
The Physics House Band Drug Store The Physics House Band
Incident On 3rd Unearthly Vision 2021
12:20 AM
Nyu. - Sapphire
Nyu. Sapphire Nyu.
Flux - EP Nyu. 2018
12:24 AM
Town Portal - Dream Bureau
Town Portal Dream Bureau Town Portal
The Occident Small Pond 2015
12:28 AM
The Murlocs - Gutless
The Murlocs Gutless The Murlocs
Tee Pee - EP Gaga Digi 2012
12:32 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
12:33 AM
The Hellbenders - Winchester Justice
The Hellbenders Winchester Justice The Hellbenders
Today We Kill... Tomorrow We Die Double Crown Records 2004
12:36 AM
Daikaiju - Forcefield Lifts Over Neon City
Daikaiju Forcefield Lifts Over Neon City Daikaiju
Phase 2 DingDong Records 2010
12:44 AM
Electrotype - Mega Buzzer Theme
Electrotype Mega Buzzer Theme Electrotype R
Mega Buzzer Theme - Single Electrotype 2019
12:45 AM
Yin Yin - Chong Wang
Yin Yin Chong Wang Yin Yin N
The Age of Aquarius Glitterbeat Records 2022
12:50 AM
Yin Yin - One Inch Punch
Yin Yin One Inch Punch Yin Yin
The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers P-VINE RECORDS 2019
12:55 AM
Ginger Root - Circumstances
Ginger Root Circumstances Ginger Root
Rikki Acrophase Records 2020
12:57 AM
Set Break: End of the Line! (Check out my Linktree for show recordings later this week! Will announce new season schedule on Twitter if it's different!)
12:59 AM
Ginger Root - Over the Hill
Ginger Root Over the Hill N
Over the Hill - Single 2022
Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:01:53 PM
picture me with big smonk's order but with a cheesesteak and fries and i barely ate the fries
Freddie Furia 11:02:20 PM
not to be mistaken for White Power Radio
TAndy 11:02:25 PM
oh my god LOL
Freddie Furia 11:02:53 PM
grady said someone misheard that once lol
TAndy 11:03:20 PM
CJ (host) 11:03:31 PM
oh god lmao
CJ (host) 11:04:12 PM
would not be a great fit for that type of radio 💀
TAndy 11:04:29 PM
Waiting for the day that someone spoofs his show with "White Powder Radio" and it's all 80s power ballads, acid house, rave, and fast glam metal. cocaine music basically
CJ (host) 11:05:01 PM
next fill in gotta definitely do that haha
Freddie Furia 11:05:11 PM
TAndy 11:05:52 PM
Mixcloud is sick for finally allowing rewinding on some tracks, but the fact that they're .m4a files means I need to convert to .mp3 to use on my pmp, and the conversion always doubles the filesize since m4a so efficient.
CJ (host) 11:06:23 PM
CJ (host) 11:07:03 PM
is there a good streaming platform for this besides just hosting the file somewhere
TAndy 11:07:16 PM
that's just a sandisk ting tho whenever that old thing dies I'm getting one of those Chinesium players with two MicroSD slots and a powerful DAC for some reason
TAndy 11:08:17 PM
Uhh one sec
TAndy 11:09:54 PM
I've seen https://hearthis.at/ used by some on a website I'm on but I don't know much about it. Solid site though
Freddie Furia 11:10:15 PM
yeah ive been thinking of putting my recordings up and would prob just host them on my site, I'll bookmark that tho
CJ (host) 11:10:50 PM
man I should revive one of my websites
CJ (host) 11:11:15 PM
the only site I host these days is my .eth clone of my Linktree
TAndy 11:11:31 PM
Yeah if I were a DJ (Which I'm currently not), I would probably use archive.org
CJ (host) 11:11:43 PM
oooh yeah good point
CJ (host) 11:11:52 PM
archive org is epic
CJ (host) 11:12:10 PM
Really hoping they win that lawsuit against book publishers
CJ (host) 11:12:23 PM
Cause they're too good of a resource to lose
TAndy 11:12:27 PM
WPRB is a longstanding radio station, and some of the original rap mixes are on there so I don't see the site being opposed to other DJs from the station uploading
TAndy 11:13:23 PM
This still sounds like a Sleep song lol
CJ (host) 11:14:38 PM
nah we avoid sleep 😤 we're awake 24/7
Freddie Furia 11:15:02 PM
can confirm
TAndy 11:15:23 PM
wait no. go the ghetto route and find an old dell optiplex from some school, fill it with hard drives, and host an ftp on that thing for mixes lolol bonus points if it's an old unregistered windows server license or some esoteric linux distro from a decade ago
CJ (host) 11:15:41 PM
hell yes on the esoteric linux distro
TAndy 11:15:51 PM
you get a bonus beige star if it's got that beige plastic shell that turned piss yellow over the years
CJ (host) 11:15:54 PM
we gonna run hannah montana linux on that shit
TAndy 11:16:12 PM
tonight i learned that exists
CJ (host) 11:16:29 PM
split between that, templeos, or uwuntu
Freddie Furia 11:17:12 PM
Freddie Furia 11:17:20 PM
that hurts
TAndy 11:17:21 PM
use teedus as the background, but nah use uwuntu
TAndy 11:17:23 PM
CJ (host) 11:17:41 PM
mmm bonzi buddy
TAndy 11:18:07 PM
we stan microsoft bob in this house
CJ (host) 11:19:36 PM
who knew a piece of malware would be so lovable
TAndy 11:20:16 PM
wake me up when someone makes a bonzi buddy shimeji
CJ (host) 11:21:36 PM
CJ (host) 11:22:09 PM
need that bundled with uwuntu
TAndy 11:28:11 PM
TAndy 11:29:41 PM
Can't wait to play Doom on my Samsung Smart Fridge
CJ (host) 11:29:58 PM
I still don't understand why those exist
CJ (host) 11:30:14 PM
can you imagine getting hacked because your fridge didn't receive security updates
Freddie Furia 11:30:30 PM
they let you see what's inside tho
Freddie Furia 11:30:36 PM
through the screen
Freddie Furia 11:31:00 PM
the future is now
TAndy 11:31:18 PM
Same thing as people in condo buildings getting locked in their apartments because the place uses an internet connected security system with biometrics with no physical bypass
Freddie Furia 11:32:26 PM
bmw in (i think) japan announced they would start charging a monthly subscription to use the seat heaters in your car
TAndy 11:34:19 PM
Yeah they tried that in Europe but cancelled it because people were bypassing it
TAndy 11:34:35 PM
Charging 10 euro a month to use cruise control
CJ (host) 11:35:36 PM
Tesla already pioneered bad car DLC, might as well add bad subscription services as well
Ossy Hyouka 11:36:10 PM
CJ (host) 11:36:50 PM
hey there ossy!
Freddie Furia 11:36:53 PM
holy shit a creeper just exploded and spawned like a dozen silverfish
CJ (host) 11:36:59 PM
oh god
CJ (host) 11:37:11 PM
hate silverfish
Freddie Furia 11:37:11 PM
that was the most terrifying experience
TAndy 11:37:41 PM
Someone in a Spiderman group I'm in made a whole story arc using Spiderman screenshots about the smart fridge but it's 16 images long lmao
CJ (host) 11:37:43 PM
I probably haven't got silverfished in forever but I remember freaking the hell out the last time
CJ (host) 11:38:26 PM
I'm impressed but also lmao @TAndy
TAndy 11:39:16 PM
I'll upload them on imgur shortly
TAndy 11:39:54 PM
There's someone in the same group nearly 200 posts in a Pokemon trainer arc using screenshots and fake subtitles, it's amazing
Ossy Hyouka 11:40:27 PM
Silverfish are disgusting
CJ (host) 11:41:14 PM
so much worse irl than in minecraft
Ossy Hyouka 11:42:55 PM
And poison mites in Zelda Twilight Princess, where they come from nowhere and crawl on you, in some Pyramid dungeon
TAndy 11:43:07 PM
Probs my fave post just because of the face in the last panel https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/467333126255804418/1013292514016509983/IMG_20220827_234233_575.jpg
CJ (host) 11:43:57 PM
TAndy 11:49:11 PM
unfortunate trackname here with unfortunate timing based on the year given
CJ (host) 11:50:06 PM
god I hope king gizzard doesn't keep predicting the future
TAndy 11:55:34 PM
Smart Fridge Arc: https://imgur.com/a/dmqx4tx
CJ (host) 11:55:59 PM
is it actually that bad that I gotta log in to see it lmao
TAndy 11:56:42 PM
i didn't need to log in lmfao imgur be crazy
CJ (host) 11:57:07 PM
it's marked as NSFW or something lol
TAndy 11:57:37 PM
oh because one of the panels says "p*rn" in it probably
CJ (host) 11:57:51 PM
ah jeez I think I got rid of my imgur account around the time reddit added uploads
TAndy 11:59:11 PM
Ossy Hyouka 12:02:13 AM
A friend of mine hates imgur, being too toxic for no reason and unfriendly there
CJ (host) 12:02:55 AM
honestly never used it for social features - I just kinda blindly uploaded anime pictures that I needed to link on Reddit haha
CJ (host) 12:03:06 AM
probably had some pretty nasty comments from people on there
TAndy 12:03:49 AM
I remember when imgur was just an image host and not reddit lite
TAndy 12:04:09 AM
i remember uploading vacation photos and got like -10 score somehow
CJ (host) 12:05:06 AM
everyone needs to monetize eventually I guess
TAndy 12:06:21 AM
I will simply continue using nyaa.se clones and puush.me as god intended
CJ (host) 12:08:19 AM
amen lmao
CJ (host) 12:08:59 AM
can't believe they outed nyaa on that netflix resident evil adaptation
TAndy 12:09:45 AM
They huh
TAndy 12:10:01 AM
Is that why the site loads an empty page if I'm not using a VPN??
CJ (host) 12:10:34 AM
might be ISP specific blocking
TAndy 12:10:47 AM
Oh makes sense
CJ (host) 12:13:50 AM
CJ (host) 12:13:58 AM
yooooo new gizz SOON
TAndy 12:14:44 AM
My wallet!!
CJ (host) 12:15:51 AM
gotta add to my collection at any cost 😤
Colin 12:18:32 AM
gotta love that the physics house band features🎷
CJ (host) 12:18:46 AM
they're so good lmao
Colin 12:19:15 AM
i might fall for any rock saxophone.
CJ (host) 12:23:50 AM
alright it took me way too long to get the imgur verification texts but I can now read the samsung smart fridge arc
CJ (host) 12:24:55 AM
worth it
TAndy 12:30:22 AM
TAndy 12:32:53 AM
I need TP for me EP
Ossy Hyouka 12:33:11 AM
Forgot to long mention that they downvote stuff on imgur for no reason, but nonsense, inappropriate and overrated posts get so ovation on imgur
CJ (host) 12:39:07 AM
yep, sounds about right
Ossy Hyouka 12:43:28 AM
True that, I even rarely see rude people on the wprb chat, like one person earlier this week on Esoterica's got flared for no reason just because I mentioned a character of Disney relating to Jenny Slate, which he appears to hate Disney.
CJ (host) 12:44:41 AM
ah yeah, there's some nasty people here and there
CJ (host) 12:44:51 AM
late night chats are usually really nice though
CJ (host) 12:44:59 AM
haven't had an issue that I can remember
TAndy 12:46:28 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:48:59 AM
Yeah, more harsh stuff earlier in the year some anti Ukraine troll out of nowhere was annoying Dan Ruccia and some months later, a guy with a 3% image came here, got confronted and was playing the victim card of "being harassed".
CJ (host) 12:49:41 AM
oh yeah I remember seeing screenshots of that second one
CJ (host) 12:49:57 AM
trolls gonna troll I guess
Ossy Hyouka 12:53:26 AM
Yep, no lives they got, lmao, and playing victim cards like they did nothing 😂 🤣 . That 3% guy was on both Commie and Anika's show, and Commie messaged me about it.
TAndy 12:58:47 AM
Big ups for the show tonight CJ. Ginger Root, Daikaiju, and Yin Yin forever GOATed
CJ (host) 12:59:30 AM
CJ (host) 12:59:37 AM
Thanks for tuning in guys!
Ossy Hyouka 12:59:50 AM
Big ups Saturday Night Experience, late nights!
CJ (host) 1:01:47 AM
Will update this with links later: https://linktr.ee/CarlZielinski