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Lost in Time & Sludge

Aug 18, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With DJ Flex Luthor

Return of the Flex

I am back from Brazil and ready to boogie

Lost in Time & Sludge
11:01 PM
Wormwitch - Canadian Denim Mountain Attack
Wormwitch Canadian Denim Mountain Attack Wormwitch
Wolf Hex Prosthetic Records 2021
11:04 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:06 PM
Paradise Lost - No Passage For the Dead
Paradise Lost No Passage For the Dead Paradise Lost
11:11 PM
Absent in Body - In Spirit in Spite
Absent in Body In Spirit in Spite Absent in Body N
Plague God Relapse Records 2022
11:19 PM
Feminazgul - The Rot in the Field Is Holy
Feminazgul The Rot in the Field Is Holy Feminazgul
No Dawn for Men V/A Birds Before the Storm 2020
11:25 PM
Inter Arma - Southern Man
Inter Arma Southern Man Neil Young
Garbers Days Revisited Relapse Records 2020
11:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:34 PM
Judas Priest - Firepower
Judas Priest Firepower Judas Priest
Firepower Columbia 2018
11:37 PM
Pentagram - Forever My Queen
Pentagram Forever My Queen Pentagram
First Daze Here (Reissue) Relapse Records 2016
11:40 PM
Spirit Adrift - Forge Your Future
Spirit Adrift Forge Your Future Spirit Adrift
Forge Your Future - EP Century Media 2021
11:47 PM
Danzig - Am I Demon
Danzig Am I Demon Danzig
Danzig American Recordings Catalog P&D 1988
11:51 PM
Unto Others - Heroin
Unto Others Heroin Unto Others
Strength Roadrunner Records 2021
11:55 PM
Woods of Ypres - Lightning & Snow
Woods of Ypres Lightning & Snow Woods of Ypres
Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light Earache Records Ltd 2011
12:00 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:04 AM
Haken - Nightingale
Haken Nightingale N
Nightingale - Single InsideOutMusic 2022
12:12 AM
Soen - Sectarian
Soen Sectarian Soen
Lykaia UDR 2016
12:18 AM
Jinjer - Vortex
Jinjer Vortex Jinjer
Wallflowers Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2021
12:22 AM
Intronaut - Killing Birds With Stones
Intronaut Killing Birds With Stones Intronaut
Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones) Century Media 2013
12:30 AM
Ghost:Whale - The Other Side
Ghost:Whale The Other Side N
Echo:One Tenzenmen 2022
12:38 AM
Hath - The Million Violations
Hath The Million Violations Hath N
All That Was Promised WILLOWTIP INC. (WTP) 2022
12:43 AM
Conjurer - Suffer Alone
Conjurer Suffer Alone N
Páthos Nuclear Blast 2022
12:45 AM
Enabler - All Hail the Void
Enabler All Hail the Void Enabler
All Hail the Void Southern Lord 2012
12:49 AM
Full of Hell - Crawling Back to God
Full of Hell Crawling Back to God Full of Hell
Trumpeting Ecstasy Profound Lore 2017
12:51 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:53 AM
Converge & Chelsea Wolfe - Crimson Stone
Converge & Chelsea Wolfe Crimson Stone
Bloodmoon: I Epitaph 2021
Chat is archived.
Flex Luthor (host) 11:01:00 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:01:06 PM
we are back
TAndy 11:01:23 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:03:55 PM
Flex any way we can git some "Freebooter" by the mighty High on Fire?
TAndy 11:04:35 PM
Matt laid dormant in chat until this moment arrived lol
Matt-ain Lightning 11:05:16 PM
Lol. Like a yeast spore
TAndy 11:05:49 PM
But the yeast will riiiise to the top
Matt-ain Lightning 11:06:00 PM
Choco-banana rules
unoclay 11:06:15 PM
dude jealous of that flavor combo
Flex Luthor (host) 11:07:00 PM
it's a great combo but also
Matt-ain Lightning 11:07:08 PM
It's a metal AF combo
Flex Luthor (host) 11:07:09 PM
why did I make this late at night and TOO MUCH
TAndy 11:07:12 PM
TAndy 11:07:21 PM
yall gonna share?
Flex Luthor (host) 11:07:30 PM
oo there are possibilities matt we shall see
Flex Luthor (host) 11:07:33 PM
but request noted
unoclay 11:07:37 PM
yeah this is kind of bs that we cant get a taste of that
Flex Luthor (host) 11:08:11 PM
coming soon to a grocery store near you
Flex Luthor (host) 11:08:14 PM
Flex Shakes
Matt-ain Lightning 11:08:32 PM
I have choco Twizzlers which are also metal
Flex Luthor (host) 11:09:15 PM
unoclay 11:09:23 PM
pop rocks are probably the most metal
Flex Luthor (host) 11:09:24 PM
this is different from black licorice??
Matt-ain Lightning 11:09:41 PM
And Key Lime Twizzlers are blackest metal
Flex Luthor (host) 11:09:48 PM
oo what is the mostmetal candy
TAndy 11:09:59 PM
I have a bag of sour Skittles and a can of peach ring flavored Monster
Flex Luthor (host) 11:10:05 PM
idk if they're metal but I'm a huge fan of buncha crunch
Matt-ain Lightning 11:10:27 PM
Gobstopper that is yuge
Matt-ain Lightning 11:10:33 PM
Like a fukn PLANET
Matt-ain Lightning 11:10:56 PM
TAndy usually has metal snacks
Flex Luthor (host) 11:11:05 PM
jawbreakers are brutal
Flex Luthor (host) 11:11:16 PM
warheads feel right for thrash metal
TAndy 11:11:27 PM
holy shit
TAndy 11:11:33 PM
that snare holy shit
TAndy 11:11:43 PM
oil drum ass snare
Flex Luthor (host) 11:11:44 PM
this album is sooo nasty
Flex Luthor (host) 11:11:50 PM
disgusting from start to finish
TAndy 11:11:56 PM
This makes me want to break out that george costanza face
Matt-ain Lightning 11:12:09 PM
but thankfully not like the St. Anger snare
Flex Luthor (host) 11:12:16 PM
such a good super group
TAndy 11:12:35 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:12:52 PM
Lol TAndy
Flex Luthor (host) 11:13:11 PM
saving that
Matt-ain Lightning 11:13:22 PM
Quickest memes in the wild east, courtesy TAndy
Ossy Hyouka 11:13:51 PM
What's hot Flex?
Matt-ain Lightning 11:14:06 PM
I make the Costanza-Cosby-et al face with heavy fuzz tracks
Ossy Hyouka 11:14:55 PM
Hairbo gummies for the metal.
Flex Luthor (host) 11:14:59 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:15:05 PM
nm I have returned from brazil
Matt-ain Lightning 11:15:20 PM
And I believe the Pigface guy who was in Ministry, PiL, nin, etc invented the distorted drum beat way back when at start of industrial music
Matt-ain Lightning 11:15:41 PM
Er, overdriven drum beat, more precisely
TAndy 11:15:45 PM
yooo ossy
Flex Luthor (host) 11:15:54 PM
idk for sure but wouldn't be surprised
Ossy Hyouka 11:15:56 PM
Nice, must be very exciting in the South America's!
Ossy Hyouka 11:16:14 PM
Hi Tandy!
Matt-ain Lightning 11:16:16 PM
Ozzy those Haribo are good
TAndy 11:16:16 PM
I believe we're missing that new chatter from before, and only then will the Time & Sludge Wrecking Crew be 100%
Flex Luthor (host) 11:16:47 PM
tbh biggest exciting thing was the proliferation of street food
Matt-ain Lightning 11:16:51 PM
This song is spooky
Flex Luthor (host) 11:17:00 PM
I miss it so
Matt-ain Lightning 11:17:13 PM
Street food is metal
Ossy Hyouka 11:17:19 PM
Yep, my cousin/godbrother got me a massive bag of them!
Matt-ain Lightning 11:17:36 PM
I got sick once in Tijuana from street food but I'd by goddamn do it again
Flex Luthor (host) 11:17:39 PM
the vibe is creepy music to read your diary over
TAndy 11:18:14 PM
yo flex is it true that brazilian pizza is on a whole other level based on the pics/videos i saw
Flex Luthor (host) 11:18:24 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:18:36 PM
It's the voice from the Scramble Suit in A Scanner Darkly
TAndy 11:18:43 PM
I love the joke pizzas where they put a fkn tire in the middle or a potted plant LOL
Ossy Hyouka 11:19:12 PM
Metal as Team Rocket's Wobbuffet taking on three bullies pokemon Hitmonlee, Machoke and Primeape, which was double background music for ME, LOL
Flex Luthor (host) 11:19:22 PM
Imean the real thing is that brazilians are willing to distort any other kind of street food by putting anything and everything on it
Matt-ain Lightning 11:19:25 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:19:33 PM
that song was bonkers
TAndy 11:19:35 PM
A streamer I watch has dedicated three entire stream segments to looking at and reacting to pizzas he knows will make him mad
TAndy 11:19:50 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:20:20 PM
lol yeah they're wild
Matt-ain Lightning 11:20:23 PM
Feminazgul is THE best band name ever
Flex Luthor (host) 11:20:34 PM
they also do burgers and hot dogs that are excessive
Matt-ain Lightning 11:21:17 PM
I used to drink Brazilian beer that was black, sofa king good
TAndy 11:21:23 PM
I want to see who would win in a fight between Brazil's strongest pizza and Mexico's strongest elote overload. Elote overload being when they dump corn on the corncob with chips, ramen, sauce, mayo, powder, all sorts of crap LOL
Matt-ain Lightning 11:22:11 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:22:41 PM
Those Mexican cobs are insane, works of art
TAndy 11:23:05 PM
@Matt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nxqjea6_QQ
Flex Luthor (host) 11:23:22 PM
wait what beer? I am interested
TAndy 11:23:36 PM
I have like six similar videos on my home computer, my south mexican friend sent them to me each titles "Why we need a second wall" and so on lmao funny guy
Matt-ain Lightning 11:24:04 PM
@flex Xingu (if I recall) @TAndy Lol 🌽
Matt-ain Lightning 11:24:20 PM
Xingu Black Beer from Amazonia
Flex Luthor (host) 11:24:37 PM
idk it but that sounds cool!
Matt-ain Lightning 11:26:15 PM
I request Free Bird by Skynyrd LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Matt-ain Lightning 11:26:35 PM
for balance in The Force
TAndy 11:26:46 PM
That would be pretty sick though
Flex Luthor (host) 11:27:02 PM
only neil young spite today
Matt-ain Lightning 11:28:07 PM
His 'Cinnamon Girl' is almost proto-fuzz
Flex Luthor (host) 11:28:48 PM
I mean down by the river has one of the nastiest solos ever and it's like 4 notes lol
Matt-ain Lightning 11:29:05 PM
Maiden on gas station boner pills
TAndy 11:30:13 PM
Just found out there's a Children's Mullet competition in Philly and it's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen
Matt-ain Lightning 11:30:14 PM
Flex is back and comin out swingin 🥊
Matt-ain Lightning 11:30:47 PM
TAndy 11:32:15 PM
Mullets are fuckin sick no one will convince me otherwise
Matt-ain Lightning 11:32:20 PM
You know what candy is metal? Edible marijuana
TAndy 11:32:43 PM
Yo Matt I saw something earlier about a popular edibles brand being available in NJ soon
Matt-ain Lightning 11:32:59 PM
TAndy 11:33:36 PM
Thought he was gonna say the sludge and the fudge
Matt-ain Lightning 11:33:47 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:34:32 PM
This show is nuts already
Flex Luthor (host) 11:34:39 PM
judas priest is great mullet music
TAndy 11:35:08 PM
Here we fuckin go
Matt-ain Lightning 11:35:26 PM
I was just thinking about Sad Wings of Destiny the other day
Matt-ain Lightning 11:37:01 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:37:26 PM
Aren't lasers light?
Ossy Hyouka 11:37:36 PM
Lost in pizza sludge
Flex Luthor (host) 11:38:06 PM
lol yup
TAndy 11:38:31 PM
Mm fudge pizza sludge
Matt-ain Lightning 11:38:47 PM
The Pentagram documentary is really good
TAndy 11:38:52 PM
The best way to grow a mullet is to smear the sludge on your scalp
Matt-ain Lightning 11:39:50 PM
Poor Pentagram, the poor man's Sabbath
Flex Luthor (host) 11:40:16 PM
I want to see that documentary about the singer that was made a few years back
Flex Luthor (host) 11:40:27 PM
last days here
Matt-ain Lightning 11:40:53 PM
That's the one
Ossy Hyouka 11:43:30 PM
Cheesy fudge
Matt-ain Lightning 11:43:46 PM
I wanna see a little mulleter kid with PORK shaved in on one side of his head and ROLL on the other to be extra badass
Flex Luthor (host) 11:45:43 PM
that's dedication
Matt-ain Lightning 11:46:08 PM
oh shit I knew a dude in this band, he was super nice and smart
Flex Luthor (host) 11:46:58 PM
oh really?? they make good stuff
TAndy 11:47:34 PM
Fuck yeah Danzig
Matt-ain Lightning 11:47:42 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:48:09 PM
nj hero
Matt-ain Lightning 11:48:44 PM
Drummer: Chuck Biscuits LOLOLOLOL
TAndy 11:49:13 PM
Danzig also voiced himself in an episode of Aqua Teens where he purchased Carl's house that kept bleeding real blood from the walls, and came with the robot turkey from the future
Matt-ain Lightning 11:49:33 PM
But Glenn's movie sucks unfortunately
Flex Luthor (host) 11:49:48 PM
oh he has a movieV?
Matt-ain Lightning 11:49:50 PM
TAndy that ep is hilarious
Flex Luthor (host) 11:50:03 PM
that sounds so funnyTAndy
Matt-ain Lightning 11:50:50 PM
There's a vhs early documentary about Glenn that's hilarious, him pounding MILK DUDS after a gig
Flex Luthor (host) 11:51:10 PM
is that the most metal candy??????
TAndy 11:51:24 PM
@Flex https://youtu.be/cu2Pw8Kvq2k
Matt-ain Lightning 11:51:27 PM
Done. 🏆
Matt-ain Lightning 11:51:37 PM
Ossy Hyouka 11:52:15 PM
Jawbreakers like The Eds and the entire cul-de-sac
Matt-ain Lightning 11:52:28 PM
Flex see what Radioland America thinks of Milk Duds as most meral
Matt-ain Lightning 11:52:37 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 11:53:16 PM
A mouthful of jawbreakers and milk duds would be BRUTAL
Flex Luthor (host) 11:53:18 PM
I love how the robot and him vibe hard
Flex Luthor (host) 11:54:14 PM
oh wait just reached the end of the clip lol
TAndy 11:54:28 PM
The clip is probably like a whole third of an episode lmao
Flex Luthor (host) 11:55:47 PM
I never watched enough of athf
TAndy 11:56:05 PM
I can now confirm that the music selection rocks the shit out of my car stereo system
Ossy Hyouka 11:56:23 PM
Imagine gummy jawbreaker!
TAndy 11:57:13 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:57:31 PM
this was the metal crooner section of the show
Flex Luthor (host) 11:58:02 PM
I feel like danzig, the dude from unto others, and david gold have similar voices
Matt-ain Lightning 11:59:14 PM
glenn is surprisingly softspoken when not crooning
Matt-ain Lightning 11:59:42 PM
But a heavy Bergen County accent
TAndy 12:00:29 AM
Love when singers have real voices that are so opposite of how they would sound
TAndy 12:00:59 AM
The vocals dude from Death Grips speaks so gentle and soft but in the music he sounds like UUUUGH UNNNGG AAAAAAHGHHFBaa
Matt-ain Lightning 12:01:41 AM
Good point
Matt-ain Lightning 12:02:06 AM
The singer of Failure (90s band) is like that
Matt-ain Lightning 12:03:09 AM
Do yer metal duty, Flex
Matt-ain Lightning 12:04:46 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 12:05:12 AM
i informed the peeps
Matt-ain Lightning 12:06:10 AM
The Duds can certainly challenge the mandible
TAndy 12:08:45 AM
I can't do them anymore, TMJ issues make even chewing gum result in pain later
Flex Luthor (host) 12:09:51 AM
I just am too impatient
Flex Luthor (host) 12:09:57 AM
don't get time for all that chewing
Matt-ain Lightning 12:10:05 AM
https://www.loudersound.com/features/only-badass-mofos-get-to-play-in-queens-of-the-stone-age-the-inside-story-of-songs-for-the-deaf Flex dod you see this
Matt-ain Lightning 12:10:12 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:11:31 AM
tmjs and open bite smiles are levels of bad, indeed
Matt-ain Lightning 12:11:47 AM
Matt-ain Lightning 12:21:02 AM
Twisted riffer
Matt-ain Lightning 12:23:17 AM
the mighty Intronaut
Flex Luthor (host) 12:24:59 AM
the unstoppable
Matt-ain Lightning 12:25:50 AM
Costanza face
TAndy 12:29:04 AM
This track is so cool
Flex Luthor (host) 12:30:11 AM
yeah they're so good at making all their songs soundlike astral trips
Ossy Hyouka 12:30:34 AM
Nice background music for Link's quests
Matt-ain Lightning 12:31:29 AM
Ghost: Whale is dope, heard this track earlier 👍
Matt-ain Lightning 12:32:41 AM
Brussels band I fink
Matt-ain Lightning 12:32:56 AM
Friday innit
Flex Luthor (host) 12:33:31 AM
the station got them very recently! just heard them for the first time the other day
Flex Luthor (host) 12:34:12 AM
the md flagged it as being interesting for ahab and I haha
TAndy 12:35:06 AM
Ahh yes the TAndy curse struck yet again
Matt-ain Lightning 12:35:25 AM
The Tandy Curse!
TAndy 12:35:43 AM
Speaking of Ahab, big ups to Number 6 for covering today. I was asleep as expected but his playlist looked fire.
Matt-ain Lightning 12:38:24 AM
Ahab gittin all murried up n shit
Matt-ain Lightning 12:40:03 AM
Let he who hath understanding
TAndy 12:41:48 AM
Reckon the number of the feast
Flex Luthor (host) 12:42:21 AM
for it is a humane number
TAndy 12:44:36 AM
It's number.... [Cartoon chomp SFX]
Matt-ain Lightning 12:46:39 AM
Hailing the void rn
Flex Luthor (host) 12:47:31 AM
always hailing the void
TAndy 12:49:28 AM
ABH: Always Be Hailing!!
Ossy Hyouka 12:49:37 AM
Fighting the undead
TAndy 12:49:58 AM
this is true goblin music
Flex Luthor (host) 12:50:21 AM
full of hell full of goblins
TAndy 12:51:21 AM
*Leviathan goblins
TAndy 12:51:38 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:51:46 AM
Zant and Ganon's monster men!
Matt-ain Lightning 12:53:03 AM
Great show, went hard
Flex Luthor (host) 12:53:37 AM
thanks for tuning in yall!
TAndy 12:53:54 AM
Thanks for the show Rlex!!
TAndy 12:54:13 AM
Keeping the typo. Most metal child: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHqswCncYLs
Matt-ain Lightning 12:55:10 AM
Damn, that kid is lively
Ossy Hyouka 12:55:13 AM
Metal fire, very much!
TAndy 12:55:57 AM
@Matt look up "Funny Internet Tough Kid LOVES Hot Cheetos" for either a laugh or a puritan-like gasp LMFAO
TAndy 12:56:27 AM
Matt-ain Lightning 12:57:03 AM
will do TAndy
Ossy Hyouka 12:57:40 AM
I hate those overdone family friendly restrictions,
TAndy 12:58:13 AM
Yeah real nice youtube. Restrict a video of a kid cursing like a sailor to kids only hahaha
Flex Luthor (host) 12:58:48 AM
thats so funny
TAndy 12:59:29 AM
i remember shwoing my mom that video years ago and she was so disgusted LOL
Flex Luthor (host) 1:00:03 AM
thanks for tuning in yall!!
TAndy 1:00:27 AM