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Follow the Train

Aug 13, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With CJ

A show with more variety than Big Smoke's Cluckin' Bell order


Follow the Train
11:00 PM
Set Break: Intro - Big Smoke's Order
11:02 PM
METZ - Acetate
II Royal Mountain Records 2017
11:06 PM
Flat Worms - White Roses
Flat Worms White Roses Flat Worms
Flat Worms Castle Face 2017
11:08 PM
METZ - Knife in the Water
METZ Knife in the Water METZ
METZ Sub Pop Records 2012
11:11 PM
Warish - Woven
Warish Woven Warish
Next To Pay RidingEasy Records 2021
11:14 PM
Torche - Healer
Torche Healer Torche
Meanderthal Relapse Records 2019
11:17 PM
Saya no Uta Original Sound Track 2004
11:19 PM
White Lung - Take the Mirror
White Lung Take the Mirror White Lung
Sorry Deranged Records 2012
11:21 PM
Big Ups - Goes Black
Big Ups Goes Black Big Ups
Eighteen Hours of Static Dead Labour 2013
11:23 PM
Ty Segall Band - Oh Mary
Ty Segall Band Oh Mary Ty Segall Band
Slaughterhouse In The Red 2012
11:25 PM
Thee Oh Sees - Animated Violence
Thee Oh Sees Animated Violence Thee Oh Sees
Orc Castle Face 2017
11:31 PM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
11:34 PM
The Wytches - Cowboy
The Wytches Cowboy
Three Mile Ditch Cable Code Records 2020
11:38 PM
The Black Angels - Without a Trace
The Black Angels Without a Trace N
Wilderness of Mirrors PTKF 2022
11:42 PM
The Murlocs - Young Blindness
The Murlocs Young Blindness The Murlocs
Young Blindness Flightless Records 2016
11:45 PM
Thee Oh Sees - The Virologist
Thee Oh Sees The Virologist Thee Oh Sees
Metamorphosed Castle Face 2020
12:02 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break - Halfway Point!
12:03 AM
The Physics House Band - Death Sequence I
The Physics House Band Death Sequence I The Physics House Band
Death Sequence - EP Unearthly Vision 2019
12:08 AM
Thank You Scientist - Rube Goldberg Variations
Thank You Scientist Rube Goldberg Variations Thank You Scientist
Stranger Heads Prevail Victor 2016
12:16 AM
The Lazy Eyes - Where's My Brain???
The Lazy Eyes Where's My Brain??? The Lazy Eyes N
SongBook The Lazy Eyes 2022
12:23 AM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Rattlesnake
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Rattlesnake King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Flying Microtonal Banana Heavenly Recordings 2016
12:33 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
12:34 AM
Moses Gunn Collective - Strawberry
Moses Gunn Collective Strawberry Moses Gunn Collective
Mercy Mountain Create Control 2015
12:35 AM
No Party for Cao Dong - Simon Says
No Party for Cao Dong Simon Says
The Servile 石皮有限公司 2016
12:40 AM
Vundabar - Time
Vundabar Time N
Good Old 2022
12:43 AM
The Murlocs - Compos Mentis
The Murlocs Compos Mentis N
Rapscallion 2022
12:46 AM
Broken Bells - We're Not In Orbit Yet…
Broken Bells We're Not In Orbit Yet… N
12:51 AM
Ginger Root - Holy Hell
Ginger Root Holy Hell N
Nisemono 2022
12:55 AM
Broken Bells - Saturdays
Broken Bells Saturdays N
12:57 AM
Set Break: End of the Line!
12:59 AM
Ty Segall - Distraction
Ty Segall Distraction N
"Hello, Hi" Drag City 2022
Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:00:56 PM
smashing that refresh button now
CJ (host) 11:03:02 PM
yo yo yo
TAndy 11:03:07 PM
CJ (host) 11:03:14 PM
love da metz baby
TAndy 11:03:21 PM
Nah this is Phillies town
TAndy 11:03:36 PM
Only because when Philly wins I get a free chicken sandwich at MacDonnal which I never redeem
CJ (host) 11:03:44 PM
CJ (host) 11:03:57 PM
Need a new taco bell sports deal
CJ (host) 11:04:09 PM
free doritos locos tacos was a blessing
TAndy 11:04:16 PM
I think they used to have free tacos when the Eagles won but they charge like $3 for a single taco now so fuck em
TAndy 11:04:28 PM
I say this as I plan on getting t-bell later anyway
Commie Francis 11:04:43 PM
$3 for a taco from taco bell????
CJ (host) 11:04:57 PM
I went out for chalupas last night and I swear I got the saddest chalupa ever
TAndy 11:05:22 PM
bro go to the taco bell on sloane ave in hamilton, they usually load up their tacos. the one on whitehorse circle in trenton ain't bad either
CJ (host) 11:05:34 PM
@Commie ye the doritos locos supreme is $2,99 iirc
CJ (host) 11:05:56 PM
@TAndy writing that down rn lmao
TAndy 11:06:54 PM
Their boxes are minimal now, so expensive.
TAndy 11:07:00 PM
Look at what they took from us https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6e/34/68/6e3468e5711d978c369ccdad8741d58b.jpg
CJ (host) 11:07:34 PM
I can't believe we gotta order online/ in app now to get a half decent $5 box
TAndy 11:08:14 PM
The box will cost $6, come with a medium drink, and have no twists. When they got rid of the apple empanada and churros they died
TAndy 11:08:35 PM
This Flat Worms kicks ass
TAndy 11:10:08 PM
CJ we had no Flex again this week you gotta go heavy to make up for his absence
CJ (host) 11:10:59 PM
CJ (host) 11:11:08 PM
not sure if I flexified this week's playlist
TAndy 11:11:25 PM
play dopesmoker sped up 900% then slowed down 900% in audacity
TAndy 11:11:28 PM
CJ (host) 11:12:05 PM
nah need to vocode it as well before it's worthy for the air
TAndy 11:12:19 PM
vocode it to the save screen from mario 64
TAndy 11:12:31 PM
Actually no, vocode the entire song to the Half A-Press video
CJ (host) 11:12:52 PM
might as well insert a 10 minute rant about taco bell "simplifying their menu" somewhere in the middle of the track
CJ (host) 11:13:00 PM
TAndy 11:13:41 PM
going full on goblin mode tonight
CJ (host) 11:15:27 PM
the caffeine wasn't working for me so I needed to borrow some goblin energy
TAndy 11:16:03 PM
somehow i am full of minimal caffeine, amped up despite getting 5 hours of sleep, and waking up at 4:30pm. after 3am is going to suck lol
TAndy 11:17:00 PM
I feel like if the simpsons was based and had a bart centric series this kind of music would be the soundtrack
Colin 11:17:12 PM
Torche nice!! I kinda stumbled onto them. they were the headliner of a show i was at. I showed up for the opener. I never heard them and was gonna stay for one or two songs. torche put on a hell of a show!
Ambrose Hughes 11:17:21 PM
Hey, hey CJ!
Colin 11:17:29 PM
stayed till the end
TAndy 11:17:37 PM
Hey Colin and Ambrose. The wrecking crew is assembling
CJ (host) 11:17:48 PM
hey y'all!
Ambrose Hughes 11:18:04 PM
S'up TAndy!
TAndy 11:18:32 PM
This song kicks total ass btw
CJ (host) 11:19:08 PM
good goblin rec from a friend
Colin 11:19:15 PM
a total ripper!
TAndy 11:19:24 PM
good stuff i can literally only find it from an audiosurf video on youtube lolol
Ambrose Hughes 11:19:46 PM
@CJ, *NEW* Ohcees out yesterday fyi!
CJ (host) 11:20:04 PM
yee I need to listen to it fully
CJ (host) 11:20:20 PM
and uh, figure out what the lyrics are haha
CJ (host) 11:20:56 PM
playing some longer osees later to make up for it
TAndy 11:20:56 PM
thank god i didn't decide to get taco bell now otherwise i'd be driving over 120mph on 95
Ambrose Hughes 11:21:11 PM
@CJ, very retro punkish, check out Social Butt.
TAndy 11:21:53 PM
So far literally every song on this show tonight is going on my "legendary bops" playlist
Ambrose Hughes 11:23:48 PM
@TAndy, can't believe anybody eats that shite man, Hope you have shares in Scott Tissue!
CJ (host) 11:24:51 PM
CJ (host) 11:25:21 PM
really has been rough the last few times I've went there tbh
Ambrose Hughes 11:25:35 PM
King Ty!💥
TAndy 11:25:46 PM
taco bell never treated me wrong
Ambrose Hughes 11:27:09 PM
Is now a good time to piss off the neighbours?🤔
TAndy 11:27:17 PM
CJ (host) 11:27:32 PM
when is it not a good time?
Ambrose Hughes 11:27:57 PM
TAndy 11:29:08 PM
my cowoker got this big ass bluetooth radio/battery charger from milwaukee and it's barely louder than my oontz angle plus and has no bass
TAndy 11:29:13 PM
cowoker lmfao
Colin 11:30:41 PM
the neighbors and coworkers only benefit from our sonic sharing.
TAndy 11:31:11 PM
Does Sonic count as a nutritious meal?
Colin 11:31:55 PM
cardboard counts a nutritious meal, sorta
David Shortell 11:32:09 PM
You refer to Mungo Jerry as a group rather than a person, CJ. I saw him at the Brooklyn Bowl in 2014. Norton artists Daddy Longlegs backed him!
Ambrose Hughes 11:33:01 PM
See what the neighbours be missin'!?!
TAndy 11:34:22 PM
oh wow a goblin game sounds epi- eroge.
Ambrose Hughes 11:34:31 PM
Social Butt is 'radio friendly' TJ fyi!
Ambrose Hughes 11:34:47 PM
CJ (host) 11:34:54 PM
yoooo good to know!
CJ (host) 11:35:46 PM
@TAndy yeah it was uh (probably still is), infamous
TAndy 11:36:01 PM
looks very mid 2000s i can believe it
CJ (host) 11:36:04 PM
@David thanks for the heads up!
TAndy 11:36:12 PM
2009 i wasnt far off
David Shortell 11:36:32 PM
The youth of today probably only know of Mungo Jerry from the movie "Avengers: Endgame".
David Shortell 11:38:03 PM
I requested a Nancy TV special song to Commie tonight!
CJ (host) 11:39:13 PM
ay nice
Ambrose Hughes 11:39:41 PM
@CJ, got any Throw Rag in the box tonight?
CJ (host) 11:39:44 PM
endgame was so wild to see on opening night, I don't think I've ever been in a louder theater
CJ (host) 11:40:28 PM
@Ambrose not currently, but since you mentioned em it'd probably be good to add em haha
Ambrose Hughes 11:42:13 PM
@CJ, If you haven't heard 'em before you are in for a pleasant surprise!😁
gboss 11:42:23 PM
was not expecting new black angels tonight
CJ (host) 11:43:10 PM
yee new single just dropped recently
CJ (host) 11:43:19 PM
@Ambrose can't wait!
TAndy 11:44:01 PM
just found out defcon is going on rn
TAndy 11:44:10 PM
Ambrose Hughes 11:44:30 PM
This is a blatant rip off of a 60's song!
CJ (host) 11:45:06 PM
honestly kinda fitting if it is haha
CJ (host) 11:45:10 PM
goes with the title
CJ (host) 11:45:51 PM
@TAndy I wanna go one of these days but buying a burner phone and laptop is a pain
Ambrose Hughes 11:46:11 PM
...or 70's Jethro Tull
TAndy 11:47:39 PM
@CJ Just show up with an old Android phone from 2011 and a ragged Dell inspiron laptop from 2004
CJ (host) 11:48:29 PM
ah true I think inspirons go for decently cheap on ebay
Ambrose Hughes 11:48:58 PM
This is neighbor passing off greatness!😍
Ambrose Hughes 11:49:27 PM
TAndy 11:49:55 PM
challenge pissing
CJ (host) 11:50:07 PM
man if they're not jamming to this they're not a good neighbor lmao
CJ (host) 11:50:41 PM
@TAndy if only car dealerships were that honest
TAndy 11:51:17 PM
CJ (host) 11:51:37 PM
(assuming you're referencing the Baltimore video lol)
Ambrose Hughes 11:52:38 PM
I'm lucky my neighbours don't mind my Saturday night fun!
TAndy 11:52:45 PM
Ambrose Hughes 11:54:49 PM
Ocees are sold out for upcoming show in Philly!😣
David Shortell 11:56:32 PM
It's too early in August to hear that Doors song!
CJ (host) 11:57:36 PM
@Ambrose I was thinking about snagging Levitation 2022 tickets but those are mostly sold out too
CJ (host) 11:57:50 PM
4 days of osees
TAndy 11:59:34 PM
that was sick
TAndy 11:59:53 PM
Ambrose Hughes 12:00:01 AM
Ambrose Hughes 12:07:44 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:08:52 AM
Midnight evening all!
CJ (host) 12:09:34 AM
good midnight evening!
Ambrose Hughes 12:09:42 AM
Yo Ossy!
TAndy 12:09:45 AM
Hey Ossy! The wrecking crew is fully assembled now
TAndy 12:13:36 AM
This song tho
Ambrose Hughes 12:14:04 AM
This is so fantastic!
Ossy Hyouka 12:15:50 AM
Yep Tandy, way to spend the birthday weekend on this Saturday til 2am!
CJ (host) 12:16:09 AM
one of new jersey's best!
CJ (host) 12:16:24 AM
@Ossy Happy (late?) birthday!
Ambrose Hughes 12:19:52 AM
Sounding Ohsee-ish, not a put down but ...
CJ (host) 12:22:38 AM
yeah they're kinda like Gizz and Thee Oh Sees
Ossy Hyouka 12:23:04 AM
Thanks CJ, it was on Friday but love to carry it through the weekend since its still hot like an iron! 🎂🥞🎉
CJ (host) 12:23:29 AM
heck yeah!
CJ (host) 12:23:43 AM
TAndy 12:24:09 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:24:44 AM
Ambrose Hughes 12:25:05 AM
Ambrose Hughes 12:26:45 AM
Is this not the best band in the world?
CJ (host) 12:28:10 AM
hard to beat a band that can go from microtonal psych rock to hip hop
CJ (host) 12:28:16 AM
in the span of a few albums
TAndy 12:28:33 AM
I was telling my bud about them and played a couple of songs last week, he digged it
TAndy 12:28:49 AM
Oh and you forgot that those few albums can all happen in one year
Ambrose Hughes 12:28:51 AM
DAMN skippy!
CJ (host) 12:29:16 AM
I need to get the station to buy a copy of the secret album tbh
CJ (host) 12:29:37 AM
some people have ripped their Made in Timeland records but it's not the same lol
Ambrose Hughes 12:30:23 AM
I think they put out 5, (five) Albums in 2017 alone!
CJ (host) 12:30:46 AM
yessir, fastest band alive I swear
Ambrose Hughes 12:32:24 AM
@CJ, Bumper sticker right there!👈
TAndy 12:35:07 AM
This so g tho
Ambrose Hughes 12:39:21 AM
@CJ, got any Deadbolt in the box?
CJ (host) 12:39:42 AM
ah I keep forgetting to!
CJ (host) 12:40:15 AM
did you rec a specific track last week? I'll throw it in a draft of next week's playlist
Ambrose Hughes 12:42:56 AM
Ah ha! No, was weeks ago, no worries, Who The Hell Is Mrs Valdez is a good one!
CJ (host) 12:43:32 AM
thanks, just added!
Ambrose Hughes 12:44:50 AM
You da man CJ!
Ambrose Hughes 12:46:17 AM
NEW Murlocs?
CJ (host) 12:46:37 AM
CJ (host) 12:46:50 AM
another single from the upcoming album
TAndy 12:49:59 AM
This song is legendary already
CJ (host) 12:50:56 AM
danger mouse has been on fire recently
CJ (host) 12:51:02 AM
dropped these singles with broken bell
CJ (host) 12:51:23 AM
and just dropped a new album with black thought, run the jewels, and A$AP Rocky
TAndy 12:52:18 AM
Holy shit that's a lineup
CJ (host) 12:52:47 AM
I think there's an MF DOOM (RIP) verse on there too
Ambrose Hughes 12:54:17 AM
Ginger Root eh?
TAndy 12:55:11 AM
Another jam
CJ (host) 12:55:32 AM
all songs with great vibes - played a good bit of the City Slicker EP on the air last year I think
Ossy Hyouka 12:55:45 AM
Something Readie will play!
TAndy 12:56:25 AM
Yo thanks for the excellent show tonight CJ
Ambrose Hughes 12:57:04 AM
Great Show tonight CJ, thank you!
CJ (host) 12:57:15 AM
thanks for tuning in as usual guys!
TAndy 12:57:48 AM
Oh yeah
TAndy 12:58:02 AM
Ambrose Hughes 12:58:08 AM
Wouldn't be Saturday night without you man
Ossy Hyouka 12:59:37 AM
CJ Saturdays at midnight are always best, and wdas til 2am!
CJ (host) 12:59:41 AM
thanks ambrose, I appreciate it man!
CJ (host) 12:59:55 AM
glad people listen to this late night show
CJ (host) 1:00:09 AM
Thank you too Ossy! Happy birthday once again!
CJ (host) 1:00:28 AM
And thanks for the good taco bell location TAndy!
TAndy 1:00:31 AM
CJ (host) 1:00:38 AM
you a real one for that haha
TAndy 1:01:05 AM